CONventional Psycopathy is a huge ‘verse. I’ve been world building for this story since I was very young and finally started to get it written in 2016.

So far more than 130,000 words have been published, but I’ve already got another 500k ready to be edited and posted.

I have no idea how big this ‘verse will be by the time I’m done, but I currently have 9 arcs planned and partially written while only 2 arcs have been posted.


Rewritten in the StarsRewritten in the Stars is a project I started a few years ago simply because the storyline sounded sweet, I couldn’t remember reading anything like it, and it just captured my attention.

I’ve posted arc 1, but already have half of a second arc written and a third arc planned.

I’ve been stuck for well over two years on where I want to go with this, so it’s sitting on the shelf until I decide.

It’s a pairing I’ve never attempted before, but I really enjoyed it.


Blue 65%

Clockwork HeartClockwork Heart is an odd one for me.

I’ve never written anything like it. It’s slow going, but something about the prompt really got stuck in my head.

I’m not sure how long it will take to finish, and it may end up sitting on my hard drive for a while, but it’s a fun fic to write.



Cyan 35%

DreamweaverDreamweaver is completely finished. I was stuck on it for a very long time, and it sat on my hard drive for years.

I started writing this fic back in 2005 after I saw Nightwatcher. I imagined things going much differently had the guys been caught at the end of that episode.

After a bit of editing and some help from a friend, I posted it. It’s just under 100k words and delves into some mental health issues I’ve never explored in fic before.

Alpha House BookAlpha House Arc 1 is finished.

In the future I’d like to create more arcs, but for right now I’m taking a rest.

It should read as a complete fic right now, so if you’ve been waiting to read until it’s done, feel free to check it out.

This series includes a lot of pairings and is an AU. Please read the warnings carefully.


Green 90%

Resonance BookResonance ‘Verse was recently finished.

I’m planning on writing a few timestamps (two planned so far).

If you’ve subscribed to me, you’ll get updated whenever I post something new.

I’ve made a Glossary available for this fic. It’s primarily Dean/Castiel with some Sam/Gabriel.


Blue 100%

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