Part 10: Date Night

Part-Specific Info
Enema, Case!Fic with some psychic injury.
Dean, Gabriel, Castiel, Kevin
Enema, Case!Fic, Psychic Injury, MotW, Threesome, Anal Sex, Blowjob, D/s, Comeplay, Bed-Sharing
Summary Cas and Gabe have a fun day and night planned for the three of them.

Kevin knocked on Dean’s door frame the next morning. “Hey, Dean,” he said.

Dean was still in bed, having been up late on the phone because an order he’d sent in for demolishing an old, crumbling eyesore of a building was denied, and he wasn’t going to stand for that.

He had spoken to four different officials and two site managers, telling them he didn’t care that they were sleeping because the building was a danger to the neighborhood, two kids already having been hurt sneaking in. It wasn’t until three in the morning that he finally got to sleep.

“Yeah?” Dean said, rubbing his eyes.

“I let you sleep in some because I know you were up late, but I need to head out to take care of some business,” he said.

Dean groaned. “Yeah, I’m getting up,” he said, sliding to the edge of the bed and sitting up.

“Dean?” Kevin said.

Dean looked up at him. He looked like shit. “You okay?” Dean asked.

Kevin nodded. “I’m sorry,” he said with a wince. He shook his head, looking down at the floor, then back up at Dean. “About yesterday. I got frustrated with you, and it was a really, really shitty thing to do, and I’m really fucking glad Sam stopped me.”

Dean looked carefully at Kevin’s posture, the look on his face, and he could see that even though Kevin wasn’t being submissive to Dean, he wasn’t posturing, and it seemed that he was being sincere with the apology.

Dean nodded. “Thank you for apologizing, Kevin,” he said.

“Can we do a fresh start, maybe?” Kevin asked, nervously fingering the door frame.

Dean shook his head. “I can’t do that. You know I can’t. We’re a new alpha house, and I have to know that all of us are going to pull together. I accept the apology, but I’m not going to just forget about everything that’s happened so far.”

Kevin looked as if he was getting upset, his eyes widening, his breathing getting faster, and his hands clenched into fists, but then he huffed out a laugh, shook his head. “Understood,” he said, then turned around and headed for the bathroom.

Dean stood up and started after him, not bothering to grab his clothes. By the time he got to the bathroom, Kevin was already hooking up the hose.

“Can you work with me a little?” Kevin asked, his back turned to Dean. “I mean I know I shouldn’t have let myself get that upset yesterday, but I know you’re pushing me. I don’t know why, but it’s hard when I don’t know what to do with you.”

Dean dropped his boxers on the floor and stepped into the shower. “I’ve pushed Nick. He hasn’t ordered me to kneel in a pile of salt,” he said, and it wasn’t heated. He was just stating the facts.

Kevin turned, his teeth bared. “What am I supposed to do? You won’t listen to me!”

“Do you want to be treated the way you’ve treated me?” Dean asked.

Kevin spluttered a moment. “What?” he asked, looking confused and upset.

“That’s why I can’t forget what’s happened so far,” Dean said, remaining calm. “I should’ve done something about it, but I wanted to give you a chance. That was my mistake. If I saw you treating anyone else the way you’ve treated me, I’d have been all over you, but I let it go, and I really shouldn’t have.”

“I’m your alpha,” Kevin hissed.

“Then act like it,” Dean hissed right back. “You wanted to rank higher than me in this house, and you did it without being physically stronger than me, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole about it. I want to see that you’re taking this seriously, and even though I’ll admit I’ve been an asshole myself, and I really should apologize, I’ve pushed you and Nick, it’s been instinctual, so you’d show me what you’re made of. Now show me why the alpha primes and the rest of us thought you’d make a great alpha in an alpha house.”

“You’ve been doing this on purpose,” Kevin said instead of asked, his eyes narrowing.

“I’ve pushed every one of you,” Dean said with a nod. “I don’t like to sit back and wait for emergency situations to show me what kind of alphas you all are. Benny put me in my place the very first day we were here and he’s done it ever since. It took a little time for Nick to do it. Cas, Gabe, and Sam show me all the time what my place is.”

“You’re playing us,” Kevin snarled.

Dean shook his head. “I’m doing what comes naturally to me. To an alpha. Do you think Benny has been ignoring everything these past few days? Do you think Sam really had no clue until last night that you were being an asshole?”

“You’re all watching me?” Kevin asked, his grip on the hose tight.

“We’re all watching each other,” Dean said, “just like you should be watching the rest of us. Not that we’re out to get each other, but we’re a pack, we’re family, and we all need to keep each other in check. Running an alpha house isn’t a game. This is serious. How could the people outside our house ever look to us for guidance and order if we can’t even keep it together in our own house?”

Kevin looked down at the hose in his hands. He snorted. “I grew up in my grandmother’s alpha prime house. She was loving, but extremely strict. She always knew what everyone was doing, and even the other alphas primes didn’t hold the power she had. She wasn’t a dictator, but no one really questioned her.”

“Kevin,” Dean said, shaking his head in surprise, “your grandmother has been an alpha prime for over one hundred and twenty years. You don’t think she had the house running this well the first few months it was established, right?”

“Oh,” Kevin said, a frown on his face. “I guess not. She just doesn’t talk about it. She’s always said she wanted us all to learn from their example of how to run an alpha prime house instead of bringing up the past.”

“But we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes,” Dean said. “The alpha primes in my house didn’t share everything with us, but over the years they’ve told us that things aren’t easy, that mistakes are made, even now after they’ve been ruling the alpha prime house for years. You’re the youngest one of our house, and the older you get, the more you see that people aren’t perfect.”

“My grandmother is an amazing woman,” Kevin said, and Dean didn’t think it sounded as if he was trying to convince Dean of it, but rather was just sharing how he felt about her.

Dean nodded. “The Vancouver Alpha Prime House is talked about all over the world. They don’t have many issues, and some of the standards they’ve set have changed the lives of pack members everywhere.”

“My parents were both betas, and when I was born, my grandmother had high hopes for me,” Kevin said. “I moved down here because of Stanford, because even though I’d already graduated from college at a really young age, the computer sciences program at Stanford drew me in, and I’d thought of teaching. My grandmother sent me here with the idea that I’d get my own alpha house, to test me out far away from home. Now that I’m here, it’s a huge responsibility, but it feels right. I’m making decisions that I know are helping people, and I want to use the skills I have to continue doing that, making this work, you know?”

Dean was impressed, suddenly very glad he’d given Kevin more of a chance. It sounded as if he had the right motives, and Dean decided the problems between them had to be due to Kevin being young and not knowing how best to handle problems, handle his emotions.

“Am I really so bad at this?” Kevin asked. “Would you make me leave?” he asked, and Dean thought he sounded fragile, delicate. He was baring his soul, and Dean refused to stomp on it.

Dean shook his head. “No. We’ve seen really, really good things in you. None of us would’ve agreed to set up this house with you had we thought you’d be shit at it. You have a temper, which might just be because you’re young. You’ve impressed all of us with the decisions you’ve made so far with the house, and the only downside to you has been the way you handle me.”

“But you push me,” Kevin said, not appearing mad, but instead it seemed like he was asking Dean for help in understanding.

“We’re alphas. We get pushed,” Dean said with a shrug. “If you can’t handle me pushing you in the house, what are you going to do when someone outside the house pisses you off?” Dean asked gently.

“Fuck,” Kevin breathed, leaning back against the tiles. “You were fucking preparing me, seeing what I’d do in situations that weren’t perfect, and I couldn’t even see it. I thought you had it out for me,” he said, his eyes wide, and Dean could tell his mind was blown. Kevin shook his head and huffed. “My grandmother does the same thing when potential alphas come to her, and I never questioned her methods. It’s what has made her a good alpha prime. People even joke about how she’ll put potentials through the ringer.”

“I’m not singling you out, Kevin,” Dean said, shaking his head. “I want the best for this house, the community. I have to know that everyone here will handle themselves well. Ask Nick what I’ve been doing to him. And then ask him how he handled it.”

“You’re not going to stop,” Kevin said instead of asked.

“No, and I’ll admit to having a hard time with my ranking in the house, and I’m working on this too,” Dean said. “I’ve been pushing you, but I’ve also been working this through in my head. I’m sorry if you’ve felt singled out. I’m sorry that I’ve pushed so hard when all of us are settling in and I’m still upset about the ranking. I’m probably being more of an asshole than I realize,” he said with a wince.

Kevin chuckled. “I’m frustrated, and yes, I’d like it if you backed it off a bit, but I do need to learn how to control myself. I also need to learn how to handle you, and you already said everybody else has done a good job, so I probably need to watch them more closely.”

“Talk to them,” Dean said. “I can only tell you the way I handle things, and my way isn’t the only way. My way might not work for you. Benny’s way might not work for you. But at least you’ll get some different viewpoints so you can better decide what you want to do.”

“Okay,” Kevin said with a nod, then looked down at his watch. “I need to get going.”

Dean turned toward the tiles again as Kevin lubed him up and filled him with the water, then patted Dean’s ass.

“I’m going to finish getting my stuff together while you take care of the water,” Kevin said. “When you’re done, come into my room and I’ll finish you up.”

“Okay,” Dean said as Kevin headed for the door.

“Oh!” Kevin said, stopping and turning around. “I forgot to tell you. The guys have a little something planned.”

Dean turned around, holding his stomach. “Huh?”

Kevin had a big smile on his face. “Gabe and Cas. They have something planned for you and I’m not allowed to tell you, but they want you to get dressed in an outfit that you’d be comfortable hunting in, then let them know you’re ready.”

Dean smiled. “Awesome!”


“It was first reported in the San Francisco Bay area,” Gabe explained as Dean drove them to their destination, “then down in Coyote Creek.”

“Nobody’s been hurt?” Dean asked. Cas held up a sketch of the creature, and Dean glanced at it briefly.

Gabe snorted. “It scared the shit outta some people, but no, nobody’s been hurt. One of the employees at the Baylands Park Animal Services Center was closing the gate on the dog run out back when she saw the thing. The gate had been left open overnight, so she closed it up tight and called us.”

“The tatzelwurm can walk on land,” Cas said, “but it prefers to be near water. After some heavy rain, the flood control basins were filled higher than normal, and they believe that’s when the creature wandered to the Animal Services Center.”

“So,” Dean drawled, “how do we kill it?”

“It’s a powerful creature,” Cas said, “but it uses no magic that we’re aware of, so a normal weapon should kill it, though I’d suggest keeping our distance because of it’s strong tail and long claws.”

“Gotcha,” Dean said as he pulled into the driveway at the center.

There was only one car at the center, and a very freaked-out employee was standing by the car. When Dean pulled up next to her car, her shoulders dropped in relief and she opened his door for him.

“Thank you!” she said, nearly breathless, then shoved a key into his hand. “Here’s the master key to the center. It’ll open anything inside and the thing is in the enclosure out back. You can get to it by going down the hallway, turning left, then down the other hallway to the back door. Thank you so much for coming so quickly. Can I leave now?” she asked, all her words nearly running together she was talking so fast.

Dean smiled. “Everything’s going to be okay. You go on home, relax, and we’ll take care of things here. Is there anyone else inside?”

She shook her head. “No, I told everyone else to leave. I manage the place on weekends, so I told them I’d stay until you guys got here.”

“Okay,” Dean said with a nod. “We got it. Go home,” he said with confidence.

“Thank you!” she said again as she nearly scrambled into her car and took off.

Dean waved at her, then opened the trunk, letting Gabe and Cas pick out their weapons first. Gabe already had a gun in the back of his jeans, but then grabbed a hatchet and threw a length of chain over his shoulder. Cas pulled out a long sword, looking pleased with just that weapon. Dean grabbed a flare gun and a long sword, his gun already in the back of his pants.

“Ready?” Dean asked, and closed the trunk when Gabe and Cas nodded.

They headed in the front door, keeping their senses on high alert in case the thing had escaped or something else was lurking. They heard a few dogs barking in the kennel to the back of the building, but they didn’t sound alarmed, just in need of attention.

As they got to the back door, Dean paused, checking that his gun was ready as the others checked that they were ready too. Dean gave them a look that said ‘ready?’ and when they nodded, he opened the back door. There was a hissing noise coming from the enclosure, but as the three of them stepped out back, they couldn’t see the tatzelwurm. The enclosure consisted of tightly-weaved chain link on all four sides and the roof, though there was a tin roof on top of that to keep the animals from overheating in the sun.

In the middle of the enclosure, there was an oversized dog house with bedding inside. Dean assumed the tatzelwurm was inside, so he used a hand gesture to get Cas and Gabe to go around the dog house so they’d form a triangle around the thing.

Dean was facing the door of the dog house, and he crouched down, keeping a distance of five feet away from it. There was another hiss followed by a growl, then an odd pink light flashed inside the dog house.

“Get down!” Gabe yelled just as a spike of the pink light came out the front door of the dog house, heading straight for Dean.

Dean dropped, but not quickly enough, and the pink spike of light hit him in the stomach, taking him down hard enough to knock the wind out of him. Everything from then happened in slow motion, but Dean was even slower.

Cas came around to the front of the dog house, standing about two feet to Dean’s left, raising his long sword and throwing it into the house like a javelin with enough force to kill if he hit the tatzelwurm just right. Gabe pulled his gun and fired six shots into the side of the house, aimed so that he wouldn’t come anywhere close to hitting Dean or Cas.

Dean raised his flare gun just as another spike of pink light blew apart the dog house and arced toward him. It looked like a tail of pink light. It whipped around and caught Gabe, sending him flying backward into the side of the enclosure, then down to the ground.

Cas tossed something else toward the tatzelwurm, but Dean wasn’t paying much attention, instead firing the flare gun at the creature just as the tail hit Cas, sending him to the opposite side of the enclosure. As the flare hit the tatzelwurm’s midsection, the thing screamed, opening its wide jaws and showing its long, sharp teeth, the cat-like eyes flashing pink as the cat-like ears went back flat against its head as if it was seriously pissed.

Dean covered his ears, watching helplessly on the ground as the tail whipped down spat pink light out at him. He heard Gabe yelling something, but all he could see was pink light, and the screaming of the tatzelwurm made it nearly impossible to hear Gabe.

He felt as if he was burning from the inside, and he started screaming. There was another flash of pink that was so bright he squeezed his eyes shut and it still didn’t block the pink light from his eyes. The pain intensified, but then suddenly was gone, as was the pink light and the screaming. Well, Dean was still screaming, but the tatzelwurm had stopped.

Dean’s scream died down as the pain receded. He was on his back, staring up at the tin roof. He realized he was whimpering, and he nearly screamed again as Gabe’s face came into his line of vision, hovering over him.

Gabe was kneeling beside him, lifting up Dean’s shirt, his hands running over Dean’s belly, then his sides. He felt sore all over, but there were no sharp pains, nothing that felt broken as Gabe felt his pelvis and legs.

“Don’t move,” Gabe barked as Dean tried to sit up.

Dean gave up. He hadn’t been doing anything more than flopping about anyway. He whimpered again, but he’d actually meant to ask what had happened.

“Does anything hurt?” Gabe asked.

Dean shook his head. “No, I’m just sore.”

“Help me roll him,” Gabe said, and Dean realized Cas was kneeling on the opposite side Gabe was.

They gently rolled him, Gabe running his hands over Dean’s spine and neck, then a quicker examination of the backs of his legs.

“What happened?” Dean finally asked.

“It appears,” Cas said from behind him, “the tatzelwurm does have the ability to use magics.”

“Shit,” Dean hissed. He looked around Gabe to see a smoldering mass of dead creature where the dog house used to be.

“We should’ve brought Kevin,” Gabe said as they rolled him onto his back again.

“You didn’t know. We didn’t know it could use magics,” Dean said. “I’m okay.”

They helped him sit up, and Dean could see the guilt on Cas’ face. “I researched, as did Kevin and Sam,” Cas said.

“It’s okay, Cas. I believe you,” Dean said with a weak smile. “Part of the hunt is you gotta be prepared for the unexpected. We killed it. We did our job. Nobody died.”

Cas smiled back, looking a little better. “Okay,” he said.

“I want to have Kevin check you out for residual,” Gabe said.

“I’m fine,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“That’s wonderful, but I’m still gonna have Kevin check you out before we finish our date,” Gabe said with a grin.

“Date?” Dean asked, and he just knew he had a goofy smile on his face, but he couldn’t help it. His chest felt like it was going to explode, but it was a good feeling.

Gabe smiled. “Yeah, they called us to kill this thing, and I knew you’d get a kick outta that, and we were gonna take you out to a nice dinner, then have our wicked way with you in a room we booked for the night.”

Dean’s breath caught in his throat. A date. An actual date. This was big shit happening right here. It was relationship shit. And he was so thrilled that his cheeks hurt from the huge smile on his face.

“Kevin doesn’t need to check me out,” Dean said. “I’m fine, and I’m also really hungry,” he said, turning on the charm.

Gabe snorted. “That doesn’t work on me. You know that. Kevin’s gonna check you out, and if he says you’re okay, then we finish our date. If he says no, we can postpone the rest of our date to another night.”

“Aww, Gabe,” Dean whined, teasing him, and he heard Cas chuckle.

Gabe rolled his eyes, trying to hide a grin. “Let’s get you home. I’m driving.”

“Aww!” Dean whined even louder, and this time both Gabe and Cas laughed.


Kevin had given him a clean bill of health, but did say perhaps they should take extra special care of him. He’d said that last bit with a wink, so Dean assumed Kevin knew what the others had planned for him.

The restaurant was quiet, casually decorated, though nicer than what Dean usually would’ve picked. It didn’t require suits and ties, but they wore their nicer black jeans and button down shirts. Dean was in a red and gray button down, Cas was in a light blue button down, and Gabe was wearing a black button down.

They talked over dinner, still casual in a way that Dean had worried they wouldn’t be if they were dating. They had steaks so perfectly cooked that Dean had groaned with the first bite. Cas had blushed as he fed Dean a few bites, which made Gabe and Dean smile.

The hotel the guys had picked was nicer than Dean would’ve picked, just like the restaurant, and Dean knew the guys had put a lot of thought into this. One of the biggest beds Dean had ever seen awaited them in the room, and off to the right of the gigantic bed, Dean saw a huge in-floor jacuzzi tub.

“We brought you here for a few reasons,” Gabe said as Cas set their duffel bag down next to the bed. “We wanted to do something special with you first of all. And we wanted to take you somewhere so there were no rules, just us.”

Cas walked up behind Dean, wrapping his arms around Dean’s middle. “We also have decided we’d like to court you,” Cas said, then kissed Dean’s right shoulder.

Dean felt a tight sensation in his chest. A little fear, a lot of excitement. And he felt a sense of rightness about this.

“Mary and John gave us their blessing,” Gabe said as he walked up to Dean.

Dean’s eyes widened. “You asked?” They both nodded, Dean feeling Cas’ movements because Cas was resting his chin on Dean’s right shoulder blade. “You’re really serious about this,” he said instead of asked, but they nodded anyway.

“We didn’t ask for Benny and Sam’s blessing yet,” Cas said. “We wanted to wait and see if you wanted to be included.”

They didn’t need anyone’s approval or blessing. This was a display of respect, for both family and tradition, showing Dean how much they cared for him, that this wasn’t a fling, that they were serious. Dean smiled.

“I’d like that,” Dean said, trying hard not to blush.

“So,” Gabe drawled as he reached up and cupped Dean’s face in his hands, “what would you like to start with. This is all for you, and we’ll do anything you want, let you do anything you want to us.”

Dean chuckled. “Are you sure you wanna offer me that much of an opening?” he asked flirtatiously.

Cas nibbled on Dean’s right earlobe as Gabe leaned in and whispered into Dean’s left ear, “I’ll even do your laundry.”

Dean laughed even as his cock twitched in his pants. “I think I can come up with better things to do with you guys.”

“Gabriel brought the biggest tube of lube he had,” Cas said, then licked at Dean’s neck.

Dean chuckled. “That was thoughtful of him.”

“I brought a cock cage,” Cas said.

Dean watched Gabe’s face as that sunk in fully. Gabe’s jaw dropped and Dean felt him shiver as his eyes darkened.

“You’re awesome,” Gabe said as he recovered, then a smirk replaced the shocked look. “Very awesome.”

“Don’t get too excited,” Dean warned. “We won’t be able to get it on you.”

Gabe snorted. “Just get me off once, then you can get it on.”

“What if I don’t wanna let you get off. What if all I wanna do is fuck the both of you all night long until you’re both begging me to let you come?” Dean asked with a sly grin.

Gabe groaned. “I’ll enjoy every minute of it. And I’ll apply burn cream to your chafed dick all week long if you need me to,” Gabe said, rubbing his crotch against Dean’s leg.

“It feels like you’re already too big to fit in the cage,” Dean said. “What should we do about that, Cas?”

“Ice would work best,” Cas said, and Dean knew Cas was kidding, though his voice never gave it away. “Would you like me to get some ice from the dispenser near the elevators?”

Gabe pouted, and it was one of the most adorable things Dean had ever seen. “I did say you could do whatever you wanted,” Gabe said with a wince, “so if you want to ice my cock, you can do it.”

“That’s a great idea, Cas,” Dean said, and nearly chuckled when Gabe’s eyes widened. “Would you fill the bucket for me?”

“Of course,” Cas said, then Dean heard him walk to the bathroom to get the bucket.

“I think I’m already losing my erection,” Gabe said with a nervous chuckle. “I bet it’ll be gone by the time he gets back with the ice and you won’t have to use it.”

Dean leaned in and kissed Gabe, getting a kick out of the way Gabe melted into him, moaning and closing his eyes. By the time Cas got back with the ice, Dean was nibbling at Gabe’s neck.

“You’re not really gonna ice my dick, are you?” Gabe asked.

Dean smiled against Gabe’s skin. “Are you backing out?”

“No!” Gabe said, shaking his head. “I said you could do whatever you wanted, and I meant it. I was just whining pathetically.”

Dean chuckled as he pulled back, then turned to Cas, who was holding the bucket and staring at Gabe’s crotch. Dean grabbed an ice cube from the bucket and wrapped his arms around Gabe’s midsection, shoving his right hand down Gabe’s pants and holding the ice cube between Gabe’s cheeks.

“Ah!” Gabe yelped, his hands coming up to hold Dean’s shoulders tight, clenching his teeth. He didn’t pull away, though it looked as if he was working at holding still.

“Good boy,” Cas rumbled.

And Dean nearly came in his pants. The sound of Cas’ voice went straight to his dick. Dean looked over at Cas, saw the dark look in his eyes, the small inkling of a grin on his face. Dean pushed the ice cube against Gabe’s hole, and Gabe let out a hiss.

“Such a good boy for Dean, aren’t you Gabriel,” Cas said.

Dean wondered if he should shove his own cock into the bucket of ice. If Cas was going to keep going with this, Dean would have to do something about it before he lost it.

“Push it in as soon as the edges are melted,” Cas breathed, his voice commanding, but obviously he was very turned on.

Dean met Gabe’s eyes, both of them surprised by Cas. Dean gave Gabe a look and mouthed ‘fucking hot.’ Gabe’s eyes widened as he nodded.

“Fuck!” Gabe growled as Dean pushed the ice cube into him. “Oh, that’s fucking cold,” he whined.

“Has that taken care of your erection?” Cas asked, one eyebrow raised.

Gabe huffed out a laugh. “Fuck, no,” he said.

Dean knew Gabe was so fucking turned on over Cas’ display of dominance that it would take quite a lot to make him lose his erection now.

It was always different with alphas, or so Dean had heard and experienced. Omegas would melt for a dominant alpha and a beta would generally be more attracted to a competent and dominant alpha. An alpha displaying dominantly would excite another alpha, if they were interested and it had nothing to do with ranking displays.

It often made sex a little more rough between alphas, and it was something that usually made Dean and Cas pick other alphas for threesome fun when they felt like letting their wild sides out to play.

Betas would sometimes get rough, but omegas never showed aggression at all. Dean didn’t pick up omegas for fun. It was easy for them to get emotionally attached, easy for them to get hurt by casual sex. Dean refused to lead an omega on like that.

Betas could get emotionally attached as well, but it was a lot less likely. And when it came to alphas, unless it came to what was growing between Dean, Cas, and Gabe, emotional attachment very rarely happened.

Cas had always been quiet in his dominance, so to have him be aggressive in some of their play was a huge turn on. Dean found it funny that Cas was so bad at dirty talk when he was trying to do it, but then when he was just being his dominant self, it was fucking hot.

Dean ran his finger over Gabe’s cold asshole as Gabe shivered against him. Dean used his other hand to undo the button and zipper on Gabe’s jeans, then Cas set the bucket on the floor and walked around behind Gabe, pulling Gabe’s jeans and underwear down to his ankles with quick and rough movements that had Gabe’s eyes widening again.

“Push your finger in,” Cas said as he looked at Dean over Gabe’s shoulder. “Push the ice cube all the way in.”

Dean did as he was told. Gabe didn’t really react. The ice cube had already become much smaller and his asshole had already been chilled. Then Cas pulled Dean’s hand away, and suddenly Gabe was grasping at Dean’s shoulders, gasping.

“Cas!” Gabe said as he panted. “Fuck, Dean, he’s pushing another one in and-oh! Make that two more-three! Cas, that’s fucking cold!” he whined, his fingers digging into Dean’s shoulders.

“Count,” Dean said, looking Gabe in the eye. “Out loud.”

Gabe let out a chuckle and his cock twitched against Dean. “Four, f-five, oh. Cas, c’mon. Six.”

“Does it hurt?” Dean asked. He figured it wasn’t the best feeling in the world, and he was sure Cas was careful about melting the sharp edges, but Dean didn’t know how Gabe felt about the ice cubes packed around his prostate.

Gabe shook his head. “No. It, seven, fuck. It’s more of an ache. Eight,” he said, then hissed. “This isn’t killing my erection, by the way, Cas,” he said with a smirk.

Cas slapped Gabe’s ass. It was a loud sound in the room, and Gabe flinched, moaning as he pushed his cock against Dean’s leg.

“Spread him, Dean,” Cas said.

Dean reached around with both hands, taking a cheek in each hand and spreading Gabe for Cas. Gabe gasped.

“Wait!” Gabe said, a panicked look on his face, then he whimpered as he squeezed his eyes shut.

Dean didn’t know why Gabe looked panicked, but he figured it out quickly enough when Cas groaned, an approving sound.

“Let it run down your legs,” Cas said.

Gabe opened his eyes, then let out a huff. “I’m really fucking happy Cas and I decided to clean ourselves out this morning so you could do whatever you wanted to us without a mess.”

Dean groaned, closing his eyes as he leaned down and licked at Gabe’s lips. “You guys did that for me?” he asked, mouthing at Gabe’s jaw, working his way over to Gabe’s ear and nibbling at the lobe.

“We sure did,” Gabe said.

“You planned ahead for this,” Dean said instead of asked.

“Yup,” Gabe said. “When we said you can do whatever you want, we meant it. We brought some toys, in case you felt like adding them, and we’ve got tons of lube.”

Dean chuckled. “And it’s not even my birthday,” he said, then let go of Gabe’s left cheek and instead reached for Gabe’s cock, stroking it.

Gabe groaned, pushing into Dean’s hand, then he yelped and jerked against Dean. Dean’s left hand was still holding Gabe’s right cheek, and he could feel that Cas was playing with Gabe’s asshole. The way Cas’ hand was moving, he assumed Cas was fingerfucking him.

Dean stroked Gabe faster, squeezing a little tighter. “Let’s get you to come so we can get the cock cage on you.”

Gabe leaned forward, resting his forehead on the left side of Dean’s chest, still holding Dean’s shoulders. “Oh, Cas,” Gabe groaned into Dean’s shirt. “Dean. Dean, yeah. Faster. Fuck, yeah.”

Dean smiled as Gabe jerked back and forth, as if he couldn’t decide whether he should push back into Cas’ fingers or fuck forward into Dean’s hand.

“Come for us, Gabe,” Dean rumbled, nuzzling the top of Gabe’s head.

“Yeah, gonna, yeah, fuck, y-yeah!” Gabe yelled as he came all over Dean’s hand and shirt, his hips jerking and his fingers digging into Dean’s shoulders.

Dean and Cas started moving Gabe before he was even done with his orgasm. They didn’t even need to throw a look at each other, they just manhandled him. Dean moved his left arm up around Gabe’s upper torso, his right around Gabe’s left leg, behind his knee. Cas grabbed Gabe’s left leg with one hand and wrapped the other around Gabe’s middle. Between the two of them, they lifted Gabe and tossed him onto the bed.

Gabe laughed as he bounced, arms and legs sprawled out, though somewhat hindered by the jeans and underwear at his ankles. Cas grabbed the cock cage as Dean started to work on Gabe’s shoes, getting them off so he could take Gabe’s jeans and underwear off. Soon Gabe was in nothing but his button down shirt.

Cas put the cock cage on, and Dean was glad Cas got it on so quickly because the way Gabe’s eyes were darkening, the cage wouldn’t fit in a few minutes. Dean leaned down and licked Gabe’s right nipple with broad swipes of his tongue.

Gabe hissed and reached for the cock cage. “You guys aren’t going to make this easy, are you?”

“You say that like you hate the cock cage,” Dean said with a grin.

Gabe chuckled. “I love it. But if I can’t keep myself somewhat under control I’m gonna have to ask you guys to take it off.”

“I have the key,” Cas said, and Dean did a double take. The way Cas said it, the look on his face said it was a threat rather than a reassurance. There was a smirk on Cas’ face.

Gabe snorted. “We’ve created a monster,” he said, shaking his head.

Dean shrugged. “I’m all for it,” he said.

“Who would you like to fuck first?” Cas asked, looking at Dean as he climbed onto the bed.

Dean stood up to get his own clothes off. “That’s a hard choice, but it’s been a lot longer since I’ve fucked Gabe. I’ll fuck him first, then you. Then I’ll fuck Gabe again while you fuck me. After that I’ll fuck you again, and maybe Gabe will be out of the cock cage by then so he can fuck me.”

Gabe chuckled. “You have awesome ideas and high hopes for our refractory times,” he said.

Dean nodded. “Yes, I do,” he said with a grin as he dropped his shirt on the floor.

He kicked his jeans and underwear to the side, then walked over to the duffel and pulled out a giant tube of lube. He saw a few toys in the duffel and smiled. He needed to remember some of those for later use.

“Ready for me, Gabe?” Dean asked as he slicked up his cock and climbed onto the bed.

“Totally,” Gabe said with a grin. “Let’s see if one of you guys can manage to get me turned on enough that I need to get outta the cock cage.”

“Challenge accepted,” Cas said, then dropped down onto his belly at a right angle to Gabe.

“Oh, fuck, I shouldn’t have said that,” Gabe said, though he was smiling.

Cas wrapped his fingers around Gabe’s cock and pointed it straight up as Dean pushed two lubed fingers into Gabe. Gabe spread his legs more to accommodate Dean, then shoved an extra pillow under his head so he could watch what the others were doing to him.

Dean timed it so that just as Cas licked Gabe’s cock, the tip of his tongue poking him between the rings of the cock cage, Dean pushed down and rubbed over Gabe’s prostate.

“Oh, you guys are fucking evil, and that’s what I love bestest about you,” Gabe babbled, writhing on the bed.

Dean chuckled, then looked down at Gabe’s cock to see a little precome oozing out. “Lick the tip, Cas,” Dean said.

“Yes, Dean,” Cas said with a bit of a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.

If the way Cas had said that, all obedient and submissive with a playful look on his face hadn’t made it hard for Dean to control his own cock, then the way Gabe moaned deep and dirty when Cas used the tip of his tongue to gather the precome would’ve done it.

Dean pushed the heel of his palm down on his own cock to keep from coming, his right hand still occupied with Gabe’s asshole.

“I think,” Gabe drawled, “that Dean liked that, Cassy.”

Cas damn near smirked as he looked up at Dean. “Dean likes it when I obey direct commands,” he said, then he leaned down and whispered something in Gabe’s left ear. Gabe’s eyes widened a little as he smirked.

Dean pulled his fingers out of Gabe. “Hey, what secrets is he sharing?” Dean asked with a scowl.

“No secrets,” Gabe said, shaking his head, but the look in his eyes gave him away.

“I’m finding it hard to believe you,” Dean said.

“It’s a surprise,” Gabe said with a wink.

Dean rolled his eyes. “How old are you two?” he asked under his breath.

“I don’t know, daddy,” Gabe said, a mischievous look on his face. “How old am I?”

Dean snorted. “Let’s not take this into disturbing territory,” he said as he lined his cock up with Gabe’s hole.

“No roleplay for you?” Gabe asked, one eyebrow raised.

Dean leaned forward, pushing his cock in slowly. “Not when it forces a mental picture of my dad into my brain.”

Gabe smirked. “I bet I could make you associate that particular roleplay scenario with me instead of John for the rest of your life,” he drawled.

Dean let out a huff as he stopped pushing into Gabe, only one third of the way in. “If you don’t knock it off, I’ll come before I even get to fuck you. As it is, your asshole is still cold enough to help me keep control.”

Gabe chuckled, then whined as Cas put his mouth around the tip of Gabe’s cock, cage and all, and sucked. Dean pushed the rest of the way in quickly, then started fucking Gabe. He alternated his speed, teasing himself and Gabe, keeping himself away from the edge of orgasm a little while longer.

“Fuck, Cas, you gotta stop,” Gabe groaned as he reached up and ran his fingers through Cas’ hair. “I’m getting too hard to stay in the cage.”

Cas pulled off, letting Gabe’s cock fall out of his mouth with a wet noise. “The cock cage has a quick release feature. Tell me if you have any sharp pains. Otherwise you’ll stay in the cage until I let you out.”

Gabe’s jaw dropped, and Dean glanced down in time to see precome ooze out of Gabe’s cock again. Dean knew Cas would be watching Gabe’s cock carefully. He knew Cas wouldn’t let it damage Gabe, but the way Cas was playing with Gabe was fun. Gabe had to know Cas wouldn’t hurt him either, yet the dark look in his eyes was screaming surprise and arousal.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean said. “Turn your head toward me, rest your right cheek on Gabe’s stomach, and suck on the end of his cock. I’m gonna fuck him hard, and I don’t wanna hit you.”

“Yes, Dean,” Cas said coyly, getting into position immediately.

Dean smiled down at him, then spread his legs a little wider, pushing Gabe’s legs wider as well. He rested his hands on each of Gabe’s thighs for leverage and did just as he said he would. He fucked harder and faster, grinning as Gabe groaned, his eyes closing in pleasure.

Gabe’s cock was getting even harder, and Dean was just about to say something to Cas when Cas reached up with his left hand and hit the quick release. Gabe groaned as his cock was allowed to fully harden. Cas continued sucking on the tip of Gabe’s cock as Dean pounded into Gabe, his balls slapping Gabe’s ass.

“Jerk yourself off, Cas,” Dean said, then groaned as Cas grabbed his own cock and started stroking fast.

Dean had always liked watching Cas jerk off. He did an interesting little twist at the end of each stroke, and even when he was moving his hand furiously fast, he still did the little twist at the end.

“You gonna come on my cock, Gabe?” Dean asked, panting.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna,” Gabe said, his eyes half open, his left hand gripping Cas’ head, his right hand fisting the sheets. “You guys feel fuckin’ amazing,” he slurred with a grin.

Dean was pretty sure Gabe would have finger-sized bruises on his thighs later, and he couldn’t wait to lick them.

“Can you come before me, Gabe?” Dean asked. “I wanna feel your hole squeezin’ my cock.”

“Fuck!” Gabe growled, his body tensing. “Oh, fuck, D-Dean! De-C-Cas!” he yelled as he came, Cas sucking it all down.

Dean’s rhythm faltered as Gabe’s asshole clenched down on him. “Gabe,” he groaned as Gabe’s hips jerked. Dean pounded into Gabe, growling as he tipped over the edge and came, fucking into Gabe so hard that he had no idea how Cas was able to keep sucking on Gabe’s cock.

“Cas! Fuck, Cas, stop!” Gabe yelped as he became too sensitive.

Dean put his left hand on Gabe’s chest, his right hand wrapping around Gabe’s cock. He squeezed and stroked it as Cas continued sucking on the tip.

“Oh, fuck!” Gabe screamed, writhing about, his hands flopping around at his sides, looking so overwhelmed he didn’t know what to do with them. “Dean! Dean, please! Oh, I, fuck! Fuck!” he whined.

Cas groaned around Gabe’s dick as he came all over his own chest, still sucking on Gabe’s cock. Gabe had stopped begging and was so overwhelmed with sensitivity that he just whimpered and squirmed on the bed.

Both Cas and Dean let go of Gabe’s cock once Cas was done, his head rolling back as he used Gabe’s stomach as a pillow. Dean let himself fall to Gabe’s right side, his legs tangled with Gabe’s right leg.

“Evil,” Gabe whimpered. “The both of you.”

Dean chuckled. “You liked it.”

Gabe snorted. “Well, yeah, I liked it, but you’re still evil for doing that to me,” he said, then whimpered. “Cas!”

Dean looked down and groaned as he saw Cas shoving his fingers into Gabe’s hole, then his cock twitched as Cas shoved come-slick fingers into his mouth.

“Oh, you did not just fucking do that,” Gabe groaned. “My dick is gonna fall off if I start to get hard again already.”

Cas giggled, and Dean thought it was one of the cutest sounds he’d ever heard. “Is that another challenge?” Cas asked.

“No!” Gabe yelled, his voice hoarse.


Dean awoke sometime later to the lights dimmed and something tickling his right foot. He pulled his foot away, moaning into the pillow. The tickling started again, so Dean looked toward the end of the bed. Gabe was grinning at him, obviously kneeling on the floor.

“Wanna play some more?” Gabe asked.

Dean huffed out a laugh. “What d’you have in mind,” he slurred, then yelped as something pinched his ass. He looked behind him to see that Cas had bit him.

“I want to lick your asshole,” Cas said.

Dean groaned, closing his eyes as his cock twitched. “That sounds awesome,” he said.

Cas climbed up onto the bed and pushed Dean onto his stomach. Dean chuckled at Cas’ enthusiasm, then he let out a long groan as Cas spread Dean’s cheeks and licked his entire crack.

“Are you busy, Gabe?” Dean asked, spreading his legs as Cas settled between them.

“I’ll do whatever you want, Dean-o,” Gabe said.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean groaned, not only because Cas was really fucking good at rimming, but also because of Gabe’s offer. “I wanna watch you jerk off. Come up here to the head of the bed and get comfortable.”

Cas grabbed Dean’s thighs and pulled him down the bed, swinging Dean’s hips to the left a little so he’d be turned toward the top right corner of the bed, in a better position to see Gabe. As soon as Dean was in place, Cas flopped down onto his stomach and started sucking on Dean’s asshole.

Dean shivered, goosebumps rising on his skin because, yeah, it felt just that good. He grinned up at Gabe, knowing he had a sex-stupid look on his face and not caring. Gabe sat on the top right corner of the bed, turned to the right just a bit so Dean could see everything he did, leaning his side and back against the headboard.

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean said, grabbing his pillow and stuffing it under his chest, then grabbing another one to rest his head on so he wouldn’t strain his neck while watching the show.

Cas reached under Dean and pulled his cock down underneath him now that it was hard so it pointed at Cas in between Dean’s legs, then licked all the way from the tip of Dean’s dick, up the underside, then over his balls and taint before licking up Dean’s crack.

“You really should’ve told me sooner you’re this good at rimming,” Dean said, his voice breathy. “And you,” he said as he looked up at Gabe. “I wanna see you rub your palm over the end of your dick.”

Gabe grinned, then held the shaft of his cock with his left hand, spreading his right hand out and rubbing over the head of his cock. Gabe groaned, letting his legs fall open even more and relaxing into his position.

“Yeah, like that,” Dean said. “Just do that for a while. Wanna see you slowly drive yourself crazy. Wanna see you-ah!” he yelped, flinching as Cas nibbled on his asshole.

Gabe chuckled. “What were you saying, Dean?” he asked, smirking.

“I forgot what I was gonna say when Cas bit me,” he said with a pout.

Cas pulled away from Dean’s asshole, then blew over his hole, making Dean shiver. “Your cock twitched just after I bit you, telling me you thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Gabe grinned. “Your dick tattled on you, Dean-o,” he sing-songed.

Dean reached out and grabbed Gabe’s balls. Gabe didn’t flinch, but his eyes did widen, which showed Gabe already had a high level of trust in Dean. Dean slowly massaged and rolled Gabe’s balls in his hand. He worked hard at not squeezing Gabe’s balls when Cas pushed his tongue into Dean’s hole.

“Stroke your dick for me,” Dean said.

“Yes, sir,” Gabe said, his right hand wrapping around his cock as his left came to rest on his thigh. He stroked slowly, his cock already hard and a little red.

“Faster,” Dean said.

Gabe did as he was told, and Dean felt a thrill of excitement run through him. Gabe and Cas had promised they’d do anything he wanted, but to have Gabe following every command immediately was awesome.

“Squeeze the precome out,” Dean said, noticing there was a little wetness at the tip of Gabe’s cock. Gabe squeezed and a glob oozed out. “I wanna taste it. Use your finger,” he said.

“Mmm, yeah,” Gabe groaned as he used his left index finger to gather the precome, then held his finger out to Dean.

Dean lifted his head off the pillow and leaned forward, wrapping his lips around Gabe’s finger, then sucking. Gabe kept stroking his cock with the same speed, but Dean could see he was so interested in what Dean was doing that his rhythm stuttered some.

Dean pulled off, licking his lips. “You taste good,” he said with a grin as he put his head back down on the pillow.

Gabe refocused his efforts on stroking himself, though his breathing was a little heavier than it was before Dean had sucked on his finger.

“Oh, Cas,” Dean gasped as Cas shoved a finger into him and found his prostate, still licking around his asshole.

“He got his finger in you?” Gabe asked, glancing back and forth between Dean’s ass and face.

“Uh-huh,” Dean said. “Go faster,” he said to Gabe, watching as Gabe did as he was told.

Cas nipped Dean’s right ass cheek. “He’s being a good boy for you, Dean,” Cas drawled.

“That he is,” Dean said, giving Gabe’s balls a little squeeze before reaching further back and running his middle finger over Gabe’s crack, the part that he could get to with Gabe sitting.

Cas pushed down harder on Dean’s prostate, massaged harder, making Dean’s hips twitch. Cas flicked the tip of his tongue over the rim of Dean’s asshole.

Dean started playing with Gabe’s balls again. He was getting close and wanted Gabe to come too. “Stroke faster,” he said.

The tone of his voice must’ve alerted both Cas and Gabe that Dean was close to coming because not only did Gabe stroke faster and start thrusting up into his hand, Cas used his free hand on Dean’s cock as he continued massaging Dean’s prostate, licking and nipping at Dean.

“You gonna come with me, Gabe?” Dean asked, groaning as Gabe nodded, already so aroused that he was panting. “Go ahead, come for me.”

“Oh, Dean,” Gabe hissed, his hand moving faster over his dick. “Dean, fuck, yeah. Look so fucking hot getting your ass eaten out.”

“He told you to come,” Cas growled.

“Fuck!” Gabe yelped as his eyes widened, looking down at Cas and coming, his hips twitching just as Dean growled out, “Fuck, yes!”

Dean’s toes curled and he fisted the pillow with his left hand, working hard at not squeezing Gabe’s balls. As Dean came, he felt Cas’ mouth over the end of his dick, sucking everything out of him.

Dean shivered and shook his way through his orgasm, panting as he practically melted into the bed. Gabe was climbing to his knees, but it took Dean a moment to realize Gabe was moving. Gabe grabbed Cas and yanked him to the right side of the bed, rolling him onto his back as Dean turned onto his left side to see what the hell was happening.

Cas had his hands up and out to his sides as if he had no clue what was going on. Then Gabe sucked Cas’ cock into his mouth, blowing him fast and dirty, moaning and holding Cas down with a hand on his stomach.

Dean groaned, getting a huge kick out of Cas’ hands clenched into fists and still in the air, his hips twitching up toward Gabe’s mouth, but not able to move much given Gabe’s hand on his stomach. It didn’t take long. Cas came with a deep growl, Gabe sucking it all down and backing off as Cas came down from his orgasm.

“Fucking hot,” Dean mumbled, then whimpered as Gabe let Cas’ cock slip from his mouth and kissed Cas, obviously sharing Cas’ come with him. “Oh, fuck. Fuck that’s, oh,” he groaned.

Cas and Gabe both turned their heads to look at Dean, their lips slick with Cas’ come. Gabe reached over and wiggled Dean’s cock with his index finger.

“You ready for another round?” Gabe asked.

Dean chuckled. “In a few minutes.”

“I’d like to try out the hot tub,” Cas said.

Gabe and Dean looked at each other, both shrugging as if saying ‘why not.’ Gabe climbed off the bed and started the water while Cas took three bottles of water from the mini-fridge, handing one to Gabe, one to Dean, and then opening the third one and downing it.

A few minutes later they were all relaxing in a tub made for two, but they made it work anyway. Dean sat at one end with Gabe sitting to his right, Cas at the other end, their legs tangled together in the middle. Cas had Dean’s right foot and Gabe’s left foot in his lap and he was using a hand to massage each foot casually.

“Well, I’ve gotta say,” Dean said as he relaxed against Gabe. “Best date ever.”

Gabe chuckled. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, sweetheart,” he said, putting his left arm around Dean. “It’s not over yet. We’ve got a few more hours here before we have to get back to making all the hard decisions.”

“It’s not as hard as I thought it would be so far,” Dean said.

“The decisions?” Cas asked.

Dean nodded. “I thought it was gonna be hard, but when I look at everything, weigh everything, and keep in mind that I want to better the community, the decisions aren’t that hard.”

Cas smiled. “Because you’re a good alpha,” he said with confidence.

Dean chuckled. “Or I’m just blindly making decisions.”

“Yeah,” Gabe said with a snort. “You’re totally doing that,” he said sarcastically.

“A good alpha,” Cas said, “doesn’t always make perfect decisions, but their first concern is the community, so good decisions always outweigh the bad.”

Dean smiled. “Thanks, Cas,” he said.

“Speaking of good decisions,” Gabe said. “I think it might be a good idea to add a higher-level warlock or sorceress to our house. A higher level than Kevin or Sam.”

Cas nodded. “The magics the tatzelwurm used were stronger than Kevin and Sam are capable of fighting.”

“We still killed it,” Dean said with a shrug.

“We did,” Cas agreed. “But there are stronger creatures out there.”

Dean nodded. “Let’s talk about this with the others. Kevin has the ability to train, and we could see if he has the potential to level up, but he’s pretty busy as it is.”

Both Cas and Gabe nodded. “There are only seven rooms,” Cas said.

Gabe shrugged. “I think there’ll be an opening or two when it comes to the rooming arrangements,” he said with a grin.

Dean’s breath caught in his chest. He knew Gabe meant the three of them might move into one room. He felt more excited than scared, but the fear was still there. He’d never been good at long-term relationships. Could he do this?

Cas smiled. “That’s also something we can discuss at a later time if there’s a need.”

“Agreed,” Dean said with a nod, a little thrill of hope running through his body. He might do this. He might spend the rest of his life with these two men. Dean snuggled into Gabe more and let out a sigh.

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