Part 15: Following Orders

Part-Specific Info
Discussion of intimate details between the guys and the alpha primes, not only about what’s been going on in the house, but about their own interactions in their Alpha Prime House. There’s an intense scene involving magics.
Explicit: Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, Nick/Kevin, Sam/Benny – Non-Explicit: John/Mary, Bobby/Ellen, Missouri/Anna, Pamela/Victor, Meg/Jody, Sarah/Charlie
Benny, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Nick, Kevin, Dean, Sarah, Charlie,
Slash, Blowjob, Handjob, Threesome, Voyeurism, Bed-Sharing, Magics, Psychic Injury, Manipulation, Mindfuck, D/s
Summary Part three of three covering the primes visit. The guys are introduced to their new housemates, Sarah and Charlie. Later Dean, Cas, and Gabe have some alone time.

Dean woke up with his face in Gabriel’s armpit, the smell of his future mate surrounding him. He moved his head back, watching Gabe sleep for a few minutes. The house was quiet, and Dean assumed that other than Bobby most likely making coffee in the kitchen, everyone was either still asleep or tiptoeing around so they didn’t wake anyone else.

He lifted his head, looking over at Nick. Dean smiled, getting a kick out of seeing the man look so angelic in his sleep. He almost always looked sly, like he was plotting something evil, but when he was sleeping his face relaxed, his features softened.

Dean looked over at the sofa bed and nearly chuckled out loud. Benny had wrapped both arms and legs around Sam sometime in the night. Sam usually would wriggle out of an embrace because he moved a lot while he slept, but Benny either had a good hold on him or Sam hadn’t moved much.

Sam had seen Dean crawl into bed with Cas and Gabe the night before, a look on his face that said he was thrilled for them. Dean had nearly teased Sam about the mushy look on his face, but he couldn’t bring himself to wipe the adorable look off his brother’s face.

Dean pulled the blanket over his head and scooted down until his face was close to Gabe’s crotch. He’d never tried this when Gabe was sleeping, but Gabe slept harder than Sam or Cas, so he figured he could get away with quite a lot before Gabe woke up. Gabe was on his right side, almost lying on his back, so Dean knew he’d have a lot of room to play.

He gently cupped Gabe’s cock through his sleep pants to ease him into being stimulated, just in case he was a lighter sleeper than Dean thought. He pushed his nose into Gabe’s crotch, reminding himself he was scenting his mate just because the thought thrilled him.

Dean pulled the elastic waist away from Gabe’s stomach and reached in, pulling the pants down enough to get Gabe’s cock out. He licked the tip, a soft touch, and Gabe didn’t move, so he wrapped his lips around the head and sucked a little as he started to slowly stroke the shaft with his right hand.

Gabe moved in his sleep, his legs stretching out some as he sighed, his cock starting to harden. Dean sucked harder, bobbing his head a little as Gabe’s cock became hard enough that he could let go and play with Gabe’s balls instead.

Dean heard a gasp from behind him, and the bed shifted, letting him know Cas was awake and had figured out what was going on. Dean grinned around Gabe’s cock as he heard Cas pulling his own sleep pants down, hastily jerking himself off.

Gabe moaned, his breath catching at the end of the moan. Dean was pretty sure Gabe was awake now, so he sucked harder, bobbed faster, closing his eyes and enjoying the sound of his mates having a great time because of him.

“Dean,” Gabe whispered, a strained quality to his voice that made Dean’s cock twitch. “Fuck, oh,” he said as his hips gave an aborted thrust.

“You gonna come in his mouth, Gabe?” Cas whispered, his speech slurred with arousal and the leftover fatigue of sleep.

Dean nearly came in his sleep pants. Cas was either a very quick study with the dirty talk or he hadn’t had a chance to fully wake up and put on his serious business face. Dean hoped it was the latter, because while it would be awesome to have Cas picking up dirty talk this quickly, it would be even more thrilling to think that he’d be able to see more of this unguarded Cas in the future if he caught him half asleep.

“Cas, oh, fuck, k-kiss me,” Gabe whispered, and Dean felt Cas moving immediately.

The sound of his mates kissing above him had him rutting into Gabe’s leg as he sucked on Gabe’s cock. Dean’s neck was getting sore, but he didn’t give a shit. This was too fucking hot to complain about his neck.

Dean heard a muffled growl from up above as Gabe came in his mouth, and Dean sucked him through it, letting Gabe thrust against his face as he nearly mewled into Cas’ mouth. As Dean was licking Gabe’s cock clean, he heard Cas breathing loudly through his nose, telling Dean the two of them were still kissing.

Cas grunted, and Dean felt something hit the back of his head. It was such a surprise to have Cas come in his hair that it triggered Dean’s orgasm as he fucked the crease between Gabe’s calves. Dean growled into Gabe’s crotch, mouthing at his cock and making Gabe flinch with the stimulation to his sensitized cock.

Dean panted for a while, coming down from his orgasm, then chuckled. “Dude,” he whispered, “you came in my hair.”

Gabe groaned and Cas growled, an aroused sound. Dean felt Cas’ hands wrap around him, and he was yanked up, out of the covers to look Gabe in the face as Cas wrapped a leg around him and pushed his cock into Dean’s back.

“I marked you,” Cas whispered, then bit Dean’s right shoulder. “You’re ours now.”

“Possessive,” Gabe said with a grin.

Dean chuckled. “I was yours already,” he said, reaching down and running his hand over Cas’ right leg.

“Oh,” Kevin moaned from the other bed, “my head’s all stuffed up and my ass is sore.”

“Aww,” Nick said, and Dean heard Nick moving around on the bed, probably wrapping himself around Kevin. Dean had learned Nick liked to snuggle in the mornings. “My poor little cucciolo,” Nick said, the sound muffled as if he’d said it against Kevin’s skin.

“Cucciolo?” Kevin said, as if he was sounding it out, trying to think of what it meant.

Kevin knew a few languages, but Dean knew Nick was fluent in Italian, something he rarely shared with anyone, and Italian wasn’t one of the languages Kevin knew.

Gabe leaned against Dean, whispering in his ear, “It means puppy.”

Dean smiled. It didn’t appear that Nick was saying it in a derogatory way, but rather it was like a term of endearment.

“Maybe I should kiss your ass. Would that make it all better?” Nick asked, and though there was a teasing quality to the tone, Dean was amazed that there was also an intimacy in it.

“I don’t know,” Kevin said, sounding suspicious. “I think I wanna know what cucciolo means before I, oh!” he moaned.

“What were you saying?” Nick asked, and Dean could practically hear him smiling.

Kevin gasped, and Dean could hear the rustling of clothes, so he assumed Nick was doing something fun with Kevin.

“Were you paying attention?” Nick asked.

“Huh?” Kevin asked.

“While the guys were having fun on the other bed. Were you paying attention like you’re supposed to?” Nick asked.

Dean sat up, ready for a show. Gabe sat up next to him and Cas rolled over to watch. Kevin was on his back, and it was obvious Nick was jerking him off under the blanket.

“Y-yes, I paid attention,” Kevin said, his voice already strained.

“Good,” Nick drawled, leaning down and kissing Kevin’s neck. “Did you learn anything?”

Kevin’s eyes fluttered closed, then they suddenly opened again as Kevin let out a yelp. “Yes! Yes, I, wait, what did you ask?”

Nick chuckled, obviously having done something to Kevin to get his attention. “What did you learn while watching the three of them?” he asked patiently.

“Pop quizzes are just mean while you’re playing with my dick,” Kevin moaned.

“I’ll stop,” Nick said, and he pulled his hand away.

“No!” Kevin whined. “I, no, wait! I’ll think of something!”

Nick leaned down again and sucked on Kevin’s right earlobe, his hand moving beneath the blanket again.

Dean looked over at the sofa bed and grinned. Benny and Sam were sitting up in bed, each with a hand on the other’s cock, stroking as they watched Nick and Kevin. Gabe leaned in and mouthed at Dean’s neck.

“Uhm, okay, something I learned,” Kevin said, a frown on his face as he tried to think. “Oh, I learned that Dean doesn’t mind jizz in his hair,” he said with a chuckle.

Nick snorted. “I suppose that is an observation, but I think you can tell me something more about Dean and why he doesn’t mind the jizz in his hair. Work for it and I’ll let you come.”

Kevin growled, his hands balled into fists at either side of him. Then he gasped, his hips thrusting up as Nick stroked him faster.

“You’d better hurry,” Nick warned. “It sounds like you’re close to coming already, and you’d probably be pretty frustrated if I stopped you.”

“Okay, yeah, no, don’t do that,” Kevin said, shaking his head. “I’ll get it. Just gimme a, oh! Okay, I got it! Dean didn’t mind the jizz in his hair because his mate was turned on by it. Cas was turned on by marking him while all of us watched even though Dean was under the blanket and didn’t see just how much Cas liked it.”

Dean blushed, looking down at Cas, who grinned up at him, completely unashamed. Dean shook his head, smiling.

“Good boy,” Nick drawled. “You can come anytime you want to.”

“Oh, yeah,” Kevin gasped, his hips thrusting up even harder, his eyes squeezed shut.

“Fuck,” Sam whispered, trying to keep quiet as he came all over his shirt and Benny’s right hand.

Benny kept going, just the way Sam liked, until Sam whimpered, having nothing left to give, and then Benny gave him a good squeeze and shake, slapping Sam’s dick down onto his own belly. Dean was surprised Benny knew just what Sam liked, but Dean knew he wasn’t the only one having sex in private with other alphas in the house.

Kevin whined, writhing on the bed. “Oh, Nick, yeah!” he growled.

“Cucciolo mio,” Nick said softly, nuzzling at Kevin’s neck as Kevin mewled and pulled at Nick’s shoulders, his fingers digging into Nick’s skin.

Kevin kissed Nick as Nick’s hand slowed on his cock, and when they pulled apart, Dean was impressed by the look they shared between them. If anyone had asked him, he’d call it affection. Whatever had happened the night before, Nick and Kevin had grown a lot closer, and Dean was happy to see it.

Dean knew Nick had been hurt by what Kevin had done, especially because Kevin had manipulated Nick into doing things Dean hadn’t wanted. Nick wasn’t holding a grudge, and it was great to see that Kevin seemed to be trusting Nick.

Benny grunted, and Dean looked up to see Benny rutting against Sam while Sam was jerking him off, hand moving faster on Benny’s cock. Benny wrapped his arms around Sam’s shoulders, biting down on his neck as he came, hips twitching.

“If you boys are done,” Bobby said from the archway into the kitchen, making Kevin squeak, “get yourselves cleaned up. Then the two of you can help me with making breakfast,” he said, pointing at Kevin and Nick.

“Yes, sir,” Kevin said and Nick nodded.

“Kevin ain’t gonna be preppin’ you this morning,” Bobby said, looking at Dean, “so go ahead and skip it for the day until we have another talk later.”

Dean was surprised, and he looked over at Kevin, but Kevin seemed to know it was coming. He gave Dean a sad smile, but he didn’t look devastated.

“Okay,” Dean said with a nod.

“All right, go on, git,” Bobby said, shooing them all and turning back toward the kitchen.

Dean chuckled as he threw the blanket off the three of them.


As much as Dean hated to admit it, even to himself, he kind of wanted to try being prepared the right way. He wondered how it would’ve been had he treated Kevin nicely over the whole thing.

Dean felt a twinge of guilt over it. The way the primes and Kevin had spoken of it, the whole thing sounded like such an intimate and caring act, and Dean had trampled all over it. He decided as he was dressing for the day that he wouldn’t do that to Kevin again.

After a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, and toast, everyone worked together to get the house cleaned up. The primes would be leaving later that night, so they didn’t need to worry about keeping the mattresses in the living room.

Just as Dean was closing the door to the storage closet, he heard the doorbell ring. He went downstairs to see Mary and Benny inviting two women into the house.

Gabe and Cas came down the stairs behind him, Nick and Kevin came out of the kitchen, but none of the other primes were coming into the living room.

“Sarah, Charlie, it’s great to see you!” Mary said, giving them each a hug. Both women smiled as Mary squeezed them in a tight embrace.

“It’s great to see you too, Mary,” Sarah said with a warm smile.

Charlie looked around at the rest of them. “The gang’s all here? Hey, guys!” she said with a bright smile and a little wave.

“This is Benny,” Mary said, gesturing toward Benny, who was standing closest to Sarah.

“Hello, ma’am,” Benny said, bowing his head politely.

“And then we have Sam, Cas, Gabe, Nick, Kevin, and Dean,” Mary said as she gestured toward each of them, introducing them in order of rank, as per tradition.

“I’m Sarah Blake,” she said, then turned to Charlie, “and this is my mate, Charlie Blake.”

“Hi!” Charlie said with another wave, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Dean chuckled. Charlie’s enthusiasm was adorable along with her personality, the little that he’d seen so far. He turned to Sam, tilting his head subtly at Sarah and getting a kick out of the blush tinting Sam’s cheeks. Dean knew his brother’s taste in women, and Sarah was totally his type.

“Okay,” Mary said, still commanding the room, despite there being eight other alphas around her. “I’m going to give you some privacy to work things out. When you’re done I’d like one of you to let me know. We have a lot to discuss.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said, then watched as his mom went upstairs. He wondered if any of the primes would be listening in or watching.

“All right, I’ll cut right to the chase,” Sarah said with confidence. “I want third rank, so if anyone has a problem with that, I’d like to know so we can work it out.”

Dean liked her already. Sam was practically drooling. Kevin’s face was a little red, and his hands were clenched into fists, so Dean figured Kevin was going to put up a bit of a fight.

“I think we’re all –,” Benny started, but was cut off by Kevin.

“No,” Kevin said with a growl. He stepped up to Sarah, posturing with his chest puffed out and his stance wide. “You’re new to the house. You need to work your way up.”

“Kevin,” Nick said in warning, but Kevin ignored him. It wasn’t really Nick’s place to stop Kevin from challenging Sarah, so it really was just a warning, not a command to stop.

“Kevin Tran, from the Vancouver Alpha Prime House,” Sarah said, as if to confirm her knowledge and also to let Kevin see she knew who he was.

“Yes,” Kevin said with a nod.

“The Vancouver House is run that way, but in the US it’s less formal,” she said, and Dean was impressed that Sarah could sound authoritative yet not condescending.

She was a thing of beauty, and not just because she was easy on the eyes. She was posturing without overdoing it, confident of her ability to do what she wanted, and not flinching in the face of a posturing alpha who had already been established in the house.

“If you want to challenge me, feel free to do so,” Sarah said with a nod, “otherwise I don’t need to climb the ladder.”

“Then yes, I’m challenging you,” Kevin said, putting his hands on his hips. “We’ve already established ranks here.”

Sarah nodded, then walked into the middle of the living room. There was no way for her to know it, but it was where the dominance battle had been waged the first day the rest of them arrived. She stood on the carpet, facing Kevin with a calm that spoke of controlled power.

Dean wanted to warn Kevin, but Nick had already tried to. Kevin could see auras. He had to know she was powerful, and if Dean remembered correctly, Sarah was a level seven, while Kevin was a level six. It wasn’t unheard of for warlocks and sorceresses that close in levels to be an even match when fighting, but Sarah did have the upper hand.

Kevin turned to Sarah, still standing near the rest of them, and raised his hand, palm toward Sarah. She waited for him to make the first move, her hands at her sides. Dean and the others backed up to allow them room to use their magics without worrying that they’d hurt bystanders.

Sarah nodded once to Kevin, an invitation to make the first move. Kevin tensed as a flash of purple erupted from his hand, headed toward Sarah. Before it could touch her, she raised both hands out to her sides.

A dark green haze surrounded her hands and Dean’s jaw dropped. Earth magics were very powerful, as they gained that power from everything natural around them without draining natural elements, including other humans. Kevin’s magics, especially considering he was level six, would be no match for Sarah’s.

Earth magics were only slightly less powerful than black and white magics, and Dean knew full well that those three magics could be considered one level higher than other magics, making Sarah a level eight if it came down to strength and resources. Black and white magics were so powerful and such polar opposites of each other that anyone possessing those magics was referred to as a demon or an angel respectively.

Being younger and less experienced, Kevin didn’t really stand a chance against higher-level green magics, but as Dean looked over at Kevin, he was surprised to see that Kevin didn’t seem to care. The purple light coming from his hand became brighter, more focused as it wound around Sarah’s legs.

Sarah didn’t look panicked. She hadn’t broken eye contact with Kevin even though it had to be uncomfortable, the purple winding around her ankles and calves crackling and flaring.

Kevin growled, putting his other hand out in front of him and sending out another flash of purple. Before it could even come close to her, Sarah’s green haze flashed, sending two softball-sized shocks of light at Kevin. Kevin growled as they hit him in the chest, flinging him backward and onto the floor, his ass hitting hard on the tile floor of the entryway.

The tendrils around Sarah’s legs went up in a poof of purple smoke, but Kevin was up on his feet quickly, his hands out in front of him again, clenched into fists. This time he closed his eyes, bowed his head, and with a deep growl, his entire body glowed purple.

Kevin launched himself across the room, hitting Sarah in the midsection and taking them both down in a tangle of limbs and light. Dean knew better than to interfere, but he tensed, ready to break it up if it got too violent. Sarah could handle herself. Dean didn’t think she was a damsel in distress, but Kevin had been acting strangely, and he didn’t know if Kevin might go too far.

Sarah didn’t look upset as she lay back on the carpet, looking into Kevin’s eyes as he straddled her waist. “I suggest you get off me,” she said calmly.

“Submit,” Kevin growled, his hands glowing brighter than the rest of his body, his hair standing on end.

Sarah cocked her head to the side, pinning Kevin with a look that sent chills down Dean’s spine. “I’ll submit to you if and when you’re ever worthy of it,” she said calmly.

Kevin screamed, his hands going for her neck. Dean started to move, but Gabe grabbed him by the right arm, shaking his head no, so Dean stopped himself.

Before Kevin could touch Sarah’s neck, the scream coming from Kevin’s mouth turned to a wail of agony. He clutched at his head and fell to the side, writhing on the carpet and curling into a ball. Sarah sat up, then got to her knees.

“You’re still a puppy,” Sarah said, and Dean shivered as her voice echoed throughout the house, her powers acting as a megaphone. Then Sarah’s other voice echoed inside his head, something only mid to high-level warlocks and sorceresses could do, like a direct connection to the conscious mind.

Dean didn’t think Kevin had the ability to project another voice inside people’s heads like Sarah, and he knew she was doing it so Kevin could hear her even though he was groaning and crying.

“You have a lot to learn,” Sarah continued, “and your fellow alphas are all here for you, willing to teach you, to love you even though you’ve allowed yellow to tarnish your magics.”

Dean froze, his eyes wide as Kevin flipped onto his back, screaming and shaking as Sarah’s green magics covered him with a fine haze, blanketing him entirely.

Gabe’s fingers were digging into Dean’s arm, but Dean couldn’t be bothered to care. Yellow magics were sickly, infected, contagious to weaker magics, and when yellow mixed with any other magics, it was like a sickness, killing everything good about it and soon turning it black, a completely dark and evil magic.

“Pam!” Sarah yelled, her multiple voices reverberating throughout the house and their heads.

Dean looked up to see Pam already hurrying down the stairs. She must’ve already been headed for the living room before Sarah called her name. Pam ran into the room, falling to her knees beside Kevin. Bobby came down the stairs a bit slower, but he kneeled down next to Kevin and Pam.

“No!” Kevin screamed. “Don’t touch me! Get away from me! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been! I can make it work! I’m stronger than the yellow!”

Bobby’s hands glowed blue, though it was nowhere near as intense as Pam’s red glow, and Sarah allowed them to mingle with her green magics as the three of them covered Kevin’s body, the colors swirling over him, through him.

“No! I’ll kill you all if you take it from me! No!” Kevin screamed.

Kevin started to convulse, gurgling and sputtering as little puffs of yellow spurted from his body and dispersed into the air. It was obvious the red magics were the strongest in the group, being a much higher level than Sarah’s, but as they pushed the yellow from Kevin’s body, the green was what snuffed the yellow out of existence, while Bobby’s magics seemed to keep everything contained.

As he glanced down at the floor, Dean realized there was an orange haze hovering around his feet and around the feet of his fellow alphas. He recognized it as Sam’s color. Sam was protecting them in case something went wrong, spreading his magics out so he could use them at a moment’s notice.

Dean remembered to breathe as Kevin’s purple magics started to swirl with the other colors, looking brighter than it had before. When he thought about it, he remembered that Kevin’s magics had been an almost velvety purple, but now they were more transparent, like the other magics swirling around.

Dean had never used magics himself, so it was surprising to him that he had a feeling he was watching Kevin’s magics heal with the help of Pam, Bobby, and Sarah’s. He’d never be able to explain why, but the purple looked healthy, happy, and he’d swear it was getting cleaner the more the yellow was snuffed out of existence.

Soon the yellow wasn’t coming out of Kevin anymore, and after all four colors swirled around furiously starting at Kevin’s head and finishing at his feet, they dissipated. Kevin had stopped convulsing, but he looked exhausted, panting and blinking up at the ceiling, then he passed out, his body relaxing on the carpet.

Nick moved first, hurrying to Kevin’s side and going to his knees. He didn’t wait for permission or ask if it was safe. He just put his left hand on Kevin’s chest, his right running through Kevin’s hair.

“Is he okay?” Nick asked, eyes wide.

Bobby grunted, falling back onto his ass and leaning against the coffee table. He nodded, but didn’t bother to speak, just panted.

Charlie was the next to move. She went to Sarah, pulling her back to the wall and propping her up against it, talking in low tones and checking her over, hands on her skin to ground her.

Pam nodded. “He’ll be okay. He’s gonna need a lot of rest, but the yellow’s gone,” she said as she crawled over to Sarah, looking her over, but not touching her. Warlocks and sorceresses didn’t like being touched after an intense session unless it was their mate.

Gabe let go of Dean’s arm, and Dean could tell Gabe had switched into healer mode. He kneeled by Kevin, taking his pulse and lifting his eyelids to check his pupils. Dean flinched as someone took him by the hand, but he recognized Cas’ scent and relaxed into the touch.

The primes were filling the room, checking to see that Sarah, Pam, and Bobby were okay. Ellen walked up to Sam and checked him over as well.

“Did your magics touch Kevin’s?” Ellen asked Sam.

Sam shook his head. “No, ma’am. I kept them surrounding everyone over here and let Pam, Sarah, and Bobby take care of Kevin.”

“Good boy,” Ellen said, taking his pulse anyway. As gruff as she could be, she’d always had the strongest mothering instincts. It came natural, being a healer and an alpha in a house meant to take care of many people.

Nick lifted Kevin into his arms, taking him upstairs as soon as Gabe declared him merely unconscious and in no need of medical attention.

“I didn’t see it,” Sam said, sounding wrecked and guilty.

“Neither did I, kid,” Pam said, shaking her head. “It wasn’t until Kevin started using his magics that I felt something was wrong in the house, and even then I didn’t know something was seriously wrong until I felt Sarah trying to cleanse him.”

Missouri shook her head. “I just thought the boy was miserable because of everything that had happened. His aura was dark, but I didn’t see sickness.”

“It hadn’t contaminated his soul yet,” Sarah said with a small smile, looking pleased that Kevin would be okay.

Charlie huffed. “I have to apologize, Sam,” she said, looking up at him.

“Why?” Sam asked.

“I boosted your magics without asking,” she said.

Sam shook his head. “It’s okay. I understand why you did it, and if you would’ve asked, I’d have given permission.”

Dean watched as Charlie’s shoulders relaxed, and she gave Sam a small smile. He hadn’t realized Charlie was such a strong empath. If she was able to boost Sam’s magics, having never met him before or worked intimately with him, she was impressive. Given her powers, Kevin probably could’ve attacked them without Pam, Bobby, or Sarah there to help and Charlie would’ve been able to shield them by using Sam.

Unlike Kevin, pure empaths such as Charlie didn’t have magics of their own, but they had the ability to manipulate magics. They could act as an antenna of sorts, focusing and boosting magics if they were close to even very low-level warlocks or sorceresses.

Dean didn’t know empaths could use another person’s magics without them knowing, but apparently Sam had no clue he’d been used. It was considered an invasion of privacy to use them without asking, but Dean knew Sam well enough to know Sam truly didn’t mind that she’d done it.

“Well,” Meg said, her arms up in the air as if she was amazed over what had just happened, “that changes things.”

Dean snorted. “Understatement,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Mary shook her head. “We’ll have to wait until he’s rested and can talk. We have no idea how long he’s been under the influence of infected magics.”

“He knew what he was doing,” Bobby said with a grunt, taking his hat off and scratching his head. “He said it was making him stronger and he didn’t want us to take it from him.”

Pam got to her feet, her speech a little slurred. “That doesn’t mean he meant to infect himself. Once someone’s been contaminated, the power can go to their head, make ’em do things they would never have done before. He could’ve gotten too close or tried to help someone infected. For all we know, somebody infected him purposely, knowin’ he was destined for a position in an alpha house,” she said with a shrug.

Bobby pinned Pam with a look Dean had seen many times over the years. It meant ‘I know damn well what I’m talkin’ about.’ Dean didn’t know what Bobby had seen or felt from Kevin, but it seemed odd that Bobby didn’t agree with Pam one bit.

Dean looked to Pam. “So the things he did to me, to all of us,” Dean said, trailing off.

Mary winced. “We need to talk to him. Until then I can’t be sure if he meant to manipulate everyone or if the infected magics were taking over, altering his personality and reasoning.”

Dean nodded. “Okay. Nick isn’t in any danger, is he?”

Pam shook her head. “No. The three of us completely cleansed Kevin. It took a hell of a lot out of us, but Kevin will have suffered most from it. His magics are healthier now, but it’ll take time to recover.”

“Well,” Benny said, then huffed as he looked to Sarah, “take it as gratitude, respect, or anything you please, but we all owe you more than you know.” He turned to the rest of the alphas and said, “So I’d like to propose we offer her third rank if she wants it.”

“Agreed,” Sam said with a nod. “Kevin’s magics hadn’t even turned yet. He could’ve done a lot of damage had they turned black, and none of us knew anything was wrong.” Dean, Gabe, and Cas all nodded their agreement.

“I’m just happy we cleansed him,” Sarah said with a smile. “I can see you all love him, and deep inside he cares about the rest of you.” She turned to Benny. “I do appreciate the offer, and I’ll take you up on it. I’d still like third rank,” she said with a nod.

“You’ve got it,” Benny said without hesitation, and Sam nodded.

“Just so we’re clear on my motivations,” Sarah said, “the position is middle of the road. I don’t want the responsibility of house alpha just as much as I don’t want the responsibility of carus. Because I’m a level seven sorceress, I’m called out too often and used to help the public. I wouldn’t be able to fulfill a heavy load of responsibilities.”

“Understood,” Sam said. “Thanks for the explanation. It wasn’t necessary, but it’s good to know.”

Missouri walked up to Dean, a concerned look on her face. “I know you don’t have magics, and I’m probably just being protective of one of my pups, but I need to know you’re okay. Kevin’s had the most contact with you and he was very focused on you, so just let be ridiculous and see if you’re okay.”

Dean nodded. “Okay, Mimi,” he said softly.

Missouri smiled at the nickname, something Dean had called her since he was very little. Amita was Latin for aunt, but Dean couldn’t pronounce it when he was little, so he used Mimi instead, the second word he’d learned to say as a toddler and a name he used just for Missouri. When Sam was old enough to talk, he started calling her Mimi as well.

Missouri closed her eyes, putting her hands on either side of his neck. It was a gentle touch, but it was all she needed. Dean didn’t fight her. He closed his eyes and let her do whatever she wanted.

He felt a pressure on the top of his head. It was familiar to him. She’d done it before. Within just a few seconds she was done and he opened his eyes to see her smiling at him.

“You’re okay,” she said, then her smile faded. “But I caught a glimpse of something. I think Kevin was purposely infected.”

“You saw that in me?” Dean asked, alarmed by the suggestion.

“I don’t know why,” she said, shaking her head, a frown on her face. “I know you didn’t do it, but it has something to do with you.”

Mary walked up to the two of them. “Do you know how long he’s been infected?” she said, a concerned tone to her voice as she looked Dean over carefully.

Missouri winced, shaking her head. “Not long. If I had to pinpoint it, I’d say no more than a week before he moved into the house.”

“So he was infected because he was headed for a position in an alpha house,” Mary said instead of asked.

“I can’t be sure of the motivation,” Missouri said. “It could’ve been someone who was jealous, someone who didn’t think he was right for the job, or I could be way off the mark.”

“But it has to do with me?” Dean asked with a frown.

Missouri nodded. “I didn’t get any of this from Kevin. I got it from you, but I don’t know why. Once he wakes up I can look inside him, but it has to mean you’re involved somehow.”

“I didn’t do it,” Dean said, his chest tight.

“I know, honey,” Missouri said with a smile. “I already said you didn’t do it.”

“We have to wait until Kevin wakes up,” Mary said, putting a hand at Dean’s lower back, a gentle touch to comfort him. “We’ll know more then.”

Everyone looked around at each other, no one seeming to know what to do next. It was so unexpected, so horrible to think of what might’ve happened. If it had been anyone but Sarah, someone with a different skill, someone weaker, things could’ve ended up a lot differently.

“I want you to rest,” Gabe said. “Pam, Bobby, Sarah, Charlie, Sam, and Missouri,” he said as he looked to each of them.

“Yes,” Ellen said with a nod. “Infected magics take a toll on everyone, especially anyone sensitive to magics or ones who practice. We’ll all take it easy today, look after each other.”

Meg helped Bobby up, then she turned to address everyone. “I think I should take over kitchen duty with Vic, Anna, and Jody. We’re the least affected, so we’ll whip up a wide variety of foods so everyone can graze throughout the day. Everyone go rest,” she said, shooing them away.

“Can I help?” Dean asked Meg. “I need to do something,” he said, not caring that he sounded desperate.

Meg smiled. “Of course you can, sweetie,” she said, holding a hand out to him.

Dean saw John in his peripheral vision over by the stairs. As Meg led him to the kitchen, he saw John talking in low tones to Mary and Missouri. He couldn’t tell what they were saying, but he assumed they were deciding what to do about the situation.

Even if the infection was accidental, it couldn’t be ignored. There was a source out there, and they needed to find it.


Dean woke to the sensation of someone wrapping their arms and legs around him. He assumed it was Cas or Gabe, but as his senses woke up, he realized it was Kevin. He opened his eyes and looked down to see Kevin’s hair under his chin.

He had crashed onto one of the blow-up mattresses in the living room after helping Meg and the others make some food. He didn’t know who had set the mattress up again, but he didn’t care. He just flopped onto it and fell asleep within seconds of resting his head on the pillow.

“Kevin?” Dean asked softly, wrapping his left arm around him.

A sob came out of Kevin, muffled by Dean’s chest. Kevin snuggled into Dean, his arms and legs wrapping around Dean even tighter than before.

Dean sighed as he looked over at the other blow-up mattress, where Nick was sitting, a worried look on his face. He gave Nick a look that said ‘is Kevin okay?’ and Nick gave him a small nod. It looked like Kevin had crawled out of the bed after having been lying there with Nick.

Kevin’s body shuddered as he took a deep breath, obviously trying to calm the tears. Dean stroked Kevin’s back, then kissed the top of his head, which made Kevin whimper, then sniffle.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin said, his face shoved into Dean’s chest so hard that Dean could barely understand him.

Dean pushed his nose into Kevin’s hair, scenting him, and he winced, squeezing his eyes shut. He hadn’t noticed it, and he felt like shit for not realizing it before now, but Kevin smelled differently. No one had noticed, most likely because it was a subtle and slow changing of Kevin’s scent over the last few weeks, but Dean could definitely tell the difference in Kevin’s scent now that the sickness was gone.

He let the worries go. If Kevin was fine now, if he was so apologetic, Kevin hadn’t meant to do what he’d done. He allowed the touch, he allowed the small push into his mind without fighting it at all.

“It’s not your fault,” Dean said into Kevin’s hair.

Kevin let out a noise somewhere between a honking laugh and a sob. “Of course it’s my fault.”

The push on Dean’s mind backed off, tentatively staying close, but a tingle instead of a pressure. Dean knew Kevin wanted the comfort of making sure Dean was okay, and Dean was willing to let him in, but Kevin hesitated.

“Did you get involved in dark magics?” Dean asked.

“No,” Kevin whined. “Missouri says someone infected me, and that may be true, but I should’ve been able to stop it, do something about it. I hurt you. I hurt everybody. I, I really fucking hurt you!” he growled into Dean’s shirt.

“Were you in your right mind? Did you realize what was happening?” Dean asked, remaining calm.

“That shouldn’t matter,” Kevin whispered, shaking his head.

“So,” Dean drawled, “if the tatzelwurm had infected me, made me do things to all you guys, would you blame me for everything I did?”

“No. I should’ve known better,” Kevin said. “I was born with magics, like anybody else who has magics. If that thing had infected you, I would’ve seen it when I was looking you over, and I’d have asked for help to cleanse you.”

“Okay, that was a bad example,” Dean said with a sigh, squeezing Kevin in his arms. “Listen. I know yellow magics fuck with your head. I saw what it was doing to your magics earlier, and it wasn’t pretty. Pam didn’t even see anything was wrong until you got pissed at Sarah for not submitting. Missouri never saw it and Sam never saw it. So don’t be hard on yourself.”

“I love you,” Kevin said.

Dean felt his chest get tight with emotion, felt the push in his head become stronger, a pressure. Kevin wanted in, and Dean let him, offering comfort. Kevin still hesitated, but Dean laid himself open, and Kevin surged forward, sinking in. Dean’s head felt as if it would float away from his body. It didn’t feel anything like when Missouri was in his head. Dean could feel the immaturity, simply because Missouri had always felt so experienced to him, but he could also feel the eagerness to make sure everything was okay, the concern, the guilt over what had happened.

“I love all of you guys,” Kevin said, “and it’s killing me that I was the one to get infected, that I was the one that manipulated all of you. I know you say I wasn’t in my right mind, and I wasn’t, but it still happened. I don’t think I can handle it if you guys don’t trust me now. I know I have to earn it back, but I –,” he said, but was cut off by Dean grabbing him by the back of the neck and yanking him up so they could look at each other.

“Stop,” Dean growled. “There’s no earning back our trust because the reason we didn’t trust you had nothing to do with you. I can’t speak for the others, but I’ll tell you right now that I trust you. I wanted you to be in this house because I saw potential in you. And I’m really fucking impressed by the fact that you still managed to keep yourself under as much control as you did even with that shit inside you.”

Kevin sniffled, his eyes darting down to Dean’s shirt. “Don’t trust me,” he said, shaking his head.

“Why?” Dean asked, then huffed. “I have a better analogy now that my brain woke up a little more.”

Kevin rolled his eyes, then looked at Dean. “Okay,” he said, looking skeptical.

“Let’s say I got cursed,” Dean said with a smirk.

Kevin snorted. “This wasn’t a curse, and don’t even think about comparing it to a possession, because I was still awake the whole time.”

“So what?” Dean said, shrugging. “A curse would’ve fucked with my head, and you know full well that higher-level demons have the ability to keep you conscious throughout a possession. It would’ve fucked with my head and my reasoning ability, made me do things I’d never do otherwise. Now tell me you would blame me for everything I’d done while cursed or possessed. Tell me I’d have to earn back your trust,” he said, a challenge in his tone of voice.

Kevin chuckled, shaking his head. “You weren’t supposed to be all reasonable and nice about this.”

“I’m a hunter,” Dean said. “You think this is the first time something bad has happened to me because somebody around me was under the influence of the supernatural?”

Kevin’s eyes widened. “Uhm, I guess I never thought about it.”

Dean smiled. “Ask Sam why we made a pact to never speak of things that happen while HUI.”

“HUI?” Kevin asked, a puzzled expression on his face.

“Hunting under the influence,” Dean said with a smirk.

Kevin chuckled, then looked over at the sofa bed, where Sam was sprawled over top of Benny, using him as a pillow. “Well?” Kevin asked.

“I’ll only share one incident of HUI with you because you deserve some peace of mind,” Sam said, then grunted as he held a hand up, one finger waving in the air. “Fairy dust,” he said, then held up another finger, “Dean singing show tunes,” a third finger, “the fairy suggesting to me that drawing blood would stop Dean from singing show tunes,” a fourth finger went up, “said fairy handing me a knife.”

Kevin chuckled, then he giggled, then he leaned forward, shoving his face into Dean’s chest and laughing. “I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t be laughing. I mean he’s still alive, so he couldn’t have been hurt that bad, but you didn’t do too much damage, did you?” he asked in between giggles.

Sam chuckled. “Thankfully the small, hesitant cut I made on his arm snapped him out of the trance she’d put him in, and he hauled off and punched me, which helped me fight off the effects of the fairy dust.”

Kevin giggled louder. “You guys are supposed to catch these things on video so we can all watch them.”

Dean snorted. “I’ll try to remember that for next time.”

Kevin leaned back, looking much better than he did minutes ago. “Thank you,” Kevin said, the smile dying away as he looked Dean in the eye, letting Dean know he really meant it. “For not kicking me out after all I did, for still caring about me, and for being this awesome about the whole thing. I can’t, I just, I could never thank you, I could never tell you how much I appreciate it,” he said, wiping at his eyes.

“Sure you can,” Dean said with a shrug.

“I can?” Kevin asked, his eyes widening.

Dean smirked. “You can do the same for the rest of us when, not if, we ever have a similar thing happen.”

Kevin snorted. “I can do that,” he said, nodding.

“Awesome,” Dean said with a smile.

Kevin yawned. “I think I wore myself out again crying,” he said with a sheepish look on his face.

Dean chuckled. “Well then take another nap.”

Kevin blushed. “Can I sleep here with you?” he asked softly, and it looked as if he expected rejection.

Dean smiled. “Of course you can,” he said, pulling Kevin closer with one hand while the other grabbed a spare pillow.

Kevin ignored the pillow, using Dean’s right upper arm as a pillow instead. Dean’s chest felt tight again, watching the trust Kevin showed by snuggling up to him and falling asleep quickly. Kevin could’ve been scared of revenge, but he must’ve believed everything Dean said.

Dean felt almost dizzy as Kevin’s push into his mind relaxed and let go. It still hovered around his head, even as Kevin slept, and Dean knew it was Kevin’s desire to be reassured, both that Dean was okay and that he was forgiven for all he’d done.

Cas walked into the room and flopped down next to Nick, yanking some of the covers away and forcing him to share. Nick grinned and got comfortable as Cas settled down. Gabe wandered in a minute later, looking a little less tired than Cas, but he flopped down onto the bed behind Cas, yanking more of the blanket for himself. Nick chuckled and let him have as much as he wanted.

Dean lifted his head off the pillow, careful not to disturb Kevin, and saw that Sarah and Charlie were on the other couch, not having bothered to pull out the bed. They were wrapped around each other, in a tangle of limbs that was so tight Dean had a hard time telling what body parts belonged to each woman.

It warmed Dean’s heart that the two of them were that close, and it reminded Dean of his two mates, how much they meant to him, and how close they already were. Neither Gabe nor Cas had batted an eye over Dean and Kevin sleeping together, which only made Dean love them more.

Either one of them could’ve either insisted on being in the same bed or kicked Kevin out of the bed, but they had to know Kevin needed this, and it showed how much they cared about Kevin, how much they loved him that they let him be with Dean.


The next time Dean woke up, there were wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. Kevin was still snuggled up against him, but he was waking up and stretching.

“Smells amazing,” Kevin said, his speech slurred.

“You guys are up,” Meg said as she walked into the living room, a smile on her face. “Who wants steak and eggs?”

Kevin chuckled. “It’s the middle of the afternoon,” he said.

Meg shrugged. “I like steak and eggs, so I made steak and eggs. If you don’t want it because it’s the wrong time of day, the rest of us can eat and you can make your own food,” she said with mock haughtiness, then turned and walked back into the kitchen.

Dean snorted. “She’s joking, but you’d better beg for some of the food or she’ll insist on groveling,” he said, then ruffled Kevin’s hair.

A few minutes later they were all sitting at the dining room table along with Meg, Victor, and Anna. Their plates were piled high with food. Sarah and Charlie sat next to each other, scooting their chairs closer. Kevin sat to Dean’s right side, and when Dean looked up at Cas and Gabe, they smiled and sat to Dean’s left side, Gabe closer to Dean.

“The rest of the primes are out on business,” Meg said, and Dean knew without asking they were investigating the source of Kevin’s infection, “so I thought we’d have something to eat and talk a little bit.

“Uh-oh,” Kevin said with a wince.

“Nothing bad,” Anna said with a smile. “Sarah and Charlie are new members of the house, and all of you have some catching up to do. And we already told Kevin and Nick, but the rest of you should know that Kevin’s restrictions have been lifted in light of recent events.”

Dean bumped his shoulder into Kevin’s, grinning at him. “I’m not the only one who thinks you were under the influence,” he stage-whispered.

Kevin chuckled, then turned to Sarah. “Hey, Sarah?” he said.

“Yeah?” she asked, her fork paused midway between her plate and Charlie’s mouth.

“I want you to know I really appreciate what you did for me,” Kevin said, “and that I totally agree with the rest of the guys on letting you have whatever rank you want. I would never have challenged you had I been in my right mind. Considering your magics, you’re stronger than me and I wouldn’t have won anyway.”

“Thank you, Kevin,” Sarah said. “I’m glad I was able to help you. While we were cleansing you, we saw your feelings for everyone else, and we saw just how dedicated you are to this house and your fellow alphas. You belong here.”

Charlie turned to look at Sarah, her eyes wide. It was odd that she looked surprised, Dean thought. She had to know that Sarah could read people when their magics were entwined. Why would she be surprised? The look on Charlie’s face was gone so fast Dean wondered if he had ever really seen it.

Kevin blushed. “Thank you, ma’am.”

“I meant it when I said you were still a puppy,” Sarah said, her tone of voice kind to soften the blow of her words. “But you’ve got way too much potential and groundwork laid to even consider revoking your position here because of a lack of experience.”

Dean reached over and squeezed Kevin’s left thigh. Kevin’s eyes welled up a little with tears, but he didn’t let them fall, blinking them away instead.

“Thank you,” he said with a smile.

“Sarah and I have seen immaturity,” Charlie said. “The last house we were in ran fairly well until the house alpha died in a hunting accident. The rest of the alphas couldn’t handle it,” she said with a shake of her head.

“Some bad shit happened before the primes came in and shut the house down,” Sarah said.

“If you don’t mind my askin’,” Benny said, “were you okay?”

Sarah nodded. “We were the ones that called the primes in,” she said. “Nothing happened to either one of us, but we could see things were going downhill fast, and instead of taking care of the community, things started piling up, the other alphas either grieving or just doing whatever they wanted to do.”

“It was Jake who really kept everything running as well as it did,” Charlie said. “He was a great house alpha, and he worked well with Sarah,” she said as she glanced at Sarah, a small smile on her lips. “They kept the house going, but it was too much for Sarah to take care of when he died.”

“Sarah and Charlie did such a wonderful job,” Meg said, “that we’re hoping their experience can help. Not that you guys are doing a terrible job, but they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t inside a house, so we’d like you to use them, ask them questions, and let them help.”

“You can ask us anything,” Sarah said. “Neither of us mind, even if it’s in the middle of the night and we’re asleep.”

Charlie nodded. “Being a part of an alpha house is a dream the two of us have had since we were little. We want to help make this the best alpha house it can be.”

“After everything happened in our last house, the primes talked with us,” Sarah said. “They decided to let all the other alphas go, so we’re the only ones out of the entire alpha house to be assigned to new houses.”

“Wow,” Dean said, his eyes wide.

“Yeah, wow,” Charlie said with a snort. “So, yeah, we can tell you a whole hell of a lot about what doesn’t work.”

“Hey,” Dean drawled, keeping a serious look on his face, “does sticking to the rules inside the house work? Or was that one of those things you found out doesn’t work so well?”

Charlie snorted so loudly she covered her face with both hands, her eyes wide, blushing so hard her neck was pink. “I’m sorry,” she said with a giggle.

Sarah smirked at Dean. “No, it didn’t work out well to stick with the rules.”

“Hmm,” Dean said as he cut up his steak, “interesting.”

“Oh!” Charlie said, dropping her fork. “With everything happening before, I didn’t get a chance to ask about my responsibilities in the house.”

Benny turned to Sam. “I wanna offer Charlie the chance to ask for whatever she’d like in the house, same as Sarah. They both helped a hell of a lot,” he said, then glanced around at the rest of his fellow alphas.

Sam nodded. “Agreed. Call it another show of gratitude or a housewarming gift, but yeah, I’d even be open to an honorary title,” he said with a shrug, and all the rest of them nodded.

“Awesome! Thank you!” Charlie said with a big smile.

Sarah nudged Charlie with her shoulder. “Go ahead and tell them, sweetheart,” she said softly.

Charlie blushed, but didn’t seem to back down. It was obvious she had something in mind, but Dean could tell she didn’t want to be demanding.

“You can say no if you want,” Charlie said, then looked at Kevin. “I mean it. No hard feelings,” she said with her hands up in surrender.

“Okay,” Kevin said with a nod, though he looked uncertain. “Lay it on us.”

“I’d love to be allowed the responsibility of preparing Dean,” she said, nearly bouncing on her chair.

Dean choked on a piece of steak, coughing a few times, then grabbing his water and taking a drink. As he resumed breathing normally, he blushed, realizing everyone was looking at him, most of them having a smirk on their face. Well, everyone but Kevin.

Charlie smiled, and Dean could see by the look on her face and the set of her shoulders she was attempting to appear non-threatening, and it didn’t look like an act. She really appeared to want the responsibility, but she also seemed willing to respect whatever decision they made, following through on the promise of no hard feelings.

“I realize this is Kevin’s responsibility,” Charlie said, “so I’m not going to hold you to your offer of gratitude. But I would like all of you to consider me for it. I know Kevin is going to have a lot on his plate at Stanford, and congratulations by the way,” she said with an adorable grin directed at Kevin. “I had the responsibility of preparing the carus at our last house, which I loved doing. But this really is a request, not a demand. It’s up to all of you.”

Kevin opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Dean felt a little bad for him, the slightly shocked look on his face making him look even younger than he usually did.

“You can say how you feel, kid,” Meg said with a nod toward Kevin.

Kevin nodded, gathering himself. “Uhm, do you want me to say it here?” he asked, looking around at the rest of them.

“It would be best,” Meg said. “Keep communication open instead of privately discussing things. It’s better in the long run.”

Kevin nodded again, nervously shifting in his seat. “At this point I don’t think I have much of a choice in the matter,” he said, then held his hand up as Benny and Dean opened their mouths to speak at the same time, “but given everything that’s happened here, your experience and obvious skills, and the fact that I’m going to have a lot on my plate soon, I’m totally fine with you taking it.”

“You sure?” Dean asked, worried that Kevin was trying to bow out, hoping to avoid the humiliation of having the job taken from him. “I was being completely honest when I said you don’t have to earn back the trust. If you still want this, I promise you I won’t behave the way I did before, and I also promise there won’t be any hard feelings from my side.”

Kevin smiled at Dean, letting out a sigh. “I’m sure,” he said with a nod. “Charlie’s a level seven empath, better suited for the responsibility, and she really seems to want it. Besides that, she’s right about my responsibilities changing. I’m going to be spending more time at Stanford, if that offer is still on the table.”

Dean nodded. “You still got it if you want it.”

“And you’re okay with me giving this to Charlie?” Kevin asked.

“No,” Dean said, pausing for effect as he frowned, shaking his head. “I don’t want a pretty girl paying attention to me.”

Kevin barked out a laugh, looking better than he had in a while. “Yeah, I figured you’d be heartbroken.”

Dean chuckled. “Does everyone else agree?” he asked, looking around the table and smiling when everyone nodded. “The job is yours,” Dean said to Charlie.

“Yay!” Charlie said, doing a little wiggle in her seat.

“Oh,” Dean said, then winced. “So, ah, not to be pushy or anything, but the rules are kinda crampin’ my style.”

Meg covered her mouth, and Dean could tell she was trying hard to keep quiet, her shoulders shaking with suppressed laughter.

Vic snorted, a fond look on his face. “It’s up to all of you. You know now that the main reasons for those couple rules Dean’s not too thrilled about are to make sure the carus isn’t just a walking sex toy and to help everyone remember their ranks,” he said with a shrug. “Some call it archaic, others find it works. No one will have a problem with all of you deciding it’s not right for this house.”

Benny turned to Sam. “I know you were all set on Dean writin’ an essay, but I say we put it up for a vote.”

Sam nodded. “Sure. I guess I’ll find something else to make him research,” he said with a shrug, and Dean worked very hard at not doing a little wiggle in his seat like Charlie had moments earlier.

“All in favor of burnin’ the rule book,” Benny said, “raise your hand.”

Dean raised both hands, making everyone chuckle. The primes didn’t vote, but everyone else at the table had one hand raised, including Sarah and Charlie.

“Rule book’s burned,” Benny said with a grin directed at Dean.

“Yeah!” Dean yelled, fists in the air. “First thing I’m doin’ is jerkin’ off in the shower,” he said, then took a huge bite of his eggs.

“What about our rules?” Gabe asked, turning to Dean and pinning him with a look.

Dean couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. “Aww,” he moaned with a mouthful of food. “C’mon!”

Gabe obviously couldn’t hold it anymore and chuckled. “We’ve gotta come up with some really strict rules,” he said, elbowing Cas in the stomach.

Cas nodded. “Dean should have to wait for us to give him permission to come, even if we’re not in the room,” he said.

Dean’s eyes widened, then he saw a little tug at the corner of Cas’ mouth. “You’re a jerk,” he said, pointing his fork at Cas. “And I fell for it,” he said, shaking his head.

Cas smiled. “A much better rule would be that you need to come at least once a day.”

“Hell yeah!” Dean said. “That’s more like it.”

“Oh,” Gabe said. “And speaking of rules, we need to talk about what we can and can’t do with you and Charlie,” he said to Sarah.

“Okay, is now all right with you guys?” Sarah asked, and everyone nodded.

“We’d encourage it,” Meg said. “There have been some communication issues in the house, which Sarah and Charlie know about because we filled them in a lot of stuff, and so we’re gonna sit in on this one. Please don’t mind us.”

“Okay,” Sarah said with a nod, then looked at the rest of them. “I’m pretty much open to anything, but Charlie isn’t fully bisexual. She likes almost everything except having a dick inside her pussy.”

Dean tried not to moan in disappointment. Bisexuality was the most common of sexual orientations, but others weren’t extremely rare. Dean had been with a few guys over the years that had been gay instead of bisexual. For obvious reasons, Dean had never had sex with a lesbian, but he’d had a threesome with a bisexual woman and her lesbian lover. It had been fun times for all, so Dean knew it wouldn’t be limiting to them or make things difficult, and if it was what Charlie wanted, she could damn well have what she wanted.

Gabe shifted forward in his seat. “What about oral and anal?” he asked.

“I’m okay with both,” Charlie said. “I’m really sensitive to stimulation, so I can get off on being fucked in the ass.”

“Dean recently learned how to do that,” Sam said with a grin.

“It’s not an issue of not liking guys at all,” Charlie said. “I just don’t like the feeling of a dick in my pussy, and when it came to choosing a mate, I wasn’t interested in a male, but it’s not going to stop me from having fun with you guys.”

“Awesome,” Dean said with a grin.

Vic pushed his plate away from him, having finished his food. “Is there anything you’d like to keep for yourself between the two of you as mates?” he asked.

“No,” Sarah said. “The only thing Charlie and I want to save for ourselves is the right to call each other mate.”

“Mary and John told us that you’re courting,” Charlie said, looking at Dean, Cas, and Gabe.

Cas nodded. “We’ve recently started courting.”

“Do you have any rules for us?” Sarah asked.

“Not yet,” Cas said, shaking his head.

Sarah winced. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but after some bad experiences in the last house, I’d like to urge the three of you to figure it out sooner rather than later. I understand if you’re having a hard time deciding. Charlie and I have known we’d be mates since we were four years old, and it wasn’t until we were in an alpha house that we realized just what we wanted. Now we’re an open book to you. Ask us anything, no matter how personal. It can be overwhelming to decide what you want, so if you do take some time thinking it over, keep us all in the loop, and we’ll respect any decisions you make.”

Charlie nodded. “Sarah, Jake, and I were the most communicative ones in the house. Abaddon never wanted to talk, and she ended up overstepping her boundaries when it came to Jake and his mate Tessa. Trust us when we say communication is key.”

Sarah snorted. “Granted, Abbie was not the most caring woman in the world. But if she would’ve been in on discussions or even asked about their wishes, she would’ve known that Jake and Tessa didn’t want anyone else to fuck her pussy.”

“Abbie was wearing a strap-on,” Charlie said. “While we were all having some fun, she pushed the strap-on into Tessa, Tessa freaked, Abbie got pissed, and after some screaming, Abbie decided to leave for a few days, responsibilities be damned.”

“It all depends on the house members,” Sarah said. “If more members of our last house had been mature and open with each other, we all would’ve been able to learn our limits and desires as we experimented, but everyone was too inexperienced, too self-absorbed, and too ready to fight.”

“Well, besides the four of us,” Charlie said. “But if you’re doing your job right, it only takes one person who’s not doing their job to fuck things up.”

Sarah nodded. “If you guys think you can jump in, let things happen, and let us all know when you figure out what you want just between the three of you as mates without kicking our asses in the meantime, then that’s great, but you guys need to be sure you can do it without getting pissed.”

“We are talking about it,” Gabe said with a nod.

“Cas is having a bit of a hard time with sharing,” Dean said, “but so far he’s kept his reactions down to growling.”

Cas shifted in his seat. “I won’t harm you,” he said sincerely as he looked at Sarah and Charlie. “I have the ability to control myself. I already feel as if they’re both mine,” he said, glancing at Dean and Gabe. “I won’t be aggressive toward anything done with them consensually until we’ve established limits.”

Dean and Gabe nodded. “Yeah,” Dean said, “I feel the same way. It would be unreasonable to expect anyone to know before us what we do and don’t want.”

“That’s wonderful,” Sarah said with a smile, bumping her shoulder into Charlie. “I had a feeling the members of this house would be easier to work with, and I can already see it.”

Charlie nodded. “The atmosphere is even different here. It’s refreshing,” she said with a big smile.

“Hey, uhm,” Kevin said awkwardly, then flushed a little when everyone looked at him. “If you don’t mind my asking, what happened to Tessa?”

Charlie huffed, looking sad. “Jake’s death hit her hard. She went into a pretty deep depression, didn’t wanna come out of her room, and eventually she went to live with her sister. We haven’t heard from her since.”

“I was thinking of calling her again,” Sarah said, turning to Charlie.

“I haven’t tried her cell phone for about two weeks,” Charlie said with a wince.

“Okay, I’ll call her later,” Sarah said, then turned to look at everyone else. “If it would be all right with you, when I finally get a hold of her, I’d like to invite her to stay here for a couple days, see if we can cheer her up a bit.”

“She’s a good person,” Charlie blurted. “You don’t have to worry about us inviting somebody weird in,” she said with a grin.

Benny chuckled. “I’ll go by your say-so. You’re welcome to invite her,” he said, looking around at the others as they all nodded.

Meg sighed. “I’ve had no luck getting a hold of her either,” Meg said. “I hope she’ll warm up to you or Charlie.”

“We’re not giving up on her,” Sarah said. “Her number hasn’t been disconnected. Maybe after she has some time to herself, time to grieve, she’ll realize we’re still trying to reach her and answer the phone.”

Dean heard the front door open, then Mary said loudly, “Meg?”

“In the dining room,” Meg yelled.

Mary walked into the dining room, looking everyone over quickly but critically, the way she’d always done, making sure everyone was okay. “Are we ready to pack it up yet, gang?”

Meg nodded. “I think they’ve got things under control here, and I think we’ve pounded it into their heads that they can contact us if they want or need anything, right boys?”

“Yes, ma’am,” they all sing-songed, almost as if they’d practiced it, making Meg smile.

“Good boys,” she said.

Kevin raised his hand as if he was in a classroom, and Dean tried to hide his smile at the gesture. “Hey, I thought you were each going to talk with us. You know, the one-on-one thing?” Kevin said, a confused expression on his face.

Mary nodded. “Yes, we did say that, but the rest of us talked last night after you all went to bed. We decided we’ve done plenty of talking, including when we broke into smaller groups. We’ve been so pleased with what we’ve seen, with how all of you are so willing to listen and try your best that we feel we’ve said about everything you needed to hear.”

Dean smiled as he turned to look at the rest of his fellow alphas. They were all smiling as well, the excitement almost palpable. It was good to know they’d handled themselves well.

“We’ll still be coming back to check on things and see everyone,” Mary said, walking up to Sam’s chair and resting a hand on the back of his neck in a gentle gesture. “We love all of you so much. There are still going to be problems, but please remember that, and remember we’re here for you.”

“Definitely,” Meg said with a nod.

“Thank you,” Benny said as he stood up, and the rest of the younger alphas said their thanks as everyone shared hugs.

“All right, kids,” Mary said, “we’re heading out. Get rest,” she said as she pointed at Kevin, “and all of you keep up the good work!”

All the younger alphas either nodded or said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“And I need hugs from my kids before I go,” Mary said, reaching out for Dean.

Dean gave his mom a hug, pushing his face into her hair, scenting her. He almost didn’t want to let go, but Sam wanted his turn.

“I love you, mom,” Dean said as he let go of her.

“Love you, baby,” she said.

John walked in just then and attacked Dean with a bear hug, kissing Dean’s neck and slapping his back. Dean chuckled, hugging his dad tight.

“Love you, kid,” John said.

“Love you, dad,” Dean replied.

Twenty minutes later, the primes were gone and everyone left was standing in the living room. Dean felt a little dazed, like he didn’t know what to do after the whirlwind that was the primes was gone.

“You need another nap,” Nick said, grabbing Kevin by the arm and pulling him toward the stairs.

“Uhm, okay,” Kevin said, then chuckled as Nick winked at him.

“Hey!” Gabe yelled after them. “He really does need rest, so you should do all the work, Nick,” he said with a grin.

“Yes, sir!” Nick said as they hit the top of the stairs.

“And be careful of the sore spot on his dick!” Gabe yelled.

“I’ve got him, Gabe,” Nick yelled back, and Dean could tell Nick was rolling his eyes even though he couldn’t see him.

“Hey,” Dean said to Sarah, “you never got settled.”

“Oh!” Sarah said. “Yeah, I’d completely forgotten about that. Can you show us to our room?”

“Ah, well,” Dean said, looking to Gabe and Cas, a sheepish grin on his lips. “I think we need to clear a few things out of the room for you. We need to move all my stuff and all Cas’ stuff into Gabe’s room.”

Cas’ eyes widened, then a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. Gabe’s jaw dropped as he realized what Dean was saying.

“Really?” Gabe asked, a huge grin on his face.

Dean nodded. “Yeah, we can’t make the girls sleep on the living room floor, can we?” he asked.

“No!” Cas said loudly. “The… oh! M-mine! My room! Let’s clean my room out for them!” he blurted excitedly, then nearly sprinted up the stairs.

Dean turned to Gabe with a grin on his face. “I think he likes that idea,” he said, getting a huge kick out of a flustered Cas and the excitement on Gabe’s face.

“Oh,” Charlie said, sounding surprised. Her eyes widened as she looked back and forth between them. “If things aren’t ready, we can sleep in the living room tonight,” she said, trying to smooth things over.

“What my brother is doing,” Sam drawled, “is awkwardly moving in with his future mates. If you let him use chivalry as an excuse, he can continue living in his bubble.”

Sarah chuckled as Dean punched Sam in the arm. “I’ll show you bubble,” Dean grumbled.

“What does that even mean?” Sam asked.

Dean turned to Sam with a frown. “If you don’t know what it means, I shouldn’t have to explain it to you,” he said, trying to keep a straight face.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Okay. Whatever.”

“Well, congratulations,” Charlie said, and Sarah nodded with a smile. “Happy awkward move-in day,” she said, clapping excitedly.

“Thank you,” Gabe said, not even trying to hide a smile as he grabbed Dean by the arm and pulled him toward the stairs. “I’ll take bubble boy upstairs and we’ll let you know when your new room is ready.”

“I’ll take your bags!” Sam blurted, and without even looking at him, Dean knew Sam was blushing and being a huge dork over Sarah.

Dean smiled. He’d known she was his type.


“I’m so tired,” Dean moaned, flopping onto the bed. It hadn’t taken very long to change the rooms around, but they’d had a long day.

Cas came out of the en-suite bathroom in just his boxers. Gabe tossed his jeans over the chair in the corner of the room, then climbed into bed completely naked.

“Aww,” Gabe whined, “but it’s our awkward move-in day! Don’t we get to have celebratory sex?”

“Dean has just been given the privilege of touching his own cock again,” Cas said, standing at the end of the bed. “I’d like him to demonstrate.”

“Uhm, huh?” Dean said.

“I’d like a show,” Cas said.

“Oh, hell yeah!” Gabe growled, scooting back until he was able to use the headboard as a back rest, then he palmed his cock.

Dean blushed. He’d done a lot of things over the years, but no one had ever convinced him to perform for them. He liked focusing on his partner, not himself.

Cas dropped his boxers on the floor, then climbed onto the end of the bed, crossing his legs as he sat down, facing Dean so he could see everything.

“Take your sleep pants off,” Cas ordered. And it was quite clearly an order. “Toss them on the floor.”

Dean’s cock twitched hard. He loved direct orders when it came to sex. He’d never told anyone, but he had a feeling Cas and Gabe would discover it soon enough. He wriggled out of his sleep pants, then kicked them onto the floor.

“Good boy,” Cas rumbled, making Dean shiver with anticipation. Did he already know how much Dean loved following orders? “Now spread your legs,” he said, looking down at Dean’s dick.

Dean did as he was told, spreading his legs wide. His cock was already half hard. He didn’t touch it, not yet. Cas would tell him when. If he could focus on Cas’ instructions, he could do this. It was for Cas and Gabe.

“Wider,” Cas said, and Dean groaned. “Lean against the headboard and run the tip of your right index finger across your cock.”

Dean couldn’t believe how much it was turning him on. Cas was in complete control of the situation. Dean glanced over at Gabe, who was watching the two of them as if he wasn’t sure which one to keep his eyes on. Dean gasped, obeying the instructions, his own teasing touch exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the dark look in Cas’ eyes, the way he licked his lips as he watched.

“Cup your balls with your left hand,” Cas said, his voice getting even deeper with arousal. “Good, now slowly stroke your cock with your right hand.”

Dean did as he was told, hoping he wouldn’t get too excited and come just within a minute of starting the game. Cas wrapped his right hand around his own cock, stroking lazily. Dean matched Cas’ rhythm, and Cas smiled at him, nodding in approval, which sent a thrill through Dean, making his cock twitch again.

“Fuck,” Gabe whispered, then started to stroke his own cock, matching their rhythm.

Cas didn’t seem to care about his own cock. Instead it was if he was only touching himself to show Dean how fast he wanted him to go. Cas’ focus was almost entirely on Dean, with a few glances at Gabe.

“Touch your hole with your left hand,” Cas said.

Dean nearly chuckled as Gabe leaned forward so he could see the order being followed. Dean made a show of it, his middle finger sliding down, gently rubbing over his hole as he stroked his cock. He shivered, his breath catching as he watched his mates’ reactions.

Gabe was biting his lip, his eyes darting between Dean’s face and what he was doing with his hole. Cas ran his tongue over his bottom lip, and Dean liked to think it was because he wanted to lick Dean’s cock. The thought made him feel like thrusting, but he kept still. Cas hadn’t told him to do that yet.

“Squeeze your cock,” Cas said, nodding at him. “I want you to gather the precome and suck it from the fingers of your right hand.”

Gabe hissed, and Dean saw him squeeze the base of his own cock. Dean tried not to grin. If Gabe had been that close to coming already, he didn’t feel quite as bad about being so turned on himself.

Dean slowly slid his fingers over the tip of his cock, getting his fingers wet with precome, then opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, licking at his fingers as he pushed them into his mouth, then sucked on them loudly. He considered it a success when Cas’ breathing hitched.

He was so enthralled with Cas and Gabe, Dean had forgotten it was the first time he was able to freely touch himself for fun, and when he did remember, he couldn’t have cared less. His mates were watching him, getting off on what he was doing. It was perfect, and he couldn’t ask for more.

“Stroke your cock again,” Cas said, and Dean pulled his fingers out of his mouth with an obscenely wet noise, grinning when Gabe moaned.

“Yes, sir,” Dean whispered, getting a huge kick out of the orders as he reached down and stroked, matching the pace to Cas’, which was faster now.

Cas turned to Gabe. “Push your fingers into his mouth,” he ordered.

Gabe didn’t waste any time, didn’t hesitate. He offered his fingers to Dean, who sucked on them, flicking at the skin with his tongue as Gabe shivered.

“Get him wet enough that Gabe can open himself for me,” Cas said.

“Oh fuck,” Gabe breathed, his voice shaky.

Dean pushed his tongue between Gabe’s fingers, getting him as wet as possible, then opened his mouth, pulling away and leaving a trail of spit from Gabe’s fingers to Dean’s bottom lip. Gabe’s mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but instead he just gaped at him for a moment.

“Get on your knees and use Dean’s spit to open yourself,” Cas said. “Give Dean a show.”

Dean groaned as Gabe got to his knees, turning his back to Dean and reaching around himself, shoving his fingers in with a squelching sound. Gabe whimpered, quickly working his way up to three fingers, his hips thrusting and his back arching.

“If you want it to burn, stop now,” Cas said, and Dean grinned when Gabe pulled his fingers out.

Dean knew Gabe liked the burn and stretch of a cock pushing into him after minimal preparation. He was so turned on he was panting as he crawled to Cas.

“Get in front of me, then push yourself onto my cock,” Cas said.

Dean stopped stroking as Gabe kneeled in front of Cas, too interested in what was going on to remember he was supposed to be stroking himself. Cas wrapped his right arm around Gabe’s stomach, and though Dean couldn’t see what was going on between them, he assumed the gasp from Gabe meant Cas’ cock had been pushed into him. Gabe winced, obviously feeling the burn, but he shuddered, a grin on his face that screamed arousal.

“Should I make him come on my cock, Dean?” Cas asked, slowly thrusting into Gabe.

Dean moaned. “Yeah! Fuck, yeah!” he said with a nod.

“Did I tell you to stop stroking your cock?” Cas asked, his tone of voice gruff and demanding.

Dean’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “No, sir,” he said as he started stroking himself again.

Cas grabbed Gabe’s chin with his left hand, yanking him back. “Watch him.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Gabe groaned, focusing on Dean again. “Fuck me, Cassy,” he drawled.

“Dude,” Dean said, rolling his eyes and chuckling. “You gotta stop with the Cassy thing.”

Gabe looked at Dean, a confused look on his face. “What?”

Cas leaned in close enough that Gabe could probably feel his breath on his neck. “Think of Dean’s past lovers, then think about what you just said.”

Gabe looked even more confused, then his eyes widened as he got it. “Oh, fuck! I’m so sorry!” he said. “I didn’t even think about Cassie Robinson!”

Dean chuckled. “I know. And I know you didn’t mean anything by it. It’s okay.”

“I’ve been saying it a lot,” Gabe said with a wince.

“I know,” Dean said with a nod. “And now that we’re courting and sharing a bed, I think it’s time you stopped.”

Gabe’s smile transformed the look on his face from one of guilt and shock to one of excitement and overwhelming love. “Okay,” he said with a nod. “I can do that.”

Dean smiled. “You’ll have to come up with another nickname that annoys Cas,” he said.

“Hmm, yeah,” Gabe said, stroking his own cock as he appeared to think it over.

“Don’t touch your cock,” Cas growled into Gabe’s shoulder, then he bit down on the skin.

“Ah!” Gabe yelped, reaching back and grabbing hold of Cas’ sides. “Sorry. Sorry,” he said.

Cas licked Gabe’s shoulder after he finished biting him. “I left a mark on Gabriel,” Cas said with an evil grin.

Dean groaned, closing his eyes as his head fell back against the headboard. “I, fuck, I’m gonna come if, oh,” he said, then hissed.

“Don’t come,” Cas barked.

Dean flinched, having not expected it, though it was just the right thing to do because it pushed his orgasm back. “Thanks, Cas,” Dean said with a smirk.

“Get on your knees,” Cas said, nodding at Dean.

Dean did as he was told, keeping his knees spread as he kneeled on the bed, his cock hard and leaking. He nearly drooled as Cas took Gabe’s cock in his left hand and started stroking it.

“Fuck your fist with your right hand,” Cas said, “and tug on your balls with your left hand.”

Gabe’s eyes were on Dean again, dark with arousal as Dean started to fuck his own fist, his hips matching the rhythm Cas was using to fuck Gabe.

“Both of you can come whenever you want,” Cas said, “but if you come before Gabe does, I’ll spank him.”

Dean and Gabe groaned at the same time. “Is that a challenge?” Dean asked.

Cas grinned. “You know Gabriel likes being spanked, so if he can hold off longer than you, he’ll get a reward,” he said as he stroked Gabe faster, fucked him harder. “But you’d better hurry. I don’t know how long he can hold out.”

“Dean,” Gabe whined. “Feels too good. And it’s so fucking hot watching you,” he said, shaking his head.

“You want me to come?” Dean asked innocently.

Gabe nodded, hissing as Cas licked and nibbled at his neck. “Yeah, come. Come for me-oh!” he gasped, biting his lip, a frown on his face as he worked at holding his composure.

Dean was close, but he wanted to make Gabe whine more. “You should ask nicely,” he said, going for cocky and full of confidence, but he probably missed the mark. He was too far gone.

“Please!” Gabe whined, long and loud. “Please come! Please! I w-wanna, yeah, fuck. Come for me! Come for us!” he begged with his teeth clenched.

Dean moaned, jerking himself faster and tugging on his balls, just enough to add a little pain to the mix. He fucked his fist, watching his mates performing for him, almost completely lost in arousal. He growled, losing his rhythm as he came, shooting all over the covers and not giving a damn that they’d need to be washed.

The second Dean started coming, Cas raised his right hand, his left still jerking Gabe, and brought his hand down, smacking Gabe’s right ass cheek hard enough that Gabe yelped and flinched. Gabe whimpered, his thighs shaking as he held his position. He gasped, then started coming, Cas’ hand smacking his ass over and over again, hard and loud, until Gabe couldn’t hold himself up anymore and sagged back against Cas.

Gabe’s stomach continued convulsing even after he’d come, making him shiver and spasm. Cas lowered him to the bed, then jerked off, coming all over Gabe’s stomach as Gabe blinked up at him.

“Lick it up,” Cas growled as he squeezed every last drop out of his cock.

Dean didn’t hesitate, knowing it was an order for him. He crawled over and mouthed at Gabe’s stomach, licking and sucking until he’d cleaned everything up.

“Good boys,” Cas said as he crawled off the bed and headed for the en-suite bathroom. He came back out with a washcloth, then wiped Dean and Gabe clean. “Now get under the blanket. Gabe likes to cuddle after coming.”

Dean huffed out a laugh as he pulled the covers down and crawled in. He lifted the blanket for Gabe, who barely managed to move himself. Once they were all underneath the blanket, Gabe in the middle, they wrapped themselves around each other, their breathing calming down as they enjoyed the afterglow.

“I’ve thought about what I’d like to save as only ours in the relationship,” Cas said. “I’m content with calling you both my mates, the loves of my life. No one else can ever have that privilege, and I believe once we’ve all claimed each other, I won’t have a problem with being possessive when others touch you. If one or both of you decide you want something else saved for just us, I’m completely open to anything you want, I’ll respect your feelings on the matter, but I wanted you both to know how I felt.”

Dean wished he wasn’t so tired. The fact that Cas was already thinking of a claiming ceremony thrilled him, and he reached across Gabe to stroke Cas’ side.

“I’d like to think about it more,” Gabe said, “but I’m leaning toward the same thing. I’d been thinking about it, and then when Sarah and Charlie said that’s all they kept for themselves, it was proof it could be done.”

“I wanna think about it too,” Dean said. “I think that’s all I’d need, but I’d hate to agree to that and then get pissed when someone did something to one of you guys that I wanted for myself.”

“What would you want for just us?” Gabe asked, sounding curious instead of challenging.

“I don’t know,” Dean said, shaking his head against Gabe’s right shoulder. “I keep trying to think of something, but Missouri and Anna’s restriction didn’t sound like something I wanted, and when Sarah talked about Jake and Tessa keeping her pussy for just Jake, it sounded kind of annoying.”

Gabe snorted. “I was thinking the same thing. I like kissing, I like fucking, and I get a kick out of seeing you guys kiss and fuck other people.”

“I feel the same way,” Cas said.

“I know you both like seeing me fuck and get fucked,” Dean said, “but if you wanted me to, I could save my cock for your asses.”

“Mmm,” Gabe moaned, “But I love watching you fuck other people too much.”

“Same here,” Cas said, then yawned.

“Okay,” Dean said. “That’s awesome, because I really wanna fuck Sarah at least once, and Charlie. Yeah. I wanna fuck her in the ass. I wanna see if she blushes or if she’s one of those chicks that goes wild when she has sex.”

“Oh, fuck,” Gabe growled. “You’re gonna break my dick. It’s tired and you made it twitch.”

Dean chuckled. “I’ll kiss it and make it better,” he said.

Gabe snorted. “That’s generous of you.”

“I think we should have a time limit,” Cas said. “If neither of you come up with something to save for the three of us in the next two days, for the sake of safety I think we should tell everyone there are no limitations.”

Dean nodded, pushing his face into Gabe’s neck. “I’ll agree to that.”

“Me too,” Gabe said.

“And I’ll agree to sleep now,” Dean said.

Gabe answered with a snore.

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