Part 1: Establishing Ranks

Part-Specific Info
There is violence and rough sex in this part. It’s normal for this society to establish ranks in a new alpha house by way of a dominance display. It’s dub-con in the sense that Dean doesn’t want to be the lowest-ranking alpha in the house, but the sex itself isn’t the part Dean doesn’t like.
Dean/Cas, Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Nick, Dean Kevin, Benny/Nick
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Kevin, Dean
ABO, Dub-Con, Violence, Power Dynamics, Rough Sex, Dominance Displays, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Gangbang (kind of), Dirty Talk
Summary The guys have just arrived at the Palo Alto Alpha House. The first order of business is establishing ranks, which calls for a dominance display. It doesn’t turn out the way Dean had imagined.

Dean pulled the car into the driveway of their new home. He felt almost giddy about the fact that the Impala was going to be parked out front, where everyone could see her shine.

They’d planned for it, knew it was coming for years, but to be striking out on their own, setting up their own pack in California and miles away from their families was exciting and scary at the same time.

Benny’s ridiculously large and loud Dodge 3500 truck pulled up to the curb behind the Impala. Dean rolled his eyes. Anyone who didn’t know Benny, or how well-hung he was, would think he was overcompensating for something, but Benny just liked big trucks. And it worked out well for the move.

“It’s huge!” Kevin said from the back seat, where he’d sprawled out with a blanket, using Gabriel as a pillow.

“Not too shabby,” Nick said from the passenger seat as he opened his door.

“It’s all ours,” Dean said with a grin, then turned the car off, pulling his key out of the ignition.

“I get the biggest room!” Kevin said as he bolted out of the car and toward the front door of their new home.

“No you don’t,” Nick growled.

Gabriel snorted. “Let him have fun, Lucy,” he said as he climbed out of the car.

“Quit calling me that,” Nick said, turning a glare on Gabriel that made Dean grin. “We’re the alphas of our own pack now. Call me Nick.”

Dean got out of the car, unable to wipe the grin off his face as Gabriel waggled his eyebrows at him. Sometimes Gabriel got on his nerves, but most of the time Dean thought the guy was hilarious. And Nick had deserved it.

“All right, boys, let’s get this shit into the house,” Benny bellowed from the end of the driveway.

“Yes, daddy,” Dean grumbled under his breath as he passed Gabriel, who was the only one that could have heard it.

“Can I be mommy?” Gabriel asked as he hip-checked Dean as they walked.

“Fuck you,” Dean said playfully, jogging around to the far side of Benny’s truck and grabbing a box.

Sam stretched as he got out, then headed for the mailbox. Castiel sauntered around to the back of the truck and grabbed a box.

“Where’s Kevin?” Cas asked.

“In the house,” Nick said with a scowl, then picked up a box. “He thinks he’s getting the biggest room.”

“Lighten up, sourpuss,” Gabriel said, purposely catching Nick in the arm with the box in his arms as he walked by him.

Nick replied by growling, and Dean chuckled at how childish Nick was being when Nick was so pissed over Kevin being the childish one.

“It’s official,” Sam yelled over his shoulder, then turned around, a stapled stack of papers in his hand. “We’re the Palo Alto Alpha Pack,” he said, then joined the other five in howling his excitement.

Life was so different from when packs had large amounts of land to themselves. Cities and towns had made it necessary to change centuries of ingrained behavior.

Dean’s parents had been a little old fashioned, had kept some of the old behaviors, raising Sam and Dean with traditional values.

When this new pack was forming, all seven of them had decided they’d be more progressive, though they’d stick to some of the traditional ways that meant society would be closer, families would be the priority, and that even though they’d leave behind some of the more animalistic behaviors, they wouldn’t deny themselves simple pleasures like howling when the letter making their pack official arrived.

All seven of them were alphas, and Palo Alto had grown large enough to need its own alpha pack. Families mostly ruled themselves these days, but to keep everything running smoothly, an alpha pack was set up everywhere one was needed.

It wasn’t a lot of work, but it was great responsibility. Alpha packs would be an example to the rest of the city, would report to the alpha primes in the capital of the state, and they would ensure subordinates were fulfilling their duties.

If a smaller pack had a problem that they couldn’t resolve internally, alpha packs were available. If the alpha pack couldn’t resolve it, the matter went to the alpha prime pack.

Dean, Sam, Benny, Gabriel, Cas, Kevin, and Nick had been groomed for this their whole lives, and when it was decided Palo Alto needed an alpha pack, their pack came up next on the list. Sam had been thrilled, having gone to Stanford for four years.

Sam’s parents had died when he was a baby. John and Mary taken Sam in, raised Sam as their own, as Dean’s little brother even though it was obvious to anyone who bothered to catch more than a casual sniff of his scent that he wasn’t a blood relative.

It never mattered to John, Mary, or Dean. Sam was theirs. They loved him, made him part of their pack, and raised him with their values, with the hopes of him becoming part of a strong alpha pack just like Dean was destined from birth to do.

Benny brought up the rear of the pack as they carried boxes into the house. The house wasn’t built for them specifically, but it was recently remodeled for them. It had seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, all very spacious and well-equipped for the needs of a pack. The kitchen was huge and well-stocked. The house was fully furnished and tastefully decorated.

Dean didn’t know what the hierarchy of their house would be. That was something traditionally decided upon when a pack moved into a house. Though Dean did assume he and Benny would soon be figuring out which of the two of them would be house alpha or head of the house.

He wasn’t as sure about Sam, since he’d been at Stanford for the last four years. He’d visited Sam fairly often, but because they weren’t in the same house, Dean hadn’t had to re-establish his dominance after Sam’s growth spurt. In their house it was always clear. John and Mary were strong alphas, and though Dean learned quickly and was strong, Sam was no slouch.

Dean wasn’t sure he could dominate Sam anymore. He knew as well as anyone that physical strength didn’t always determine dominance, that a lot of times there were other factors involved like your role in the pack and how dedicated you were to something, but he hadn’t seen Sam attempt any posturing.

They hadn’t wrestled or play fought in years, but the last time they had, Dean had won. Now that Sam had packed on muscle, he wasn’t so sure. If Dean wanted to establish dominance simply by overpowering Sam, he wasn’t sure he could.

“There’s a huge bathtub in each bathroom!” Kevin yelled from the loft area as they walked in.

“Awesome,” Dean yelled back.

Benny set his box down against the wall in the living room. Since the house was already furnished, the things they’d brought were their personal items only. Everyone followed Benny’s lead and set their boxes down next to his.

Dean realized they’d already deferred to Benny as house alpha by following his lead. Benny stood to the side, his arms over his chest. Sometimes things were just that easy, and Dean was pleased that it had gone so smoothly because it boded well for the house.

“Anybody got a problem with it?” he asked, one eyebrow raised.

It was obvious he was establishing his role as house alpha, so a chorus of ‘no’ followed from all six other men, including Kevin, who was coming down the stairs into the living room.

“Good,” Benny said with a nod, then picked his box back up again. He carried it up the stairs, and everyone knew he’d be taking the biggest room, as was his right as house alpha.

Dean puffed up his chest a little, getting ready to posture and establish his role as second. Sam snorted, walking up to Dean and looking him in the eye.

“Do we need to throw down?” Sam asked, clearly posturing. He was leaning into Dean’s personal space, aggressive in a way that showed he meant business.

Dean was taken aback. He hadn’t expected Sam to be this aggressive. He wasn’t doing anything more than standing in front of Dean, but it was all about the stance, the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice, and the intent behind the words he was saying.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew fighting Sam would lead to injuries for them both, and it was highly likely Sam was stronger than him now. With the way Sam was posturing, Sam knew he would win, was confident in his abilities.

“Uhm, no,” Dean said softly.

This wasn’t going the way he’d planned. All these years he’d thought he would be the house alpha of their pack. It wasn’t until he and Benny had hit their late twenties that Dean had started to doubt that, and even then Benny had never seemed as if he’d force the issue. Now Dean wasn’t just going from house alpha to second, Sam was pushing him to third.

“Great!” Sam said, smile lighting up his face, dimples showing. He picked up his box and headed up the stairs.

Dean floundered a bit, but he recovered. He had to show his dominance now. There was no way in hell he was being pushed to fourth.

Nick headed toward Dean, but Cas growled, low and very threatening. Nick froze, turning to look at Cas with a surprised look on his face. He probably looked about as surprised as Dean. Why was everyone focusing on him? Kevin was the smallest. They should be heading for him.

Kevin had never shown aggressive dominant tendencies other than those common to alphas. Dean turned to Kevin and his jaw dropped. Kevin was posturing, his stance wide, his hands on his hips to make himself appear larger than his frame would suggest. This couldn’t be happening.

Dean turned to Gabriel when he heard the man snort. Gabriel was smirking. And Gabriel smirking usually meant Dean was about to enjoy whatever Gabriel had in mind, but this time he didn’t think that would be the case.

He heard growling from behind him, and it was coming closer. He spun around, ready to aggressively stand his ground, keep at least the third spot for himself, but Cas tackled his right side, sending them both down hard to the floor.

“Fuck!” Dean growled, shoving and twisting. He could smell that it was Cas on him, but since he was face down, he couldn’t see the look on Cas’ face, couldn’t see just how determined Cas was to claim third.

He knew what was going to happen if he didn’t do something and quick. Dean wouldn’t willingly give Cas the third spot, and Cas knew that, so Cas had to aggressively establish his dominance. Dean didn’t want to hurt Cas, but he didn’t want to be the fourth either.

Dean felt a pinch on the back of his neck, felt a growl vibrate his skin. He didn’t have time to be surprised that Cas was biting his neck in a dominance display. He reached back, finding Cas’ left leg and gave a hard yank. When he heard Cas yelp, felt his bite on the back of Dean’s neck slip, Dean twisted, kicking out and elbowing Cas at the same time.

Cas didn’t back down. Instead of rolling over, he grabbed Dean’s hair, pulling his head to the side as he wrenched Dean’s right arm up behind his back. Dean let out a screaming growl as he bucked, using the tread on his boots to give himself leverage on the carpet and flip Cas off him.

Cas was immediately back on his knees, lunging at Dean, but Dean was ready this time. He kicked at Cas’ right thigh, taking it out from under Cas, then he took advantage of Cas’ recovery time to pounce, swinging his right leg over Cas and falling on him with enough momentum that the two of them kept rolling, Dean wrapping his legs around Cas’ right leg.

Dean didn’t expect Cas to be faster than him. Before he had the chance to pin Cas’ arms to the floor, Cas used a quick shot to Dean’s left side with the heel of his hand. It was enough to wind Dean, but not hurt him all that much.

Cas pushed his left arm out, sweeping Dean’s right arm out from under him, and with the momentum of the move, Cas flipped them, getting on top of Dean again and shoving at him, pulling and maneuvering them so fast that Dean only had time to get a glancing blow to Cas’ right shoulder before he was turned over and his right arm was yanked behind him again, this time pushed up toward his shoulders to the point where a small move on Cas’ part meant a dislocated shoulder for Dean.

“Fuck!” Dean yelled into the carpet as he felt Cas straddle his thighs and pull at the waistband of his jeans. “Cas! Fuck, this is, wait, fuck!” he yelled as he tried to squirm out from underneath Cas.

Cas must’ve undone his jeans when they were wrestling, because Cas yanked and his jeans came down to just below his ass. He kicked himself for being cocky enough to rarely wear underwear. If he would’ve, he’d have had that much longer to fight Cas. Instead, his ass was bared and Cas was pulling his own zipper down.

“Here,” Gabriel said, crouching down next to them. “No reason for this to get bloody,” he said as he shoved a lubed finger into Dean’s hole. Being the house healer, Gabriel would naturally be concerned about that.

Dean squirmed harder, the finger in his ass making him fight harder. He looked to his left and saw that Sam and Benny had come back downstairs. They were sitting on the couch, watching to see how the dominance would play out.

He looked to his right as Gabriel added a second finger, fucking in and out of his hole. Nick and Kevin were watching, crouched down to get a better view of everything and close enough that Dean could smell their excitement.

His head was spinning. He’d gone from thinking he was going to be at least second alpha of the house, if not house alpha, to realizing he had no chance of making it into even the top four, especially with Gabriel already showing his dominance over Dean by preparing him for Cas.

It wasn’t supposed to work out this way. Dean didn’t like following everyone’s orders. He didn’t mind having an alpha over him, but being fifth would mean four alphas could order him around anytime they wanted.

There was no use fighting Cas. He’d already bit him, had already gotten Dean’s arm into a position that meant one quick move and his arm would be dislocated, keeping him from winning in a fight anyway.

Dean was panting into the carpet as he gave up on struggling. It would be better to save his strength for when Nick tried to establish his dominance over Dean. He refused to be the house hole, and he was sure he could overpower Kevin, so that wouldn’t be a problem, but he’d sure as fuck save his strength for fighting Nick.

“All right, sweetheart, looks like you’re ready,” Gabriel said, pulling his fingers out of Dean.

Sweetheart? Oh, hell no. Gabriel may be his alpha, but Dean hadn’t given up yet. He wasn’t the house hole yet.

Dean gasped as Cas pushed into him. Cas had fucked him before, but it had been a long time since Dean had a cock in his ass. Dean was tight. He grimaced as Cas steadily fucked into him, not giving Dean a chance to get used to the stretch.

Cas wasn’t being brutal. Some packs would’ve held Dean down and taken turns fucking him as hard as they could, making him bleed, but that wasn’t how this pack worked. It wasn’t how his parents’ house had worked.

John and Mary had brought up their boys to create a loving environment in their pack, and because they were alpha prime one and two of California’s capital city Sacramento, those same values were encouraged in the entire state.

All seven of the men in Dean’s new pack had been raised this way. There was a certain amount of respect for one another, even the house hole. There was a loving and nurturing environment. Violence wasn’t tolerated. Everyone contributed, everyone was valued, and it was meant to be a family home, not a prison.

Dean breathed his way through it, keeping himself calm. He had to be ready for Nick. Cas swiveled his hips, catching Dean’s prostate and making him jerk and moan.

“He’s pretty when he gets fucked,” Nick drawled. “Knew he would be.”

Gabriel snorted. “You don’t look nearly as pretty when I fuck you, Lucy,” he said, sarcasm giving his words a big bite.

Dean grinned into the carpet. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having Gabriel above him in the ranking. He liked the guy, and he was damn funny.

Cas started growling, then leaned down and bit the back of Dean’s neck as he came, thrusting into Dean and finalizing his rank in the pack. Dean hissed as Cas pulled out, his asshole a little sore. He felt Cas’ come leaking out and winced. He’d have to get used to this. Benny, Sam, and Cas now had the right to have him whenever they wanted.

Gabriel rubbed Dean’s arm, climbing on as Cas climbed off. “I’ll ease up on your right arm if you be a good boy.”

Dean sighed. It was very considerate of Gabriel to do that. “Yes, alpha,” Dean said, squeezing his eyes shut.

Nick laughed. “Such a good little slut,” he teased.

Dean growled just as Benny jumped up from the couch. He heard Benny growling even louder than Dean was and he looked up in time to see Nick get thrown to the floor by a very irritated Benny.

“I didn’t think I’d have to do this,” Benny said, voice deep and very threatening, leaning down until his nose was close to Nick’s, straddling Nick’s stomach and pinning his wrists to the floor.

Nick didn’t fight. His alpha was sitting on him in a very aggressive display of dominance. He’d be a fool to fight.

“Dean is an alpha and a member of our pack,” Benny growled. “He is to be treated with respect because that’s how we run the house. You fall in line or life will be hell for you.”

Dean watched the defiance die away from Nick’s body. “Sorry, alpha,” Nick said, glancing over at Dean, then back up at Benny.

Benny undid his jeans and pulled out his hard cock. “Open your mouth,” he demanded.

Nick obeyed, docile now that he’d been put in his place. Benny fucked into his mouth, and Dean knew Benny assumed Nick would cover his teeth.

Benny wasn’t rough, and Dean marveled at Benny’s ability to control himself. Benny was obviously furious at Nick, but he demonstrated his dominance the way they’d decided to rule their territory, with love and patience while still being firm.

Dean had no doubt Benny would make a wonderful house alpha, and by the self-control he’d just displayed, there was a very good chance Benny would one day be an alpha prime.

Gabriel pushed into Dean, and Dean flinched, letting out a whimper. He’d been so interested in Nick being put in his place that he’d forgotten Gabriel was about to fuck him.

“Did I hurt you?” Gabriel asked, stopping where he was and not going any deeper.

Dean could tell Gabriel was sincerely worried about him, not mocking him. He chuckled. “No, Gabe. Forgot you were back there. I was having too much fun watching the show,” he said with a grin.

Gabriel hummed. “Good. This ass is too awesome to wreck,” he said.

Dean chuckled. Gabriel always knew just what to say. It wasn’t an insult to say what he’d said, but rather a compliment to a lower-ranking member of the house. A compliment that made Dean smile.

Gabriel fucked Dean at a steady pace, enjoying himself in a way Dean hadn’t thought he would. He’d thought Gabriel would be more aggressive, finish with his display and move on. The fact that he was taking his time, making it good for Dean by changing his aim and catching Dean’s prostate frequently meant that Gabriel was confident of his rank and was not so much establishing it as making sure he and Dean had a good time while Nick was able to see Gabriel’s rank.

Dean kinda fell a little in love with Gabriel right then. The cocky attitude was fun, but the confident and patient side of him mixed with obvious affection made for a nice package.

He heard Benny grunt and looked up to see the show. Benny finished, growling as he sprayed come all over Nick’s face. Nick stayed where he was, eyes closed to keep the come out, still not fighting, and didn’t move until Benny climbed off him and nodded his permission to move.

Nick wiped his face with his shirt sleeve and got to his knees, crawling closer to Dean and Gabriel. Gabriel growled, and Dean knew without looking that Gabriel was posturing, eyes locked on Nick until Nick backed up a little.

Gabriel went back to fucking Dean, and with the stimulation to his prostate, Dean was pretty close to coming. He’d never come on someone’s cock alone. He’d always needed either a reach around or his own hand. As he tried to reach under himself with his left hand, a sharp smack landed on his left ass cheek.

“No touching,” Gabriel barked.

Dean whined, moving his hand away and relaxing into the carpet again. A couple more smacks to his ass that were loud and stinging and Gabriel came, rolling his hips and panting.

“My turn,” Nick said, crawling closer.

Gabriel let go of Dean’s right arm and climbed off him. Dean knew Gabriel did it to give Dean a chance to fight Nick. Dean rolled, getting his right arm in front of him and getting to his knees.

Nick growled, obviously not happy that Gabriel had let Dean up, but he didn’t dwell on it. Dean took a defensive posture instead of an offensive posture, pulling his pants up and fastening them so he wouldn’t get caught in them falling around his ankles.

Dean knew he was strong, knew he was a good fighter, and a defensive posture lulled Nick into a false sense of security. Nick snarled, arms out to his sides in an obviously aggressive posture.

Dean readied himself, pushing the last few minutes out of his mind so he could focus on keeping higher than Nick in the ranks. He spread his knees to shoulder width, and when Nick lunged for him, Dean took advantage, elbowing Nick in the neck as he tried to tackle Dean’s midsection.

Nick grunted, losing his balance, but rolling with the fall. “Submit, little boy,” Nick drawled, a grin on his face.

“Make me,” Dean taunted, staying calm. Nick tended to be hot-headed sometimes, and Dean knew that could be his downfall.

Nick snarled again lunging at Dean, but this time reaching out and grabbing Dean’s shirt, yanking the both of them to the side. Dean wasn’t ready for the move, so he fell on his left side, legs awkwardly tangled, but he brought up his right knee, catching Nick in the gut as they rolled.

Dean wrapped an arm around Nick’s neck, using the time Nick took to pause and catch his breath to climb on top of him, but Nick surprised him again by grabbing Dean by the back of his neck and pulling Dean closer to him, unbalancing him and sending him sprawling out on top of Nick.

Nick wrapped his arms and legs around Dean. Dean growled and thrashed about, but Nick had Dean’s left arm pinned against the floor and his right arm pinned between the both of them.

Dean let out a scream of pure anger as he felt Nick undoing his pants. Nick smirked at him as if he’d already won. Dean shrugged, puffing his chest and arms out and dislodging Nick’s grip enough that Dean was able to pull his right arm out from between them.

Nick’s smirk stayed in place as Dean pulled his arm back, but then Nick grimaced as Dean brought his fist down on Nick’s right side. Nick’s eyes widened, and Dean used his surprise to push himself up, breaking the hold Nick had of his legs.

Dean straddled Nick’s waist, then punched him in the face with a disorienting blow that split Nick’s bottom lip. Nick’s tongue slid out and he licked at the blood.

“If you wanted to play rough,” Nick said, “all you had to do was say so.”

Nick’s right hand shot up between them too fast for Dean to knock away, the heel of Nick’s hand catching him in the throat. Dean tried to hold onto his position, but the blow had weakened him, and Nick flipped them, adding a punch to Dean’s stomach as Dean fell to the floor.

Dean was panting hard, dizzy from the blows and having trouble getting air into his lungs. He felt Nick rolling him onto his stomach, but he wasn’t ready to give up yet. He balled his left hand and punched down to his waist, parallel to his body, aiming for where he thought Nick’s balls would be. He knew the punch wouldn’t have a lot of force because of the position he was in, but he had to do something.

He grinned into the carpet when he heard Nick yelp, but when he tried to push himself up, Nick punched him in the balls, his fist hitting hard and dead center between Dean’s legs.

Dean gagged, his eyes watering and the muscles in his body refusing to do anything but curl him up into a tiny ball of misery. He moaned into the carpet, the pain radiating into his lower stomach. Nick had done a good job at incapacitating him.

He threw up, soiling the carpet to his left as he felt Nick pull his jeans down. His whole body was trembling, and he couldn’t make anything work right. He pressed his fingers into the carpet, wishing there was something he could do to stop the pain in his balls.

He yelped as Nick fucked into him. He was still wet with both lube and come from taking Cas and Gabriel, and Gabriel had a bigger cock than Nick, so it wasn’t painful. Rather his reaction was from the full weight of his new rank coming down on him at once.

From what Dean knew about him, Nick had always been sort of an asshole, but Nick was still a good guy. He got on Dean’s nerves at times, but Nick was a hard worker. He was the one responsible for making sure the pack was fed, and that was of high enough priority that Nick probably could’ve saved them the fight for dominance by threatening Dean, telling Dean he deserved a higher rank simply because of it.

The way Nick treated Kevin grated on Dean. It did the others as well, but Kevin always took it in stride. The others always seemed to be more upset about it than Kevin did.

Dean had questioned Benny nearly five years ago about their decision to include Nick in their pack. It had been planned for years, but he saw things in Nick that he didn’t think were good for their pack. Benny had reassured him, talked to Nick, and Nick had changed his attitude some.

The problem was that the guy really was a great alpha aside from the way he treated Kevin and some of the small personality quirks he had. Benny had convinced Dean to at least let them try it out. A position at the house was never permanent, so if they started up their house and it was clearly not working out, Benny had no problem kicking Nick out for the betterment of the pack.

Dean turned his head away from the smell of his own vomit. Benny was looking at him, as was Sam. There was something unreadable in Sam’s eyes, but Dean knew exactly what Benny was thinking. Benny wasn’t happy about the way the fight turned out. Dean knew Benny wasn’t going to challenge the fight or step in, but Dean knew that look, and he knew that Nick had better shape up and act responsibly because Benny was going to be on his ass.

Nick pulled out before coming and knee walked around to Dean’s side. He grabbed Dean by the back of the neck and yanked his head up, coming all over Dean’s face. Dean squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself not to growl. Nick now had the right to do this, and he had the right to carry out punishment if Dean fought him in any way on it.

“Mmm, yeah,” Nick said, smearing his dick through the come on Dean’s face. “You’re a great fuck, sweetheart.”

Dean’s hands balled into fists, but he kept his cool. Hurting Nick wasn’t an option unless Dean was ready to challenge him, reading to move up in the ranks. With his balls still throbbing all the way up into his stomach, there was no way he was ready for that.

Nick stood up, tucking himself into his pants. Dean got to his knees, lifted the bottom of his shirt, and wiped the mess off his face. He stood up carefully, pulling his pants up as he went. He didn’t bother fastening them, but took a cleansing breath.

He wasn’t sure he could get an erection with the pain, but he didn’t need to fuck Kevin to establish his dominance. Dean was much stronger than Kevin. He drew himself up to his full height, puffed his chest out a little, and turned to Kevin, ready to let the kid know who was boss of the house hole.

But when he turned to Kevin, the kid wasn’t in a submissive posture. At all. Dean looked him over, surprised by the confidence in Kevin’s eyes, in his stance. Dean was going to have to fuck him, no question. Just as Dean wouldn’t have accepted Cas’ dominance without getting fucked, Dean could see Kevin wouldn’t accept Dean’s dominance without it.

Dean took an aggressive step toward Kevin, but Kevin stood his ground, bringing his right hand up and leaning toward Dean.

“Stop,” Kevin said, authority in his voice.

Dean didn’t want to give Kevin the chance, but his balls were still throbbing. Maybe if he let Kevin say what he wanted to say, it would give Dean’s balls time to recover.

“The pack needs my skills,” Kevin said.

Dean felt a flare of panic inside his body. Kevin was confident. The little shit was going to do exactly what Dean had thought Nick was going to do. And Dean knew Kevin had a good chance of winning. Dean wasn’t stupid, but he wasn’t smart when it came to electronics. None of them had excelled at that as they’d grown up, but Kevin was a genius with anything electronic.

Dean didn’t want to be the house hole. He couldn’t be. He liked fucking. He liked touching his own cock. He was an independent person, a strong alpha, and though he did well following orders from his parents and the rest of the alpha prime pack leaders, he’d never cowed to authority elsewhere.

House holes weren’t treated badly. It wasn’t an abusive situation he’d just gotten himself into, especially in this pack. But it wasn’t a position he ever thought he’d face.

His world was crashing down around him. He’d never even considered the possibility this would happen. Ranking as house alpha or second had never been a doubt.

Dean wanted to tackle Kevin, hold him down, and fuck him. He wanted to show them all that he could at least save himself from the rank of house hole. He couldn’t be that. He couldn’t let it happen.

Kevin took another step toward him, hands reaching out and grabbing fistfuls of Dean’s shirt. He yanked Dean closer to him, which probably looked ridiculous given the height and weight difference.

“Think about it before challenging me,” Kevin growled quietly. “As much as you think you want this, I want it more,” he said, looking Dean in the eye with more confidence than he’d shown for anything in his life.

Dean’s breath caught in his throat. This was fucking happening. Dean couldn’t risk what Kevin was threatening. Sure, Kevin would still fulfill his duties, would still work in the house as a team and contribute to a well-run house and pack, but Dean had no doubt Kevin would make his life a living hell electronically, and there was nothing Dean could do about it.

Even though Sam was the one who handled the pack’s knowledge and research, being considered the walking encyclopedia of the pack, Kevin knew more languages, could help with translation, and he was nearly as good as Sam at spell casting.

Dean could fix pretty much anything, be it cars, plumbing, kitchen appliances, etc. Shove a computer or even a plain cell phone in his hand and he was lost. The pack needed Dean, but they also needed Kevin. Kevin was fully prepared to use those skills against Dean for this position, but Dean wasn’t quite as ready to do it to Kevin. Kevin had already won.

Kevin smirked as Dean’s body deflated. “Show your submission,” Kevin said.

Dean flinched. Kevin wasn’t even going to physically force him into position. Not that he could, but Kevin was so confident that he already knew Dean would go to his knees for him.

Dean looked over at the couch. Neither Sam nor Benny seemed shocked by what was happening. “Fuck,” Dean growled. This had obviously been talked about amongst them. This had been planned. He knew that now.

Benny smiled at him, and it wasn’t malicious, just pleasant. “You were made to be fucked, gorgeous,” he said with a shrug.

Dean remembered the look on Sam’s face when Nick was fucking him. It made sense. Sam and Benny were questioning the decision to include Nick in their pack, and though they had known Nick would be dominating Dean, they were watching carefully, not all that happy about it, but not stopping it.

In an odd way, it actually made Dean feel better about it. Not that he was happy with being the house hole, but if this situation was planned, if it wasn’t a surprise, then everyone would be looking out for him.

Given that Benny and Sam were house alpha and second, they’d carry the responsibility of making sure Nick behaved. He knew they all loved him, but Benny and Sam were fierce in their protectiveness of those they loved. Dean may be the house hole, he may hate it, but he knew Nick wouldn’t get away with anything.

Dean sighed, running his fingers through his hair as he turned back to Kevin. “Yes, alpha,” he said softly, crouching down and getting to his knees. He turned around, dropping his pants and presenting his back to Kevin, then leaned forward, putting his hands palm down on the carpet.

“Uh-uh,” Kevin said. “I want you on your back, beautiful.”

Dean’s body tensed. Kevin was demanding complete submission in front of everyone, demonstrating his new role as house hole by showing his belly and taking a cock on his back. Dean flinched as a sharp sting flared in his right ass cheek, the sound of Kevin’s hand smacking his ass loud in the house.

This couldn’t be happening. It shouldn’t. But it was. Dean slowly rolled onto his back, his face red and his cock completely flaccid, his balls aching. Kevin kneeled down and untied his boots, pulling them off and tossing them to the side. Kevin pulled Dean’s pants off, throwing them on top of the boots, leaving Dean in his socks and T-shirt.

It was done purposely. Dean knew it. Being mostly naked was worse than being completely naked because it focused everyone’s attention on what parts weren’t clothed. It focused Dean’s attention on that fact.

“Spread,” Kevin ordered as he undid his own jeans, pulling his already-hard cock out and stroking it.

Dean did as he was told, fighting the instinct to dominate Kevin, to jump up and pin him to the floor. His body was trembling with the effort.

He could win. He knew he could. Kevin was no match for him when it came to strength. Kevin wasn’t a weakling, but Dean had more muscle and height on his side. He couldn’t take the chance Kevin would follow through with his threat, but letting Kevin take him, letting this happen was hard.

Kevin lined up his cock with Dean’s hole, holding Dean’s sore balls out of the way with his left hand, and then he looked Dean in the eye. “Ask me to fuck you. Ask me to take my place in the house.”

Dean’s throat felt dry. He had to do this. “Please fuck me, alph-ah!” he yelped as Kevin slammed in.

Kevin didn’t hurt Dean, but Dean hadn’t expected Kevin to be that aggressive. He should’ve expected it. Kevin had to show his dominance. Dean knew it. Everyone else knew it. Kevin leaned forward, putting a hand on the floor on either side of Dean’s torso, balancing himself, then fucking Dean hard and fast.

Dean gazed up at the ceiling, letting his eyes lose their focus as his new lot in life was established. He was house hole. Anyone could fuck him whenever they wanted. Anyone could order him around anytime they wanted. In this house, with these alphas, he had last say. Outside the house would be different, but in here, he had to answer to everyone.

He would still be respected. His voice would still be heard, especially on pack matters. He would be loved, cherished even, but he wouldn’t have the privilege of fucking anyone here, and he couldn’t touch his own cock, even to masturbate alone.

“Look at me, Dean,” Kevin said softly.

Dean did. Kevin was still pounding away inside him, but the look on his face nearly took Dean’s breath away. Kevin was no longer posturing, no longer gruff and challenging. He was looking at Dean like he was something precious, something worthy and useful, someone loved.

“Percarus,” Kevin breathed.

Dean’s chest tightened. Kevin meant it. He didn’t say it in a condescending way, and there were many other things he could’ve said had he wanted to demean or belittle Dean. No, this was more than just an adjective or noun, more than a declaration of something. It was a term of endearment, calling him a very dearly beloved.

It soothed some of the sting in Dean’s soul. Not that this was going to be easy, but if he had to completely submit to a group of men, he couldn’t have asked for better.

Kevin smiled down at Dean, then growled as he came, finalizing Dean’s position, his rank in the house. He pulled out of Dean gently, then leaned down and kissed him. Dean hadn’t expected it. He’d had no sexual attraction to Kevin, and so he tried to turn his head. Kevin followed him, licking his lips, nibbling at them.

He kissed his way to Dean’s left ear. “Percarus,” Kevin whispered into Dean’s ear, then pulled away and stood up.

“All right,” Benny barked, “let’s get the rest of our shit in the house. Everybody move.”

Dean stayed where he was, cringing as he felt the come leaking out of his asshole onto the carpet. He really hoped no one asked him to lick it up. Everyone but Sam walked out the front door, going for more boxes.

“You okay, dude?” Sam asked, concerned tone to his voice.

Dean snorted. “I’ll live,” he grumbled, sitting up and cringing again when more come leaked from him.

“It wasn’t like it was a conspiracy,” Sam said.

“No? Huh. Could’ve fooled me,” Dean said.

“It really wasn’t,” Sam said, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. “None of us were sure how the ranking would turn out, but over the years we’ve all noticed what a fine piece of ass you were,” he said with a smirk.

Dean chuckled. He knew Sam was keeping it light. Sam always did know just what to say to keep Dean from taking himself too seriously. Dean does the same for Sam a lot of times.

Dean looked up at Sam. “You know I’m going to make you guys work for it, right?” he asked, his eyebrow raised.

Sam snorted. “It’s to be expected,” he said with a nod.

The smile fell from Sam’s face, and what replaced it was what Dean liked to call Sam’s constipated face, which meant Sam was about to be all serious and alpha.

“If anyone gives you problems, including Benny, you come to me,” Sam said. “I mean it. I may be second in this house, but when it comes to my brother, I’ll kick every single one of them out on their asses if they don’t respect you.”

Dean felt himself blush. His little brother was doing just what Dean had been ready to do if Sam had ranked lower than him. Again, he couldn’t ask for better, but it rubbed him a little wrong. He’d always been the big brother, the one to look out for Sam. It was his job.

He wouldn’t give it up. And he didn’t have to because being an alpha meant that was your job, your lot in life anyway. Being the house hole only meant he had to submit to everyone in the house unless he saw them as unfit, and Dean was a fair man.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean said, flapping his hand at Sam. “I got it. Little brother kicks asses. He’s awesome. Blah, blah, blah,” he said with a grin.

Sam chuckled. “Asshole,” he said.

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