Part 21: Healing

Part-Specific Info
None for this part.
Nick/Dean, Benny/Sam/Sarah, Cas/Gabe/Charlie
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Dean, Sarah, Charlie
Slash, Het, Foodplay, Rimming, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Handjobs
Summary Everyone’s still dealing with the fallout from Alastair, but life in an Alpha House is never quiet anyway. Dean decides Nick needs some one-on-one time.

The next morning, Dean awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. His stomach growled as he rolled over in bed, wrapping his arm around Cas as his right foot went back to touch Gabe’s shin. None of them had early appointments, so they’d all decided a big breakfast was in order.

“Morning,” Dean said, then pushed his nose into Cas’ hair, scenting him.

“Morning,” Cas said, opening his eyes.

Gabe groaned from behind Dean. “Bed feels good. Can they send breakfast up here?” he asked, his voice husky from sleep.

Dean chuckled. “Nick’s making a big spread. He’ll come up here and shoo us out of bed if we don’t get down there.”

Gabe whined. “Fine.”

“Hey, guys,” Charlie said from the doorway. “We’ve got ten minutes before Nick’s done with breakfast, so get a move on.”

Dean huffed. “That’s not enough time to enjoy myself in the shower,” he said, pouting and not caring one bit about how silly it looked.

Charlie chuckled and was just about to say something when Sam came up behind her and put his head on her shoulder, his phone in his left hand.

“Mom’s on the phone and she wants to talk to all of us, get an update on how we’re doing,” Sam said, then headed off down the hallway.

Charlie shrugged. “Okay, well, let’s get down there. We’ll have shower time after breakfast. Which means you can stop pouting about not having enough time.”

Dean grinned. “Awesome!”

All three of them got out of bed and headed downstairs in their underwear, enticed by the smell of breakfast.

“We’re fine, mom,” Sam said, rolling his eyes as they entered the kitchen. “Yes, Gabe and Charlie are giving us all regular checkups. Everybody’s fine, including Dean.”

Dean’s eyes widened and he smacked his brother on the arm. Sam put his hand over the mouthpiece and mouthed “what” at Dean.

“You didn’t tell them about the claiming bite, did you?” Dean hissed at Sam, not at all worried that everyone else in the kitchen heard him.

Sam snorted. “No. You wanted that kept private, so I’m respecting your wishes.”

“Oh, okay,” Dean said, relaxing his stance. “Thanks.”

Sam gave him a smile as he took his hand off the mouthpiece. “Yeah, Mom, we’re all taking it easy for a few days, but really, when Charlie and Sarah used all of us, it didn’t drain us. You really don’t need to worry about us.”

Nick grinned as he handed plates out to everyone, then they all headed for the dining room table. Sam put the cell phone on the table and switched it to speakerphone.

“…glad you guys are all safe,” Mary said through the phone.

“We’re fine, Mom,” Dean reassured her.

“We’re very proud of you guys,” Mary said. “You handled that situation better than could’ve been expected. It was a situation that even very experienced house members would’ve found difficult, but all of you worked together without turning on each other when that easily could’ve happened.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Benny said with a smile, then took a bite of bacon.

“And,” Mary drawled, “I was going to head on out to see you guys after we get done with the Western Alpha Association meeting this afternoon, but Sam keeps insisting you’re adults and you’re all fine.”

Everyone chuckled. “You have nothing to worry about, ma’am,” Benny continued. “We know you’ve all got busy schedules and plenty of cleanup after what happened. Rest assured we’re doin’ fine.”

“I trust you,” Mary said confidently. “I feel like you’re all my kids and I worry about you, but that doesn’t mean I think you guys can’t handle yourselves. Although I will tell you that it took a lot of convincing to get Ellen to go to the Crisis Center instead of hightailing it over to you guys.”

Dean felt Nick’s reaction even though Nick was sitting across from him at the table. Nick’s smile dropped and his shoulders tensed.

“What are they going to do with Kevin?” Nick asked, derailing the conversation a bit, but it was understandable. Dean could hear the pain in his voice even though Nick was trying for strong and business-like.

Charlie was having none of it. She wrapped her right arm around his midsection and rested her head on his shoulder. Dean almost expected Nick to pull away because he was hurting, even though Nick normally wouldn’t have, but instead Nick leaned into it, his shoulders dropping and his left arm coming up to wrap around Charlie.

“They’re trying rehabilitation,” Mary said, voice gentle. “Unlike Alastair, Kevin’s magics hadn’t turned black.”

Nick nodded. “Okay. Have any of you seen him?”

“I did,” Meg said, obviously on speakerphone with Mary and joining in because she couldn’t stay quiet.

“Do you think rehab would work?” Nick asked.

Meg sighed. “Honestly? I don’t know. He’s fighting it, he’s furious at everyone for taking his magics from him, especially Sam, and he’s threatened violence on more than one occasion, but he hasn’t been there very long, he’s still hurting, and you never know if he’ll change his mind.”

“Has he…?” Nick started, but huffed, shaking his head.

“Asked about you?” Meg said, finishing the question Nick hadn’t wanted to ask. “Yes, he did. He asked us to bring you to the center. I’m sorry, sweetie, but when the empaths read him, his only intention was to hurt you.”

Nick nodded, body deflating and a broken expression on his face. Dean couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck him,” Dean said, his voice almost low enough to be called a growl.

Nick looked at Dean, his eyes wide. It took him a moment, but he realized what Dean was doing and nodded. “I know,” he said with a bit of a smile. “He was an asshole.”

“No, I’m serious,” Dean said, catching Nick’s attempt at levity. “He used you because he thought you were the easiest to manipulate, the weakest of us, and yet who saved us?”

Nick snorted. “Charlie.”

“Don’t give me any of that bullshit about it all being Charlie,” Dean said with a frown. “She’s awesome and helped save all of us, but Charlie had no idea where that black shit was coming from, and even though you didn’t know her very well, you let her in your head to do whatever she needed to save us. She could’ve done anything in there, and you opened up and let her even though it hurt like hell.”

“Yeah, I let an empath run around inside my head,” Nick said with a shrug. “Big deal.”

“It was your idea to use the magics from neighbors,” Charlie said.

“How about we not mention my lack of moral conscience around Primes?” Nick said, eyes wide and a little panicked.

“Charlie told me what you said to her,” Dean said. “She told me that you gave her a pep talk about choosing the lesser of two evils. We don’t know what Alastair’s plans included. So don’t go whining about your lack of moral conscience when you were an integral part of stopping a level ten black magics warlock from taking over the city while using my brother like a puppet.”

“Did you just use the word integral in a sentence?” Nick asked, straight-faced.

Dean’s brain did a full stop. He stared at Nick as if the man had grown another head. Nick snorted, then chuckled, then he let out a laugh that Dean would forever insist was more of a giggle.

“Asshole,” Dean said affectionately, shaking his head.

Nick shook his head, still smiling. “I know it all worked and I helped, I just wonder if things could’ve ended up differently had I done something different.”

“My son doesn’t have much tact when someone he loves is hurting,” Mary said, “but you probably know that by now.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Nick said with a grin, even though Mary couldn’t see it.

“And you probably also know that he loves you a lot, and he’s come to appreciate you not only as a house member and fellow alpha, but also as part of the family,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Nick said, then turned and gave Dean a wink.

“I wasn’t just trying to boost your confidence when I said we’re very proud of you guys,” Mary said. “And Nick, you’re included in that. You all worked together, you trusted your instincts, and there was no loss of life, no one got seriously injured beyond Alastair and Kevin. And even though I know this has to be very hard on all of you to lose a member of your house, one who was a plant and manipulating all of you, I’m confident you’ll support each other and the bond of the house members will be even stronger.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Nick said, voice soft and eyes a little watery.

“Now,” Mary said, obviously having changed the subject, “we will be coming out to see you. I’m not sure if it’ll be all of us, but we’re going to come for a visit either tomorrow or the day after.”

“You really don’t…,” Sam started, but was cut off by Mary.

“Don’t even start,” Mary barked, and Dean grinned when Sam shut his mouth and backed down. “You guys have been through a lot. And not only are we coming out because it’s our responsibility as primes, but we care about every one of you. Whether you want to admit it or not, this was traumatic, and we need to check up on our pups even though we know they’re fully grown. Yes, we have a lot of shit to deal with after what Alastair did, but you guys are important too.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Dean said. “We’re not trying to stop you from coming here. We just know there’s a lot going on and we don’t want you guys worrying about us.”

“Leave that up to us,” Mary said, smile evident in her tone of voice. “We’ll worry about you just as much as we want to.”

Dean chuckled. “Okay.”

“Gabriel?” Mary said.

“Yes, ma’am?” Gabe said with a mouthful of food, cheeks flushing when he realized what he’d done.

“Ellen would greatly appreciate it if you’d send a copy of your medical reports to her as soon as you can,” she said.

“Not a problem,” Gabe said.

“All right, then I’ll let you all get back to breakfast,” Mary said. “Love you guys!”

Everyone responded with their goodbyes and “love you too.”

“Okay, so even though we’ve already done some damage control over this whole situation, we still have a lot to check up on,” Dean said. “What’s everyone’s plans for the day?”

Benny wiped his mouth with his napkin. “I’ll be checkin’ in with the local hunter associations and makin’ a visit to the hospital up the road. A few of the local folks have been stoppin’ in to get psychic checkups after what happened. Nothin’ serious, I assume, but I’d like to show everyone we care about them enough to make sure they’re okay.”

“Would you mind if I went with you?” Charlie asked.

“I was hopin’ you’d ask,” Benny said with a wink.

Charlie nodded, smiling. “I’d like to get a read on everyone. Just so I stop worrying about them.”

“I’ll be heading over to the crisis center,” Gabriel said. “After I finish gathering the reports for Ellen, of course.”

“I need to make sure the house next door,” Cas said as he pointed over his shoulder, “and the surrounding area is stable and secure. I’ll be going downtown to get some contractors out here to assess for damage. I’d like them to take a quick sweep of the whole neighborhood just for peace of mind.”

“Sam,” Dean said, looking to his brother. “I’d like your help, and possibly also Sarah’s.”

“What’cha need?” Sam asked as Sarah said, “Anything you need.”

“I’ve gotta make another statement,” Dean said. “What we released to the press the other day was a quick damage control thing, but word is probably spreading quickly, and I don’t want everyone to be getting the wrong idea or feeling as if we’re trying to cover this up. I’d like you and Sarah to help me with the statement and getting in contact with the local media.”

“I have a lot of connections,” Sarah said. “I can get you all the local media stations within just a couple hours. I’m sure they’re anxious to get a hold of the rest of the story anyway.”

“Awesome,” Dean said with a smile.

“You and I can go in the office and write something up,” Sam said.

“Nick, did you have plans or can I delegate something to you?” Dean asked.

“I was planning on making some calls to the local neighborhood watch organizations and also fire and rescue,” Nick said, “but that’s not a pressing matter.”

“No, I’d definitely like you to do that,” Dean said, nodding. “But that works well with what I was gonna ask you to do. I’d like you to be available here for anyone who calls or emails us with an issue. We’ll all be out around town or busy, so if anybody has a problem, I’d like you to be the one who assigns it to one of us and gets us the message.”

“I can do that,” Nick said.

“I’m also gonna leave it up to you to decide if it’s something urgent or if it can wait,” Dean said.

Nick nodded. “Okay.”

Dean smiled as he stood up. “Sounds like a plan. Thank you for the awesome breakfast, Nick,” he said, grinning when everyone else agreed and Nick blushed a little with the attention. “Let’s all keep in touch throughout the day, put your phones on vibrate so we can get to each other whenever we need to, and I’ll see you all tonight.”


Dean was tired, but he felt good. It was a long day, but the local news stations had taken his statement and aired it multiple times throughout the day, and by the way all the other house members responded throughout the day, it appeared everyone in Palo Alto was relieved that the situation had been taken care of as well as it had been.

He rubbed at his eyes as he walked down the hallway from the office to the kitchen. Nick hadn’t had much time to make dinner because the phone had been ringing almost nonstop all day, but it still smelled delicious.

“Dude,” Dean groaned as he walked up behind Nick and wrapped his arms around Nick’s midsection, “I’m gonna get really fuckin’ fat if you keep this up.”

Nick laughed, relaxing against Dean. “So does that mean I should cancel dessert?”

Dean kissed Nick’s neck and rested his forehead on Nick’s shoulder. “I’d like to be sensible about it and say yes, but I just can’t.”

Nick laughed again as he stirred the pasta. “Good, because I made cheesecake last night.”

“Oh, cheesecake,” Dean groaned. “Wait, last night?”

“Yeah,” Nick said. “I had a hard time sleeping, so I made cheesecake. Cooking relaxes me.”

“You didn’t sleep with the girls?” Dean asked.

“No,” Nick replied.

“You slept alone?” Dean asked.


Dean took the utensil from Nick’s hand, then turned the man around so he could look him in the eye. “You’re sleeping with me tonight.”

“Dean, you don’t have to take care of me,” Nick said, trying to brush it off. “I’ll be okay.”

Dean shrugged. “I know you will. But we’re here for each other.”

“No,” Nick said, shaking his head. “You, Cas, and Gabe are getting ready to make a huge commitment. If you’re that upset about me sleeping alone, I’ll crash with the girls.”

Dean wrapped his arms around Nick and pulled him close. “Are you refusing me?” he asked, then leaned in and nuzzled at the side of Nick’s neck.

Nick relaxed against Dean a little, wrapping his arms around him. “No, I just don’t need to be taken care of.”

“I’m an alpha,” Dean said, pulling back a bit so he could look Nick in the eye, “and somebody in my house is hurting. Somebody I really fuckin’ care about and who has this really big heart that not a lot of people know about because he’s always there for everyone else and doesn’t speak up about his own shit.”

Nick looked down between them and Dean could feel Nick’s body tensing. He was uncomfortable. But it didn’t stop Dean. It only made him decide to take a slightly different approach.

“I know you can take care of yourself,” Dean said. “I wasn’t all that sure about anything besides the fact that I knew you were a good alpha when we started this house. But since we’ve been here you’ve shown me your true colors. You more than deserve to be here, and you’re on the way to being a prime, I know you are.”

“Dean,” Nick complained, trying to pull away.

Dean smiled as he saw Benny come up behind Nick. He wasn’t getting anywhere with Nick, so maybe Benny could help.

Benny’s big hands came to rest on Nick’s shoulders and Nick flinched at the touch. It seemed he was more startled than upset by it, like he’d been too focused on Dean to realize someone was coming up behind him.

“Nick,” Benny breathed, running his lips over Nick’s left ear.

“Yeah?” Nick said, his eyes closing halfway, drinking in the attention without even realizing he was starved for it.

“It sounds like our carus needs a night alone with you,” Benny said.

Dean nearly cheered. Of course Benny knew how to word it. He could’ve kicked himself for not thinking of it, but that’s why there weren’t alpha houses run by a single alpha. They all worked together, complemented each other.

“Yes, sir,” Nick said.

“Is there some reason he can’t have that?” Benny asked gently.

Nick’s body relaxed even more. “No, sir,” he whispered.

“You’re gonna take care of ‘im?” Benny asked

“Yes, sir,” Nick said, looking Dean in the eye.

“Good,” Benny said with a small smile just for Dean. “I’d hate to think you were neglecting our carus.”

“I’m not,” Nick said.

Benny grinned. “You know I can’t stand seein’ that sad look he gets when he doesn’t get his way.”

Nick snorted as Dean said, “Hey!”

Benny chuckled as he pulled away from Nick and peered into the pot of noodles. “And I don’t know how you do it, but this smells even better than the last time you made it.”

Nick smiled. “Yeah, I added a little something else to it this time.”

Benny leaned down, face closer to the pot of pasta and sauce as he sniffed, then let out a low growl. Dean knew that growl. It usually meant Benny was about to pounce on him and fuck him through the nearest surface.

“You didn’t,” Dean said, eyes wide.

Nick was blushing, and it was one of the most adorable things he’d ever seen. “You guys once said it sounded hot. So yeah, I did it.”

Dean leaned in and kissed Nick, pushing his tongue into Nick’s mouth and wrapping his left hand around his neck, pulling him in closer. When he pulled away, Nick’s eyes were a little glazed and he had a dopey grin on his face.

“You’re awesome, you know that?” Dean said with a smile.

“Don’t tell anybody,” Benny said. “I wanna see their faces when they figure it out.”

Nick chuckled. “Okay.”

“And you gotta tell us what you were doing to get yourself off,” Dean said.

Nick rolled his eyes. “It’s nothing exciting,” he started, but then chuckled when Dean pouted at him. “Okay, okay. I’ll tell you guys about it over dinner.”

“I get my way,” Dean said with a grin.

Nick snorted. “Yes, you get your way. Would you mind gathering everyone? It’s ready.”

“Sure,” Dean said, giving Nick’s ass a little pat as he walked by him.

Dean heard Nick let out a squeak, and he knew without looking that the muffled growl he heard as he walked through the living room was Benny kissing Nick. He was still smiling by the time he got upstairs.

“Hey,” Dean said as he knocked on the doorjamb of the room he shared with his mates.

Gabe was getting dressed after having taken a shower and Cas was already dressed and cleaning up the room. Gabe tended to leave his clothes all over the place, and Cas hated it.

“Dinner’s ready,” Dean said.

“Okay,” Gabe said. “Almost done here.”

“And one more thing,” Dean said. “I’m gonna stay with Nick tonight.”

“Is he okay?” Cas asked, a concerned look on his face even as Gabe stopped dressing and turned to look at Dean.

“He didn’t sleep last night,” Dean said. “He stayed in his room by himself and ended up baking instead of sleeping.”

“Anything he needs,” Gabe said, and he really meant it.

“Do you want either of us to help or would it be better if it was just the two of you?” Cas asked.

“I think he needs some one-on-one,” Dean said, and both of his mates nodded their acceptance. “Just don’t say anything to him about this being for him. He’s having a hard time with it. Benny got him to agree to it with the idea that I needed some alone time with Nick, and I don’t want Nick to back out.”

“Take all the time he needs,” Gabe said.

“And he’s welcome in our bed any time,” Cas said, glancing at Gabe, who nodded in agreement.

“Thanks, guys,” Dean said. “You’re awesome,” he said as he kissed both of his mates on their cheeks, then turned and headed downstairs.

Sarah and Charlie were already downstairs and walking toward the kitchen when Dean caught up with them. Together they all set the table and sat down just as Gabe and Cas came in.

“Smells great, Nick!” Sam said as he spooned some pasta and sauce onto his plate.

Charlie snorted, covering her mouth, and a moment later Sarah gasped. Dean grinned at them both, getting a huge kick out of the blush spreading over Charlie’s cheeks. Sam was frowning at his plate, then looked up at Nick, his mouth open as he pointed at the food, but it seemed as if he couldn’t think of what to say.

“No way!” Gabe said with a mouthful of food, eyes wide and full of mischief.

“Ah, Nick?” Sam said.

“Yes, Sam?” Nick replied, keeping a straight face.

“Is there a reason why my food has the same color aura as you?” Sam asked, lips twitching, as if he was working really hard at not smiling.

Charlie snorted again, still covering her mouth, shoulders jumping.

Nick shrugged.

“Well,” Benny drawled, “it could be the same reason my dick’s so hard it hurts.”

Dean took a bite of his pasta, curious after all the reactions. He couldn’t imagine the actual taste enhanced the food, but the idea behind it? Hell, yeah.

And then he realized it wasn’t just the fact that Nick had jerked off into the sauce. It was also all the pheromones in the food, watching as Nick took in all their reactions, and the way he could smell everyone’s arousal. It was enough to make him hard surprisingly fast.

Sarah leaned forward and dipped her finger into the big pot of pasta and sauce set in the middle of the table. She pulled it out, letting the sauce drip down the back of her hand. Dean was mesmerized as she chased the trail with the tip of her tongue, slowly licking it up, then pushing her finger into her mouth and sucking on it, eyes closing as she moaned.

Cas dropped his fork, but Dean was too busy staring at Sarah to bother checking out the look on Cas’ face. As if the show Sarah was putting on wasn’t enough, Charlie swiped a finger over Sarah’s cheek, obviously having stuck her own finger in the sauce, then leaned forward and licked her mate’s cheek clean.

“Fuck,” Sam hissed through his teeth.

Charlie grinned, a devilish little look on her face as she got more sauce on her finger, then turned to her left and swiped Cas’ nose, leaving a dripping glob of sauce on the end of his nose.

If he hadn’t been so turned on, Dean would’ve laughed at the look on Cas’ face. His eyes were wide, his mouth working open and closed as if he felt the need to say something, but couldn’t come up with a damn thing. His hands were out at his sides, which Charlie took advantage of by sliding onto Cas’ right thigh, practically slithering over, then licking at his nose.

Cas finally wrapped his hands around Charlie’s sides and closed his eyes, tilting his head up to she could kiss and lick at his lips.

Movement to his left had Dean turning his head away from his mate and Charlie, and Dean whimpered as Sarah shoved her naked breasts in Benny’s face. Benny mouthed at her, his hands cupping her breasts, and Dean could see the sauce in his beard, so he knew Benny must’ve been licking it off her. Sam was behind Benny, hunched over and kissing Sarah, nearly devouring her lips as she squirmed on Benny’s lap.

Dean was sitting to the left of Nick, and he decided Nick needed to join in, so he gathered some pasta and sauce on his fork and held it up to Nick, who grinned at him, then opened his mouth.

“The sauce is a hit,” Dean said with a smile.

“Hell yeah!” Gabe said, nearly drooling as he watched Charlie suck on Cas’ bottom lip.

“And you promised us a story,” Dean said as he wrapped his right arm around Nick’s shoulder, pulling him closer so he could nibble at his ear while he speared more pasta with his fork and held it to Nick’s lips.

“I did,” Nick said.

“Yeah, I want story time,” Gabe groaned, and when Dean glanced in his mates’ direction, he saw Gabe slouching down in the chair, Cas’ left hand down the front of Gabe’s jeans.

Nick chewed and swallowed the bite Dean had given him, then wriggled around in his chair a bit until he was more comfortable, legs spread. “I cooked the pasta and sauce last night, and I didn’t think of adding anything to it until I was about to put it in the crock pot to simmer all day.”

Dean held up more food for Nick after having eaten some himself. Nick finished it, his left hand finding Dean’s leg, his fingers running over the seam of the jeans.

“I remembered you guys saying it sounded really fuckin’ hot when I told you about making something special for a girlfriend a few years back,” Nick continued, “so I let it everything cool while I did a couple loads of laundry.”

Dean groaned. He’d seen Nick doing laundry before, but he didn’t know if anyone else had. Nick let out a little chuckle, grinning at Dean, an expression on his face that said ‘apparently you know where this is going.’

“One of the reasons I like doing laundry,” Nick said as he took the fork from Dean and stabbed a few pieces of pasta, “is because I love smelling all you guys.”

Benny and Gabe let out appreciative noises while Nick held the fork up to Dean’s mouth and smiled when Dean hungrily snapped his teeth down on the fork.

“Sometimes I jerk off while I’m doing laundry,” Nick admitted.

“Ah!” Gabe yelped. “Cas, I don’t wanna come yet!”

Cas chuckled, a deep rumble that had Dean pressing down on his own erection as Cas did something to Charlie that made her squeak and close her eyes in pleasure.

“Sometimes,” Nick drawled, continuing his story, “I hold a few pairs of underwear up to my nose while I jerk off with another pair. Other times I dump all the dirty clothes out on the floor, spread out on top of them, and fuck the pile.”

“Fuck,” Dean breathed against Nick’s shoulder. “I’ve jerked off watching you a couple times.”

“I know,” Nick said, turning to Dean and grinning.

Dean chuckled. “And here I thought I was being so sneaky.”

Gabe snorted. “It’s that cute little gasping squeak he does when he comes that gave him away, wasn’t it,” he said, a knowing grin on his face.

“Yup,” Nick said.

“I don’t squeak,” Dean said, frowning at Gabe.

Benny let out a bark of laughter. “Sure ya don’t, sweetheart.”

“It’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard,” Nick said. “But it’s a totally manly squeak,” he said with a grin.

Dean tried to keep up the indignant glare, but he just couldn’t. He chuckled, shaking his head. “All right, fine. Enjoy it.”

“Oh, we do,” Charlie said, grinning at him over her shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean said. “Now get back to the story of how you added a special ingredient to dinner.”

Nick fed Dean more pasta, his left hand moving up a little and tickling Dean’s crotch. “Okay, so I went into the laundry room and grabbed the clothes you guys wore when you went jogging yesterday morning.”

Sarah turned to Nick, a big grin on her face. “My panties?”

Nick nodded. “Yours along with Dean and Benny’s boxer briefs.”

“Cas!” Charlie growled, grinding down on his lap. “Oh, you’re really fuckin’ good at that,” she moaned as she shook her way through an orgasm while Cas sucked on her neck. She collapsed against Cas, panting against his shoulder. “Don’t stop, Nick! I wanna hear the rest of it.”

Nick cupped Dean’s erection through his jeans, gently squeezing. “I brought the panties and boxer briefs into the kitchen and set the pot of noodles and sauce on the breakfast table. It was still dark out and everyone was asleep. I opened my jeans and pulled out my cock, started jerking off with Benny’s boxers while I held Sarah’s panties and Dean’s boxers over my nose and mouth.”

“Right in the middle of the kitchen?” Dean asked, voice a little more breathy than he thought it would be.

“Yup,” Nick replied, giving Dean’s cock a good squeeze to back him down.

Dean hissed, but didn’t complain. He didn’t know what Nick wanted him to wait for, but he didn’t mind waiting.

“I stood there with my eyes closed, one hip against the table while I stroked my cock,” Nick said, “a fantasy playing in my head of how all you guys would react when you found out.”

“You bet on horny being the reaction, right?” Gabe asked with a grin.

Nick snorted. “Yeah, I figured.”

“Oh, fuck,” Sam growled, and Dean could see by the way Sarah’s right arm was moving that she was jerking him off. “So if you were standing right there, you just fuckin’ shot into the pot, didn’t you!”

“I did,” Nick said with a grin. “The smell of you guys, the way the boxers felt on my cock, and imagining you guys all getting off on this sent me over the edge a lot quicker than I’d expected. My knees started to go out from under me, but I held onto the table with one hand while I shot my load into the pasta with the other hand.”

Sam growled again, only this time he was definitely coming. Dean knew that sound better than the noises he made himself while coming.

“Lick it off,” Sarah ordered, looking Sam in the eye.

“Mmm,” Sam moaned as he dropped to his knees. “Yes, ma’am.”

Dean had no clue if Sam had come on Benny’s clothes or Sarah’s, but watching Sam dropping to his knees so obediently, without question, without hesitation was really fucking hot. Dean also couldn’t see what Charlie was doing to Cas under the table, but by the way Cas was breathing and the way his lips had thinned out, he knew Cas was close to coming.

Sure enough, Cas turned and nuzzled the top of Charlie’s head, letting out a grunt as he came. Gabe whined as he came only a few seconds later, jerking around on the chair, back arching as he yanked on Cas’ left sleeve.

“You want me to blow you?” Sarah asked Benny, her left hand under the table near Benny’s crotch. “Or can you get off like this?”

“If it’s all right with you, darlin’,” Benny said, speech a little slurred from arousal, “I’d like to fuck ya on this table, see if I can get ya to come again.”

Sarah smiled as she leaned down and licked the shell of Benny’s left ear. “What are you waiting for?” she asked.

Benny stood up so fast that Sarah gasped. He had a hand on each of her thighs and lifted her onto the table, the dishes clinking as they were pushed out of the way by her ass. Dean was a little surprised by how quickly Benny shoved into her, but apparently she got a kick out of it because she moaned, wrapped her legs around him, and bit down on his left biceps, which anyone knew would make an alpha even more aggressive.

Dean’s cock was so hard it hurt. He wanted to come, but he figured Nick had something planned. “Let’s go,” he said to Nick.

“You don’t wanna watch the show?” Nick asked.

“Nope,” Dean said. “I want you all to myself.”

Nick smiled. A genuine smile that made the skin at his eyes crinkle. “Let’s go then.”

By the time they made it into Nick’s bedroom, Dean was ready to tear Nick’s clothes off, but he wanted this to be for Nick, so he let Nick set the pace. They closed the door behind them and Nick pushed Dean against it, grinding up against him and nipping at his neck.

“So I guess this means you forgive me,” Dean said, keeping his voice light in the hopes Nick wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, but feeling the need to say it out loud. He should’ve known better. Nick was more observant than people realized.

Nick pulled back so he could look Dean in the eye, but his body was still plastered to Dean’s. “What did you do that I wouldn’t forgive you for?”

Dean winced, looking at Nick’s shoulder instead. “Kevin was using you to get to me.”

Nick was quiet for a long moment. Long enough that Dean had some time to squirm. To worry that maybe Nick had forgotten about it, but Dean had been stupid enough to remind him.

“That wasn’t your fault,” Nick said, voice steady.

Dean finally looked Nick in the eye. “Then why have you been avoiding me?”

Nick frowned. “I haven’t been. Did you forget about that little thing last night where you fucked me hard enough I got rug burns while Benny spanked your ass?”

Dean’s lips twitched into a smirk. “That’s not something I’m gonna forget anytime soon. I don’t think I could’ve done that without you. You were fuckin’ hot, dude.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Nick asked.

The smirk dropped and Dean’s chest felt a little tighter. “A couple of times when you’ve been alone in the kitchen and I came in, you couldn’t get away from me fast enough.”

Nick’s fingers were digging into Dean’s sides, a guilty expression on his face that Dean wished he could wipe away.

Nick shook his head. “That wasn’t because I was pissed at you, that was because I…,” he said, cutting himself off, a pained expression on his face.

Dean ran his hands over Nick’s back. “Because you what?” he prodded.

Nick sighed. “Charlie got into my head when Alastair had you.”

“Yeah,” Dean said with a nod. It was old news.

“I asked her not to tell you this, but…,” Nick said, wincing and hesitating, then blurting the rest out. “I said I wanted to hold you down and make you scream. It was this dark, violent thought that just came out of me like it was nothing.”

“Is that what you want?” Dean asked, no judgment in his voice.

“No,” Nick growled as he shook his head. “I’d never do that to you! I’d never hurt you like that!”

Dean shrugged, a smile tugging at his lips. “I know you wouldn’t. So what’s the problem?”

Nick’s mouth opened, but nothing came out, as if he couldn’t figure out what to say, as if Dean’s reasoning on the matter was ridiculous.

“Alastair and Kevin were manipulating all of us,” Dean said. “You just told me it wasn’t my fault that you got hurt when all this went down, so why the hell would it be your fault that Kevin shoved awful shit into your head and Charlie found it?”

Nick’s body relaxed, as if he was deflating against Dean. He shoved his face against Dean’s neck and wrapped his arms around Dean’s midsection. “I love you,” Nick said.

“I love you too, Nick,” Dean said, relieved that he’d gotten through to him.

“Sorry,” Nick said, chuckling.

Dean huffed. “Didn’t I just say it wasn’t your fault?”

Nick snorted against Dean’s neck. “No, I mean I’m sorry for ruining the mood with my drama,” he said, pulling back with a sheepish expression on his face.

Dean smirked as he took Nick’s right hand in his left and cupped his own groin with Nick’s hand. “Does it feel like you completely ruined the mood, or do you think maybe this can be salvaged?”

Nick let out a relieved chuckle and kissed the corner of Dean’s mouth. Then he took Dean’s mouth in a passionate kiss, holding Dean’s head with both his hands and putting his all into it. It was intense and gentle at the same time. It was Nick.

By the time Nick pulled back, Dean was panting. Nick grinned as he ran a finger over Dean’s lower lip. “You’re so fuckin’ hot when you get so into a kiss that you chase after whoever’s kissing you,” he said with a smile.

Dean was about to make a snarky comment, something that might’ve ruined the moment and was only an attempt to reassert his masculinity, but then Nick kissed him again. Nick’s hands moved down Dean’s back to his ass, then he pulled Dean against him as he pushed his tongue into Dean’s mouth.

Dean felt overwhelmed, owned in the best way possible, and ready to do pretty much anything Nick wanted. He was so focused on the kiss, he didn’t realize at first that Nick was moving them over to the bed. Instead of throwing him down, though, Nick eased them slowly, crawling onto the bed as Dean went with it, letting Nick lift him, settle him in the middle of the bed, never breaking the kiss. It nearly made Dean chuckle, but it felt as if Nick had settled him down on a cloud.

Nick trailed kisses down Dean’s jawline, over his neck, then to his chest, slowly working his way down as he unbuttoned Dean’s shirt. Dean squirmed as Nick licked around Dean’s navel, then made his way back up to Dean’s left nipple, mouthing it as he pushed the shirt off Dean’s shoulders.

Dean expected a bite, but instead Nick kissed his way to Dean’s right nipple and ran his tongue over and around it. Normally Dean wanted to touch, wanted to kiss, wanted to do something, but it was as if Nick had him under a spell. He didn’t even realize his shirt was off until Nick was nibbling his way down Dean’s left arm, then licking over his wrist.

“Nick,” Dean moaned as Nick cupped his erection through his jeans, squeezing just enough to tease him.

“Yes, Dean?” Nick said, between kisses to Dean’s inner arm as he worked his way up.

Dean didn’t know what he’d wanted to say, so he just moaned again as Nick lifted Dean’s right arm and pushed his nose into Dean’s armpit, taking a deep breath.

“Mmm,” Nick nearly growled. “Love the way you smell.”

Dean had never had an armpit fetish himself, but it sure as hell turned him on that Nick was getting a kick out of it. He gasped as Nick licked the sensitive and ticklish skin.

Nick unbuttoned Dean’s jeans, then pulled the zipper down, but instead of reaching inside, he ran the tips of his fingers over the skin at the waist of the jeans. Dean pushed up, trying to get some attention on his dick, but Nick wasn’t in a hurry and instead kissed his way over to Dean’s other armpit, repeating the deep breath, the licking. Dean spread his legs as Nick’s fingers finally found their way inside the V of his jeans.

Nick chuckled as he lifted his head, grinning at Dean. “I never had a panty fetish before I saw you wearing them the other day,” he said as he ran his fingers over the lacy panties Dean had decided to wear that morning.

Dean smirked. “Charlie bought me about ten different pairs.”

Nick cupped Dean’s erection through the panties. “I’ll have to see you in each of them before I can decide which ones are my favorite,” he said with a smile.

“I saw you jerking off with a pair of them in the laundry room the other day,” Dean said.

Nick chuckled. “Yeah, well, they smelled good,” he said, then kissed Dean, slowly squeezing and pulling at Dean’s erection through the panties.

Dean tried to fuck up against Nick’s hand, but Nick moved with him, his touches only teasing. Nick pulled back and got to his knees between Dean’s legs, then started working the jeans over Dean’s ass, down his long legs. He dropped the jeans onto the floor, leaving the panties in place.

“They’re very pretty,” Nick said, tracing the waistline of the panties.

“Charlie has good taste,” Dean said, then gasped as Nick ran his finger over the head of Dean’s dick, which was poking out over the top of the panties and leaking onto Dean’s stomach.

Nick leaned down and licked at the mess on Dean’s stomach, then ran his tongue over Dean’s cock, lapping up the mess. Dean whined when Nick pulled back, but Nick just chuckled at him and tapped his left leg.

“Turn over,” Nick said.

Dean did as he was told with the help of Nick, who spread Dean’s legs wide, then ran his finger over the crease of his ass through the panties. Dean moaned, pushing his ass up toward Nick.

“Spread yourself open for me,” Nick said.

“Yes, sir,” Dean said with a smirk as he reached back, slid his hands down the back of the panties, and grabbed a cheek with each hand, opening himself to Nick.

Nick groaned as he pulled the panties down just enough to see Dean’s hole. “Keep yourself open. Don’t let go.”

“Okay,” Dean said, then gasped as he felt something warm and wet circling his hole.

Nick teased him with his tongue, first flicking over his hole, then using the flat of his tongue, swiping over Dean’s hole all the way to the top of his crack. Dean almost lost his grip as Nick sucked and nibbled at his asshole. He heard Nick opening the bottle of lube, and soon Nick was gently pushing one lubed finger into Dean’s hole.

He pushed all the way in, then bent his finger, pressing down on Dean’s prostate, then dragging his finger back out. By the time he was using three fingers on Dean, Dean was panting into the bed and his thighs were shaking.

“Ready for me?” Nick asked.

“Fuck, yeah!” Dean said.

“Keep yourself open,” Nick said. “I wanna watch my cock as it slides in.”

Dean tried to keep his hips still when all he wanted to do was fuck the bed. The idea of Nick back there getting a kick out of watching his cock sliding in inch by inch while Dean held himself open was nearly enough to make him come.

He felt a pressure against his asshole and expected Nick to push his way in until he’d bottomed out, but instead Nick slowly rocked against him, poking at Dean with his cock a few times before getting it in just a little bit, then pulling back out again.

Dean felt lightheaded, so turned on that he bit his lip to keep from demanding Nick just fuck him already. He remembered what Nick had admitted to. He remembered the look on Nick’s face, the look of disgust when he’d told Dean what Kevin had put in his head, the violent images of what he “wanted” to do with Dean. And Dean wondered if maybe he should say something. If he should tell Nick it was okay to be rough, that Dean could handle it and in fact liked rough sex just as much as he did slow lovemaking.

But then he remembered all the times he’d interacted with Nick since they’d moved into the house. How even when under the influence of Alastair and Kevin, Nick could be gentle with his touches, he cared and was concerned about Dean.

Sure Nick had fought hard when they were establishing the ranks of the house, but that was to be expected, and Dean would’ve done the same to him had he been able to at the time. In fact, the roughest he’d been with Dean since then was the blowjob in the kitchen, and he’d still asked Dean afterward if he was okay.

So maybe this was Nick. The guy who only showed his tough side when he really had to, but the rest of the time what he really wanted to do was treat his lovers like they were precious. No wonder Kevin used him. Alphas were born with the instinct to protect and nurture everyone in their pack, and even outside their pack it wasn’t unheard of for an alpha to watch out for people.

“Squeeze,” Nick said softly after he’s pushed the head of his cock in again.

Dean did as he was told and grinned when Nick moaned. Still Nick didn’t shove his cock into him, instead just running his hands over Dean’s flanks while Dean squeezed rhythmically on his cock.

“You want me inside yet?” Nick asked, and Dean could hear the smile.

“Fuck yeah!” Dean said, wriggling his ass a little.

Nick chuckled. “Impatient?” he asked, a teasing tone to his voice as he pushed his cock in so slowly that Dean whimpered.

“Oh, fuck, Nick, c’mon!” Dean said into the blanket as Nick bottomed out, but just stayed there, didn’t move.

“Fuck yourself on my cock,” Nick said.

Dean was moving before Nick finished his request, but came to a stop when Nick grabbed his sides and held him still.

“Slowly,” Nick said.

“Fuck,” Dean hissed. “No wonder the girls look all dreamy-eyed after they spend time with you.”

Nick chuckled again. “Are you going to be looking at me all dreamy-eyed, pumpkin?”

Dean huffed. “Considering we’ve only just started and I’m already close to coming and you could ask me to do about anything right now and I’d do it? Yeah. Sam’s gonna tease the shit outta me tomorrow.”

“It’ll only be because he’s jealous,” Nick said, guiding Dean’s hips in a slow rhythm, “and if he teases you too much, just let me know and I’ll tell Benny he needs to take Sam over his knee.”

Dean chuckled, then gasped as Nick’s cock hit his prostate just right, dragging over it too slowly to get him any closer to coming, but fast enough to make him want more.

Nick took hold of Dean’s wrists and pulled them out to the side. Dean was relieved he didn’t have to hold his ass cheeks apart anymore. Then he smiled as Nick wrapped his arms around Dean’s middle and pulled him up.

“Ah, fuck,” Dean hissed as he sat down on Nick’s lap, Nick’s cock going deep. Nick nuzzled at Dean’s neck as he slowly rocked them both, his cock moving just enough inside Dean to make him squirm.

“You smell so good,” Nick said, then licked Dean’s neck.

Dean closed his eyes, feeling completely owned by Nick. He bit his lip as Nick’s right hand trailed down his stomach and wrapped around Dean’s erection, slowly stroking in time with the gentle rocking.

He was amazed by the intensity of Nick. He always associated Benny with sexual intensity, but this was intense in a whole different way. It was almost overwhelming, and he wondered why the fuck Nick was still single. Anyone who could experience this and still walk way was an idiot.

Kevin had not only used this man, but he’d hurt him and left him brokenhearted too. Just as Dean felt a burning in his chest, Nick began kissing his shoulder and neck, distracting him. Dean chided himself for thinking about Kevin when Nick was making him feel this good.

He took in a deep breath, Nick’s scent strong in his nose. And just as Dean felt himself about to go over the edge, Nick squeezed his cock.

“Dude,” Dean whined as he squirmed. “That’s just mean!”

“You’re not coming until I want you to,” Nick said.

Dean shivered. It wasn’t as if it was a threat, and it certainly wasn’t a joke, but there was something about the way Nick said it, as if he was informing him of the weather. As if it was a fact and just something that was going to happen in the course of Nick taking care of Dean. Dean melted against Nick, feeling like his world had narrowed and the only thing in it was this room, the man behind him.

Nick let go of Dean’s dick, but before Dean could grumble about it, Nick was turning him, his cock slipping out of Dean’s hole as he manhandled Dean around and onto his back on the bed. And then Nick was pushing his cock back in and draping his body over Dean, wrapping his arms around him.

Dean rested his hands on Nick’s sides, smiling as Nick nibbled at his neck. The way Nick was moving on top of him gave him some friction on his dick, trapped between the two of them. It wasn’t enough to get him off, but it felt great.

And then Nick was kissing him. It was deep and overwhelming and perfect. Nick was holding his face, an elbow above each of Dean’s shoulders for leverage as he alternated between fucking Dean’s mouth with his tongue and licking at his lips.

Dean was panting through his nose, on the edge of coming, but so caught up in everything that Nick was doing to him that he wanted it to last forever.

Dean had always been with vocal partners. In fact, if he thought about it, every one of his regular sex partners couldn’t keep their mouth shut. But Nick was quiet. Before he’d experienced it, Dean had imagined a quiet partner as being awkward, but now he realized that with Nick, it ramped up the intensity.

All he could hear was each of them panting through their noses, the wet sound of their mouths, and the tiny squeak of the bed springs as Nick rocked in and out of him.

Nick moaned into Dean’s mouth, and instead of rocking into him, Nick’s hips started rolling, his whole body moving like a wave crashing over Dean. He’d never felt anyone do that before. Nick’s cock was twitching inside him, but other than that, Dean would’ve had no idea Nick was coming.

Nick’s hips slowed along with the kiss, and with one last lick to Dean’s lips, Nick pulled back, grinning down at Dean. He didn’t say anything, instead practically slithered down until his mouth was hovering over Dean’s erection.

He blew a puff of air over Dean’s dick, making him shiver, then he nibbled up and down Dean’s shaft. Dean fought against the urge to lift his hips and instead let Nick do whatever he wanted to do. Dean’s cock was a dark red, and he’d leaked all over his stomach.

Nick flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over the sensitive spot just under the head of Dean’s dick, making Dean whimper, his hips twitch.

Dean wanted to beg. Wanted to get down on his hands and knee, pleading to do anything if Nick just let him come. But he knew Nick was calling the shots.

“When I let you come,” Nick said, his lips grazing Dean’s cock as he spoke, “would you rather come all over my face or down my throat?”

Dean whimpered, his mouth open as he tried to make his brain work enough to respond. “Th-throat,” he finally managed to say.

“You’ve got it,” Nick said, then sucked Dean’s cock into his mouth.

Dean groaned, closing his eyes and gripping the blanket in his hands, but then he whined when Nick let his cock slip from his mouth.

“Keep your eyes on mine,” Nick said.

Dean nodded. “Yes, sir,” he said, a warmth running through him when Nick smiled back at him.

He did as he was told, and Nick sucked his cock back into his mouth, slowly bobbing on it. Nick reached up and took Dean’s hands in each of his, as if he wanted even more of a connection than just their eyes locked on one another.

Dean hissed as Nick kept up the same pace. It wasn’t going to make Dean come, but he wanted to so badly that he ached, his cock almost throbbing.

And then Nick sank all the way down until his nose was pressed against Dean’s skin and swallowed.

“Fuck, Nick,” Dean hissed, squeezing Nick’s hands. “I, oh. Fuck, yeah. I gotta come. Please let me come! Please! Can I come?”

“Uh-hmm,” Nick moaned around Dean’s cock, and that was it.

Dean came, unable to keep his hips still as he fucked up into Nick’s mouth, coming down his throat, gasping and panting as Nick let him use his throat. Dean looked into his eyes the entire time.

Nick slowly pulled back, letting Dean’s dick slip out and thwack wetly onto his stomach. “Love the look on your face when you come, pumpkin,” Nick said with a lazy smile and a completely wrecked voice.

Dean yanked on Nick’s hands, trying to get him closer, and Nick must’ve realized what he was trying to do because he scooted up until he was half on top of Dean and half on the bed, his right arm stroking Dean’s left as he pushed his face into Dean’s neck and sighed. Dean turned and placed a kiss on Nick’s forehead, the fingers of his right hand tracing designs on Nick’s upper back.

“You want a nap before round two?” Nick asked.

“Shit, I thought Charlie was exaggerating,” Dean said. “Round two?”

Nick chuckled. “I like sex,” he said. “And I’m having a great time being alone with you. I don’t want it to end yet.”

Dean smiled. “I wasn’t refusing round two. Or three. Or ten.”

Nick snorted. “Oh, so you were just making an observation?”

“Well, yeah,” Dean said. “Stamina and skills like yours should be noted and appreciated.”

“I’d like to see your skills put into action myself,” Nick said. “How ’bout round two you fuck me?”

“Hell yeah!” Dean said. “But I need a nap first.”

Nick chuckled. “Sounds good to me.”

Dean fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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