pherryt: Editing V Suggesting by @treefrogie84 Supernatural, Dean/Elliot Rating: GWordCount 1136Summary :  His deadline is in two days, he’s been stuck for a week and he has no idea what happens next. So Amara comes to visit. I had so much nostalgia reading this because it reminded me (in some ways) of my first SPNCH …

i haven’t read a fic in so long

I just checked my bookmarks (where I log whether I’ve read something or not), and the last thing I read was @samanddeaninpanties‘ 2k and 4k fics back in AUGUST OF THIS YEAR! (okay so I read a couple chapters of her ongoing series Compliance too but I’m talking start-to-finish reading a fic)


August 9th to be exact.

I used to read at least 1 novel/novel-length fic a week. One of the longest fics I’ve ever read (Repossession by Lazulikat) was 700k words and I read it in 9 days while I was also working 8 hours a day at a job where I did a lot of reading.

I’m having fic withdrawal 🙁

i see what you’re doing :P

Two guys just came into the shop, and while I was grabbing stuff for one of the guys over by the front of the shop, the second guy was swiping some packets of gel we have at the cash register.

I rang up their stuff, including the packets the one guy stole. They never noticed the total was higher than it should’ve been because they were too busy trying to act like they hadn’t stolen something.

This isn’t the first time a scenario like this has happened. It’s not even the 10th time. I overcharged a man for earrings when his bratty daughter broke a small earring display during a temper tantrum. Replacing it costs me $7, the price of the earrings was $10, so I charged him $20 for the earrings. He never noticed.

I always wonder if these people get home and look at the receipt and are like DAMN IT! But like what are they going to do? Come after me for selling them stuff?