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Live blog #3


Romancy Heart by @thayerkerbasy


With little to do, Crowley was open to any sort of entertainment he could find, but what he found is certainly not what he expected.

If it hadn’t been for Balthazar, Crowley would have likely hopped on a motorbike and driven to the Empty ages ago. Balthazar’s insistence on taking things slow had initially come as a surprise, but Crowley was quick to agree that to do otherwise was to squander the gift that was their distraction from eternity.

Yeah, I bet you and Balth get up some crazy scrabble games, or something.

He’d initially started watching it because nothing else was on, but as strange as it was, it was also oddly compelling.

I feel like this is such a human thing to do. I know I’ve done it once or twice in my life.

The summer that followed had been an exercise in delusion and the entire thing with Amara had been pure idiocy, but he’d known that as well.

That summer was amazing.

“Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps we’re being told to work on our communication skills? Be more open and honest with one another? Stop wasting time and kiss already?”

I mean, I’m not gonna push for it, they have all the rest of eternity so this could be the slowest burn to ever burn.

“No, I don’t suppose I am. I found a plum tree around the back side of the lot and I was thinking we could pick all the plums, press them for juice, and ferment it into something that might possibly be entertaining.”

Balthazar, you read my mind, my dear. That is an excellent plan.

Go read this amazing fic (and the one before it) because it really is wonderful. I don’t even worry about it being a CH promo because this is a damn good fic. Show my darling Thayer some love with comments and kudos.

Live blog #4


Seeping Baby Man: The Friendshiping by @hexmaniacchoco


He only wants to be their friend!

Oh. It was Dean and Sam. He loved those guys. They were looking up and staring directly at him, eyes wide and with their mouths agape, and they were the ones emitting that long, loud, high-pitched noise. Clearly this was how these things are supposed to greet each other, so he gave it a try. He sucked in a breath of air, which he noticed was much different from it passively entering him as he was driven down the road.

Oh you poor thing. But also, yeah I love those guys, too.

What other minor differences did he have?

Going out on a limb here and gonna say, a lot?

Like, taller than Dean and even taller than Sam tall. He did not expect that.

No one really expects that.

Come to think of it, the grease for the ball bearing was also red. Though it wasn’t nearly as dark as the substance that came with his new body, he wondered if it functioned the same as the grease once did for him?

I don’t think that is, what that is.

He also loved Castiel as much as he loved the brothers.

Same. Probably more. I mean. I love me some Cas.

Castiel on the other hand seemed to appreciate it, as he placed a hand on his head. Was there something on his face? Would Castiel rub it off for him? Castiel looked at Dean and Sam and told them to close their eyes. Should he close his eyes too? Could he close his eyes, actually? He hadn’t actually tried at any point yet.

Close your eyes, Baby.

This was grotesque. But in the best ways! Go read it. I promise it is a fun read. Then leave comments and kudos!

Live blog #5


The Man for Dr. Husband by @grey2510


Team Free Will watches a little Doctor Sexy, M.D. in their hotel room (for some, they watch against their free will), just in time for a big reveal on the show.

“Shut up,” Dean replied, throwing popcorn at his brother. A piece ended up in Sam’s hair and as far as Dean was concerned, served him right. “And no, they’re just friends.”

Bet you know what “just friends” is like, don’t you, Dean?

“Or maybe it’s because he wants a husband,” Sam muttered.

Nail, meet hammer.

Or he likes both, Dean nearly countered, but he wasn’t sure that was a conversational path he wanted to go on with his brother.

You would know, wouldn’t you?

“Ah, yes,” Cas said. “I see the difference now.”

“‘Bout time someone does,” Sam huffed.

Poor Sam.

This was another great fic that I suggest you go read and leave comments and kudos on! It is fantastically written.

Live blog #6


Editing v Suggesting by @treefrogie84


His deadline is in two days, he’s been stuck for a week and he has no idea what happens next. So Amara comes to visit.

Amara helping Chuck? Oh this is gonna be good.

“A) yes, you can fuck up her entire sense of self– you’re God,” Amara points out, voice carrying over the noise. “B) You’ve spent entirely long as a human, brother.”

I mean, he kinda does it all the time, right?

Sighing, Chuck makes a copy appear on the table next to her, burying his hands in his hair and thumping his head against the table. “Will you get me a beer? And a clean glass?”

“No,” Amara says, bent over the paper. “You’re God, get your own.”

Nice. I love this brother sister exchange.

“Don’t,” Amara warns. “If I’m helping you with this, then we’re working on this, not me working and you dicking around.”

I know you missed out on a lot, Amara, but dicking around while everyone else does the work is kinda his M.O.

Chuck reclaims his seat and moves the cursor until he doesn’t recognize what’s been written… approximately two pages from the beginning, all of which was setting. “Really?”

“It was terrible and you know it. If you ditch her, you have to start all over.”

I mean, she kinda has a point.

“Sauntering, really?”

“If you don’t like it, write your own hunter-cowboy bachelor porn.”


“How much porn did Crowley introduce you to?” he asks, astonished.

I mean, should you be astonished? Crowley probably had some of the best stuff just for himself.

“I see why you do this now though. It’s fun playing with other people.”

“Yeah, if you…” Chuck trails off, looks up sharply. “Wait. What did you do?”

Oh what did she do indeed. Something you probably didn’t have the ovaries to do.

This was a fun read. Totally worth it and I highly recommend it. Go read and show Frogie some love with comments and kudos.