Reblog if you, ace spectrum or not, would rather have a dragon than sex.

Is it a trained dragon?

Yes. And friendly and will protect you.

Absofuckinglutely. I don’t care if it’s a five ton beast that will intimidate my foes or a five pound dragon that squawks more than it roars and will mostly glare fiercely at you if you annoy me. I want the dragon.


We could start a dragon resort or something 😀

I’m an aromantic pansexual. Would I still be able to masturbate? Because if the answer is yes, then HELL YEAH gimme that dragon! I think I could go without sex if it meant getting a dragon, though giving up masturbation would be a deal-breaker.

If masturbation isn’t on the table, can I at least pet someone else’s dragon? Maybe feed them?

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