I watched the first episode of Hannibal just before season 2 began airing, but I must not have been in the mood and it didn’t grab me. About a year ago (2017), whataboutthefish convinced me to give it another try and I totally fell in love with the series. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. I haven’t written much for the fandom, but I do love this show and consider myself part of the fandom.

My first episode of Supernatural was the pilot 1×01 way back when it first aired. bannersupernaturalsmall I was hooked within about fifteen minutes. It’s my favorite fandom currently and the majority of what I read and write fanfic-wise is Supernatural.

I’ve been a fan of James Spader since I saw Stargate in the theater. When I saw a commercial for The Blacklist, I knew I had to watch it just to see what he did with the character. bannerblacklistsmall I didn’t expect to like the show so much, but that was a very pleasant surprise. James Spader as Red is so fun, and I warmed up to the other characters pretty quickly too. I wish there was more Red/Donald fics out there, but the little bit that I’ve found has been pretty good. See my Recs page to find the fic I’ve enjoyed in this fandom.

bannertheofficesmallI don’t normally watch shows over and over again (besides Hannibal), but The Office is one of those shows I can watch without much effort and it makes me feel good.

Honorable mentions include Wentworth, Dark the Series, The Great British Baking Show, Great News, and New Girl.

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