a callout post for an evil fishie

FIRST of all, @whataboutthefish knows that I’ve been super sexually frustrated lately with family living IN MY ROOMS and I haven’t gotten off in (counts on her fingers) TWELVE DAYS NOW. i have more fingers than i realized

So she starts sending me very dirty Hannibal/Will art via IM. Which does NOT help the sexually frustrated thing one bit. Then she goes and tells me to read a fic she recently posted.

I was not expecting THIS. I was not expecting rough and growly and possessive and rough and growly and… *dies*

But I’m skipping ahead. In between sending me dirty Hannibal art and mostly-naked Will GIFs, she goes and sends me this IM

In conclusion: @whataboutthefish is evil. *squishes da awesome fishie*

Okay, so if you like Hannibal AT ALL or even if you don’t like Hannibal but you’d like some roughpornyfic, then run, don’t walk, to read This Fic.

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