Part 2: A Lesson in Rules

Part-Specific Info
Benny uses spanking as discipline on Dean while Sam is in the room.
Dean/Benny, Sam
Benny, Sam, Dean
Anal Sex, Discipline Spanking, Crying, Voyeurism
Summary Dean learns a hard lesson in the new house rules he has to follow.

They had all moved into their rooms, spread their stuff out, and made their house a home. Nick was in the kitchen making dinner, Kevin and Sam were going through the library and familiarizing themselves with it, Gabriel was setting up the infirmary, and Castiel was cataloging the items in the house for future reference and to see if there was anything else they needed.

Dean had finished hanging his clothes in his closet and was in the garage, making sure the very well-stocked tool collection was up to his standards when Benny walked up next to Dean. He leaned against the workbench, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Hey,” Dean said, smiling at Benny, then going back to his inspection of the tools.

“Hey,” Benny replied. He sighed, and Dean knew Benny wanted to talk about something, but neither of them were very good at talking things out.

“Spit it out, dude,” Dean said as he pulled open the top drawer of a large tool chest.

“Are you going to be okay with this?” he asked.

Dean snorted. “I don’t have a choice now,” he said, and it wasn’t bitterly, just stating a fact.

“No, not unless you challenge a few of them,” Benny said. “But I know it’s not what you’d expected, and we need to function as a pack. If you’re unhappy, that’s not going to work.”

“I’m not a pup,” Dean growled.

“Hey,” Benny said, grabbing Dean’s arm and dragging him close.

Dean looked up at Benny defiantly, not ready to go so far as to make eye contact and force dominance, but he looked at Benny’s mouth, not down at the floor. He could handle this. He was an adult. He had a job to do, and he’d do it well.

“Look at me,” Benny said calmly, and Dean raised his eyes to Benny’s. “I didn’t call you a pup. This isn’t about your maturity. I wouldn’t have set up a pack with a pup.”

Dean felt his face heat up. He was upset, and he was acting like the very thing he was trying to say he wasn’t. Benny was right. Nobody in the pack was too young to be in this position. The alpha primes wouldn’t have sent them here had they been puppies.

“Sorry,” Dean mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Benny’s waist, leaning his forehead against Benny’s shoulder.

Benny snaked his arms around Dean, hugging him close, and he kissed the side of Dean’s head. “All of us respect you, and anyone who doesn’t will answer to me and Sam. You’re an alpha. You’re a strong alpha in your own right, and you have a place here that’s important just like everyone else.”

Dean turned his head to bite Benny’s shoulder, making Benny chuckle. It wasn’t a challenge. It was more like ‘I’m sick of talking about feelings and mushy shit.’

Benny’s right hand moved down Dean’s back, smoothing over Dean’s left ass cheek and giving a squeeze. Dean moved his right hand to Benny’s crotch, cupping Benny’s hardening cock.

“I didn’t fuck you earlier,” Benny said as he ran a finger down the crease of Dean’s ass.

“And I didn’t get to come,” Dean whined.

The dominance displays were over. The sex this time would be about two horny men that wanted release. Uncomplicated and fun within the confines of the dominance that had already been established.

Benny chuckled. “Have you ever come on just cock before?” he asked.

Dean growled. “No,” he said as he worked Benny’s pants open.

“Hmm, we’ll have to work on that,” Benny said, smacking Dean’s ass, turning them around, and pushing Dean against the workbench.

Dean pulled Benny’s cock out, kissing Benny as he felt Benny undo his pants and push them down his hips. Benny lifted Dean by his underarms, setting him down on the workbench. Dean was glad the workbench was polished and sealed wood so he wouldn’t get splinters in his ass.

Benny pushed himself between Dean’s legs as he grabbed a tube of lube off the workbench to his right. Benny didn’t waste time, and Dean leaned back against the wall as Benny drizzled some lube onto his fingers and shoved two of them into Dean’s hole.

Dean moaned as Benny opened him up. He was still a little loose from earlier, but he knew Benny wasn’t just doing this to stretch him. Dean spread his legs wider, arching his back to give Benny more room to work.

“If you’re a good boy and keep your hands away from that pretty little cock, I’ll do my best to make you come on my cock,” Benny said, finding Dean’s prostate and using just enough pressure to make Dean’s hips twitch.

Dean wanted to believe him, hoped that Benny could do it. “I wasn’t able to come on Gabe’s cock, and he was hitting my prostate damn near every stroke,” Dean grumbled.

Benny chuckled. “That’s why I didn’t promise to make you come. I said I’d do my best. You might have to work at it, but you can learn to come from just getting fucked.”

Dean growled, his cock getting painfully hard from the stimulation to his prostate, but it wasn’t enough, and he whined loudly when Benny pulled his fingers out.

Benny smiled. “Aww, just hang on, sweetheart,” he said, then pushed his cock into Dean’s hole.

Dean groaned, the stretch around Benny’s cock a pleasurable pain. The only one who beat Benny in the size department was Sam, and Benny was a very sensual lover, both of which Dean hoped would help. He had to come. The pain from Nick punching him in the balls earlier had killed his erection, but he still hadn’t come after all that stimulation and arousal, so he was ready.

Benny started fucking him, slow and lazy, swiveling his hips and enjoying himself. He pulled Dean’s shirt off, then leaned down to suck on Dean’s right nipple.

“Ah, yeah,” Dean gasped, wrapping his legs around Benny and using his heels to pull Benny into him.

“Hey, cool it,” Benny growled.

Dean sighed. “I wanna come,” he said, as if Benny didn’t know.

Benny chuckled. “I know,” he said, then slipped his arms between his own body and Dean’s legs, grabbing Dean’s legs under the calves and lifting them up, throwing Dean off balance.

Dean’s eyes widened as Benny changed his stance and fucked in again. It was the perfect angle. Benny’s cock was pushing and dragging along Dean’s prostate, but it was too slow. He needed more. He grabbed the front of Benny’s shirt and tried to pull him closer.

Benny didn’t move closer. “Wait for it,” Benny drawled, and Dean marveled at how Benny could sound so composed, so calm as he was fucking Dean stupid. “This is supposed to be fun. It’s not a race.”

“It is when you’ve been fucking aroused for hours, fucked and played with by four alphas, still not able to come,” Dean growled roughly, baring his teeth.

Benny moved Dean’s legs up, resting his feet on Benny’s upper chest near his shoulders, then his hand shot out, grabbing Dean by the throat, yanking him close enough they could feel each others breath. “Don’t forget your place,” he whispered, still fucking Dean.

Dean winced, the position uncomfortable because he was scrunched up and couldn’t move, could barely breathe right. He realized Benny could easily avoid Dean’s prostate and forget ever trying to help Dean come. His alpha was giving him a warning.

Benny didn’t wait for a reply. He didn’t need one. Benny was the house alpha, and unless Dean was ready to fight his way up the ranks, there was no reason for Benny to do anything unless Dean challenged him. Dean’s little display of impatience just needed a quick attitude adjustment.

“I’m sorry,” Dean whispered. He really was. He liked Benny, respected him, loved him, and the fact that Dean was having a hard time with his new lot in life wasn’t Benny’s fault.

Benny fucked Dean faster, reaching up and pinching Dean’s left nipple between his thumb and index finger. Dean whined. His nipples had always been sensitive, and Benny was pinching hard enough that it made him flinch and reach up to push Benny’s hand away.

“Hands on the table,” Benny growled.

Dean huffed, doing as he was told. Benny spread his own legs a little, changing his position some and making Dean gasp on the next thrust.

“Yeah!” Dean said, his toes curling into Benny’s shirt, and Benny finally sped up enough that Dean’s head was knocking into the wall behind him.

Dean had to come. His cock was leaking all over his stomach, but Benny’s cock wasn’t enough. He wasn’t going to get to come if he didn’t do something about it. His cock was throbbing. He was close, so turned on by what had happened earlier and the way Benny was fucking him just right that all he needed was a few strokes. Just a few.

He reached for his cock, wrapped his right hand around it, and managed to get one tug in before Benny grabbed his wrist in a painful grip.

“Fuck!” Dean growled. “Please! Just a couple strokes. I won’t tell anybody! I swear,” he said, trying to pull his wrist out of Benny’s grip.

“You’ve already got a punishment coming,” Benny said, just as calmly as if he was discussing the weather. “I’d suggest not making it worse.”

Benny let go of Dean’s wrist, having never lost his rhythm as he fucked Dean. Dean put his hand back down on the top of the workbench. His stomach churned. Benny had the right to punish him however he saw fit.

Dean had never shied away from punishments in his life, but that didn’t mean he liked them. The anticipation of a punishment was usually too much for him, and his parents had never made him wait because they knew how much it upset him.

His erection dwindled and the stimulation Benny was giving his prostate became uncomfortable. “Benny, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” Dean said.

“That doesn’t change what you did, baby,” he said, fucking Dean harder and faster.

Benny was close to coming. Dean would have to wait until someone else was fucking him to be able to come, if he could on just a cock.

Dean huffed, wincing when Benny leaned in closer and fucked him hard enough to make the workbench slam into the wall. Benny started growling, a sound that Dean swore ran through Benny all the way down his dick and into Dean’s prostate.

“Maybe I’ll teach you how to come on my cock another time,” Benny said, leaning down, squishing Dean into a ball again and biting Dean’s neck.

It wasn’t a hard bite, didn’t break the skin, but it was enough to sting. Dean hissed, Benny fucked him even harder, and the table knocking into the wall got even louder. Dean wondered if everyone in the house knew what they were doing.

Benny growled into Dean’s skin, grabbing a chunk of Dean’s hair in his right hand and yanking. Dean yelped, trying to keep his hands on the table like he’d been told as Benny came, his rhythm faltering. He grunted with the last few thrusts, then let up on the bite, pulling back to look Dean in the eye.

Dean yelped again as Benny sprang into action, grabbing Dean’s left leg and left arm, one in each hand, and tossing him face down onto the workbench with Dean’s right leg stretched out on the workbench and his left dangling off the side of the bench.

“No! Wait!” Dean said, but it was too late. “Oh, fuck, ow!” he yelled as Benny lit into his ass with a spanking his Dean’s father would be impressed with, and John was no slouch when it came to discipline.

Dean squirmed, trying to stay still and just get through it, but Benny was strong. His ass felt like it was on fire. Dean kicked back with his left leg, not aiming for Benny, but just kicking out because of the pain, and his heel caught the underside of the workbench. He grunted, but was soon focused on the pain in his ass again because it was much worse than the pain in his heel.

“You remember what this is for, don’t you?” Benny asked, still spanking.

“I touch-ow! I, fuck. Benny! I’m not supposed to touch my cock! I’m sorry!” Dean yelled, reaching back with his right hand, trying to cover his ass.

Benny smacked Dean’s thigh instead. “Move your hand or I’m gonna finish this on the backs of your legs,” he threatened.

“Fuck!” Dean growled. He held out for four smacks to his left thigh before moving his hand away from his ass, and Benny went back to spanking his ass instead of his thigh.

Dean considered shoving his hand back over his ass a few times just to give the fire in his ass a chance to cool off, but he knew Benny would figure out what he was doing.

“I’m sorry!” Dean screamed, his toes curling for an entirely different reason this time.

Dean saw Sam step into the garage and close the door behind him. He couldn’t believe he was getting a spanking the first day they were in their new home. If someone would’ve asked him yesterday if he’d thought any of this would be happening, he would’ve said no.

Sam walked to the middle of the garage, not interfering, but keeping an eye on things. Benny had to know he was there, but Dean knew Benny wouldn’t have a problem with Sam checking up on him. They all cared about each other. Of course Sam would make sure everything was okay so soon after setting up their new home, not having had the chance to observe everyone’s behavior in their new roles yet.

Benny stopped the spanking, and Dean panted hard into the top of the workbench. His ass had to be glowing.

“He touched himself,” Sam said instead of asked.

Benny snorted. Dean knew Sam was extremely observant. Benny’s pants were down around his ankles, Dean was completely naked, and the garage smelled of sex. Sam knew Dean well enough to know Dean would’ve tried to get himself off.

“Yup,” Benny replied.

Sam huffed. “I hadn’t expected this to come up so soon, and I’ll need to tell the others, but since we’re already here, I need to let you know,” Sam said, and Benny looked over his shoulder at Sam. “When you use spanking for discipline with Dean, you need to make him cry, otherwise he gets a hell of an attitude and you end up spanking him all over again later.”

“Sam!” Dean yelped, then turned onto his right side to make eye contact with Benny. “You don’t need to. I get that I shouldn’t do that anymore, and there’ll be no more attitude. I got it,” he blurted quickly.

“Thank you, Sam,” Benny said, then grabbed Dean’s left knee, pulling him back down onto his stomach.

“No! Wait!” Dean yelled, his right hand flailing back to cover his ass. “I won’t do the attitude thing. You don’t have to worry a-ow! No! Fuck!” he screamed as Benny started in on the same area of his thigh he’d been hitting earlier.

Dean moved his hand, grabbing onto the edge of the workbench up by his head with both hands. Both his legs were on the table now, and as much as he hated the fact that he was kicking, knocking into the top of the workbench like a pup, he couldn’t help himself.

Benny was hitting him much faster and a bit harder than before. He meant business, and Dean really hoped nobody else would come through the door to watch.

“I’m fucking sorry!” Dean yelled, his voice catching and his eyes burning. A sob came out of him and a few tears rolled down his cheeks. “I won’t do it again! I’m sorry,” he cried, his vision blurring with his tears.

Benny stopped the spanking again, his hand resting on Dean’s burning ass cheeks and gently squeezing them. Dean rested his head on the workbench, his cheek against the wood, panting and whimpering as he tried to get the tears under control.

“He’s upset because he doesn’t think he can come on cock alone,” Benny rumbled.

Sam walked up to the bench and ran his fingers through Dean’s hair in a comforting gesture. “We’re not assholes, Dean. Give us a chance and we’ll see if we can help you with it, but disobeying a basic rule like that is going to get you a red ass every time.”

Dean let out a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “Why do you have to be so fucking nice about it,” he said with a grin.

Sam snorted. “Like you’d be an asshole to us if we were in the same situation,” he said, then leaned down and kissed Dean’s head.

“Let’s get you up, sweetheart,” Benny said, giving Dean’s ass a gentle pat.

“Ow,” Dean whined, then hissed as he rolled into a seated position, his flaming red ass making contact with the hard wood.

Sam turned to Benny. “After a spanking, he needs lots of reassurance, lots of touching,” he said as he reached up and wrapped a hand around the back of Dean’s neck. He pulled Dean to him, then gently kissed his cheek.

Benny snorted. “He’d be getting that even if you hadn’t told me,” he said, then leaned in and licked the shell of Dean’s ear just as Sam pulled back. Benny kissed the side of Dean’s head and ran his fingers over Dean’s arms in a reassuring, gentling gesture.

“And if you keep your hands off your dick,” Sam said, “we’ll show you some tricks, work with you. I wasn’t able to come on somebody’s cock the first few times either.”

“Some guys can easily do it even the first time they try,” Benny said with a grin, “but I’m not one of them. There’s plenty we can do to help. Don’t look at it as hopeless.”

Dean grinned. “All right, I believe you. Now can I get off this hard surface?” he asked, his tone of voice not all that submissive, but Benny and Sam weren’t the types to be stuck on absolute submissiveness like some alphas.

Sam chuckled. “Nick’s got dinner ready and waiting. You can come sit on the cushioned chairs in the dining room.”

“I can’t eat standing?” Dean asked as Sam and Benny each took one of his arms and lifted him off the bench so Dean wouldn’t have to slide on his sore ass.

“Do you really want to eat standing?” Sam asked, an eyebrow raised.

Dean snorted. “Hell, no,” he growled.

“I didn’t think so,” Sam said. “Mr. Tough Guy wouldn’t show weakness like that,” he said with a smirk.

“That’s my boy,” Benny said with a smile, ruffling Dean’s hair.

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