Ask game that will actually help people out

Ask game that will actually help people out

This is an ask game to help people get simple feedback on their blogs if they want it!

1: you should post more personal stuff!

2: you should post less personal stuff

3: I wish you reblogged more


5: I have a lot of suggestions and I’m not sure if I can give them

6: your blog seems to be getting worse over time, stop that path

7: your blog seems to be getting better over time, continue that path

8: why do you only post about one thing?

9: just stick to your one thing

10: I wish you did some ask games more often

11: I don’t care about what kind of weather you like, stop reposting ask games or at least tag your answers.

12: you need to use trigger warnings more

13: you need to use nsfw warnings more

14: post things from different fandoms!

15: try to center yourself around one fandom

16: I don’t really care what you do but I support the idea of improvement

17: there’s nothing I would change!

Send in these asks to help people you follow be the best they can, most of us just want to know what our followers would like. They won’t necessarily make these changes because you said to, but it’s more info for them.

SPNColdestHits Survey

SPNColdestHits Survey spncoldesthits: Hey everybody! I’d really appreciate it if y’all could help me out and fill out this survey for SPNColdestHits. @thayerkerbasy and I have been talking about some changes, and I’ve gotten comments from a few of you, but I’d like to get a little more info out of you before making big …


*phone rings in thing I’m watching*

me: *checks phone*

I love stuff like this because it’s just so automatic for most people to believe their ears.

My family and I were at a restaurant one day and this super creepy voice starts saying “I can seeeee you” really slowly and all whispery-like. I dismissed it because I figured it was a hallucination, but I look up and my entire family looks super spooked.

“I take it that was real?” I asked, chuckling.

Finally they realized it was somebody’s ringtone because it kept going, but it really made me realize how much people who don’t hallucinate don’t question what they hear and automatically assume it’s real, like you with checking your phone.

I don’t even check my phone when it’s actually going off unless I see the screen light up (because I can trust my eyes a little more than my ears), but my whole family does the same thing you do when they hear a phone 😀

It also cracked me up how long after realizing what it really was that my family was still spooked. They’d all be terrible schizophrenics 😉