Part 17: Human Touch

Part-Specific Info
Case involving a physically abusive father who kills a boy’s (Jesse) mother. Jesse kills his father with his magic and sends out a distress call. The abuse isn’t discussed in detail, but the scenes are intense.
Dean/Charlie, Sam/Dean/Charlie (non-sexual), Dean/Impala, Gabriel/Impala, Dean/Gabriel/Impala
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Kevin, Dean, Sarah, Charlie, Jesse
Shower Sex, Cunnilingus, Enema, Handjob, Intense Situations, Abuse, Child in Danger, Bed-Sharing, Car Sex/Masturbation, Voyeurism, D/s
Summary Dean gives the Impala an oil change, then the house deals with an emergency in the neighborhood. Please read the warnings as there’s a child involved (NOT sexually) in this chapter.

The next morning Dean was sitting up in bed when Charlie came to the door. Cas and Gabe had already left, and Dean was really just waiting around until she came.

“Hey,” Dean said with a smile.

“Hey,” Charlie said, already stripping as she walked to the bed. “You ready for a shower?”

“I still don’t know what I did to deserve a hot chick taking a shower with me every morning,” Dean said as he stood up, scratching at his head.

Charlie chuckled, tossing her bra onto his bed. “Oh, you earned it,” she said as she walked to the bathroom.

Dean thoroughly appreciated her naked ass as he followed her. He’d slept naked, so he didn’t need to strip. He stepped into the shower after her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, kissing her shoulder as she adjusted the water temperature. He was already getting hard in anticipation.

“You smell good,” Dean said, sniffing at her neck, then licking. “I kinda don’t want to wash you clean.”

Charlie snorted. “I figured you’d like smelling Sarah’s pussy on me.”

Dean groaned, licking over her jaw and kissing her cheek, smelling and tasting Sarah. “Fuck yeah.”

“I ate her out this morning in bed,” Charlie said, then turned in his embrace and kissed him, opening her mouth for him.

He licked into her mouth, enjoying the taste of both Sarah and Charlie as he gently cupped her breasts. He was fully hard by the time he ended the kiss.

“You should eat her out every morning,” Dean said with a grin. “She’d probably really appreciate it.”

Charlie chuckled. “Oh, she does,” she said as she used her hands to guide him, turning him so he was facing the shower wall.

Dean spread his legs and rested his hands on the tiles. “Every morning?” he asked, wanting details.

“Unless she’s in a hurry to leave, yeah,” Charlie said, starting the flow of water from the shower head.

“One of these days,” Dean said as Charlie soaped him up, “I’m going to get up early and sneak into your room so I can watch.”

Charlie grinned. “Maybe one of these days we’ll invite you in so you can watch.”

“Aww,” Dean whined, “but then it would lose the suspense of getting caught.”

“Yeah,” Charlie said with a nod, “but if we knew you were there, we might invite you over for the cleanup job.”

Dean groaned. “Can I clean you up this morning?” he asked with a grin.

“You can do whatever you want this morning,” she said as she soaped between his ass cheeks.

“What if I wanna jerk off and eat you out at the same time,” he said, grabbing for his erection, “then come all over your feet?”

Charlie moaned as she crouched down and washed his legs and feet. “I’m up for anything, really.”

He washed her quicker than he had the day before, ready to get to the part where he could lick her pussy. He dropped to his knees before either of them had been rinsed off. She chuckled, stepping back and rinsing herself off.

“You don’t want a mouthful of soap, do you?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No,” he said, then leaned in as soon as she stepped toward him again. He licked at her, moaning as she pushed her pussy against his face and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I’ve never had a guy learn what I like as quickly as you,” she said softly.

Dean smiled against her pussy, a thrill of excitement running through him at the words. He wanted to make her happy, and he knew it could be hard to figure out exactly what she liked with her sensitivity issues, but it had been worth it if she gave him such a nice compliment.

It wasn’t long before she was coming, his own hand on his cock as he listened to the noises she made, his right shoulder pressed against her left leg in case her knees gave out. He wouldn’t let her fall. He held back a groan as she shivered against him. He knew it would be too much stimulation, and she sounded like she was having a great time.

When she’d stopped shivering and was panting instead of moaning, he pulled back and looked up at her, jerking himself quickly. She smiled down at him, running her thumb over his lips. She lifted her hand, pushing her thumb into her mouth and sucking on it, as if she wanted to get a taste of herself.

Dean gasped, his orgasm hitting hard and fast. He was too busy watching her suck on her own finger to pay attention, so he didn’t know if he ended up coming on her feet, and he didn’t really care.

Dean stood up when he was sure he could hold himself upright. They washed each other’s hair at the same time instead of in tandem like they had before, then she flipped the water flow to the hose and grabbed the bottle of lube off the shelf.

She lubed up her fingers, spread his cheeks after he turned toward the tile, then she pushed a finger inside him. “I think you’re all healed. I don’t feel the skin tear in here anymore,” she said as she pushed in another finger.

“Skin tear?” he asked, turning his head to look at her with a confused look on his face.

“Yeah,” she said, concentrating on what she was doing. “From when Kevin shoved the enema tube in your ass.”

“Huh?” Dean said, even more confused. “What are you talking about?”

Charlie looked up at him, her fingers no longer moving inside him. Dean felt the tingly sensation of an empath reading him, though it was stronger than normal for Charlie, not as gentle and subtle as she’d been before.

Her eyes widened as she looked him in the eye, then she broke eye contact, looking down at her hands again, her fingers moving once more.

“Never mind,” Charlie said, shaking her head.

Dean shrugged, leaning his forehead against the tiles. Charlie took her fingers out of his hole and gently pushed the tube in, filling him.

“I really enjoyed spending time with the primes,” Charlie said conversationally. “Are they gonna be coming back for a visit any time soon?”

“I don’t know,” Dean said. “I should call them. It’d be nice to know ahead of time so we can plan a big dinner.”

“Yeah, that was kind of sudden last time,” Charlie said.

“They do that sometimes,” Dean said, rubbing his stomach, “dropping in for no reason. I think they missed us.”

He felt Charlie pause beside him, and he didn’t know why, but soon enough she was puling the hose from him and standing back.

“Okay, go ahead and,” she started, then stopped as he got out and sat down on the toilet, releasing the water. “Oh, you decided you don’t mind me being in here,” she said with a smile.

He huffed out a laugh. “Was it ever a question?” he asked.

Charlie looked him in the eye, and again Dean felt the tingly sensation of an empath in his mind. It felt good, so he let her in, but she pulled back suddenly.

“I need to get our clothes ready,” she said with a smile. “You finish up there and I’ll be right back.”

Dean waved at her, then finished his business. He wiped down the bathroom and made his way into the bedroom. Charlie wasn’t there, and neither were their clothes. He frowned and walked to the doorway.

“Sorry,” Charlie said, walking down the hallway toward him. “It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to wear today.”

He chuckled and let her in the room, following her to stand by the end of the bed. They both dressed themselves, and Dean wished she would’ve helped him. It felt so good when she took care of him. Kevin used to do that for him.

“Do you have anything scheduled today?” she asked as she buttoned her jeans.

“Yeah,” Dean said with a nod. “I’ve got something long and boring. I’ll be leaving in about twenty minutes.”

“Well, have a good day,” she said, then smiled at him. She turned and hurried out of the room.

He frowned, wondering why she was in a hurry, and then he wondered why he was standing there frowning at an empty doorway. He looked at the clock, realizing he had to leave in twenty minutes, so he put his shoes on and headed downstairs to get the paperwork he needed.


Just as Dean had suspected, the meeting was long and boring, but even so, the longer he was out and working, the better he felt. He was doing good things for the community, and it made his mind feel clearer, he felt more alert.

He felt confident, proud of what he was doing, though he always kept himself in check so he didn’t get a big head. He was dealing with the lives of thousands of people.

He walked into the Palo Alto Alpha House later that day feeling like he’d made a great decision, that the meeting had gone very well considering they were faced with a situation where he couldn’t make everyone happy. He’d done the right thing, and he knew it in his heart.

Dean walked into the kitchen, following the smells. “Hey, Nick,” he said with a smile as he tossed a manilla folder down on the counter.

“Hey, Dean,” Nick said, looking over his shoulder as he mixed ingredients in a bowl.

“It smells amazing already,” he said, rubbing his stomach.

Nick chuckled. “I can hear your stomach growling from over here. It shouldn’t be too much longer. You can have a beer and relax for a while if you want.”

Dean shrugged. “I’m not all that worn out. Things went well, almost everybody was happy, and we’ve got solid plans.”

“Oh, was that the local worker’s union meeting?” Nick asked, dumping the contents of the bowl into a larger bowl full of chopped veggies.

“Yeah,” Dean said with a nod. “I thought it was going to be harder to come to an agreement. When you’re talking the livelihood of a few hundred workers, things can get heated, but it went better than I could’ve hoped.”

“That’s great!” Nick said, tossing the ingredients in the bowl.

“I’m gonna file this in the office, but when I come back, is there anything I can help with?” Dean asked hopefully.

Nick nodded. “I can find somethin’ for you to do,” he said.

“Okay, be back in a minute,” Dean said, taking his folder and heading toward the office.

He filed the papers away, logging them back into the computer system for reference, then walked back out to the kitchen, unbuttoning his shirt as he went.

“Hey,” he said with a smile as he saw all his housemates in the kitchen. Some were sitting on bar stools at the island, others were helping Nick, and some were just standing around talking.

There was a chorus of greetings, a few hugs, and a kiss on the cheek from Charlie, which made Dean chuckle.

“So what can I do?” Dean asked Nick.

“You can slice up the bread and spread the garlic butter,” Nick said, handing Dean a platter of two fresh-baked loaves of bread.

“You got it,” Dean said, taking the platter and heading to the island.

Just as Dean set the platter down, Sarah, Charlie, Sam, and Kevin let out screams, putting their hands on their heads. Kevin fell to his knees as he screamed, then curled into a ball on the floor.

Dean went on full alert, pulling the knife out of his slacks in case there was a threat. Benny was already heading to the window, and Dean knew he was looking for a threat outside. Gabe and Cas took up a protective stance close to the four who were now moaning in pain as Nick hurried to Sam.

“It’s okay,” Sam hissed with his eyes squeezed shut, holding his hand out to Nick. “A high-level empath sent out a distress call.”

“He’s too young,” Charlie growled. “He can’t control it.”

Sarah forced herself to stand up straight and took Charlie by the wrist. “I know where he is,” she said, heading for the front door.

“Freeze,” Benny barked, and everyone obeyed. “I need a sit-rep.”

Sarah nodded. “It’s a child, about two and a half miles from the house. The threat is neutralized, but he’s scared, so he sent out a distress call. I’m confident Charlie and I will be safe, even from the boy.”

“Go,” Benny said with a nod.

“Let’s go,” Charlie said, squinting as she let Sarah lead the both of them through the living room and out the front door.

“Talk to me,” Dean said to Sam. It wasn’t a demand for attention, but something they used when hunting, a command to fill each other in on the situation.

“I think his name is Jesse Turner,” Sam said, his teeth clenched as he rubbed his forehead. “He sent out a distress call to anyone in the city who could help. All I got was pictures and emotions. He’s been getting stronger, but after just witnessing his father kill his mother, his powers flared, and he couldn’t control them.”

Nick headed for the land line in the kitchen and started dialing. Dean assumed he was calling the primes to send a crisis team. Benny walked to the sink, picked up a towel, and wet it. He took the towel to Sam, holding it up to his forehead as he pulled a chair out and directed Sam onto it.

Kevin was shaking on the floor, whimpering and clutching his head even though Sam looked as if he was only suffering from the residual pain of the distress call.

Nick growled. “I can’t get through. I keep dialing, but all I’m getting is a dial tone. It’s not ringing.”

Dean pulled out his cell phone. “I’ve got no bars,” he said, and watched as everyone else pulled their cell phones out and had the same result.

“It’s most likely the child’s power that took out the towers and land lines, but I’ll check the perimeter,” Cas said, then turned to Gabriel, “and you check inside the house. Check for anything unusual just in case this has nothing to do with the boy.”

Gabe nodded and took off immediately, as did Cas. Nick knelt down beside Kevin, putting a hand on the back of his neck to ground him. Sam took a cleansing breath while Dean got both Kevin and Sam a glass of water.

“He killed his dad,” Sam said, sounding almost broken. “He didn’t mean to kill him, even after what his dad did to his mom.”

“How close is Sarah?” Dean asked, handing a glass of water to Nick, then holding the glass for Sam to take a drink.

“She’ll be there in just a couple minutes,” Sam said.

“Does he know they’re coming?” Dean asked.

Sam opened his eyes to look at Dean, nodded, then winced and squeezed his eyes shut again. “Yeah. He’s scared out of his mind, devastated over what’s happened, but he’s hiding under the table in the kitchen, waiting for Sarah and Charlie.”

“Why’s he hiding?” Dean asked.

“He’s scared his dad’s gonna wake up and hurt him,” Sam said, sounding disgusted.

“He doesn’t know his dad’s dead?” Dean asked, surprised.

Sam huffed out a bitter laugh. “He’s a kid. He’s only seven. Even though he can sense his dad’s dead, he’s too scared to think about it rationally.”

Kevin growled. “His asshole of a father has been hurting him for years,” he said, and Dean could see him trying to sit up. Nick helped him and Kevin sat with his back against the wall.

Sam nodded as Benny draped the towel over Sam’s eyes, crouching down next to him. “He hits him,” Sam mumbled.

“Tells Jesse he deserves it,” Kevin snarled, “because he’s a freak of nature.”

Dean sighed, crouching down and putting a hand on Sam’s knee. Sam had always said physical contact helped when he was upset psychically. Nick must’ve known this already because he had both hands on Kevin.

“Can Sarah and Charlie handle it?” Dean asked, keeping his voice low.

Sam nodded even though Benny was holding the towel against his face. “They’re gonna need some help when they get home later, but they can do this.”

“How can we help them?” Dean asked.

“They’ll both need minimal sense input,” Sam said. “Well, other than touch. They’ll need lots of touching.”

“We can do that,” Dean said with a nod.

“Same way you help me,” Sam said. “Keep your voice low, keep the lights down, keep your emotions level, and use as much skin-on-skin contact as you can.”

“Okay,” Dean said.

“The primes had to have felt that distress call,” Nick said.

“Damn, kid’s strong,” Benny breathed.

“Yeah, I think most of the state felt it,” Nick said, sounding impressed. “They’re probably preparing and sending out a team to take the boy somewhere to help him.”

“They’ll send him to a crisis house,” Sam said. “Low sensory input and plenty of empaths and betas around to help him heal.”

“He hurt himself?” Dean asked, wincing. High-level empaths, especially younger ones, could sometimes hurt themselves by using too much of their power before their body was capable of handling it.

“He was too young to have such a big flare,” Sam said. “It’s possible he’s okay physically and psychically, but he’s traumatized.”

“No surprise there,” Dean said, “I was just worried he did something to his brain.”

“No,” Sam said, shaking his head, “I think he’s okay. I’m still getting a low level of feedback from him, and even though he’s upset, it seems more like mental trauma than something like brain damage.”

“He’s gonna be a level ten,” Kevin whispered almost reverentially.

Sam snorted. “He’s probably gonna test off the charts.”

“They’ll teach him how to heal himself at the crisis house,” Kevin said, “and they’ll do everything they can to make the transition easy on him.”

“So there’s nothing we can do?” Dean asked, feeling anxious, like he needed to do something.

Sam shook his head. “Not for Jesse, but we can prepare the house for Sarah and Charlie.”

“Okay,” Dean said as he stood up, feeling more confident now that he knew he could do something. “I’m going to change the bedding in Sarah’s room and the guest room, just in case they decide they need neutral ground instead of their own bedroom.” It didn’t happen often, but sometimes after a psychic drain, people couldn’t even stand the everyday smells of their own homes.

Benny nodded. “We’ll take turns showerin’ before they get back,” he said as he took the towel from Sam’s face. “They’ll need us, and it’d be easier on ’em if we smelled fresh.”

“Can I get a sponge bath?” Sam asked with a grin, already looking better than he did a few minutes ago.

Dean chuckled as he helped Benny get Sam to his feet. “No, and don’t use the girlie shampoo,” he said to Sam.

Sam chuckled, steadying himself on his feet. “No, really,” he whined. “I’m too weak to stand in the shower. I need lots of attention.”

Dean snorted, then turned to Benny. “Why aren’t you giving him a sponge bath?” he asked with a smirk.

“I wanna secure the perimeter,” Benny replied, ignoring the teasing. “I don’t want anyone takin’ advantage of the situation.”

Nick helped Kevin to his feet, and Dean’s eyes widened as he saw just how bad Kevin looked. Nick was nearly carrying him.

Dean and Nick caught Kevin as his knees gave out, and Nick used the momentum to pick Kevin up, one arm under his knees and the other behind his back.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked, directing his question to Kevin, but looking up at Nick as well.

“I think it was too soon,” Nick said. “I don’t think he’s fully recovered from the yellow magics.”

Kevin’s eyes were closed, his skin paler than usual as he pushed his face into Nick’s chest. “Don’t feel good,” he said.

“I’ll get him upstairs and into bed,” Nick said, then carried Kevin away.

“Go ahead and change the linens,” Benny said, nodding to Dean. “I’m gonna check the locks on the windows and doors, check around outside, meet up with Cas and Gabe, then I’ll be waitin’ for the girls.”

“Okay,” Dean said with a nod, then headed for the stairs.


It seemed to take forever, but soon Benny was opening the front door and helping Sarah and Charlie in. Cas, Gabe, and Benny hadn’t found anything unusual, so they decided it was Jesse’s powers that took out the cell phones and land lines.

Sarah looked bad enough that Dean’s eyes widened. She was leaning almost all her weight on Benny, her eyes half closed. Benny finally just picked her up.

“Hey,” Sarah grumbled, a halfhearted protest to the manhandling.

“Let him take care of you,” Charlie said, and it was clearly a command. “Take her upstairs and get her into bed,” she said to Benny.

“Yes, ma’am,” Benny said, then did as he was told, Cas and Gabe trailing after him.

As soon as Sarah was out of sight, Charlie started to cry. Dean was by her side before the first tear had a chance to run off her chin.

“C’mere,” Dean said, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing the front of his body against her, giving her the physical touch she needed.

Charlie melted against him, her legs giving out as she pushed her face against Dean’s chest and sniffling. Sam came up behind her, pressing himself against her, rubbing her shoulders and nuzzling at her hair.

“I’m sorry,” Charlie said into Dean’s shirt.

“It’s okay,” Dean said softly. “Whatever you need, we’re here for you.”

“Don’t tell Sarah,” Charlie said, then let out a sob.

“The guys are taking care of her so she can rest,” Sam said confidently. “They’ll let her know we’re taking care of you.”

“No,” Charlie said, then sniffled. “I mean don’t tell her I’m this upset.”

“Do you want me to shield you?” Sam asked.

Charlie nodded. “I did something she told me not to do.”

Dean felt the prickly sensation of Sam’s powers spreading out around them, then the sensation went away, though Dean knew Sam was still shielding Sarah from her mate’s anguish.

“What did you do, sweetheart?” Dean asked gently.

“I need,” Charlie said, then let out another sob. “I need something.”

“Let’s get her into the guest room,” Sam said. “She needs skin-on-skin.”

Dean nodded, holding onto Charlie’s hand as Sam picked her up and carried her upstairs. After Sam walked into the guest room, Dean closed the door. He stripped as Sam laid Charlie on the bed, then he crawled onto the bed and started undoing the buttons of her shirt while Sam stripped himself.

They worked in silence, knowing she needed to be grounded before she could handle talking to them any more. Sam turned the bedside lamp on, keeping it on the lowest setting, and turned the overhead light off. Dean was taking Charlie’s socks off by the time Sam climbed onto the bed.

Charlie stared up at the ceiling, tears running into her hair as they worked together to get her jeans and panties off. Once she was completely naked, Sam eased himself down onto the bed, then pulled her on top of him so they were face-to-face. She sighed, her legs falling to the side of Sam’s legs and her arms flopping down along his sides. She nuzzled at Sam’s neck a moment, then rested her head on his chest.

Sam had always enjoyed being massaged when he’d had a rough day psychically, especially when he was training. Dean hoped it would make Charlie feel better.

“Can I use oil to massage you?” Dean whispered.

When Sam was younger, sometimes scents bothered him, other times he liked a pleasant smell like lavender when he was healing. Dean needed to ask her to be sure.

“I can’t, n-no, please. I can’t handle the smell right now, but a massage sounds wonderful,” she said.

“Okay,” Dean soothed, putting his hands on her back and starting up a gentle massage.

They were quiet for a while, the only sounds in the room their breathing and Dean’s hands moving over Charlie’s skin.

Charlie sniffled. “Sarah’s told me before that I should wait and let a team help people in distress.”

Sam reached up and ran his hands over Charlie’s sides. “It’s hard, especially when it’s a kid,” he said.

Charlie nodded. “Yeah, and he was so scared, so… I mean he was, i-it, his head, his mind,” Charlie stumbled through her words, then sighed. “He was on his way to a psychotic break when we got there.”

Dean flinched, then reminded himself to keep his emotions level. Charlie was using the two of them to heal herself, and it was even more important if she’d done what he thought she had done.

“You can tell us if you want,” Sam said, “or you can show us if it would help.”

Dean braced himself. It was a huge offer. One Sam didn’t really need to make, but Dean wouldn’t even think of taking back the offer. If she needed them, they would be there for her, even if it hurt. He didn’t feel as if she was reading the both of them for their reaction, but she did pause before answering, so he let himself feel as open to the idea as he could, knowing she’d feel it.

Charlie sniffled again. “I think I wanna do a little of both, if that’s okay.”

“Anything you need,” Dean said, his strokes up and down her back becoming a little more firm now that she was getting used to his touch.

Dean’s hands stuttered when he felt the first emotion, even though he’d been expecting something. It wasn’t what he’d expected. She’d shared with them the relief Jesse had felt as he saw Charlie, as she crawled under the table and wrapped her arms around him without a care in the world for herself, without checking to make sure it was safe for her to do so.

She hadn’t meant to open herself up as much as she had when he grabbed her shirt in his hands, hanging onto her like she was a life preserver. She’d been there to comfort him until a crisis team arrived, to shield him from any more damage. But he’d felt so good in her arms.

He’d cried onto her shirt, tears and snot staining the material, and as he trembled, as he begged her, asked her why it had happened, why Daddy made Mommy stop breathing, why his head sent out a big ball of light that made Daddy stop breathing, she let him in.

She used Sarah, and Sarah helped willingly, but she hadn’t known Charlie was letting him in. It would be a huge drain on Sarah, even if Charlie was the one doing all the work. Emotional drain was always so much worse than just plain psychic drain, and they had to keep a high-level, uncontrolled, untrained warlock from losing his mind.

A young warlock like Jesse could easily spike when scared, sending out magics like sparks from a live power line. There was no way for Charlie to hide the fact she was draining Sarah, but Sarah would assume Charlie was doing it to control those sparking magics.

With everything his father had done to him, Charlie was impressed that Jesse still trusted her. He was already so strong, so advanced in using his abilities that he’d probably searched her for malicious intent as they were driving to his house. But even so, to trust another human being after his own father had done so much to him, well, it moved Charlie.

He sank into her, wallowing in her as she pushed into his mind and softened the rough edges of pain, eased everything as he used her to heal himself.

“I told him it was our secret,” Charlie said. “I told him Sarah wouldn’t be mad at him if she found out, but that this was just for us. It was a healing game.”

Dean smiled, then looked at Sam when he noticed Sam’s fingers wiggling around, trying to get his attention. Sam pursed his lips and tapped his index finger to his lips, then glanced down at Charlie. Dean nodded and leaned down, then started placing soft kisses over Charlie’s skin, offering more contact and attention.

Charlie sighed, relaxing against Sam even more. She chuckled as she showed them Jesse peeking around Charlie to look at Sarah.

“He told me that Sarah didn’t look good in black, that green was a much prettier color,” she said with a smile. “I’ve gotta remember later to tell Sarah she needs to change her wardrobe.”

Dean and Sam chuckled. “We should pick out some green blouses for her,” Dean said and Sam grunted, nodding in agreement.

Charlie snorted. “I don’t know. She really likes wearing black,” she said, shaking her head.

She showed them Jesse pushing his face back into her shirt, scenting her. Dean felt the release of guilt Charlie gave Jesse. She told him it was okay, that it was like a sneeze, that the power flashing out of him was just as sudden and almost involuntary like a sneeze.

Jesse had smiled, would’ve giggled had he not been so traumatized. He’d imagined sneezing on his dad, and Dean nearly chuckled out loud. It gave him hope for Jesse, because even with everything that had happened, the mental image was so childish, such an innocent reaction to what Charlie had told him that Dean saw the possibility of Charlie helping Jesse keep some of the innocence of childhood.

He knew Jesse would never be the same, but no kid deserved to have innocence ripped from them. Dean shivered as he felt Charlie’s healing powers wash over Jesse, felt Jesse’s mind hold onto it as hard as he could like psychic claws, allowing Sarah’s magics to mix with his own when he could have rejected it because it wasn’t from Charlie.

Dean hadn’t realized he had stopped moving, his forehead resting on Charlie’s back, his hands on her skin. As she slowly brought him back to the here and now, he raised his head.

He couldn’t help his confusion over what had just happened. He hadn’t meant to send the confusion to her, but he felt her laugh, her body moving under his hands.

Charlie turned her head to the right, then put her left cheek down on Sam’s chest so she was facing Dean. “You expected me to bombard you with images and feelings of all the shitty things Jesse’s dad did to him,” she said instead of asked, her voice a little slurred.

Dean snorted. “Kinda, yeah,” he said sheepishly, noticing Sam’s smirk.

Charlie reached back with her right hand and grabbed at Dean’s side, then his arm when he still didn’t do what she wanted him to do. Her movements were slow and uncoordinated, so he wasn’t sure what she wanted, but when he got an image in his head from her, he immediately stretched out beside Sam, resting his head on Sam’s arm like she had shown him she wanted.

She let her right arm flop down onto Dean’s chest and moved her right leg over onto his legs so she was nearly half on top of him, half on top of Sam. Dean ran his fingers over her arm, giving her more stimulation and touch.

“You guys know he went through horrible shit,” Charlie mumbled, her eyes closed. “If I wallowed in all the horrible shit, I’d never heal. I wanna remember the good stuff, let go of what hurts, and wallow in you guys instead.”

Dean chuckled. “Wallow all you want,” he said, then kissed Charlie’s shoulder.

He continued running his fingers over her arm, down her back, over her right ass cheek, then tickled Sam’s balls with the tips of his fingers. He didn’t pause, even when he heard Sam’s breath stutter, just ran his fingers back up over Charlie. He grinned when Sam reached up and yanked on his left ear in retaliation.

Charlie giggled. “You know, even if I didn’t know you guys so well, I still would’ve known what you just did because I’ve completely opened myself up to you for healing.”

“He did it first,” Sam grumbled.

Charlie giggled again. “You guys are adorable.”

Dean thought about it for a moment, about what Charlie was doing with them, the healing she needed. He thought about the phrase sexual healing, wondered if it was true, it it would help. But he didn’t want to mention it. Charlie was using them to heal emotional and psychic wounds. He wasn’t a total bastard.

Charlie snorted. “Yes, I can be healed by sex as long as there’s love involved. It’s more of a loving along with sexual healing.”

Dean felt himself blush a little. “Sorry,” he said, remembering that she was reading everything he was thinking.

Charlie patted his chest. “No reason to be sorry. Like I said, you guys are adorable. It was a valid question, and I thought it was nice of you to try and keep it to yourself. It’s just you can’t really keep it to yourself right now. But I don’t mind.”

“Pervert,” Sam teased and Dean chuckled.

“Hmm,” Charlie hummed dramatically. “Maybe I should tell him what’s in your head, Sam.”

Sam snorted. “Yeah, I suppose I should try and focus on other things, but I do have a naked woman on top of me and a naked man at my side.”

“It’s okay,” Charlie said. “Physical reactions, blah, blah.”

Dean huffed out a laugh. “Did you read that in a science journal?” he teased.

She flicked his chin with her middle finger. “Now, see, I was gonna let you fuck me in the ass, but you had to be all smartass about it,” she said with a smile.

Dean whined. “Aww! I take it back,” he said, though he was chuckling as he said it.

“Nope,” Charlie said, “now Sam gets to fuck me in the ass.”

“Ha-ha!” Sam gloated.

“Damn it,” Dean growled playfully.

“Sam’s ass would be free for the taking,” Charlie sing-songed.

“Ooh, yeah!” Dean said, then realized his cock wasn’t joining in on the excitement.

Charlie chuckled. “Yeah, that’s a side effect of me using you to heal myself. Sorry,” she said, not really sounding all that apologetic. Instead she was giggling as he frowned.

Sam barked out a laugh. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry,” he said, holding his right hand over Charlie’s head. “That was a fucking loud laugh.”

“It’s okay,” Charlie said. “I’m feeling much better. You’ve got enough power in you to speed things along, and don’t tell Dean, but he has enough compassion to complement the healing nicely.”

Dean snorted. “It’s not emasculating if it heals a naked chick.”

Charlie giggled as Sam said, “Oh, you’ve created a monster.”

Charlie yawned. “I feel like I could sleep for a while. Do you guys mind?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Sam said.

Dean reached for the small blanket next to him and tossed it over the three of them. “Sleep as long as you want, sweetheart.”

“Thanks, guys,” she said softly, sending out a warming glow, using Sam’s magics to make all three of them feel protected and content.


The next morning Dean stepped out the front door, ready to work on the Impala. She needed an oil change, and it was a beautiful day to do it. It was sunny out, but it wasn’t overly warm.

Dean felt refreshed after having been prepared by Charlie again. She’d made good on her promise to let him decide what happened during their morning time, so when he’d asked for a blowjob, she’d smiled at him, dropped to her knees, and made him come so hard he’d had to hold onto the sides of the shower so he didn’t fall.

He opened the garage door, grabbing a few quarts of motor oil he’d purchased the day before on his way home. Working on his car always calmed him, let him do something he knew he was good at, working with his hands, and all of it without the threat of imminent death.

Sure, he loved hunting. But sometimes it was nice to lose himself in the car. Let all his cares and worries go while he focused on the noises she made, the way she felt under his hands, the way she vibrated when she was running like she should.

By the time he was finished, he had grease all over his hands, the Impala was purring, and he was half hard as he closed the hood. He looked around, grinning when he saw Benny wasn’t back yet, having taken his gigantic truck, which meant the only ones home were Nick, Gabe, and Charlie.

Dean grabbed a clean rag and slid into the driver’s seat, using the rag to close to the door so he didn’t get grease all over the interior. He wiped a little grease on the front of his jeans, then unbuttoned them.

“Sound beautiful, sweetheart,” Dean mumbled affectionately as he pulled his cock out.

The streaks of grease on his cock as he stroked it a few times only served to make him harder. He slapped his cock onto the steering wheel a couple of times, not worried about the grease there because it could easily be cleaned later.

He spread his legs and slid down in the seat a little, getting comfortable and pulling his balls out of his underwear. He thrust up, pushing his balls against the underside of the steering wheel. It was warm and smooth and felt great and he swiveled his hips, rubbing his balls against the steering wheel.

Dean had left the car running, so the vibrations added to the sensations. He looked at the dashboard, all shiny and recently oiled. His car really was beautiful. He turned his head and sniffed at the back of the seat, and the smell made his hips jerk, the tip of his cock scraping over the middle of the steering wheel.

He moaned as he stroked his cock with his right hand, using his left hand to caress the steering wheel. “Mmm, gonna get me off?” he asked, glad that no one else could hear him.

Dean knew full well she couldn’t hear him, but the ritual of caring for the car, the smell of her, the softness of her, and the way she purred for him all added up to something he’d long ago stopped ridiculing himself for. So he liked his car more than other people normally did. He wasn’t hurting anybody.

He remembered the first time he’d come in her. He remembered the first time he’d fucked a girl in her. He remembered losing his virginity to Cas in the back seat after Cas had said he was sure Dean would love getting fucked if he’d just try it. Cas was right.

There were a million memories associated with this car, nearly all of them good. He picked one of his favorites, leaning back and closing his eyes, letting the memory overtake him.

When they were nineteen, Gabe and he had taken a road trip. It was a hunt, and it was really out of their way, but it was for fun and totally worth it. The hunt ended up being a false lead anyway. Humans can be so much more twisted than the supernatural, and after the police captured the man who was dressing up like a sasquatch and knifing hikers, the guys headed back home.

On the way, Dean was still pumped from a hunt that didn’t end up with him killing something evil, and Gabe just laughed at him, told him to pull over. Dean hadn’t even realized he was hard, but as soon as he’d put the car in park, Gabe had yanked Dean’s legs across the seat, wriggled down in between them, and had blown Dean so enthusiastically that Dean ripped the collar of Gabe’s shirt without meaning to.

Dean had returned the favor, Gabe having been so turned on by a horny Dean that his poor cock had been nearly purple and hard enough that Gabe had hissed as Dean had pulled it out of his jeans. He gave Gabe a blowjob as he caressed the seat, enjoying the smell of Gabe and the leather seats.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean groaned, fucking his fist, his cock leaving a smear of precome on the steering wheel.

Dean gripped the steering wheel with his left hand, a good hold on her as he fucked his fist, grunting with the effort. Just as he started to come, he heard the passenger door open. He raised his head, eyes wide as he came all over the steering wheel, whimpering and shaking.

Gabe slid into the passenger seat and closed the door, turning toward Dean, a smirk on his face. “That was fucking hot,” he drawled.

“You scared the shit outta me,” Dean said, then looked at the steering wheel, which was dripping with come. He would’ve blushed had he not just had a really great orgasm.

Gabe leaned over and licked the steering wheel, cleaning it with his tongue, and Dean’s cock managed a painful twitch because yeah, it was just that hot. And Gabe probably didn’t even realize why it was so fucking hot.

Gabe stopped, looking at Dean with that smirk still in place. “Have you ever gotten off just rubbing your cock on her seats?”

This time Dean blushed and his mouth opened, but nothing came out. Gabe chuckled, shaking his head.

“You think I didn’t know how much you love your car?” Gabe asked, then chuckled again. “Dude, Cas and I have joked about the possibility of calling our relationship a foursome because it’s totally obvious how much you love this car!”

Dean let out a noise that definitely wasn’t a squeak. “Fuck, you both know?” he asked with a wince.

“Yeah,” Gabe said as if it was never in question. “So does Sam. And Benny. And Nick saw you out here the other day. But I don’t think Kevin knows. And maybe Charlie knows, but unless Charlie told Sarah, she probably doesn’t know.”

Dean huffed, shaking his head. “I thought I was being all sneaky about my perverted car kink.”

Gabe laughed. “Not so much.”

“So you’ve let me think I’m all sneaky and getting away with it all this time,” Dean said, “but you decided to burst my bubble today. Why’s that?”

“Because I couldn’t take it anymore,” Gabe growled. “My mate is in here shooting off like a rocket, making all kinds of amazing sounds, and he has no clue that it’s one of the hottest things all of us has ever seen.”

Dean winced. “So you aren’t laughing about it behind my back?” he asked.

Gabe snorted. “Fuck, no. And I figured that’s what you were worried about, so I wanted to burst your bubble for good reasons. Sam said not to ever tell you because you’d freak, but I’d much rather see how hard you can get off when you watch me fuck her,” he said, waggling his eyebrows. “With your permission, of course.”

Dean whimpered, his cock twitching again. “I don’t think she’ll mind,” he said with a grin.

Gabe smiled. “Awesome. Should I fuck her now or would your dick fall right off if I did that?”

Dean groaned, his head falling back against the seat. “What do you wanna do to her?” he asked, then looked up at Gabe.

“Have you ever had a fantasy?” Gabe asked. “Something you’ve wanted to ask one of us do to, but because this was your big, scary secret, you never said anything about it?”

Dean snorted. “I have plenty of them, but the first one that came to mind was one that I don’t know if you’d wanna do during the day, where everyone can see you.”

Gabe’s smile turned into a smirk. “Have you ever known me to be shy about sex?”

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head. “But it would be obvious what you’re doing.”

Gabe shrugged. “Lay it on me. I can always say no.”

“Okay,” Dean said, rising to the challenge. “Fuck the hood.”

Gabe nodded. “I’d do it.”

“Really?” Dean asked, a buzz of excitement in his stomach.

“Yeah!” Gabe said, opening his door and getting out.

“Oh, shit,” Dean said, almost forgetting to use the rag to open his door in his hurry to get out of the car.

Gabe already had his jeans open and his cock in hand by the time Dean made his way to the front of the car.

“I don’t want the paint scratched,” Dean said, “so you gotta drop your jeans.”

Gabe chuckled. “I wouldn’t dream of scratching the paint,” he said as he pushed his jeans to his ankles. “Do you want my boxers down too?”

Dean was so excited he was panting, his cock fully hard again. “Fuck, yeah,” he breathed.

Gabe didn’t hesitate, dropping his boxers to his ankles and spreading his legs as much as possible within the confines of his jeans and boxers. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Can you last a little while?” Dean asked, staring at Gabe’s hard cock.

“Eh,” he said as if thinking it over. “Tell me what you’d like me to do, and if I get too excited, I’ll just tell you to hurry up.”

Dean chuckled. “Okay, I want you to put your hands on the hood and thrust your hips, poking her with the end of your dick.”

Gabe was moving before Dean was done speaking. Dean moaned as Gabe did exactly what Dean had asked. Dean wrapped a hand around his own cock and started stroking as Gabe poked at the hood with his cock, letting out a breathy gasp as his cock made contact with the hood.

“Okay,” Gabe said, “I started out doing this for you, but it feels more awesome than I thought it would.”

“Yeah?” Dean asked, grinning.

“Hell, yeah,” Gabe said. “She’s so smooth and warm from the sun. I’m leaking on her already, so I’m slidin’ a little when I touch her.”

“I’m so gonna owe you for this,” Dean groaned.

“Ooh, I gotta think of something cool, something to make you do in return that you wouldn’t normally do,” Gabe said, grinning at Dean.

Dean chuckled. “Take advantage of it. This is fucking amazing, and you could ask me for almost anything and I’ll do it.”

“I get time to think about it, right? So I can come up with something good?” he asked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah. Take your time.”

“Awesome,” Gabe said.

“Start rubbing the underside of your dick over her,” Dean said, stroking his cock faster, “like you’re fucking her back before you slide into her.”

“Oh, fuck,” Gabe breathed as he did what Dean told him to do. “This feels fucking amazing. You’ve done this, right?” he asked, looking at Dean.

Dean snorted. “As many times as I could get away with it.”

“Oh, sh-shit!” Gabe said, his cock sliding over the hood.

As Gabe thrust with longer strokes, the side of his cock head caught on the parts of the hood not lubed by his precome, stuttering over the paint and making Gabe groan.

“She feels, oh,” Gabe gasped, his hips stuttering, losing his rhythm, “fucking, yeah – oh! Fuck, lemme come, Dean. Please. I gotta come.”

“Get her all messy,” Dean growled, stroking his cock faster.

“Oh, oh, f-fuck! Fuck! Dean!” Gabe yelled as he came all over the hood, having never touched his cock, the only stimulation being the hood of Dean’s car as he fucked her.

Dean whimpered as his orgasm hit him almost painfully. He shot on the hood near Gabe’s come, then smeared it over the hood as he rubbed his cock through the mess.

“Shame you need to clean that off,” Gabe said, looking down at their come. “I know it’s not good for the paint job to leave it, but that’s fucking hot.”

Dean chuckled. “We’ll just have to do it again another time,” he said with a shrug.

Gabe grinned. “Maybe next time we can get Cas to fuck her,” he said.

“Oh, that’d be awesome,” Dean groaned.

“Hey, can we give her a full wash?” Gabe asked. “Ya know, soapy bucket of water and all?”

Dean shrugged. “Sure.”

“Cool!” Gabe said, pulling his jeans and boxers up. “But we might have to wash her again if I end up fucking her while she’s all soapy and slippery.”

Dean flinched as his cock twitched. It really should’ve been satisfied by now. It was all Gabe’s fault. Gabe was gonna break his dick.

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