i have to do some adulting :(

Yes I’ve got a 4-day weekend, but that just means I don’t have to go into the shop. I still work pretty much every day from home. At least for a little while.

Today I’ve got an appointment for a conference call with UPS. They’re supposed to get me set up so that we’ve got better shipping prices through our account, which will make both us and our customers happy.

But I have to talk on the phone 🙁

It’s supposed to be with my account representative and an IT person. The program I use for the online store is an open source cart program that I’ve tweaked, so this should be fun :

Hopefully it won’t take long. After getting a $200 bill last week that should’ve been $68 and realizing it was because the original UPS representative didn’t set us up right, well, it makes talking on the phone seem not as awful.