I got distracted by Farscape, DAMN IT.

Does anyone else watch this show? I am FASCINATED by the relationship between Crichton and D’argo, as well as the non-consensual relationship between Crichton and Scorpius (omg I love Scorpius, he FREAKS ME OUT). I love that the female characters are as messed up and complicated and varied as the male characters (Aeryn and Chiana and Zahn are all awesome). I even like Crais, if only because he keeps developing and isn’t stuck as a “villain.”

I like that the men are actually allowed to cry in this show, too. And snuggle, apparently (Stark and Crichton!). I kind of ship Crichton with everyone. Seriously, I think the entire ship should just share him.

YES! This is one of my favorite series ever! The characters, the plots, the interesting things all throughout, the very developed world, the head trip that the series takes you on.

Stark was an amazing character that I don’t think got a lot of attention in fandom. His mental issues were done so well and I loved how the crew handled him.

Everybody was awesome and unique and… yeah, I was very impressed by that show. Everybody was so… well, I can’t even call it human because they were aliens, but fleshed out and full of flaws and most of them had a good core and even the villains had their reasons and pain.

I really liked Chiana. She could be annoying and ridiculous and she made mistakes and was a bit of a jerk, but then she also really cared and could kick ass while laughing and could be extremely loyal.

Amazing show.

I don’t know why I never really got into reading fanfic for Farscape. Huh.

Maya!!  I didn’t know you loved Farscape!  I’m squealing and scaring the cat with excitement!  This is show is excellent and needs more people to love it.  Even the characters I hate I love.  Everybody has depth and flaws.  Crais is damn tragic.  Aeryn Sun is a goddess.  Chiana is like pure ID.  No one has boundaries.  Everything is wrong and so right all at the same time.  I’ve lost my ability to be coherent…

Oh, yes, my love for this show… Ugh! I don’t usually rewatch movies or TV shows, and I watched this entire thing twice, once when it originally came out and binge-watched again when The Peacekeeper Wars aired.

This show is so different from anything else I’ve ever seen. The world building is amazing enough, but I’ve never seen characters handled like they were in this show. The female characters alone were handled in such a way as I haven’t seen before or after this show. They weren’t Mary Sue, weren’t pushovers, they had their own storylines and flaws and made mistakes and weren’t just there for the eye candy and I mean that’s awesome enough, but then all the issues of different races of beings and mental issues and yes, Crais with his tragic thing going on and even Scorpio with his… ugh, and the men aren’t these overly macho emotionless studs who never make mistakes and some of the people aliens are complete assholes and you still like them just because!

Okay, now I’m getting all excited here. Yes, I love this show, and I’d encourage anyone, even if they don’t overly like sci-fi, to watch it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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