As I was re-re-re-re-re-reading @bellarisatk​‘s
totally awesome Bunker Hall Series, I suddenly had a craving for
Dean/Jensen with his “sassifier” in his mouth.

I wouldn’t call the series ageplay-based. The pacifier along with mild ageplay scenes are
wonderfully woven into the scenes in a way that’s almost… casual? And
so amazingly sweet.

If I hadn’t mentioned it already, the Bunker
Hall Series is one of those fics I read just to feel good. It hits my kinks,
yes, but damn does it always just make me feel good to settle down and
read parts of this series or the entire thing.

The series is a
D/s in a college-AU setting with SO MUCH CUTENESS. Sam and Gabriel are also featured in it and there’s tons of other characters from the Supernatural ‘verse too. I definitely
recommend checking it out on AO3 here: Bunker Hall Series

made cover art a while back for the series, which has since been broken
because Photobucket pulled the whole asshole move, so I uploaded them to my
site instead. Hopefully @bellarisatk‘s cover art doesn’t get broken ever again.

@bellarisatk, if you want to download the cover art and/or manips, go to my Page Made Just for You on my website.

The rest of the cover art is under the cut for anyone who wants to see it 🙂

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