Title: a spoiled appetite
Pairing: DeanxRowenaxSam
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 2,152
Notes: for @spnpolybingo, this could be either au or canon honestly idefk, it’s just, shameless Mommy/Daddy/Baby boy kink with age play, oral sex, bottom Dean, because I love @stickballr
Square used: Free Space

Dean sat at the kitchen table making towers out of the still flour-dusty measuring cups while Mommy rolled out dough on the counter. She hummed as she worked, hips swaying to the tune she carried, strings of the flower patterned apron sliding across her butt. She always wore the prettiest dresses, simple, but they fit the curves of her body just right. Bright red hair shiny in the sunlight, Dean forgot the play towers he was making in favor of palming his hard-on through his jeans.

The glossy pink polish on his nails was perfect. He always made a mess of his cuticles when he did it, but Mommy did it just right. Dean knew he’d already smeared the lipstick she put on him, when she caught him watching her dressing and decided to dress him up too. But she’d just smudged it with a thumb and told him he’d just make it even messier later, so it was fine.

Stretching his legs out under the table and slouching in his chair so that his jeans pulled tight around his dick, Dean rocked back and forth a little as he watched Mommy cut the pie crust and fit it into the pan carefully. She had nice hands, tiny hands compared to him and even tinier compared to Daddy.

Thinking about his brother, thinking about Daddy, made Dean’s dick twitch.

He couldn’t wait until Daddy got home and saw what he’d helped Mommy make for dinner.

Okay, so Dean’s help mostly consisted of bumping into Mommy, stealing filling, and playing with the measuring cups. But he’d totally helped.

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