Hi, I’m Maya.  I’m currently 39 years old (my birthday is August 27th) and live in the western United States.  I was in the medical field most of my life before that went down the tubes, at which time I opened my own shop along with some family members.

smallquill I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember, but didn’t discover fanfic until around 2003 when I was searching for Stargate SG1 forums. From there I moved on to X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Stargate Atlantis, Sherlock, and Supernatural.

I’ve been on LiveJournal since 2005, Dreamwidth since 2011, and multiple other sites for well over 10 years. I finally decided I needed a place to call home, so this is it.

My goal when I got a .com for myself in 2015 and made this site was to do something for myself. I’ve always been the type to put others first and my life has revolved around doing things for others, especially my family. Who makes New Year’s Resolutions to be more self-centered and less giving?  Me.  I’ve expended a lot of time, energy, and hard-earned money on others.  I deserve some things that are just mine.

smallbookstackSo I bought myself some Christmas/New Year’s presents in the form of things I’ve wanted for a long time but put off because I never spend money on myself.  I got myself this website, a paid account at LiveJournal, a paid account at Evernote, and a Pinboard account.

I’m a very private person, and in the last few years I’ve put myself out there with my own fanfic.  It makes me feel good to share with others and to see the response from my work and the feedback I give to others.

I’m working toward crossposting my stuff. Currently I have accounts on Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, AO3, Twitter, Tumblr, Pillowfort, Instagram, Pinboard, Wattpad, FictionPad, Movellas, and many other sites. I don’t post regularly to all of them, but eventually I’d like to make it so anyone who wants to follow me can do so with whatever their preferred platform is.

Anyway, enjoy the site, comment if you’d like, and feel free to message me.  I really enjoy writing fic based on prompts, so if you’ve got an idea, please share by clicking on the Prompts link on my menu bar.


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