Jedi 'Verse by bleeding_muse

I’m currently reading Jedi ‘Verse by Bleeding_Muse

I just finished reading Don’t Panic by Deans1911. I’m so glad I saved it when I did because the author took all his fic down, including this one. I’m sad to see yet another writer bullied into taking their fic down.

This was a really adorable fic! There was an odd little intensity to it that drew me right in. It wasn’t an overly long fic, but I felt as if I’d been immersed in the world Deans1911 created for more than the few minutes it took me to read it.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes Destiel AU. There was a casual quality to the writing and the relationship between the guys that just felt good.

If you’d like a copy of Don’t Panic, someone uploaded that fic and three other PDF files to MediaFire

A little while back I finished a fic named The Beasts that Howled by slashmyheartandhopetoporn.

I’ve written a full review of it on my Recs Page

Even though I haven’t found much in the way of Red/Donald fic, this one is a must-read if you are a fan of The Blacklist. In-character and very sweet without feeling forced or overly sugary.

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