Rewritten in the StarsRewritten in the Stars is a project I started a few weeks ago simply because the storyline sounded sweet, I couldn’t remember reading anything like it, and it just captured my attention.

I’d like to have more of it done by the time I start posting, although the prompter’s birthday is coming up soon, and I’d love to post a few chapters as a present.

Blue 65%

Clockwork HeartClockwork Heart is an odd one for me. I’ve never written anything like it. It’s slow going, but something about the prompt really got stuck in my head.

I’m not sure how long it will take to finish, and it may end up sitting on my hard drive for a while, but it’s a fun fic to write.

Cyan 35%

DreamweaverI’m in the editing phase with Dreamweaver. I started this back in 2005 after I saw Nightwatcher. I imagined things going much differently had the guys been caught at the end of that episode.

This fic has been sitting on my heard drive, finished other than editing for about three years. So I decided to drag it out, clean it up, and get it posted.

Orange 95%

Alpha House BookAlpha House is almost finished. There are a few more chapters left to go.

A friend is helping me by reading everything over, making suggestions, and letting me bounce ideas off her. Hopefully this will be finished soon.

This series includes a lot of pairings and is an AU. Please read the warnings carefully.

Green 90%

Resonance BookResonance ‘Verse was recently finished.

I’m planning on writing a few timestamps (two planned so far). If you’ve subscribed to me, you’ll get updated whenever I post something new.

I’ve made a Glossary available for this fic. It’s primarily Dean/Castiel with some Sam/Gabriel.

Blue 100%

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