listeningmike I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar and piano. Either of those things are in a song or someone is good at one or both of those instruments and my heart melts.

Mike Masse is someone I recently discovered. His covers are amazing, Toto being one of my favorites. Clicking on his picture to the left will take you to his website, and Clicking Here will take you to his YouTube channel.

Slipknot's The Gray Chapter I’m a big fan of Slipknot, and I snagged their new album, The Gray Chapter, as soon as I could. I’ve listened to it more times than I can count, though some of their older work still ranks among my all-time favorites.

listeningcasey Casey Stratton is someone I found years ago when I was searching for Andrew Spice. Andrew was hard to find, and in my search, Casey was recommended as a piano player who was also an indie artist.

Casey has a ton of albums and there are plenty of live performances too. His piano playing is awesome enough, but his covers of female artists are what totally cemented his place in my playlists.

Nothing More Nothing More is a new band to me, as is Starset. They were both suggested to me by Pandora because I have a Cavo station. Cavo is one of my favorite bands. Anyway, I checked out the two bands and really enjoyed them, so I snagged their latest albums.

Starset's Transmission AlbumNothing More’s Self-Titled Album and Starset’s Transmission Album are in my Earbleed playlist, which is my list that I listen to over and over fairly loud until my ears figuratively bleed and I’m done gorging myself on those particular songs.

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