Part 11: Hook Up

Part-Specific Info
None. There is no partner betrayal. Dean, Cas, and Gabe are all involved in the sex with Ava, and the whole thing is consensual for everyone.
Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, Ava, Meg
Foursome, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Cunnilingus, D/s, Double Penetration, Casual Sex
Summary Dean and Cas go to a bar, hoping to pick up a female alpha named Ava for a night of foursome fun. Later Dean calls Meg to freak out over his love life.

Dean and Cas had just sat down on their bar stools when Cas interrupted Dean’s attempts at grabbing the bartender’s attention, poking him in the side with his finger.

“Yeah?” Dean asked, turning to Cas. Dean could see by the look on Cas’ face that he’d seen someone he liked.

They’d gone out looking for someone to play with. Gabe had stayed home to order supplies, knowing they’d come back to the house if they found someone who was looking for some fun.

“Her,” Cas said, his eyes still toward the door.

Dean turned on his bar stool. She was more cute than sexy, in Dean’s opinion. Not quite his type. But if Cas was interested, that was enough for Dean. Cas had a good sense about people. He never knew what to do with that odd sixth sense, but he was drawn to people that Dean always later found out were good people.

Cas had been the one to introduce Benny to Dean when they were kids. Cas had insisted Benny should be their friend. Dean hadn’t questioned it, having already known Cas was a good judge of character, and they’d become good friends.

Ava’s black lace button down shirt showed off her red bra and was complimented by her black biker boots and her red and black plaid miniskirt. She screamed alpha all the way from the look on her face, the way she walked, down to the bold choice in clothes.

Dean turned back to Cas with a grin. “Cute,” he said, and Cas rolled his eyes.

“She smells good,” Cas said, as if that would help Dean forget that she was cute instead of sexy.

And that’s another thing. Cas always had the best sense of smell. The woman was only a foot from the door when Cas had noticed her.

“Her name is Ava,” Cas said.

Scratch that. Maybe Cas couldn’t smell her from twenty feet away after she just walked in the door. “How do you know her?” Dean asked.

“She’s the woman I bought the industrial cleaning machine from,” Cas said.

Dean chuckled. Of course Cas would find someone while he was buying a vacuum, get a whiff of her, and find out where she liked to hang out. In anyone else it would be considered stalking, but in Cas it was just, well, Cas. If Ava asked, Dean could just tell her the truth about it being their favorite bar.

“Ava,” Dean yelled across the bar.

Ava looked up, and Dean noticed her beautiful eyes. They were so light that he almost couldn’t tell they were green. Dean snorted. Cas always had a thing for green-eyed alphas.

Then Dean’s stomach clenched. Could he have been that blind all these years? He knew full well Cas’ type was an alpha with green eyes, big lips, and a flirty and fun personality.

Dean’s cheeks flushed as the realization hit him in stages, the times they’d had threesomes and still Cas’ focus had been on Dean, the times he’d caught Cas staring at him with that intense look that never seemed to freak Dean out, the way Cas always got in his personal space yet never seemed to do that to anyone else, the way Cas would casually touch Dean all the time, and yet again never seemed to do that to anyone else. Well, beside Gabriel, but Gabriel was the same way with Cas and Dean.

Which then sent Dean’s stomach into another little spasm. Had they both been interested in him all these years? When had it started? Had they been giving him subtle hints that he missed or were they just interested and were letting him make the first move? Did they talk about him when they were alone?

They had to have done that. Gabriel had seemed confident in asking if Dean was up for a threesome relationship. He hadn’t thrown a questioning look Cas’ way, and Cas hadn’t seemed surprised. Dean felt stupid for not realizing it at the time, but he really had been focused on something else. Like Cas’ fingers in his ass.

“Castiel,” Ava said with a big smile. “Is this Dean?” she asked, pointing at Dean.

“Yes, this is Dean. Dean, this is Ava,” Cas said, formally introducing them.

“Hi,” Dean said with a charming smile, quickly shaking himself out of his contemplation of life-changing revelations.

“I didn’t know you guys came here,” she said, speaking up to be heard over the loud music. “I’ve never seen you here before.”

Dean pinched Cas’ thigh. “It’s our favorite bar, but we must’ve missed you the other times we’ve been here,” he said.

Subtle things like pinching Cas’ thigh kept Cas from freaking people out by saying something like ‘I found out you liked coming here, so I brought Dean here so we could all have sex.’ It almost always worked.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” Ava said. “I’d like to buy the first round. Beers all right with you?”

“You don’t have to buy-ow,” Cas groaned as Dean pinched his thigh harder.

“That would be great,” Dean said with a nod. He hadn’t been able to get the bartender’s attention anyway.

“Jo!” Ava yelled, ignoring the bartender Dean had been going for and was instantly able to get the attention of Jo as she came out of the store room.

“Ava!” Jo yelled back, a smile on her face. “What can I get you?”

“Three beers,” Ava yelled, holding up three fingers.

Jo eyed up Cas and Dean, a knowing grin on her face. “Yes, ma’am,” Jo said, turning around and heading for the beers.

“You’re good at getting their attention,” Dean said, grateful that Jo kept quiet about knowing them so Dean and Cas could do their thing without it turning into telling stories of them all growing up together.

Ava grinned. “It’s because I’m awesome at eating pussy,” she said, waggling her eyebrows.

Dean’s eyes widened, and he felt Cas poke him in the side again. Dean ignored him. “What a coincidence! So am I!” he said, trying not to think about the fact that she just admitted to eating out Jo. He didn’t need to pop a boner this soon.

“Hmm,” Ava said, resting a hand on Dean’s knee. “Is he good at it too or is he just going to tag along so I can watch him fuck your ass?”

A squeak left Dean’s throat, but he was really hoping Ava didn’t hear it over the music. Cas started poking him harder, so Dean pinched him again.

Jo slapped a hand down on the bar top, making Dean flinch. “Should I cancel the beer order?” she asked with a grin.

“Yup,” Ava said, then grabbed Cas’ hand and dragged him away.

Dean smiled and waved at Jo as he threw down a twenty dollar bill. “Thanks!” he said, then followed Ava and Cas out the door, Jo giving him a wave as he went. “Damn, Cas is good at picking them,” Dean said under his breath as he pulled his keys out of his pocket.

The ride to the alpha house was nearly disastrous because Dean was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road. Ava and Cas had taken the backseat, and though no clothes had been removed, they were already making out, moaning and panting with Ava on top of Cas and Cas throwing looks at Dean in the rear view mirror.

By the time Dean pulled in the driveway, his cock was throbbing. Dean ran around and opened the back door, nearly dragging Cas and Ava out.

“Bedroom’s that way,” Dean said, then nearly drooled as he watched Ava take off running for the front door.

Cas growled and took off after her. Dean almost forgot to close the car door, and by the time he got inside the house, Cas’ jacket was on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and he saw the two of them disappearing around the corner upstairs.

Dean sprinted up the stairs, leaving the jacket on the floor. The other alphas could complain about it later. He stepped into Cas’ room expecting nakedness and fun time already in progress, but instead the two of them were standing in the middle of the room, a distance of two feet separating them as they waited for him.

“Close the door,” Ava said. “I prefer some privacy when I fuck.”

Dean shivered as he kicked the door closed. The overhead light was on as well as the bedside table lamp. She looked gorgeous, her eyes dark with arousal.

“Strip, and do it quickly,” Ava said, pointing at Dean.

Dean didn’t hesitate. He got all his clothes off in record time. He was so hard that his cock slapped his stomach when his pants came down. He was practically itching to touch her, but he stood where he was, waiting.

“Good boy,” Ava drawled. “I like obedient alphas.”

Dean shivered again. Yeah, Cas was totally awesome at choosing play dates. He knew he had to introduce the idea of Gabe, but he wasn’t sure if Ava would be up for it. Cas had never been wrong in picking people to play with, ones who were up for something intense, and Dean got a fairly easygoing vibe from Ava that made him think she would be okay with it.

“Problem?” she asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Uhm, kind of,” Dean said with a nervous chuckle. Ava was obviously up for a threesome, but who knew what she would do if it became a foursome.

“Well,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest, “call him in before you need to do some serious groveling.”

Yeah, okay, so the room smelled of three male alphas, not two. Ava wasn’t stupid. Dean smiled and turned, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway.

“Gabe!” Dean yelled.

“What?” Gabe yelled back.

“C’mere!” Dean yelled.

“You c’mere!” Gabe yelled back.

“You c’mere! I’m naked and about to have fun without you if you don’t get your ass out here!” Dean yelled.

“Shit!” Gabe hissed, and Dean heard what sounded like a book fall to the floor. “Coming!” Gabe yelled as he came out of his room, already pulling his shirt off, a grin on his face.

“You up to a foursome?” Dean asked as he pointed toward Cas’ room.

Gabe pointed at Dean’s cock. “If he’s up for it, I’m up for it.”

Dean chuckled and pushed Cas’ door open again. “Gabriel, this is Ava. Ava, Gabriel,” Dean said as he reached around Gabe from behind and started undoing his jeans.

“Nice to meet you,” Gabe said.

“Mmm, you’re cute,” Ava said, walking up to him and running her hands down his sides as Dean yanked Gabe’s jeans and underwear down to his ankles.

“Yes, I’ve been told that,” he said, and Dean knew Gabe had a cocky grin on his face without even looking at him.

“Okay, so rules,” Ava said. “Give me the rundown. You’re obviously all alphas in this house, and you’re also obviously an established threesome.”

“Not totally established,” Gabe said, “but we’re headed that way.”

“Okay,” Ava said with a nod as Gabe stepped out of his jeans and underwear, kicking them off to the side.

“Cas,” Gabe said pointing at Cas, “me,” he said as he pointed to himself, “and Dean.”

“Got it,” she said, obviously not in need of any more explanation of ranks.

Gabe looked around at them. “And I think we’re all in agreement that we’re pretty much up for anything, right guys?” he asked.

“Totally,” Dean said just as Cas said, “Yes.”

“Beautiful,” Ava drawled. “Well, since I’m the guest, can I assume I get to lead the fun?”

“Mmm,” Dean groaned as Cas squeaked.

Gabe chuckled. “I’ll speak for my companions when I say yes, that would be a lovely idea.”

Ava laughed, her smile big and making the skin at the corners of her eyes crinkle. “Well someone already told me they’re very skilled at eating pussy, so I’d like you to prove it. Carus?” Ava asked, one eyebrow raised, looking for confirmation that it was Dean’s position in the house.

Dean felt his cock twitch as he nodded, not only with anticipation for what she’d told him to do, but also because of the use of the name for his place in the house instead of calling him the house hole. It was rare to find a person who looked down on a carus, but it wasn’t completely unheard of. This was going to be fun.

He got to his knees and crawled to her as Gabe and Cas started working on her clothes. Cas slowly unbuttoned her blouse while Gabe lifted her short skirt, revealing her matching red lace panties. Dean pushed his nose into the crotch of her panties, licking along the seam of her lips.

Dean looked up as Cas tossed her shirt over the chair back, then came back to mouth at her nipples through the lacy bra. Cas bit her nipple, making Ava gasp, and Dean’s cocked twitched in appreciation.

Gabriel pulled aside her panties, holding her skirt out of the way and licking at her other nipple. Dean pushed his tongue between her lips, his nose buried in her trimmed pubic hair. Dean went straight for her hole, poking his tongue inside and grinning around her skin as she moaned and her legs shook.

He licked over her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over it. Ava yelped as Gabe and Cas scooped her up, each of them holding her with an hand under her knee and the other at her back so she was in a seated position, her legs spread wide for Dean.

Dean held her panties out of the way and pushed his tongue in deeper, fucking her hole with his tongue as he cupped her ass with his right hand.

“Oh, Dean,” she moaned, writhing in their grip. “You’re gonna have to work just a little bit harder to beat my skills, sweetheart.”

“Sounds like a challenge to me, Dean-o,” Gabe said with a chuckle.

Dean licked up in a broad swipe, then flicked his tongue over her clit again, faster and pushing harder with his tongue.

“Oh!” Ava gasped, then let out a low moan.

Dean sucked on her clit, making her squirm and squeak. He rubbed his right middle finger over her asshole, not pushing in, but just teasing.

Ava huffed. “You can do better than that,” she taunted.

Dean pulled his hand back, then smacked her ass, making her flinch and squeak again. He felt a gush of her fluid ooze out, and he grinned and moaned as he moved his tongue down to lick it up.

“Mmm, almost,” she said, trying for dubious, but sounding wrecked and close to coming.

Dean opened his mouth wide, his top lip over the top of her hood and his bottom lip down further over her lower lips. He pushed his tongue against her clit and moaned, shaking his head and giving her ass another slap.

“Oh, y-yeah! Oh! Oh, t-that, fuck! Oh!” Ava growled. “Yeah! Oh, oh, oh!” she whined as she came, trying to thrust into Dean’s face, but instead only managing to jerk around in their grip.

Dean licked her clean, easing off as she came down from her orgasm. He stood up, a smug look on his face.

“Cocky little fucker,” she growled, but then smiled at him. “Put me down, guys,” she said.

Gabe and Cas did as they were told, each with a hand at her back in case she was unsteady on her feet. She wasn’t, but she did have a very satisfied smiled on her face.

“If nobody has any requests,” she said, looking around at each of them, “I’d love to ride you,” pointing at Dean, “while you fuck my ass,” pointing at Gabe, “and you,” pointing at Cas, “fuck his face,” pointing Dean.

“Oh, Ava,” Gabe drawled, “you have the best ideas.”

Dean was already getting onto the bed and sprawling out on his back. Ava chuckled when she saw he was in position and waiting.

“Anybody got lube?” she asked.

Gabe opened the bedside table drawer and pulled out a tube. “Seven alpha males in one house. We have plenty of lube everywhere.”

Ava chuckled, then turned to Cas. “You’re still dressed,” she said, waving her hand at Cas as if she could smack away the clothes. “Get them off. I wanna have some fun!”

Cas nearly faceplanted into the carpet twice in his haste, but he got himself undressed and crawled onto the bed near Dean’s head, his cock hard and leaking.

Dean whimpered with excitement as Ava did a little wiggle to get out of her panties, kicking them across the room. She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, still in her lacy bra and biker boots.

“I’m taking a vote,” Ava said. “How many votes for leaving the bra and boots on?” she asked, then grinned when all three of them raised their hands eagerly. “It’s unanimous,” she said with a shrug.

Ava crawled onto the bed, making her way between Dean’s spread legs, then leaning down and licking a stripe up the underside of Dean’s cock.

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean moaned.

She climbed over his legs, then rubbed her pussy over his stomach, catching just the tip of his cock with her lips. Dean reached up and pinched her left nipple, his left hand reaching under her to play with her clit.

Dean felt Gabe crawl onto the end of the bed, then Ava laid down over Dean, her body pressed against his so Gabe had room to prepare her asshole. Cas poked at Dean’s shoulder with his cock, so Dean reached up with his right hand and took hold of Cas’ cock, stroking it slowly enough to keep Cas from getting too excited.

Dean looked up at Cas and smiled at him as he poked out his tongue and licked the tip of Cas’ cock. Cas gasped, his eyes widening as he gazed down at Dean.

Ava moaned, her body wriggling around on Dean’s, and Dean assumed Gabe was playing with her ass. She gasped, her back arching as she pushed back at Gabe.

“Mmm, that’s enough,” Ava said.

“You sure?” Gabe asked.

“I’m sure. I like to feel the stretch,” she said as she sat up again. She lifted herself off Dean’s stomach, grabbed his cock, then lowered herself down, taking his cock as she moaned.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean hissed, forcing his hips to stay still and let Ava take him at her own pace.

“Hop on, Gabe,” Ava said over her shoulder.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabe said.

Ava groaned, her head falling back and her eyes closing, and as soon as Dean felt Gabe’s cock pushing against his through Ava’s body, he let out a groan of his own. They both gave her time to adjust.

“Okay, I’m good,” she said as she opened her eyes again and rested her palms on Dean’s chest. She lifted off him, then slammed back down.

“Fuck! Oh, fucking shit, f-yeah!” Dean growled, reaching up and cupping her right breast with his left hand, his right hand still occupied with Cas’ cock, which had given a hard twitch as Dean reacted to Ava.

Dean turned his head and sucked Cas’ cock into his mouth just as Gabriel started fucking Ava’s ass. He swirled his tongue over the tip of Cas’ cock, then sucked hard on it. Cas’ hips jerked and he groaned, his left hand coming to rest on Dean’s head, his fingernails gently scratching at Dean’s scalp.

He heard Cas trying to control his own breathing and knew that Cas was already so turned on he might come at any second, so Dean tugged on Cas’ balls, making Cas hiss and glare at him, but Dean knew it had given Cas a little more control.

Ava set up a fast rhythm as she rode Dean. Gabe quickly compensated for her speed, though a couple of thrusts made him falter when he was out of sync with Ava.

Dean pulled the right cup of Ava’s bra down, letting her breast fall out so he could watch it bounce freely as she rode him. He tweaked her nipple, and she grinned down at him.

Gabe reached around with his right hand and started to play with Ava’s clit, making her rhythm stutter for a moment, but then she picked right back up again.

“Cas told me you guys liked to play,” Ava said. “And I knew just by looking at the two of you that it would be fun, but Gabe has been a very pleasant surprise.”

“Thank you, darlin’,” Gabe said, fucking her a little faster.

Dean groaned, the feeling of Gabe’s cock sliding in and out of Ava’s ass, so close to Dean’s cock, got even more intense, and Dean figured Gabe must’ve changed his position a little.

Gabe reached around Ava with his left hand, pulling her other breast out of the bra and squeezing. Dean sucked harder on Cas’ cock, moaning around it.

“Fuck, guys,” Ava said, sounding almost disappointed. “I’m gonna come soon. You guys are too fucking hot for me to last.”

Dean grimaced. If Ava came on his cock, he didn’t know if he could keep from coming himself. “Ah!” he yelped, coming off Cas’ cock, a spit string running from his lower lip to Cas’ cock because he’d pulled away so quickly. He glared up at Gabe, who was peeking over Ava’s shoulder after having grabbed Dean’s balls and squeezed.

“There,” Gabe said with a grin, “I helped.”

Dean snorted. “Fuck you,” he said, though it had helped back him away from the edge of coming.

“You’re welcome,” Gabe said happily.

“Oh, yeah, gonna come,” Ava said, fucking down onto Dean harder and faster, digging her nails into Dean’s chest.

Ava whined, then growled as she came, her body no longer hopping on his dick, but instead nearly rolling like a wave. It was one of the hottest things Dean had ever seen, and only Gabe’s not-so-gentle tug on Dean’s balls saved him, yet again, from coming as her pussy clenched his cock.

“Oh, that was nice,” she groaned, rubbing her hands over Dean’s chest, tweaking his nipples. “Now I wanna see you fuck his face,” she said to Cas.

Cas looked confused for a moment as he pushed his cock into Dean’s mouth and thrust a couple of times.

“No, no,” Ava said. “Straddle his head and fuck his face with your cute little ass pointed at me,” she said, waving him over.

Cas’ cock twitched, and Dean grinned at Cas’ enthusiasm as he sprang into action, swinging his right leg over Dean and arranging himself so that Dean’s shoulders were between his legs, then he pushed his cock into Dean’s mouth and grabbed the headboard with both hands, fucking down into Dean’s mouth.

Dean let it happen, opening wide and relaxing so he could time his breathing and not choke. He heard Ava and Gabe groan, and almost wished he could see their faces. Ava started riding him again and he felt Gabe start fucking Ava’s ass again.

Dean couldn’t see much of anything except Cas’ crotch, but everything felt amazing. Ava was riding him hard again, and he wasn’t sure, but the way her body and Cas’ body were moving, he thought she probably had put her hands on him to steady herself.

Cas groaned and his hips stuttered. “Yeah, Ava! Oh! Dean, she’s playing with my hole!” he gasped.

Dean nearly choked on Cas’ cock. He worked at calming himself down, but damn, that was fucking hot. Cas sounded wrecked, turned on to the point where his words were slurred.

“Oh!” Cas nearly screamed. “She’s, fuck, oh, mmm, she’s, ah! She’s got two f-fingers in me, Dean! Mmm-yeah! Oh, she’s f-oh! She’s playing with my prostate! Dean, fuck! Oh, Dean!” he yelled.

Dean was getting a huge kick out of Cas falling apart with arousal. He sounded desperate, so fucking turned on that his voice was cracking. Even though Cas was obviously enjoying himself, he wasn’t forgetting about Dean’s need to breathe. He wasn’t being rough with Dean. His body movements were controlled, and Dean didn’t know if Cas was just that good at controlling himself or if he cared about Dean so much that he was careful even when his brain was getting wasted on sex.

“Dean!” Cas groaned. “Oh, it feels, o-oh! Your mouth! Her f-fingers! Wish they were y-your fi-oh! Dean, I’m gonna, D-oh! Dean!” he said as he came down Dean’s throat, growling and panting.

Dean managed to swallow it all without choking, and Cas was careful to keep pulling back so Dean could breathe. When he finally pulled out, Cas’ legs and hands were shaking, and it looked as if he had to concentrate to climb off Dean.

“You ready, Ava?” Gabe asked, his thrusts picking up in speed.

“Go for it, stud,” Ava said.

“Mmm, yeah!” Gabe growled, fucking her hard.

Dean couldn’t take it anymore. He tried to hold on, but he was too close, and with a whimper that turned into a growl, he came inside Ava, his hips jerking and his hands scrabbling over Ava’s legs. He heard Gabe growling, but he was too far gone to pay attention to it.

Suddenly Ava was lying down on him again, and just as Dean was about to ask what was going on, he felt a tongue licking at his cock and Ava’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck! Gabe!” Dean nearly wailed.

“Mmm, yeah,” Ava moaned, licking at Dean’s neck and jaw, then nibbling at his neck. “Oh, yeah, Gabe, c’mon. Make me come.”

Cas let out a little growl as he leaned down and kissed Dean, sucking on his bottom lip before sitting back to watch again, his little possessive display over with.

Ava wriggled a little and Dean’s cock fell out of her. Gabe took advantage of the situation and went for her clit. Dean could feel Gabe’s chin rubbing on his cock as Gabe ate Ava out. Ava’s hips twitched and she pushed back against Gabe’s face.

She panted into Dean’s neck, the look on her face almost one of pain as she let out a loud groan and came again, her body shaking and Gabe groaning as licked her through her orgasm.

“Oh, stop!” Ava yelped, and Gabe immediately pulled back. “Oh, fuck. Thank you. That one was it for me. Too sensitive to keep playing now,” she said, panting in between sentences.

Dean chuckled. “What, three orgasms is your limit?” he asked sarcastically.

“Mmm, yeah. This time it is,” she said, sounding very satisfied.

“One did me in,” Cas said, and Dean looked over to see that Cas was nearly asleep, his head on the pillow next to Dean.

Ava groaned as she sat up. “Anybody mind if I take the first shower?” she asked.

Cas grunted an ‘uh-uh’ just as Dean said, “It’s all yours. Take as long as you like, we’ve got tons of hot water.”

“Thanks, guys,” she chirped, already sounding awake and energized as she hopped off the bed. She went into the en suite and turned the shower on.

“There’s something wrong with women,” Cas grumbled. “It’s not right that they can be so energetic after orgasms.”

“Three,” Gabe said. “Three orgasms,” he grumbled as he fell forward, crashing on Dean’s left side.

Dean snorted. “One of us is going to have to take her home.”

Gabe groaned. “I vote not me,” he said.

Cas started snoring.

“Please,” Dean whined at Gabe. “I’m so comfortable and warm and the bed feels so g-oomph,” he said, Gabe wrapping his hand around Dean’s mouth.

“I’ll go,” Gabe said with a smile, his head coming off the pillow. He leaned down and kissed Dean’s temple. “You guys sleep.”

“Buy her dinner,” Cas mumbled into the pillow. “And some flowers.”

Dean chuckled as Gabe dragged himself out of bed and pulled his clothes on. He was probably all sticky and sweaty.

“No shower?” Dean asked.

“Eh,” Gabe said with a shrug. “She’s part of the reason I’m sticky and disgusting, so she can damn well put up with me on the ride home.”

Dean huffed out a laugh, then smiled up at Gabe as Gabe tossed a blanket over the two of them. He was asleep before Gabe and Ava left.


“Hey, sweet cheeks!” Meg answered.

Dean grinned as he switched his cell phone from his right to his left ear so he could get more comfortable sprawled out on the backseat of the Impala. “Hey,” he said.

“How’s my baby boy?” she asked.

He felt kind of bad calling her because he was upset and needed to talk. They used to talk all the time when he lived at home, and he hadn’t called her once since he’d been at the Palo Alto Alpha House. They’d talked when she took him to the lake, but he hadn’t called her just to say hi and ask how she was doing.

“I’m okay,” Dean said, his eyes burning now that he had her on the phone.

“Bullshit,” she said.

Dean chuckled. “I can’t just call you to say hi?” he asked.

“You can call me anytime you want,” she said, “but if you had called to ask me about my day, you wouldn’t sound like somebody kicked your car window out.”

Dean snorted. “I don’t sound that bad, do I?”

“Well, okay, no, but something’s up. Talk to me, kid,” she said.

“I think I’m falling in love,” he said quietly, his stomach clenching as the words finally came out of his mouth.

“Oh, sweetie,” Meg said, sounding so proud that Dean’s vision blurred with tears that he blinked away. “Who is it? It’s Cas, right?” she asked, and Dean knew she was probably literally sitting on the edge of her seat with excitement.

Dean huffed. “How do you know me so well! How does everyone else know before me that I like Cas? What the fuck?”

Meg laughed. “Because you tend to be blind to the way others feel about you, so I’m gonna tell you how this went, and I wanna see if I got it right. C’mon. Play with me!” she whined.

Dean chuckled. “All right, go for it. I doubt you’ll get this one.”

“Yay! I love these games!” she squealed. “Okay, so I’m thinking you and Gabe have been having some fun times, and during these fun times he invited Cas, because if anyone is more clueless than you, it’s Cas. So he invites Cas to join while at the same time finding a really Gabe-like way of knocking some sense into the two of you while sneaking in there that he also likes you guys and you guys like him, because you and Cas need to be told these things since you’ll never get it on your own,” she blurted, her voice getting higher with each sentence from her excitement.

Dean’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit, I’m glad I didn’t bet money against you on that one,” he breathed. “Are you sure you’re not psychic? Some of the things you do kinda make me think you might have powers.”

“Well, I am amazing,” Meg said with a giggle. “But that’s not how I guessed.”

“Did Gabe talk to you?” he asked.

“No,” Meg replied. “I’ve watched all of you grow up, including Gabe. I’ve watched him pine after the two of you for years and I’ve also watched you two clueless idiots never see what was right in front of you, with each other or with Gabe.”

“Oh,” Dean said, his chest aching with something he couldn’t place.

It felt like regret, but not quite, and he wondered if maybe it was remorse over lost time. Or maybe it was that he’d known Gabe for years and had been hurting him for a good chunk of those years.

“Stop moping,” Meg said. “I can hear you moping through the phone, and you need to cut that shit out right now.”

Dean let out a bitter chuckle. “He must think I’m an asshole.”

“Don’t make me use my paddle on you,” she warned.

“But I hurt him,” Dean said, his throat burning along with his eyes.

“If you would’ve known, if he would’ve ever come right out and said it, would you have ignored him?” she asked.

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Because you care about him, you always have, and so has Cas,” she said.

“Yeah,” he agreed.

“Well, just because he had to wait a while doesn’t mean that you two are assholes,” she said. “Now you all know, so instead of sitting around moping and feeling like shit, start your life together, grab a hold of those two guys and never let go.”

Dean huffed out a laugh. “You sound confident about this.”

“If I was sitting next to you, I would’ve punched your arm right now, so consider yourself lucky,” she grumbled. “Yes, I’m confident about this. You guys have always gotten along well, even in shitty and fucked up situations. When you guys fought, no matter how bad it got, you never ditched each other.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” he said with a smile.

“Damn right I’m right,” she said. “I’ve seen the way all of you treat each other, the way you all look at each other. And after all these years, it’s not simple infatuation or a crush. You were clueless about it, but you can’t tell me you never felt anything for those men.”

Dean snorted. “You’d use your paddle on me for sure if I said I didn’t feel anything for them?”

“Hell yes!” she blurted into the phone. Her voice softened as she said, “I know you boys. If you guys don’t give this a trial run, you’re all going to regret it. And even if things don’t work out, which I think they will, you’re not going to lose them as friends. None of you guys would do that to each other.”

“So you’re saying you think I should do this, huh?” he asked, partly teasing but mostly serious.

“Yeah, I am, sweetie,” Meg said.

Dean let the silence stretch for a few moments. “I’m gonna hurt them,” he whispered.

“Probably. You’re all gonna do things at one time or another. That’s life and that’s love,” she said, and Dean knew she was shrugging even though he couldn’t see her. “But I think these guys are gonna be good for you, and you’re gonna be good for them. There’s something in each of you that compliments the other two.”

“I’m kinda scared,” he said softly. “I fuck up relationships.”

“Oh, baby, Cassie was never gonna work,” she said, the protective and caring tone of an alpha coming through in her voice. “Neither was Lisa. I know you loved Lisa, and I know you hadn’t had a chance to do more than start to fall in love with Cassie, but anyone who knew you guys could see it would never work out. You guys all wanted different things out of life, and that’s okay. The blame doesn’t lie with any one of you in particular.”

“So if you’re saying it wasn’t me that fucked everything up, then what if Cas and Gabe want different things out of life than me and it all goes to hell?” he asked.

“Do you think you guys want different things out of life?” she asked, and Dean knew she was doing that thing again where she drew him out. She was awesome at it. “Do either of them want significantly different things that would totally fuck up a relationship like one of them moving to Baltimore to become a nurse at one of the best hospitals in the United States?”

Dean chuckled. “No.”

“Seems to me you three just became alphas of the Palo Alta Alpha House,” she said. “You know that silly little goal the three of you have had since you were kids?”

“You really suck when you point out the obvious,” Dean said playfully.

“That’s why you love me, pookie!” she said.

Dean laughed at the pet name. He hadn’t heard that particular one in a while. “Oh, fuck,” he said, his chest suddenly feeling tight. “I think I’m actually gonna do this.”

“Yay! That’s my boy!” Meg squealed through the phone. “You can do this. Try not to freak out. And start breathing again, ’cause I’m not there to smack your back.”

Dean took in a deep breath, the oxygen to his brain making the black blobs disappear from his vision. Then he giggled. It was manic and high-pitched, and he felt like an idiot for letting it out, but he couldn’t help it.

“Do I have to call Benny or Sam to keep you from freaking out until I get over there or are you gonna live?” she asked.

Dean worked at breathing. “No, no,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m okay. I’ll be okay. It’s just big, ya know?”

“I know, sweetie,” she said. “But I want you to be happy. I want Cas and Gabe to be happy. And I think the three of you can do this.”

“Okay, yeah. We can do this,” Dean said with a nod. “And my invitation to call you any time day or night is still open for when I fuck things up and need help, right?”

Meg chuckled. “You can call me any time you want to. But I think you should have a slightly more positive outlook on the fucking-things-up idea.”

Dean snorted. “Yes, ma’am. Okay. Can I call you any time I feel like asking for advice from someone who has always been able to call me on my shit?” he asked.

“That’s much better!” she cooed. “Yes. Call any time.”

“Thanks, Meggie,” Dean said, putting as much affection into his words as he could.

“Love you, sweetie,” Meg said.

“Love you too,” he said with a smile. “So is anything going on with you, now that I’ve unloaded on you with my little freakout?’ he asked.

“Not a whole lot has been going-oh!” she said, nearly screaming in Dean’s ear. “I met somebody! I’m dating somebody!”

“Awesome!” Dean said. “Who is it? Do I know them?”

“Do you remember the chick that handles the security detail for the alpha prime house? Jody?” Meg asked, sounding thrilled.

“Jody Mills? Wait, she was the security consultant?” Dean asked. “The beta chick?”

“Yup! That’s her!” Meg cooed.

Dean snorted. “I had a hard time getting a read on her. She’s a beta, and she was a little quiet, but I think she nearly took me over her knee when I climbed out of my window that one night to avoid Mom giving me that look she gives me when she knows I’m gonna go out and hustle pool.”

Meg laughed. “Yeah, Jody nearly did take you over her knee. You caused quite a scene, and I think the only reason she didn’t spank your ass was because your mom was too busy doing it for her.”

Dean blushed. “Ah, yeah. Mom’s got skills.”

Meg giggled harder. “The best part is that you were old enough that if you would’ve just walked out the front door, Mary might’ve given you that stink-eye she uses when you hustle pool, but you wouldn’t have gotten in trouble.”

Dean snorted. “Yeah, but after she pulled my jeans and underwear down right there in the living room and threw me over her lap, I decided to never sneak out the window again.”

“Yeah, you’re stubborn, but you aren’t stupid,” Meg said.

“So tell me about her!” Dean said. “I want details.”

“Oh, Dean, I think I’m falling for her already, and we’ve only been dating for a few weeks,” she said.

“Why didn’t I know this! I only moved out of the house a few days ago,” Dean whined.

“You were too busy getting things ready. Don’t get all upset, you big baby,” Meg teased.

“Okay, but yeah, more details. Lots of details,” Dean drawled, making the request dirty.

Meg snorted. “She’s fucking hot. She doesn’t seem like it when she’s doing her whole security consulting thing, but she’s totally wild in bed,” she said with a growl.

“Mmm, awesome,” Dean groaned.

“Yeah, the sucky part is that now when I see her in her little pants suit giving orders to the guards and being all bossy, I get wet,” Meg said.

Dean laughed. “Poor you,” he said with no sympathy.

Meg sighed. “I think she’s gonna be good for me, Dean,” she said softly.

Dean smiled. “She has the ability to put you in your place without overlooking the fact that you’re an alpha,” Dean said instead of asked.

“Exactly,” Meg said.

“I’m happy for you, Meggie,” Dean said, wishing he could give her a hug.

“Thank you, baby. And I’m so thrilled for you!” she said. “I gotta come and kidnap you again so we can go out to dinner. Maybe we’ll go to a bar and hustle the pants off of some poor saps.”

“Sounds like a great night to me,” Dean said.

“All right, well, I gotta take care of some shit that’s sitting on my desk. Something long and boring and important, so I’ll talk at you some other time. Love you, baby!” she said.

“Love you, Meg,” Dean said, then hit end on his phone.

He felt better. He always did after talking to Meg. And he was excited to see how Meg and Jody were as a couple. The two of them being a couple never even crossed his mind, but now that he thought about it, he could see the working together.

And now he had to work on his own relationships. He was so scared he was going to fuck this up. He loved them, cared about them enough to be genuinely scared he was going to hurt them. Meg had said that was life, and he wasn’t stupid enough to think they would never hurt him, but after talking to Meg he was optimistic.

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