Part 20: Only for You

Part-Specific Info
There is rough sex and erotic spanking in this part. Benny needs a release, Dean offers himself, and though Dean gets off on it, it’s not easy for Dean. “Only for You” refers to Dean doing this only for Benny.
Dean/Cas/Gabriel (Phone Sex), Dean/Benny, Dean/Benny/Nick, Sarah/Charlie, Sam/Cas/Gabriel
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Dean, Sarah, Charlie
Slash, Femmeslash, D/s, Car Sex, Phone Sex (Dean/Castiel/Gabriel), Dirty Talk, Handjob, Voyeurism, Painplay, Crying
Summary Cas and Gabe surprise Dean while he waits in traffic, then Dean helps Benny work through something.

Dean woke up the next morning as Cas kissed him goodbye. “Bye, Cas,” Dean mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“Bye, Dean,” Cas said.

Dean sat up, feeling achy in quite a lot of places, but mostly his ass. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, but he’d probably be walking funny for part of the day.

“You guys were so hot last night,” Charlie said from the doorway.

Dean chuckled. “Did the whole house get off listenin’ to us?” he asked as he stood up.

“Your room’s right next to ours,” Charlie said, pointing at the wall the bed was on, “and we had a guest in our bed last night.”

Dean grinned. “Yeah? Who?” he asked.

“Someone who needed some sexual healing,” she said with a grin.

“Nick?” he asked, his voice low so Nick wouldn’t hear him if he was still in the bedroom. When Charlie nodded, Dean smiled. “I’m glad you guys took care of him.”

“He’s hurting,” Charlie said. “He’ll be hurting for a while, but he’s doing good. We talked for a while, fucked for a while, talked some more, then we fucked a whole lot more.”

Dean chuckled. “Sounds like you had a busy night.”

Charlie shrugged. “Nick needed it. It was worth the sacrifice,” she said with a grin.

Dean snorted. “Yeah, I’ll bet it was a huge sacrifice. Nick is known for his stamina. That probably was a big disappointment to the both of you.”

Charlie laughed. “Stamina and he’s willing to try anything once. More than once if you sweet talk him.”

“Thank you for taking care of him,” he said softly.

Charlie smiled as she walked up to Dean. “We’re family here. It’s what we do for each other. He really is a great guy.”

Dean nodded. “I knew he would be a good alpha, a good member of the house, but he’s impressed me with lots of little and not-so-little things too.”

“Maybe you should tell him that,” Charlie said.

“I should,” Dean said with a nod. “I’ll do it later, after I get pampered by this really hot chick I know who lets me do whatever I want every morning.”

Charlie giggled as she took him by the hand and pulled him along to the bathroom. “And what do you want to do this morning?” she asked.

“Hmm,” he hummed, as if he had to think really hard about it. “I think I wanna fuck your ass, then make you scream with pleasure while I eat you out.”

“My ass is all yours as soon as I get done playing with your ass,” she said, a coy smile on her face.

Dean groaned, his cock twitching as he followed her into the shower. Whatever he did in life to deserve this treatment, he’d need to find out so he could do more of it. This was awesome.


Dean was stuck in traffic. There was an accident on the freeway, which apparently meant even the streets surrounding the freeway couldn’t move. He’d been sitting still for over ten minutes. He texted Cas, whining about the traffic and the fact that it would mean he’d get home later than expected.

His appointment had been on the other side of town, and if he’d known about the accident, he would’ve gone around the entire area, but he didn’t know about it until he was already stuck in it.

Dean’s phone rang, so he answered it after the caller ID told him it was Cas. “Hey,” he said as he moved forward about one car length as the traffic moved a little, then put it in park again when everyone stopped.

“Hey, Dean,” Cas said. “You’re on speakerphone.”

“I am?” Dean asked. “Who else is listening in?”

“Just me,” Gabe said.

“Hey, Gabe,” Dean said.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Gabe said, and Dean imagined him smiling and making that adorable face he always did when he called Dean sweetheart.

“Are you still at a standstill?” Cas asked.

Dean sighed. “Yeah. I have no idea how long it’s gonna be. I moved about five feet just now, but before that I’d been stuck for ten minutes in the same spot.”

“Are you bored?” Cas asked.

Dean chuckled. “To tears.”

“Would you like us to entertain you?” Cas asked.

“What did you have in mind?” Dean asked.

“I told Cas about all the fun we had with the car the other day,” Gabe said.

Dean’s cock twitched. He already knew this was going to be fun. “Yeah?” he drawled.

“Yup,” Gabe said. “And Cas got a huge kick out of it.”

“He did?” Dean asked with a grin as he palmed his cock with his left hand.

“Yup,” Gabe said. “Are you on the hands-free?”

“Yeah, I’ve got the Bluetooth earbud in just like you and Cas insisted on,” Dean said with a sigh, as if it was an ordeal to have to use the thing.

“Good boy,” Cas growled, and Dean shivered.

Dean chuckled. “Well, if you’re that excited over it, I’ll wear it all the time.”

Gabe snorted. “All right, knock it off, you two. We don’t know how long you’ll be stuck in traffic, and I’d rather not have you driving before we’re finished.”

“I like the sound of this,” Dean said. “So what are you wearing?”

Gabe chuckled. “We’re not wearing anything at the moment.”

Dean moaned. “I can’t believe you guys called for phone sex. Have I told you how awesome you guys are?”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re awesome,” Gabe said, and Dean could just imagine him waving a hand at the phone. “Now get your cock outta your pants.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said, doing as he was told.

“Open the glove compartment,” Cas said.

Dean leaned over and popped it open. A pair of red silk boxers tumbled out. “Oh, guys, you shouldn’t have,” he said with a grin.

“Sniff them,” Gabe said.

Dean put them over his nose and inhaled, moaning as he smelled his mates’ come. “Mmm, somebody totally thrashed your boxers, Gabe,” Dean teased.

Gabe chuckled. “We did it this morning before you left.”

“You planned this,” Dean said, a thrill going through him.

“We didn’t know there was gonna be an accident,” Gabe said. “We had planned to have you do this in some random parking lot or something.”

“Start stroking your cock with the boxers,” Cas said.

“Fuck, yeah,” Dean whispered as he wrapped the boxers around his cock and started with a slow stroking.

“Is anybody watching?” Cas asked.

Dean looked around. “Nope,” he said.

“Pinch your left nipple,” Cas said. Dean groaned as he pinched his nipple. “Harder.”

Dean hissed at the pain. He could smell his mates, the scent strong on the boxers, and it mixed with the smell of leather in the car, making it even better.

“We’re stroking each other as we’re talking to you,” Gabe said.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean groaned. “Where are you guys?”

“Our bed,” Gabe said. “And you know that washcloth Cas used on you last night? Cas is sniffing it every once in a while.”

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean breathed, fucking up into his fist, the silk boxers letting his cock slide easily. “Oh, can you guys do something for me?”

“Sure,” Gabe said.

“Can you guys get on top of each other?” Dean asked. “Like maybe Cas, you could get on your back, Gabe, you could sit on his thighs.”

Dean heard shuffling noises, then Gabe said, “Okay, done.”

“Now one of you hold both your cocks and stroke them both,” Dean said.

“You have good ideas,” Gabe said, and Dean knew he was smirking. “Now I want you to stroke yourself faster. I don’t know if we can coordinate this, but we might be able to all come around the same time.”

Dean chuckled. “Well, I’m already pretty turned on, so it’s not gonna take much.”

Cas groaned. “It’s so fucking hot hearing the leather seats squeak when you thrust.”

“Oh, fuck, traffic’s moving,” Dean grumbled. “I’m gonna pull onto a side street.”

“We’ll keep going over here. Concentrate on your driving,” Gabe said.

He did concentrate, though he licked his lips as he listened to his mates kissing. “Okay, I’m parked again,” Dean said, already stroking his cock again.

“Can you smell her?” Gabe asked.

Dean grinned. “Yeah. I can smell all three of you,” he said, getting a kick out of the fact that Gabe knew how much Dean liked the smell of his own car.

“Touch her,” Cas said. “Run your hand over the dashboard, then over her leather seats.”

Dean groaned, having not expected that from Cas. “She’s all warm. It’s kinda hot outside today, and she’s still all warm from catching some rays in the parking lot.”

Gabe chuckled. “Cas is all warm too,” he said. “He’s having a hard time being on his back. I think he wants to be on top and be all in control.”

Dean grinned. “Aww, poor baby. Lean over and bite his nipple. That’ll make him feel better.”

Cas yelped as Gabe growled, the sound muffled, most likely by Cas’ skin. “Oh, oh,” Cas breathed.

“Huh,” Gabe said, “I think you’re right. He seems more content.”

Dean chuckled. “He’s always gotten antsy if he feels like he has nothing to do.”

“Ah, gotcha,” Gabe said. “I’ll have to remember that.”

“Dean?” Cas gasped, making Dean smile.

“Yeah, baby?” Dean replied.

“W-will you, ah, Gabe, wait,” Cas said, and Dean heard Gabe groan in disappointment. “Lick her.”

“Huh?” Dean asked, even though he’d heard Cas. He wanted to hear it again.

“Gabriel!” Cas hissed.

Gabe chuckled. “Sorry. Go ahead and tell Dean what you’d like him to do. I just wanted to do some licking of my own.”

“Dean?” Cas said, sounding almost annoyed, which Dean thought was totally adorable. “I’d like you to lick her.”

Dean grinned. “Where should I lick her?”

“Oh,” Cas gasped. “I can’t think with you poking your tongue into my slit!” he growled.

Dean chuckled even as his cock twitched. He didn’t know how many people could make him laugh and turn him on at the same time, but then Cas always could get him to try new things.

“I’d like you to lick her steering wheel,” Cas said. “Suck on it, loud enough that we can hear you sucking on her.”

“Fuck, Cas,” Dean groaned, his hips jerking.

He leaned forward without caring that anyone walking by might see him and licked the steering wheel. She tasted clean. He’d wiped her down after coming all over her the other day. He wrapped his lips around the edge of it and sucked loudly.

“Oh, fuck, Cas, he’s fuckin’ doin’ it!” Gabe gasped.

“Good boy,” Cas drawled. “You’re such a good boy for us.”

Dean nearly smacked his chin on the steering wheel as his hips decided to jerk again. He sucked, making it sound wet, moaning softly as he did it.

“Such a good boy,” Cas continued, his voice cracking with arousal. “Following orders even when somebody might see you sucking on your car’s steering wheel.”

Dean’s breath caught in his chest, then he moaned, hunched against the steering wheel and fucking up into his fist.

“I know you like following orders,” Cas said softly. “We both do.”

“It’s fucking hot,” Gabe breathed. “We love watching your cock twitch when we give you an order, the way your breath catches, the way your eyelids close just a little bit, like you almost want to close your eyes because it’s just so fucking good, but you just can’t stand losing that eye contact with us.”

“Gabe,” Dean mumbled against the steering wheel. “I wanna come. Can I please come?” he gasped, his lips sliding over her, all spit-slicked and wet.

“Not yet,” Cas said.

“Fuck, oh, Cas, please!” Dean begged. “Please, I’m so close,” he said, his eyes closed.

“You’ve gotta tell us something first,” Gabe said, and Dean knew he was smirking.

“Anything. What do you want me to say?” Dean asked.

“Will you let us tell everyone you like taking orders when it comes to sex so we can all order you around for a day?” Gabe asked.

“Fuck!” Dean growled, grabbing at the base of his cock. “Fuck, y-you can’t fuckin’, oh, Gabe! I almost lost it, you fucker.”

Gabe chuckled. “But you didn’t. You’re such a good boy that you stopped yourself, didn’t you,” he said instead of asked.

“Yeah, but it fuckin’ hurt, you asshole,” Dean whined.

“So was that a yes?” Cas asked, and Dean swore he could hear the smile on Cas’ face.

“It’s a Hell yes!” Dean groaned, stroking himself again.

“Wait,” Gabe said, and Dean whined. “You’re not just sayin’ that so we’ll let you come, are you?”

“Gabe,” Dean barked, “I promise you I’m not just sayin’ it so you’ll let me come. The idea is awesome, I wanna try it, and I’d really, really love to fucking come one of these hours.”

Gabe chuckled. “I don’t know, Cas. He sounds more demanding than anything else.”

Dean whined. “Please! Please, I really, really wanna come! Please let me come! I, ah! Oh, guys, c’mon, I’m tryin’ hard not to come. Please!”

“You may come,” Cas said.

Dean nearly cried, a sob coming from his throat as he put his forehead against the steering wheel and fucked up against it so hard he wondered if he’d have bruises on his balls later. “Oh, thank you. Thank-f-oh! Cas! Gabe! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah!” he screamed as he came.

He panted, letting himself fall back against the seat as his stomach convulsed and his hips twitched. He moaned as he heard Cas and Gabe making those noises he knew so well, those ones that meant they were coming. Gabe had to be biting Cas, because the growling was muffled, and Cas yelped, then growled even louder than Gabe.

They all panted over the line for a while before Dean felt as if he could speak again. “I’m really glad I had the boxers. I came so much I’d have been finding jizz in my car for years.”

Gabe chuckled, his voice deep. “I figured that might happen.”

“Can you drive home?” Cas asked, sounding concerned.

Dean snorted. “I’ll need a few minutes to recover, but yeah, I should be okay.”

“Did you mean what you said about telling the others?” Cas asked.

“Yeah,” Dean said, nodding even though they couldn’t see him. “You guys know I love it, I think Sam might know, and I’m pretty sure Charlie knows. Kevin fucked with my head. He got in my head, found out I liked following orders for sex, and he used it to manipulate me. But I trust the rest of you. I don’t know Sarah that well, but I trust Charlie enough to trust her mate. This is my choice, it would be for everyone’s mutual enjoyment, and I’m totally on board with it.”

“So you want orders from everyone?” Gabe asked, sounding excited.

“Yeah,” Dean said. “I mean, not all the time. I don’t think that would be fun, but what you suggested, that thing about making a day of it? That sounds fun.”

“So,” Gabe drawled, “do you want to know it’s coming or should we surprise you?”

Dean chuckled. “It’s up to you guys. And I think we all should get together and talk about what you guys like too. I had a blast with the panties thing, but none of you guys have said if you have ideas or kinks.”

Cas let out a groan. “I think that can be arranged.”

“Awesome,” Dean said as he wiped his cock off and tossed the balled-up boxers onto the seat next to him. “Okay, I think I can drive now,” he said as he pushed his cock back into his jeans and zipped up.

“Drive careful, sweetheart,” Gabe said. “We’ll see you when you get home.”

“Okay, bye,” Dean said, then hit the end call button on his earpiece. He was grinning, on a high, not just because he had an amazing orgasm, but because his mates were more than he could’ve wished for. He’d have to find some way to surprise them, because they’d sure as Hell surprised him.


Dean pulled in the driveway a short time later, a smile still on his face. Benny’s truck wasn’t in the driveway, but he should be home soon. Dean wondered what Nick had made for dinner, and as he walked into the house, the smell of fresh-baked bread was more than enough for an invitation to hang out in the kitchen with Nick.

After putting his files back and updating his information in the computer, Dean headed to the kitchen, but Nick wasn’t there. Dean frowned, but then opened the back door when he saw that Benny and Nick were on the back porch.

As he stepped outside, he saw the tense look on Nick’s face. Benny’s back was to Dean, but Dean could see already that Benny was upset by the way he was standing, the set of his shoulders. Nick held a finger up subtly at his side for Dean, letting him know he needed a minute.

“Don’t let it eat at you,” Nick said, giving Benny his space and keeping his posture as neutral as possible. “You know it’ll make you feel better. Just ask. There’s no harm in that.”

Benny growled, turning his head to the side, and Dean knew Benny had scented him. “How long was he standing there?” Benny grumbled.

“About ten seconds,” Nick said. “Talk to him,” he said, giving Benny a significant look.

“Don’t,” Benny growled, his hands balled into fists.

“You know him better than that,” Nick said softly, being submissive in the face of the house alpha while still counseling a friend.

“Yeah,” Benny barked, “and I also know he’ll do it just because I ask him to. How fucked up is that?”

“Benny,” Nick said, his voice going even lower as he enunciated every word, “you know him better than that. I don’t mean the part about him doing things for you just because you ask him to, although that can sometimes make you wanna choke him. What I’m talking about is you know him better than to treat him like a broken toy.”

“I didn’t call him that!” Benny barked, louder this time.

“Would you have hesitated three months ago?” Nick asked, not backing down.

Dean wasn’t stupid. He knew they were talking about him. He also knew exactly what Benny was hesitant about. He could tell by the rigid body in front of him, the barely-there tremor in Benny’s hands, the anger in his voice.

Instead of trying to reason with him, Dean took two steps forward, putting him right behind Benny, then shoved him. Benny stumbled a little, but caught himself and turned around, a scowl on his face.

Benny growled. “Go inside,” he said, pointing at Dean.

“No,” Dean said, then smirked at Benny, taking a stance that was full of insolence and attitude. “Somebody calls me a broken toy when they damn well know me better, then they’re gonna get a beat down.”

“Dean,” Benny said, then sighed, looking at Nick like he would stop Dean from being an idiot. “I didn’t call him that!”

“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here,” Dean growled, stepping forward and punching Benny in the arm. It was hard enough to get his attention, but not enough to leave a bruise. “I’ve been letting people do whatever they want to me for weeks now because somebody fucked with my head. They fucked with my family,” he said as he poked Benny in the chest.

Benny slapped his hand away. “Stop pushing me,” he warned.

“You know that if I really don’t like something,” Dean said, pinning Benny with a look that said he’d better listen, “then I’m not gonna do it. But that’s exactly what happened for a few weeks, and that’s not gonna happen anymore. It’s gone. It’s outta me. You know it, everybody else knows it, I fucking well know it because I’ve got my backbone now. So don’t fucking tiptoe around me,” he said with another poke, “because that would mean letting Alastair win.”

Benny growled as he lunged at Dean, shoving him back against the side of the house. Dean grunted with the impact, but didn’t back down as Benny pushed up against him, didn’t lower his eyes, and sure as Hell didn’t bare his neck.

“Stop. Fucking. Pushing. Me,” Benny yelled.

Dean smirked. “Make me,” he said, then brought his right knee up to grind against Benny’s crotch.

“You won’t like what I wanna do,” Benny snarled at him.

“Then I should probably win the fight,” Dean said, shrugging as much as he could with Benny leaning on him.

“Damn it, Dean!” Benny said. “I don’t just wanna have a rough fuck!”

Dean nodded. “I know. And I’m not just gonna give it to you. You gotta fight me for it. If you win, you can do whatever you want as long as you can still hold me down. But you gotta win,” he said with a grin.

Benny’s eyes widened. Dean heard Nick go into the house and he was relieved. He knew Nick would warn everyone that there was about to be some damage done. They’d done this a few times over the years. It had to be bad if Benny was this upset.

Because Benny hadn’t been there when he got home, Dean assumed it was something business-related. Dean had been faced with trying to make the best of nothing but bad business situations before. It was hard, it hurt, and if Benny was involved, it most likely meant it had something to do with hunters.

Dean wasn’t sure, but if Benny was blaming himself for something like the death of a hunter, even if it wasn’t his fault, he needed to blow off some steam. They’d been that for each other before. The last time they’d shredded two sets of clothes, broken a television, and left a hole in the wall, but they’d both felt better afterward.

Benny wasn’t going to make the first move, even after Dean’s pep talk, so Dean pulled his right arm back to the wall, then punched out at Benny’s left side. Benny growled, barely flinching, but Dean knew it had worked.

Dean growled as Benny tried to turn him around, still shoving him up against the wall. Dean pulled his left arm back, hitting Benny in the side with his elbow, then he ducked and slid off to the left as soon as Benny’s grip loosened.

Benny tripped Dean as he slid away, and Dean fell to his knees, but he scrambled away before Benny could pounce on him and was up on his feet in the grass in time for Benny to tackle him to the ground. Dean let out a grunt, but didn’t let the lack of air in his lungs stop him from biting Benny’s arm and kicking at Benny’s legs.

Dean shoved at Benny’s face with his left hand as he pinched a nipple with his right hand. Benny howled with anger, and as Benny tried to get Dean’s hand away from his face, Dean flipped him off into the grass. Benny grunted with the impact, then turned over, but he wasn’t quick enough to stop Dean from scrambling away and getting to his feet, then running into the house.

He closed the door as he ran in. He knew there might be some damage, but if he did it inside the house, the others could watch and could have some fun of their own. Also it would piss Benny off more, which would make him more aggressive and maybe he’d win sooner.

Benny nearly took the door off its hinges as he barreled his way in. “Submit,” he snarled, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

Dean laughed. “You’ve still gotta make me. I’m not just gonna roll over for you.”

Benny lunged at him, but this time Dean turned and ran. Benny got a hold of his shirt, and Dean heard a loud ripping sound as he fell, unbalanced by Benny’s hold on the shirt. Dean fell to the floor hard, and Benny was on him a moment later, holding him down by the neck.

“You rolled over for me,” Benny said, sounding triumphant.

Dean chuckled. “I’ve still got my clothes on. You gotta get my jeans down before you can even start smacking my ass.”

Benny snorted, then smacked Dean’s ass. “I do?”

Dean winced at the pain, even through his jeans. “Well, okay, maybe you can do some of it without getting my jeans down, but you know you love watching my ass turn red,” he said with a smirk.

“Fuck,” Benny grumbled, then tried to reach under Dean.

Dean flailed around, hitting Benny as much as he could in his position, his whole body wriggling under the man to keep him from unbuttoning the jeans.

“Hold still,” Benny growled.

“No way. I said I’m not rollin’ over for you. C’mon. Fight me,” Dean said as he reached back with his left hand and grabbed a fistful of Benny’s shirt, then yanked as hard as he could. It was an awkward position, but he managed to unbalance Benny enough that, when he bucked up, Benny went tumbling off him.

Benny hit one of the bar stools, sending it to the floor, but it didn’t break. Dean got to his hands and knees, crawling into the living room, where he knew at least two housemates were, possibly more. Benny grabbed Dean’s foot before he made it all the way through the arch into the living room, yanking his leg out from under him and sending Dean to the floor with a grunt.

Dean turned over as Benny crawled toward him, then planted his feet on Benny’s chest and pushed, sending Benny onto his back. Dean pounced, straddling Benny’s stomach and grinning down at him.

“Aww, you’re gonna let me win?” Dean teased. “Hmm, what do I get to do to you now that I’ve won?”

Benny wrapped his arms around him, then Dean heard his shirt tearing again, only this time Benny ripped the entire back, leaving the shirt hanging from Dean’s shoulders and arms.

“Always so fucking cocky,” Benny growled, then scratched down Dean’s back.

Dean hissed, arching his back to get away from the pain. Benny shoved him, and by the time Dean fell onto his back, he realized Benny had unbuttoned his jeans, and the fall had pulled the jeans down to his thighs, his underwear down nearly as far.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean breathed as Benny grinned down at him.

“I’ll be able to watch that ass turn red now,” Benny said as he used his right leg to force Dean to turn over, holding down Dean’s left leg with his right, then holding Dean’s right upper arm down with his left hand.

Dean grunted as Benny smacked his ass hard. Dean wasn’t gonna give up, but it was fun to let Benny think he’d won. “Dude! That fucking hurts!” he complained, hissing as Benny smacked him again.

Benny snorted. “That’s what you get for tauntin’ somebody who was willin’ to give you time to recover.”

Dean grinned into the carpet. He didn’t like getting spanked, but the sex when Benny was this turned on, when Benny was able to indulge in a kink he rarely played out was totally worth it. Gabe came in his pants the first time he watched Benny and Dean fuck like this.

Benny had tried it with Sam, and even though Sam could give him a good fight, there was something he got out of doing this with Dean he didn’t get from Sam. Benny said he didn’t know what it was, but Dean had a feeling it was the fact that Sam took a spanking like it was a challenge, getting more defiant and vicious, whereas Dean would fight until Benny had beat him fair and square, then he’d bare his neck. And Benny didn’t always win, especially when Dean was feeling particularly aggressive.

He let Benny smack his ass twice more, then he let his fist fly, heading for Benny’s left leg, which was completely unguarded. It wouldn’t hurt that much, but it would be enough to distract Benny.

Benny didn’t budge, didn’t flinch, and he smacked Dean’s ass even harder. Dean winced, realizing he must’ve underestimated just how much Benny needed this. He gasped as Benny smacked him, then brushed his fingers between Dean’s cheeks.

“Is my ass red enough yet?” Dean asked, shifting his hips to make his ass wiggle for Benny.

“Mmm,” Benny moaned, obviously enjoying the show. “Nope. Just barely pink.”

Dean grinned as he twisted, using the distraction of his wiggling ass to his advantage. He wrapped his left arm around Benny’s left forearm and pulled himself into a ball, flipping Benny off him. Benny was dazed for a moment, but recovered quickly, grabbing Dean’s underwear and pulling.

Benny turned over, but Dean was already kicking free of Benny, then he got himself to his feet, but he realized too late that his jeans and underwear hobbled him, and as he tried to shuffle away, Benny grabbed at his shoe. Dean threw himself onto the back of the couch, sliding down onto the cushions, but then getting stuck with his legs in the air and his face in the pillows.

Dean yelped as strong hands wrapped around his sides and pulled him up, then over a pair of legs. “Fuck!” Dean growled as Benny got him into position, yanking at the shreds of Dean’s shirt and wrapping them around his left hand, making a nice pair of handcuffs for Benny to subdue him with.

“That’s more like it,” Benny said, sounding very satisfied as he wrapped his right leg around Dean’s legs, stepping down on the crotch of Dean’s underwear and jeans, keeping him right where he wanted him. “You gonna submit yet?” he asked.

“No!” Dean growled. Benny had a good hold on him, but the second Benny gave him the opportunity, Dean would get out of it.

“Hmm, then I’ll have’ta work a little harder for it,” Benny said, and Dean could tell he was smiling.

“Oh, c’mon!” Dean whined as he saw Sam take a seat across from them on the overstuffed chair, his jeans and underwear at his knees as he palmed his cock.

“Hey,” Sam said with a smirk, “if you guys are gonna fuck like animals in the house, you’re gonna have an audience.”

Sarah sat down on the other overstuffed chair, then patted the small space next to her. Charlie sat down on the cushion, then draped her legs over Sarah’s lap, grinning at Dean.

“No panties,” Sarah said to Dean.

“Which one of you?” he asked.

“Both of us,” Sarah said, spreading her legs enough that he could see up her short dress.

“Fuck,” Dean breathed.

Nick sat down on the couch not currently occupied by Dean and Benny, then grinned as Cas sat on his left side and Gabe sat on his right. Dean didn’t know if he was all that excited about everyone watching now that they were here.

The mood Benny was in, he’d set Dean’s ass on fire, just like Dean knew he would when he first taunted Benny, but now that he was here, now that he felt the eyes of everyone on him, he started to panic about crying in front of them. It wasn’t for punishment, but Benny could still bring him to tears at times, though Dean knew that going in.

Then he looked at his mates, who must’ve seen the panic setting in because they had concern written all over their faces. Concern for him. And that wasn’t what this was supposed to be about. The only reason he was freaking out was because they’d all see him cry, not because of the spanking itself. These people, his family, had seen him behaving like a spineless puppy, yet they were still here, they still respected him, they thought he was perfect for the job of carus in their house.

This was nothing like before. It was something he was doing for Benny because he wanted to, doing it of his own free will with no manipulation involved. Suddenly, freaking out over crying in front of them seemed so petty, and he almost felt arrogant for having been upset about it in the first place.

The first smack landed, and Dean flinched hard, but then he grinned at Gabe. “You jealous, Gabe?” he asked.

Gabe’s facial expressions went from concerned to confused to aroused so fast Dean nearly laughed. “Nah,” Gabe said, shaking his head. “I’ll spank that ass one of these days.”

Dean chuckled, then let out a yelp as Benny smacked him hard. He squirmed on Benny’s lap, waiting for the sting to back off, but before it did, Benny smacked him again.

“Dude, your fucking hand is – ah!” Dean said.

“Still mouthin’ off,” Benny said, almost as if to himself, “even though I gotcha over my knee.”

It hurt his neck to look back at Gabe, Nick, and Cas, but when he heard Nick moan, he just had to see what was going on. He groaned as he watched Nick spreading his legs, one on each of Dean’s mates’ legs, Nick’s eyes half closed, his mouth open as Gabe and Cas licked and kissed at his neck and jerked him off at the same time while also stroking themselves.

Cas’ head was tilted so he could still see what was happening to Dean, and the angle gave Cas a rather evil look. Dean had joked with Gabe more than once over the years that Cas sometimes gave off a creepy serial killer vibe with some of the looks he gave people, and now that he thought about it, he realized Cas only did that with him and Gabe.

Dean gasped as five hard smacks in quick succession landed on his ass, his toes curling in his boots. He gave up trying to see his mates and Nick on the couch to save his neck and caught sight of Sam pushing his jeans and underwear to his ankles, then spreading his legs wide as he stroked himself, watching Dean.

Five more smacks made Dean whine and his back arched. Charlie was leaning up against one arm of the chair and had put her feet up on the opposite arm of the chair, her legs wide as Sarah fingered her with her left hand. Dean nearly whined again because he couldn’t see, but he supposed he couldn’t complain too much because he had a great view of Charlie’s right hand as she fingered Sarah.

“You ready to submit yet, boy?” Benny asked, squeezing Dean’s ass cheeks, then running his fingers gently over the crease.

Dean chuckled even though he knew exactly why Benny was asking him that question. Benny was about to get down to business, and he was giving Dean one last chance to back out and just have some rough sex.

“If you do something to make me bare my neck for you, then I’ll submit,” Dean said, putting as much attitude as he could into the words. “So far I’m not impressed,” he said, turning his head to see the look on Benny’s face.

Benny’s right eyebrow slowly crept up, then he grinned. “We’ll see if you’ll change your mind in a couple’a minutes,” he said, then started spanking Dean fast and hard.

Dean’s mouth opened and his eyes widened as he pressed his forehead into the cushion underneath him. His back arched as the pain intensified quickly. He realized he was holding his breath, so he tried to start breathing again, but he panted a few times, then held his breath again.

Benny wasn’t holding back, and Dean knew full well he wouldn’t. He’d told Dean more than once that spanking a person to tears was a huge turn-on for him, though he’d assured Dean that spanking someone for punishment was never arousing, and Dean believed him, especially after Dean had been on the receiving end of a punishment spanking from him and Benny hadn’t even started to get hard from it.

Dean tried to hold still, but Benny was very good at making things intense, and the pain was nearly overwhelming because of how fast the hits were coming and how much power Benny was putting behind them.

He growled, but it turned into a whimper, and he grit his teeth, hissing as he squeezed his eyes shut. Dean suddenly had the urge to cover his ass, but his arms were wrapped up in the shreds of his shirt, and when he pulled and struggled, he didn’t get loose.

Dean turned his head, taking a quick look at everyone else in the room. He’d had the stupid idea that seeing everyone getting off would distract him, and even though he was glad they were enjoying it, the visual did nothing to get his mind off the fire Benny was igniting on his ass.

“Benny,” Dean whimpered, needing something, but he didn’t know what it was.

“You got a safeword,” Benny calmly reminded him, his hand never missing a beat. “Use it if you need it.”

And that was it. That’s what he needed. Even though logically he knew he could get Benny to stop, the fact that Benny reminded him of his safeword and was listening to him calmed the growing panic inside him. Sure, it still hurt like Hell, but if he really needed Benny to stop, all he had to do was use his safeword.

It also meant he could say anything else he wanted while Benny beat his ass and Benny could keep going, which was a relief. He’d started this, and he was damn well going to finish it, but sometimes his mouth could run off, and to know that Benny was listening for a safeword instead of just “stop” took a load off his shoulders.

“Oh,fuck, Benny,” Dean said, his voice cracking.

Dean could handle pain, but a spanking was always emotional for Dean. He’d been hurt plenty of times on hunts, had been stitched up without anesthetic, and Sam had fixed his dislocated shoulder on two separate occasions. But the emotions involved with a spanking changed the whole thing.

If he knew he was getting punished for something he’d done wrong, he’d cry even sooner. Knowing that Benny was getting off on this, he’d last a while before crying, but he had no doubt Benny would bring him to tears.

“Benny, please,” Dean groaned, his legs kicking involuntarily, though he didn’t move much because Benny had him pinned down. “It fucking, oh shit. Benny, you… Ah!”

Dean was panting, his eyes burning, and his ass was hurting enough that he didn’t care anymore who saw the tears. His bottom lip wobbled as the first tears rolled down his cheeks and he whimpered. Benny knew him all too well, and as soon as he’d sniffled, Benny started spanking him even faster.

“Fuck, oh, fuck!” Dean screamed, then started crying. “It fuckin’ hurts!”

Dean’s world spun in front of him, and suddenly he was face-to-face with Benny, straddling Benny’s thighs and hissing as his ass brushed against Benny’s jeans. Benny looked up at him with a smile, looking very aroused and anything but stressed and upset.

Benny had taken his cock out of his pants, but Dean had no idea when it had happened. He was hard and leaking, poking into Dean’s leg, and Dean squirmed on Benny’s lap just enough that Benny’s cock was moved into the crease between Dean’s thigh and lower stomach and pelvic area.

Dean didn’t try to stop himself from crying, knowing just how much it turned Benny on. Benny reached up and wrapped his right hand around the back of Dean’s neck, pulling him down until they were but an inch apart from each other.

“Does your ass hurt, gorgeous?” Benny asked as he pulled the tattered remains of Dean’s shirt from his arms and tossed it behind the couch.

Dean nodded. “Yes, s-sir,” he said, sniffling.

“Rub that flamin’ red ass on my jeans,” Benny said, then licked Dean’s left cheek, cleaning the tears from his face. “Make me come,” he said, looking pointedly down at his own cock, riding between Dean’s leg and torso.

Dean felt his cheeks flush, but he did as he was told, putting his left hand over Benny’s cock and pressing down so Benny would get more friction as Dean moved. Dean set up a rhythm, but he whimpered as his ass dragged over Benny’s jeans, more tears falling.

Benny licked at his cheeks, moaning as he caressed Dean’s side with his left hand, his right still holding Dean’s neck to keep him right where he wanted him. Dean heard a gasp somewhere off to his left, then Gabe swore softly, obviously coming, yet not wanting to interrupt Dean and Benny.

“Make me come, Dean,” Benny growled, then kissed his lips, licking into Dean’s mouth and growling as Dean moved faster.

Dean let Benny control the kiss as more tears streamed down his cheeks. Benny was always a contrast to Dean, and Dean loved him for it. He made things intense. Even as he gently licked inside Dean’s mouth and held his neck with his right hand in almost a feather-light grip, his left hand moved around to Dean’s back, slid down, and he scratched his nails over the sore skin of Dean’s ass, making him whimper into the kiss.

He heard one of the women gasp and moan, and he grinned against Benny’s lips. He assumed it was Charlie, though he couldn’t be sure. He didn’t know all their noises yet, and this one was much more throaty than he’d heard from either of them before, but he was fairly certain one of them had just come.

Benny groaned, still gently kissing Dean as he squeezed his right ass cheek. Dean’s hips stuttered in their rhythm because of the pain and he made a soft noise of discomfort, muffled by Benny’s mouth.

“Fuck,” Benny whispered as their lips separated with a wet noise, and then Benny started licking at Dean’s cheeks again as he wrapped both arms around Dean and fucked up against him, holding him tightly.

Benny came, panting hard and still licking Dean’s cheeks. Dean had no idea if Benny had shot onto the carpet or the couch, but some of it had dripped down into the crease between Dean’s leg and torso, making Benny’s cock slide around messily. Finally Benny pulled back, his hands sliding over Dean’s skin and then coming to rest on Dean’s thighs.

“Can I come?” Dean asked, his cock hard despite the pain.

Benny smiled up at him. “You’ve been a very good boy,” he said.

Dean felt his cheeks flush, but it felt great to have Benny compliment him, and his cock twitched as Benny gazed at him, love and adoration in his eyes.

“You’ve been such a good boy that I’m gonna let you come,” Benny said.

Dean didn’t move. Benny wasn’t done playing yet, and Dean knew it. “How do you want me to do it?” he asked submissively.

Benny’s smile grew, and he stretched up to give Dean a quick kiss on the cheek. “Such a good boy,” he said, shaking his head almost as if he was amazed at Dean’s behavior.

Dean couldn’t help but smile. This made it all worth it. He’d completely relieved Benny’s stress of the day. Sure, he might still be upset over whatever had happened, but Dean had helped him through the worst part of it. The rest of them getting off was just a bonus, albeit a fun bonus.

“Nick,” Benny said, still gazing up at Dean.

“Yes, sir?” Nick replied, sounding a little breathless.

“You wanna get fucked by this very good boy who deserves a reward for doin’ somethin’ for me even though he hates it?” Benny asked.

“Yes, sir!” Nick said, sounding excited.

“Good boy,” Benny said, turning to look at Nick with a smile. “I have such obedient boys today.”

“You should get growly more often,” Dean said with a grin.

Benny chuckled and shook his head. “Get your clothes off, get on the floor where we all can see ya, then get on your back.”

“Hell, yeah,” Nick said, and Dean turned to watch Nick hurrying to get his clothes off.

“Don’t hurt yourself, kid,” Benny said to Nick.

Nick froze, his shirt off and his jeans halfway down his legs. “Oh, did you want me to go slow?” he asked, a shocked look on his face.

“Nope, I just didn’t want ya to go so fast you hurt yourself,” Benny said. “That might make it harder to enjoy yourself.”

“Oh, okay,” Nick said, a relieved look on his face.

“Although,” Benny drawled, “a little ass wiggle wouldn’t hurt.”

Nick actually blushed, and Dean covered his chuckle by clearing his throat. Nick pulled the rest of his clothes off, then turned so Benny and Dean could see his ass, then did a little shimmy, wiggling his ass for them.

“Mmm, yeah,” Benny moaned. “You wanna fuck that ass, Dean?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Dean said.

“Good boy, Nick,” Benny said, and Nick stopped wiggling. “Go ahead and get on the floor.”

Dean started to get up, but Benny held him down by pushing on Dean’s thighs. Dean looked at Benny with a bit of a frown.

“Remember that thing I’ve told ya before that I wanted to try?” Benny asked.

Dean snorted. “You’ve wanted to try a lot of shit.”

Benny nodded, smiling. “Yeah, but this one I’ve mentioned a few times, said I wanted to try it on ya, but you always whined so much that I said ya didn’t have to.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Oh, fuck,” he breathed, wincing as he looked at Benny.

“I wanna get off again, and I’d really appreciate it if ya did it, but ya don’t have to,” Benny said softly.

Dean knew he meant it. If Dean said no, Benny wouldn’t be disappointed, wouldn’t give him a hard time, and they’d still have fun. But why not? His ass was already on fire, he’d already pretty much told Benny he could do anything he wanted, and the others would probably get a kick out of it. The only problem was, Dean didn’t know if he could pull it off.

“I don’t know if I can come like that,” Dean said.

“I know you,” Benny said, smiling at Dean. “I’ll see if I can get you to come, and if you can’t, we’ll stop. And you always have the option of using your safeword.”

Dean felt relieved by Benny’s assurances. He wanted to do it for Benny, so he nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Benny paused for a moment, then pulled Dean down for a kiss. “Thank you, Dean,” Benny whispered as he ended the kiss.

“You’re the one that has to put up with my whining later when my ass hurts too much to sit,” Dean said with a grin.

Benny snorted. “Did you forget what I did for ya the last time ya let me spank your ass for fun?” he asked. “Or the time before that?”

Dean chuckled. “No, I didn’t forget. I just wanted to hear you say you’re gonna be all sweet to me.”

Benny grinned. “I’ll hand feed ya dinner while ya straddle my lap so your bright red ass doesn’t have to touch the seat, and then I’ll put ya over my knee while we’re watching TV on the couch after dinner so I can rub some cool cream into your skin.”

Dean shivered in anticipation. “All right, let’s do this before I psych myself out of it,” he said, getting off Benny’s lap and going to his knees, then crawling in between Nick’s legs.

Nick handed him a bottle of lube. “Cas gave me that,” he said.

Dean chuckled. “I think he hides them in his underwear,” he said.

Nick laughed. “Wherever he hides them, it’s very convenient.”

“True,” Dean said as he squirted some lube onto his fingers and started stretching Nick’s asshole with the fingers of his right hand. He stroked Nick’s cock with his left hand, grinning when Nick groaned and spread his legs even more.

“So what’s this fantasy of Benny’s?” Nick asked.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Benny’s got this thing about my ass.”

“A very nice ass,” Benny said, and Nick nodded his agreement.

“He’s also really into erotic spanking, as you may have noticed,” Dean continued, getting a kick out of Nick’s grin getting bigger. “He’s asked me before if we could try this thing where he beats my ass until I get off, but I’ve always said no, because I hate getting my ass beat and tend to lose my erection, which means he’d theoretically continue beating my ass for the rest of my life.”

“Mmm, I’d have’ta quit my job,” Benny said, sounding almost dreamy about it.

“Aww, damn it!” Gabe whined. “I knew I should’a waited to come!”

Dean grinned, trying to ignore Gabe’s whining and one of the girls giggling at him. “This time Benny’s offered to let me try it and has graciously offered to stop if it looks like I can’t do it.”

“Well, that’s very nice of him to do that,” Nick said with a nod.

“I’m real thoughtful like that,” Benny said, and Dean could hear the smile in his voice.

Dean yelped as Benny smacked his left ass cheek. “Hey!” he complained, looking over his shoulder at Benny with a pout.

“I think he’s about done gettin’ stretched, don’t ya think?” Benny asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, well, I’m tryin’ to psych myself up,” he grumbled.

“You want help?” Benny asked softly, and Dean knew exactly what he meant.

Dean always had trouble with anticipation. If something was staring him in the face, he could stand up to it like nobody else. But tell him exactly what he’d be facing up to, then make him wait, and he’d freak himself out over it. Benny was offering to take charge and give Dean orders, making it easier for him.

Benny and Ellen were always the best at getting Dean to get over the anticipation, but anyone who didn’t know what the two of them were doing, anyone who didn’t know Dean well enough would think Benny and Ellen were too harsh. But it was something Dean loved about both of them.

“Yeah,” Dean whispered, hoping no one else heard them, even if he really didn’t have a reason to be embarrassed about it.

Benny nodded and shuffled forward until he was sitting on his heels at Dean’s left side, enough room between them for Nick’s right leg. “Pull your fingers out, then slick your cock,” Benny ordered, a no-nonsense tone to his voice and a look on his face that meant business.

Dean’s hand shook as he obeyed the orders, and once he’d slicked up his cock, he sat there holding it, staring down at Nick’s hole like it was a dangerous place.

“I’m gonna come so hard,” Benny drawled. “Gonna love seein’ your red ass flinching every time my hand connects with it, listenin’ to you whimperin’ and gaspin’, watchin’ you fuckin’ Nick until he comes all over himself, screamin’ your name,” he said, his voice so fucking sultry that Dean shivered.

Dean took a cleansing breath and pushed into Nick, so preoccupied with what was about to happen that he didn’t even think to give Nick time to adjust, but when he remembered, he looked down and saw that Nick was totally on board with it all, stroking his own cock, eyes wide as he gazed up at Dean.

“There’s my good boy,” Benny said. “Such a good boy, doin’ what I asked of ya even though ya know it’s gonna hurt. Turns me on like you wouldn’t believe,” he said sincerely.

Dean flinched and gasped as Benny caressed Dean’s ass, expecting Benny to start smacking him right away. Dean’s hips had stuttered to a stop, but when he realized Benny was just feeling him up, he started fucking Nick again.

“You got no idea how hard my cock is right now,” Benny said softly, making it seem intimate.

Dean heard Benny hiss, and he turned to see Benny stroking his cock, which was hard and leaking onto Nick’s leg. Benny had just come a few minutes ago, and a part of Dean was surprised at his refractory time, but another part of Dean knew the reason Benny had asked for this a few times over the years was because Benny had wanted it so badly. Of course he’d be leaking all over Nick’s leg.

“You gonna keep bein’ a good boy for me?” Benny asked.

“Yes, sir,” Dean said with a nod, looking down at Nick’s chest.

“I’m gonna start spankin’ that ass of yours now,” Benny warned him as he pulled his hand away, “and you’re gonna keep fuckin’ Nick, tryin’ to make him come, tryin’ to make yourself come.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said, putting a hand on the carpet to either side of Nick’s torso, giving himself leverage for not only fucking Nick, but also so he wouldn’t fall over when Benny started.

“Good boy,” Benny growled, then smacked Dean’s ass hard enough that Dean froze, letting out a yelp. “Keep goin’. I didn’t tell ya to stop.”

Dean nodded and started fucking Nick again. He wasn’t going very fast, and after just a few thrusts, Benny smacked him again. This time Dean didn’t stop. It only took him three smacks to realize Benny was smacking him every third time he fucked into Nick.

He forgot about anyone else in the room. He was focused on Benny, on the hand smacking his ass every third thrust. His ass was still sore from earlier, and even though he knew Benny wasn’t hitting him as hard as he had before, it was already stinging.

Another smack landed, and this time Dean let out a whimper, his bottom lip wobbling. By the time the next one connected, a tear ran down his cheek and landed on Nick’s chest. He couldn’t do this. His erection was softening. Soon he wouldn’t be able to stay inside Nick.

“Benny,” Dean whimpered.

Then Nick was reaching up, touching his face gently, fingers on each of his cheeks and a look on his face that Dean could only describe as… yes, that was admiration. And Nick almost seemed shocked, but Dean didn’t know why.

“No wonder Benny gets off on spanking you, pumpkin,” Nick said softly, just for him. His right index finger traced over Dean’s left eyebrow. “Your eyes are rimmed in pink, making your eyes look so green it’s breathtaking,” he said with a hint of a smile on his face. Then his finger caressed Dean’s tear-streaked cheek. “Your cheeks are flushed. And your lips,” he said, running his finger over Dean’s lower lip with such a gentle touch that Dean held his breath. “Your lips are all swollen, like someone’s been nibbling on them.”

Dean flinched as another smack landed, but he kept fucking Nick, his cock getting harder again. He focused on Nick, the way he’d locked eyes with Dean.

“You suffer so beautifully for him,” Nick whispered, then sat up on his elbows, licking at Dean’s cheeks and placing painfully gentle kisses over his nose, his cheeks, his lips.

“Ah!” Dean yelped as Benny smacked him again, more tears running down his cheeks. His cock was so hard it hurt, and Dean had no idea how it was happening.

Nick groaned, kissing the corner of Dean’s mouth. “The noises you make,” he said almost like an expletive as he rubbed his nose over Dean’s cheeks, butting his forehead against Dean’s chin, his nose.

“Fuck,” Dean hissed as Benny smacked him harder, his voice cracking.

“Fuck me faster,” Nick said, pulling back to look Dean in the eye again.

Dean let out a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “That means I get beat all that much sooner,” he said, as if Nick was suggesting sticking his finger into an electrical outlet.

“If you fuck me faster, you’ll come faster,” Nick said. “C’mon. Fuck me fast and hard. Give me a bad case of rug burn. Come inside me. Make me come.”

Dean groaned and did just what Nick said, fucking him harder, faster, and focusing on how good it felt to fuck Nick as hard as he wanted. Nick was taking it. Not just taking it, but he was encouraging Dean to fuck him harder by pushing his heels into the back of Dean’s thighs.

“Harder!” Nick growled. “C’mon. Fuck me harder!” he said, grabbing Dean by the back of the head and scratching his nails over Dean’s scalp, down his neck, and over his left shoulder.

Dean hissed at the pain, but he did it, fucking Nick so hard he couldn’t tell if he was panting because of the effort of fucking or the pain from the spanking. But it didn’t matter anymore. He was doing this for Benny, and both Benny and Nick were having a blast.

“He’s a good boy, isn’t he, Nick?” Benny asked, then let loose with a smack that made Dean’s toes curl.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean growled, his teeth clenched.

“Amazing,” Nick breathed, his eyes wide as he looked up at Dean, easing himself back down to the carpet. “Never seen anything so fuckin’ hot.”

“Fill him up, kid,” Benny said. “I wanna see your spunk drippin’ outta his asshole for the next hour.”

Dean growled with the next smack, fucking Nick even harder as he leaned down and bit Nick’s chest, grinning against his skin as Nick gasped with the pain, his back arching off the floor.

“Fuck, oh, I-ah!” Nick growled. “I can’t h-oh! Fuck, I can’t fuckin’ hold on! I gotta come! Fuck! Oh, fuck, Dean!” he hissed as his asshole started clenching around Dean’s cock.

Dean looked down in time to see Nick coming all over his own stomach, completely untouched, Nick’s fingers scratching through the carpet at either side of his body. It was so fucking hot, so unexpected that it triggered Dean’s orgasm, hitting him hard as Benny smacked him again, adding pain at the best possible moment.

“Benny! I fu-oh, yeah, oh fuck! Benny!” Dean screamed into Nick’s chest as he fucked him so hard Nick grunted with every thrust, Benny spanking him the whole time.

Dean didn’t stop until long after he’d come, then he collapsed onto Nick, hoping Nick would still be able to breathe, but kinda not caring all that much if Nick couldn’t. His eyes drooped closed, but then opened wide again as something was pushed into his asshole.

It was big, and as he tried to turn his head to see what was happening, because his brain was just wasted enough he couldn’t tell what the fuck was going on at first, a hand came down on his right shoulder, pushing him down against Nick.

He was relaxed enough from his orgasm that the stretch burned, but didn’t really hurt. He heard Benny grunt, then growl, and he finally realized what was going on as Benny started fucking him hard and fast, panting and biting at Dean’s back.

It didn’t take long, and if Dean hadn’t come so hard, he’d be hard from just how enthusiastically Benny was fucking him. Benny wasn’t even talking, just biting and fucking him so hard Nick was huffing with the impact. Benny’s jeans were scraping on Dean’s ass with each thrust, making Dean gasp and wince, but it was so fucking hot that Dean didn’t ask him to stop. He loved when Benny lost control because of him.

“Dean!” Benny yelled, then he howled, coming inside Dean before he dropped his forehead onto Dean’s back, panting over Dean’s skin.

The only sound in the room was panting for quite a while, and then someone gasped out a “wow.” Dean had no idea who it was, and it was then he remembered there were others in the room. He’d been so focused on Nick and Benny that he’d forgotten.

He opened his eyes, looking over at the couch to see Cas and Gabe staring at him, their eyes wide and come all over their shirts. Dean looked to Sam next and saw he was pretty much in the same state. His eyes were wide, a hand still wrapped around his cock, though he wasn’t stroking himself. Dean couldn’t be sure, but there may have been come all the way up on his neck.

When he looked at the girls, he chuckled. They were both sucking on their fingers. They’d lost their clothes somewhere along the way, and Charlie’s dark red pubic hair was soaked. Sarah’s landing strip was dark black like the hair on her head, and Dean couldn’t tell how wet it was, but both women had very satisfied looks on their faces.

Nick moaned. “I’ve never been so happy I decided to make a crock pot dinner as I am right now.”

Dean snorted. “We still gotta get up to eat it.”

“That’s okay,” Nick said. “I’ll be able to move in just a few minutes. Maybe.”

“Not if I refuse to get off you,” Dean said.

“Oh well,” Nick said, shrugging weakly. “It’ll last for hours in the crock pot. No hurry.”

“If anyone was counting,” Charlie said, “I came twice.”

“I made it to three,” Sarah said, “and my pussy is sore.”

“I came twice,” Gabe said, sounding like he was already half asleep.

“Three times,” Cas grunted, “and my dick hurts.”

Benny kissed Dean’s neck, then rubbed his nose just under Dean’s left ear. “Thank you,” he whispered, his lips tickling Dean’s ear. “I’ve used it as a jerk-off fantasy for years, but you were a whole Hell of a lot more amazing than anything in my head,” he said, and Dean knew that was Benny’s way of letting him know how much it meant to him.

Dean snorted. “You can thank me by following through with your offer to feed me on your lap and rub cream on my sore ass,” he said, knowing Benny would hear what he wasn’t saying, that this was just for Benny, and it was something Dean wouldn’t do for anyone else.

Benny huffed out a laugh, then kissed Dean’s head. “Love you too,” he said.

“Gettin’ soft in your old age,” Dean mumbled, even though he couldn’t help the big grin on his face.

Benny shifted, pushing his cock deeper into Dean, making Dean hiss. “Does that feel soft to you?” he asked, and Dean could practically hear the smile.

Dean chuckled. “Have you ever found out how many times you can go before your cock just gets soft right away?” he asked.

“Mmm,” Benny moaned into Dean’s neck. “I’ll have to try that one of these days. You can help me.”

“All right,” Charlie said, sliding to the floor and crawling over to Dean. “If you move your big, grumbly ass, I’ll clean up.”

“Huh?” Dean asked, squinting up at her.

“I’m movin’,” Benny said.

Dean hissed as Benny pulled out, and then he whined and squirmed as Charlie started eating him out. “Oh, fuck. I forgot that you… Oh yeah! How could I forget that’s part of your job?”

Nick snorted. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot your own name after that.”

“Oh, her little tongue is so fucking perfect,” Dean moaned as she sucked and licked at his asshole. “Why the fuck did I ever think it was a good idea to ask that we chuck the whole prepping rule? What the fuck’s wrong with me?”

Nick chuckled. “If she’s that awesome at her job, I think I’m gonna start cleaning myself out every day and begging for a cleanup job after getting fucked!”

Charlie sat up, rubbing her breasts against Dean’s ass cheeks and making him moan and flinch from the pain. “Dean gets priority, but yeah, anybody who is thoughtful enough to clean themselves out and ask nicely will get a clean-up job.”

“Oh,” Nick moaned loudly. “That does it. I’m giving myself an enema every day now.”

“Why do you think I give myself one every morning?” Sarah asked, a smirk evident in her tone of voice.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean whimpered. “My dick is too sore to twitch.” He felt something rubbing over his asshole, but it was an odd feeling. He knew it wasn’t Charlie’s tongue, and it didn’t feel like a finger, so he turned to see what she was doing. “Oh, fuck!” Dean nearly wailed as he saw Charlie rubbing her right nipple over his hole.

Sarah chuckled. “She’s doin’ that so I can have a taste,” she said with a smirk.

“Oh, please tell me you’re not just fuckin’ with us!” Sam moaned, then whimpered as Charlie crawled to Sarah, climbed up on her, and thrust her chest out at her mate.

All the guys moaned as they watched Sarah sucking and mouthing at Charlie’s breast, her hands running over Charlie’s sides. When Sarah was done, Charlie flopped back down onto the cushion beside Sarah.

“I’m gonna pull out, Nick,” Dean said, then slowly eased out, rolling over onto his back on the carpet. He whimpered and rolled onto his side as soon as the carpet brushed up against his sore skin. “I think we need thicker carpet. Ya know, for times like these when I can’t move over to the couch.”

“I have an idea,” Charlie said, sounding more perky already. “Sarah and I both get energized with orgasms instead of all sleepy and lethargic.”

“Of course you do,” Dean grumbled, his eyes closed.

Charlie giggled. “So,” she drawled, “we’ll get plates made up for everybody while you guys crawl over to the couch, and we can all eat in here tonight.”

“Oh,” Dean moaned, “you just earned so many more points with that shit right there.”

“You’re gonna spoil us,” Sam said as Charlie walked into the kitchen.

Sarah chuckled. “Wait until you find out what we want in return,” she said ominously as she made her way into the kitchen after Charlie.

Sam snorted. “What they don’t realize is they could pretty much ask for anything and we’d do it,” Sam mumbled.

“Don’t let them hear you!” Gabe hissed, but Sam just chuckled.

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