Part 22: Reward System

Part-Specific Info
None for this part.
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Dean, Sarah, Charlie
Summary Dean wakes up with Nick, the housemates deal with some of what happened with Alastair now that things are starting to calm down, and plans are made.

He felt warm and fuzzy, and really fucking turned on. He was smiling before his eyes were even open, hands seeking out whoever was waking him up with an awesome blowjob.

“Best way to wake up ever,” Dean mumbled, spreading his legs to accommodate Nick.

Nick moaned around the cock in his mouth, his fingers gently tugging on Dean’s balls. He wasn’t hurrying through the job, but rather taking his time and enjoying himself.

Dean shoved another pillow under his head and chuckled as he looked down. “Are you fucking the bed?” he asked, eyes on the lump under the covers moving up and down.

Nick let go of Dean’s dick. “Do you really want to engage in morning conversation?” he asked, cocky tone to his voice.

Dean snorted. “Hell, no! I was just commenting on it because it’s fuckin’ hot!”

Nick huffed out a laugh then swallowed Dean’s cock again, his head bobbing slowly on it.

“Oh,” Charlie drawled from the doorway, “don’t you just love the way he wakes you up?”

“You guys warned me,” Dean said, “but now I see why the two of you couldn’t wipe the grins off your faces after a night with this guy. Damn!”

Nick’s fingers wandered down behind Dean’s balls, gently rubbing his taint. Dean moaned, eyes closing.

“Dude, I’m not cleaned out yet,” Dean warned as Nick started a gentle pressure on his asshole, finger already slick with lube.

“He knows,” Charlie said as she hopped onto the bed, then leaned down and gave Dean a good morning kiss that ended just a little too soon, Dean chasing after her lips.

“Okay,” Dean said, shrugging, “but it’s not my fault if you… mmm.”

Charlie chuckled. “What was that you were saying?” she teased as his back arched and he closed his eyes again. “He’s just as good with his fingers,” she said, voice low as she spread out next to him and kissed his neck, the nibbled on his earlobe.

“Oh, fuck, Nick,” Dean groaned, his hips coming up off the bed as Nick expertly worked his prostate.

“I think it’s all that time in the kitchen,” Charlie said. “You ever watch him with a knife? Mmm, yeah. He can keep me on edge for a long time without making me oversensitive.”

“Nick, I’m gonna come,” Dean said, warning him so he didn’t choke. But instead of pulling off, he went all the way down, pushing his nose against Dean’s skin. “Oh! Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah!”

Dean had barely opened his eyes after coming down from his orgasm when Nick threw the blankets off and got to his knees, straddling Dean’s left leg.

“Look at me,” Nick said as he put his right hand over his own cock and used it to form a tunnel over Dean’s leg, then fucking that tunnel he’d created. “Both of you look at me and tell me what your favorite dish is.”

Charlie shared a look with Dean, eyes wide, then shrugged. Dean smiled. Well, if that’s what got Nick off, why not.

“You know mine’s pie,” Dean said. “You make the best pies, and I’ve never tasted anything better than your apple pie.”

Nick moaned, eyes half-lidded as he fucked Dean’s leg harder. “Charlie?” he asked, looking at her.

“Well,” Charlie said, blushing a little, “I love pizza. It’s nothing exciting, but you haven’t made it yet, and I can’t wait to taste yours.”

Nick gasped, then winced as his hips lost their rhythm. “What toppings do you like?”

“Lots of cheese,” Charlie said, starting to get into it. “Cheese and onions… and-”

“Ooh, lots of onions,” Dean said as he reached up and tweaked her nipple.

Charlie giggled and slapped at his hand playfully. “Oh! Ya know when they slow-cook meatballs and slice them really thin? That. I like that on a pizza. Mmm, and peppers. Fresh green peppers.”

Nick hissed, grimacing as his thrusts jarred the bed.

“I knew you liked food,” Charlie said, gazing up at him, “but I had no idea you got off on it.”

“It’s not the f-food,” Nick said, letting out a whimper. “It’s taking care of you guys. I like-oh, fuck. I really like working hard on s-something that makes you guys moan and suck your fingers clean.”

Dean felt his cock twitch even though he’d just come. Nick sounded so fucking hot, so turned on that it was intoxicating.

Charlie leaned forward, cute little smirk on her face. “You like it when we get messy with the food you’ve made?” she asked.

“Mmm, yeah,” Nick said.

“You like when we eat it off each other?” she asked. “When you’re not even there and we still think of you because you take such good care of us?”

The noise that came out of Nick’s mouth was so fucking hot that Dean shivered. It was half gasp, a dash of whimpering, and a little bit of a breathy moan to top it off. Nick’s mouth opened, but he didn’t say anything, as if he was too turned on to speak.

“So…,” Charlie drawled, “if I asked you to make an apple pie so Dean could eat it off my breasts, you’d like that?”

Nick nodded, so close to coming that his whole head and chest were flushed pink.

“I wonder,” Dean said, “if your pie filling would work well as lube.”

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” Nick growled as he squeezed his eyes shut and fucked Dean’s leg so hard the headboard hit the wall over and over again while he unloaded on Dean’s lower stomach. He slowed, hips jerking with aftershocks before he finally settled, panting as a sated smile grew on his face.

“Well, that was fuckin’ hot,” Dean said.

Charlie nodded. “Yeah, I’m so fuckin’ horny right now-oh!” she yelped as Nick reached out and grabbed her by the knees, yanking her down the bed before pushing her legs up in the air, Charlie letting out a gasp as she fell back onto the pillows and her sleep pants were pulled down.

“Your turn,” Nick said before he went at her pussy, his tongue wriggling over her lips until he pushed between them and licked at her clit.

“Oh!” she squeaked, letting him spread her legs as far as they would go with the sleep pants still around her ankles. “Nick! Yeah! Right there! Oh, fuck, yeah!”

She reached down and held his head, lifting her hips off the bed as much as she could in her position and fucking his face. It didn’t take long and she was whimpering.

“Nick!” she yelled as she came, her legs clamping around his head. He didn’t try to pull away, just kept licking and sucking at her clit as she came.

Her body went slack, legs falling to the side, so he sat back, a smug look on his face as he licked his lips clean.

“How’m I s’posda get to the bathroom to clean him out now?” she asked, not really complaining so much as complimenting Nick on a job really well done.

Dean chuckled as he sat up. “I’ll just have to carry you,” he said, then scooped her up, laughing as she squeaked and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Pizza for dinner,” Nick said as Dean carried her to the bathroom.

“Hell, yeah!” she said with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.


“Missed you,” Gabe said as he came up behind Dean in the hallway, wrapping his arms around Dean’s middle.

Dean chuckled as he leaned into the touch. “Yeah, I missed you too. But damn, you’ve gotta spend a night with Nick one-on-one. Seriously.”

“That good?” Gabe asked, then kissed Dean’s neck.

“The girls weren’t kidding,” Dean said.

Gabe snorted. “Well, I’m glad you had fun,” he said as he directed them back to their room.

Cas was standing in the room, an extra serious look on his face, which made Dean’s stomach clench.

“What’s up, guys?” Dean asked as Gabe let go of him and took a step back and to the side so they could all see each other.

“We’ve got something to talk to you about,” Gabe said. “We wanted to give you a few days to calm down before we brought it up.”

“Okay,” Dean said, looking between his mates.

“This is coming from your mates,” Cas said.

“But it’s also coming from your doctor and the healer of the house,” Gabe said.

Dean held his hands out to his sides. “Okay, get it over with.”

“The claiming bite from Alastair,” Gabe said. “It needs to go on record.”

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Ellen is asking for thorough copies of all my records,” Gabe said.

“I’ve got claiming bites from my mates, not Alastair,” Dean said. “That’s all she needs to know.”

“Dean,” Cas said softly. “I’m not using this against you, but I’m going to say this because I know you so well. Alastair violated you. He did something that, even just fifty years ago, was punishable by death. Now he’s in a care facility, surrounded by alpha and beta doctors and nurses. They need to know he crossed that line for their safety.”

“Not only that,” Gabe said, “but it really should be taken into consideration when the authorities decide how long to incarcerate him.”

Dean sighed, then turned and walked to the far side of the room. He didn’t want this. He hadn’t even let himself think about the bite since his mates had claimed him. To think about it would be admitting that Alastair had taken something from him he’d never given permission to take. Something that had been reserved for his mates. He knew no one would look down on him for it, but that didn’t mean he wanted it plastered all over the news, which was a given if the information went public.

But his mates were right. Alastair was in a facility where he had access to people weaker physically than himself. It was no secret Alastair was a manipulative bastard, and while the loss of his magics had left him nearly comatose, there was no telling how much he’d recover or how fast.

Dean ran his hand over the back of his head, staring at the wall. “I don’t want this on the news,” he said, his voice a little shaky.

“There’s always a chance that info will be leaked to the press,” Gabe said, “but we don’t have to make a statement if you don’t want to.”

“Fuck,” Dean said, resting his forehead against the wall. “We said we wouldn’t do this.”

“I know,” Gabe said. “And I’m really sorry, but we can’t keep it a complete secret.”

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head as he turned around. “I mean we all agreed not to keep things from the public. We didn’t want to run our house like that. And just because this is fuckin’ embarrassing and it fuckin’ hurts…,” he started, then shook his head again. “This could help people.”

Gabe understood, nodding, but Cas frowned at him. “What could help people?” Cas asked.

Dean sighed. “I’m not the only one who’s been forcibly claimed,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “As an alpha, as a carus in this house, to come out and tell the public about what he did, it’s the responsible thing to do and anyone who’s suffered the same thing will see that it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s not something to hide or run away from. It’s not their fault. That there’s help and support out there for them.”

“You want to make a statement?” Cas asked, still frowning.

Dean let out a humorless laugh. “No, I really fuckin’ don’t. And if I wasn’t in this position I’d keep it the private matter it should be. But I don’t get the same luxuries the rest of our community does. We’re in the spotlight, and I can hide from that and let that bastard hurt someone else or I can get ahead of rumors and leaks, get my ass out there, tell everyone what happened on my terms, and let our community know that I’m still here. That I’m gonna be okay. That someone who is part of a team that leads them, someone they look up to isn’t a helpless victim.”

Gabe slowly walked to Dean, watching him carefully in case his touch wasn’t welcome, then gently wrapped his arms around Dean. Dean’s body deflated as he rested against Gabe, closing his eyes and pushing his nose into Gabe’s hair, scenting his mate. He didn’t flinch when Cas wrapped his arms around Dean from behind.

“How do you want to do this?” Cas asked.

“What would you guys think about announcing us to the public?” Dean asked.

“Our mating?” Gabe asked.

“That’s about the biggest display of ‘hey, look, I’m okay’ I can think of,” Dean said. “You guys can say no, but think about it. You’re a beta or omega who’s been claimed against your will, you’re scared you’re never going to find love, and a member of your Alpha House tells you he’s had the same experience, then announces his mates are claiming him, that they don’t give a shit about someone else’s claim because they’re the most awesome mates ever.”

Gabe pulled back enough to look Dean in the eye. “Yeah, ’cause you totally don’t deserve us,” he said with a smirk, then quickly sobered. “If anything, I’m the one who doesn’t know what we’ve done to deserve someone who’s willing to put himself out there, expose something so painful and private because he knows it’ll help others.”

Dean snorted, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” Gabe said, voice fierce. “I know you hate compliments, but your selflessness is part of why I didn’t give a shit about Alastair’s claim, part of why I didn’t hesitate to claim you before his spit had even dried on your skin.”

Cas kissed his back. “And it’s also why we’ve known for years you’d make a better carus than all the rest of us.”

“Take the compliment, Winchester, you stubborn ass,” Gabe said affectionately.

Dean wished the tightness in his chest and throat would go away, but everything they were saying still filtered in, still made him feel better, made the anxiety over what he was planning to do fade just a little.

“And we’ll stand by your side,” Cas said. “Anything you want, anywhere you want.”

Dean nodded. “Thanks, guys.”

“And if Ellen comes after me with a paddle,” Gabe said, “promise you’ll plead my case.”

Dean laughed, the tension having been broken. “Ah, shit, she’s gonna be pissed. But yeah, I’ll try and save your ass.”

“No, seriously,” Gabe said, giving Dean his best puppy face. “You’re the only one I’ve ever seen get out of something when that woman had a reason to beat your ass. Help me!”

Dean laughed again. “Did you already send her the reports?”

Gabe winced. “The preliminary reports. They’re kinda like quick status reports.”

“Okay,” Dean said, nodding as he reached up and cupped Gabe’s cheeks. “Try not to worry. That one time I got out of an ass beating? It was because I went to her and came clean after not lying to her in the first place. And I cried at her.”

“Gabe can cry on command,” Cas said from behind him.

“How do you know about that?” Gabe asked, frowning.

“The fish in the bathtub,” Cas said.

Gabe let out a bark of laughter. “Oh, shit, I’d forgotten about that!”

“I told Gabe my mom went soft when tears were involved,” Cas said. “And I watched him work up some tears to go along with a lip wobble. It got him sent home with a stern talking to, but mom used the belt on me.”

“She did?” Gabe asked, eyes widening. “Fuck, Cas, I’m sorry!”

“I’m the one that came up with it anyway,” Cas said, shrugging. “I deserved what I got.”

“I always just assumed you got out of it too,” Gabe said. “I’m the one that brought the fish to your house.”

“Okay,” Dean said, “why have I never heard this story?”

“Because you would’ve tried to pull the same prank,” Gabe said.

“And you would’ve gotten caught,” Cas said.

Dean huffed in mock hurt. “You have no faith in my abilities.”

“Would you or would you not have,” Gabe drawled, “put the fish in Meg’s bathtub?”

“So what if I would’ve?” Dean said.

“And at the time,” Cas said, “who was the only one who knew fish freaked Meg out?”

Dean sighed. “Okay, fine. You guys saved me an ass beating. You’re awesome. Now give me the rest of the details. I think this sounds like something Benny would appreciate.”

Gabe rolled his eyes.


“Okay, spill,” Ellen said the next day, standing in the infirmary with her arms crossed over her chest.

Dean shifted his stance, Gabe on his left and Cas on his right. He rested a hand on Gabe’s lower back, a show of support.

“We need to fill you in,” Gabe said. “I didn’t give you all the details because there’s something we wanted kept private. A personal matter that shouldn’t be kept secret, but that we needed some time on.”

Ellen’s right eyebrow arched upward. “Something you didn’t include on your reports?”

“Preliminary reports,” Gabe said.

“Gabriel,” Ellen said, using his full name and putting a bit of growl into her voice.

“Ellen,” Dean said, stepping forward, not to shield his mate, but to get the attention on himself. “I didn’t want it shared with anyone outside the house.”

“Tell me what it is before I tear you a new one, Dr. Speight,” she said, emphasizing his title.

“Alastair bit Dean,” Gabe said. “A claiming bite against his will while he had him tied up in the house next door.”

Ellen flinched, her arms falling to her sides as her eyes widened. It took her a moment to recover, but she did it, and then she was heading for Dean. Dean wasn’t scared. He knew her better than to think she was mad at him. This was protective Ellen, and she needed to make sure her pup was okay.

“Dean,” she breathed as she reached up and cupped his cheeks, “I’m so sorry, baby.”

“I’m okay, ma’am,” Dean said.

Ellen sighed. “Yeah, I know. When have you ever said anything different? I’ll let the crisis team and the care center know about it. But since Gabriel decided not to share that info with me, I’ll want to take a look at you myself. Jeans off and up on the table,” she ordered as her hands smoothed their way down his arms and she took him by the hand.

He didn’t move, and she turned back to him with a frown, but he stood his ground.

“There’s more, ma’am,” Gabe said.

Ellen didn’t let go of Dean’s hand. “What else?” she asked.

“We’ve been courting,” Cas said, stepping toward her. “The three of us. Not long after we moved into the house.”

Ellen’s eyes welled up with tears, but she blinked them away, a bit of an angry frown on her face that was more concern than anything else. “I’m so sorry,” she said, her free hand finding Cas’ left arm and squeezing.

“But it turns out I have the best mates in the world,” Dean said with a smile. “When we got back to the house, they renounced Alastair’s claim to the house, then both of them claimed me right then and there.”

Ellen gasped, looking between them as if to try and figure out whether they were just messing with her, then smiling. “You’re all mated?”

“Gabe and I claimed him, ma’am,” Cas said. “But we’re waiting until the claiming ceremony before Gabe and I receive our marks.”

“We couldn’t stand to have that creature’s mark on our future mate,” Gabe said, nearly spitting out the words. “Cas and I destroyed Alastair’s markings with our own bites.”

“Understandable,” Ellen said, nodding. “And congratulations, boys,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Gabe and Cas said at the same time.

“My puppies,” Ellen said as she wrapped her arms around the three of them the best she could, hugging them and resting her forehead on Dean’s chest. When she pulled away, the smile was still there. “Okay, then there’s no need to take photographs of the bite. Your mates took care of that,” she said as if it was the sweetest thing she’d ever heard. “But I’m going to assume you,” she said, pinning Gabe with a glare, “made sure your knots didn’t do any damage.”

Gabe nodded. “Yes, ma’am,” he said as Dean blushed.

“Okay,” Ellen said with a nod. “Then the only thing left is for Gabe and me to have a little chat.”

“Ellen,” Dean said, ready to plead Gabe’s case.

“No,” Ellen said, voice stern, glaring up at him. “Don’t start. I know the situation. I know what you all were doing, but something like this shouldn’t be kept secret. The care center needs to know, at the very least.”

“Ellen, we’re going to make a statement,” Dean said.

“We just talked about it this morning,” Gabe said.

“We’re going to contact the press,” Dean said. “I haven’t written the statement yet, but we’ll be letting the public know what Alastair did. Not only because everyone needs to know, but I’m hoping this will help strengthen the community and speak to anyone who’s suffered something similar.”

Ellen nodded. “That’s not necessary, but it’s exemplary,” she said with a small smile. “I’m very proud of you. Almost every decision this house makes only proves we did the right thing when we chose all of you. Almost all of your decisions,” she said as she turned a glare on Gabe.

“Ellen, he only did it because I told him to,” Dean said, holding his hands out toward her.

“You’ve known me a long time,” Ellen said, looking Dean in the eye. “Have you ever known me to act unfairly?”

Dean shook his head. “No ma’am,” he said.

“Then you know that no matter what I do to him,” she said, “it’ll be fair.”

Dean glanced at his mate, who was staring off over Ellen’s right shoulder. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Okay,” Ellen said, “now I want you and Cas to go out there and fill your mom and Bobby in on everything you’ve just told me. And if you hover at the door to listen in, I’ll put you over my knee. Understood?”

Cas took Dean by the hand. “Yes, ma’am,” he said as he started pulling Dean toward the door.

Dean didn’t try to yank his hand away from Cas, but instead walked out of the infirmary, his chest aching. Gabe was scared. He knew it. And Dean was leaving his mate there to face the music alone. Dean was at fault, had insisted that Gabe not tell anyone about the bite. It should’ve been Dean in the infirmary, facing Ellen.

Cas didn’t let go of him even as they walked into the living room. “He’ll be okay,” he said softly.

Dean let out a whine. “It’s my fault,” he said, looking back toward the infirmary.

Cas yanked on Dean’s hand, turning him. “You asked everyone to keep it private, and even though Gabe did as he was asked, it was because he wanted to.”

“Yeah, because I begged him,” Dean said.

“It was still his choice,” Cas said. “He knew his career was on the line.”

“He did it because he fucking loves me,” Dean hissed.

“And you know who else loves both you and Gabe?” Cas asked.

“Yeah, I know you love me, Cas,” Dean said, dismissing him.

“Ellen,” Cas said. “She loves all of us. She knows the details, she knows how traumatic this was for both you and your mates. Did she look mad? Did she appear to be out of control or furious with Gabe?”

“No,” Dean said.

“What he did was unethical,” Cas said. “And while she understands why, and even feels for the three of us, she can’t ignore that. But she wasn’t lying when she said she’s fair. She’ll take everything into consideration. You don’t even know what she’s going to do to him, if anything. Whatever it is, it’ll be fair.”

“If she’s being fair, why aren’t we in there?” Dean asked. “Why did we get off?”

Cas huffed out a laugh. “Do you really think we’re off the hook? Gabe’s in trouble with a medical professional, his superior, for doing something unethical. But what did she tell us to do?”

Dean frowned at him. “Oh, fuck,” he hissed, shoulders dropping in defeat. “We gotta tell Mom.”

“And Bobby,” Cas reminded him.

“I’m not scared of Bobby,” Dean said.

“No?” Bobby said from the archway into the kitchen.

Dean turned, wincing. “Let me rephrase that. I’m slightly less scared of you than I am Mom.”

“Yeah,” Bobby said with a huff, “you’re terrified of us. That’s why you pulled so much shit when you were growin’ up.”

“You know what I mean,” Dean said.

Bobby shrugged. “I still gotta bust your chops,” he said, grinning. “Now c’mon. Let’s go into the office and talk this out before you bust in there and get yourself in trouble with Ellen.”


Dean didn’t really hear much of what Cas said while he sat on the couch next to one of his mates, too busy being worried about his other mate. He didn’t want to see the look of horror or fury on his mother’s face when she heard what had happened, and he didn’t want to see the disappointment on Bobby’s face.

But when he finally looked up at them, he saw the little scowl Bobby always got when he was about to defend a person he loved, about to hold them close and fight off the whole rest of the world, his safety be damned.

And then his mom. She was fingering the locket he’d given her when he was ten years old, a birthday present for her with pictures of him, Sam, and Dad in it, pictures he’d chosen himself.

It was a habit she’d developed not long after that when he’d hurt himself falling out of a tree and breaking his arm. He remembered lying on a hospital gurney, crying because he was scared until Mom was there, holding his hand and telling him he’d be okay. He trusted her, believed that he would be okay because Mom said so.

He woke up several times that night, relieved every time when he saw her sitting next to the bed in one of those horribly uncomfortable hospital chairs, her fingers playing with the locket even while she pretended to be engrossed in a book she was reading.

She was worried about him, even if no one could tell by the expression on her face, and Dean looked down at the floor again, his chest aching as he tried to ignore the fact that everyone was upset because of him.

When Gabe and Ellen walked in, Dean was up off the couch so fast that the conversation around him came to a halt.

“Gabe!” Dean said, walking to his mate, taking in the red-rimmed eyes. He wrapped his arms around Gabe, glaring at Ellen over Gabe’s shoulder.

“Before you get yourself in trouble,” Ellen warned, “I didn’t spank him.”

Gabe pulled away, a sheepish grin on his face. “You never told me Ellen has a really great shoulder to cry on.”

Dean’s stomach clenched. Gabe had been crying because of him, not because of a punishment. Because of everything that had happened. Dean had been so worried that Ellen would be too hard on his mate when Ellen had really just been there for Gabe, had listened and let him get it all out.

“She’s also very good at scolding,” Gabe said, that sheepish grin still on his face.

“Have a seat,” Ellen said, gesturing toward the couch.

Dean sat down, Cas on the right and Gabe on the left. Dean reached out and took each of his mates’ hands in his, Gabe’s right hand and Cas’ left, wanting to feel connected to his them, skin-on-skin.

“Are you ready to listen to us now, sweetheart?” Mary asked, looking directly at Dean.

Dean opened his mouth, ready to say he’d been listening all along, but then he saw his mom’s right eyebrow quirking upward. He nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Have the three of you talked with Charlie about Alastair’s bite?” Mary asked, politely skipping over the word ‘claiming.’

“She knows about it,” Dean said, shrugging.

“That’s not what I mean,” Mary said.

“The three of you are taking a big step soon,” Bobby said. “You’ve already started the process. You’re also busy with the duties of running an alpha house. But you can’t ignore shit like this. It affects the three of you, but it also affects the whole house, which in turn affects everyone in Palo Alto.”

“I’m not neglecting…,” Dean started, but stopped when Bobby held up a hand.

“I didn’t say that,” Bobby said. “If any of us thought you boys couldn’t fulfill your duties, we’d say so, and we’d help. What I’m tryin’ to say is that you need to talk about what happened, with each other and with your housemates.”

“I’m making a statement to the media,” Dean said. “The house knows what happened. They’re all here for me and my mates.”

“Dean,” Gabe said softly, squeezing Dean’s hand. “Listen to him, would you please?”

Dean winced as he looked down at their hands. “I don’t do that part so well.”

“I know, kid,” Bobby said, sympathetic tone to his voice. “You can’t change what happened. But you can make sure that this doesn’t tear all of you apart. Take it from someone who specializes in the strong silent routine. Keepin’ your head down and pluggin’ along, focusing on what you need to do for the house won’t make this go away, and nasty shit like resentment and hurt feelings rear their fugly heads so quick it’ll happen before you know it.”

“Do you remember,” Ellen said, “when you, Sam, and Jo spent a couple months with Jim Murphy at his cabin on the lake?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said.

“Remember what happened just before you went?” Ellen asked.

Dean nodded. “Bobby got hurt on that hunt.”

“I didn’t deal with that all too well,” Bobby said, shaking his head. “I was frustrated, feelin’ stupid for gettin’ hurt in the first place, and then I was pissed for not recoverin’ as fast as I’d’ve liked.”

“I remember you being grouchy,” Dean said.

Ellen snorted. “Grouchy is a nice way of putting it.”

Bobby huffed out a laugh. “Yeah, I know. I was a bastard.”

“He wouldn’t let us help him,” Mary said. “And he just got more and more depressed, then he got to the point where he gave up on physical therapy.”

“I just stayed in bed,” Bobby said. “Those last few days before you kids were shipped off to Jim’s, I was nasty enough that Ellen refused to come into our room anymore.”

“After you guys left,” Mary said, “your father and I went into their room, and as gentle as we could, we turned Bobby onto his stomach, making sure his leg was protected and secure, then I took a spatula to his ass.”

“After I called your parents every name in the book and then some,” Bobby said, “I realized exactly what I was doin’, that I was taking out my frustrations on the people I loved most in the world. Cried like a baby, so hard that Ellen came in to make sure Mary hadn’t taken it too far.”

“We stayed with him all day,” Ellen said. “We let him vent, tell us about all his frustrations, his fears, his aches and pains, and then we helped him restart his physical therapy.”

“Point is,” Bobby said, “ya can’t hold all that nasty shit inside. You can call it whatever you want, but what Alastair did to you was a violation.”

Dean flinched, but both of his mates squeezed his hands, showing their support.

“Don’t let that bastard win,” Bobby said fiercely.

“I’m not,” Dean snapped.

Bobby shook his head. “What you’re feelin’ right now? That horrible ache inside? The guilt? The frustration? The devastation and all that other shit roilin’ around inside ya? It’s gonna eat away at ya, at your mates, and at your housemates. It’s gonna tear this house apart. That’s when Alastair will win.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” Dean said, his stomach clenching.

“No, it won’t,” Bobby said. “Because you’re gonna take our advice, you’re gonna talk to your mates, to Charlie, to the whole God damned house. You’re gonna tell them how much it fuckin’ hurts. You’re gonna let them be there for you just like you’d be there for them if the situation was reversed. And you’re gonna start before we leave. Because as your Primes and as the ones who love you, all of you, we can’t in good conscience leave here while you still look as if you’re gonna fall on your sword any minute now.”

Dean shook his head. He didn’t want to do that. It was too much. He was fine. “I’m not gonna…-”

“Damn it, boy,” Bobby barked as he sat forward on the seat. “Do I have’ta put you over my knee?”

Dean’s chest ached, his eyes burned, and his stomach was churning so badly he felt as if he was going to throw up. “No, sir,” he said through clenched teeth.

“Alastair fuckin’ claimed you!” Bobby said.

“I fucking know!” Dean yelled, his whole body tensing. “I know that! I was there! I fucking felt it! They fucking heard it happening! He knew what he was doing, knew that I was in love with Gabe and Cas, and knew that even if he ended up not being able to use Sam as his puppet, at least he’d leave a lasting reminder!”

Dean was panting, chest heaving. He knew there were tears running down his face, but he didn’t give a fuck.

“They didn’t deserve this,” Dean said, shaking his head. “They didn’t deserve a mate who was claimed by someone so fucking vile that he oozed black magics. And if I was strong enough, I could’ve stopped him. He didn’t even fucking tie me down! And if I had magics, like every other fucking alpha worth his salt in a fucking alpha house, I could’ve stopped him. I could’ve done something. But instead I stood there, let him fucking claim me! And Gabe and Cas, they had to listen to that!”

Dean was having difficulty seeing through the tears, so he turned his head and wiped his eyes on his shirt sleeve, never letting go of his mates’ hands.

“I don’t deserve to be here,” Dean said, some of the fight gone from him now that he’d yelled out the worst of it. “I had nothing to do with stopping Alastair or Kevin, nothing that some average guy off the street couldn’t have done. I didn’t see Kevin destroying our house from the inside, I didn’t see Alastair pulling all the strings not even two hundred feet away from a house I’m supposed to be protecting. I couldn’t fight my way into any other rank in the house, and I became a carus by default. I’m the last person who should have a job as important as mine.”

“Dean,” Gabe started.

“No!” Dean said, shaking his head. “Don’t even start. All of you think I’m so fucking good at this job, but I let a fucking level ten warlock manipulate us all, I couldn’t stop him from using my baby brother as a puppet, and I handed the entire city of Palo Alto over to Alastair. How is it even possible you haven’t thrown me out of this house yet?” he asked the three Primes sitting across from him, anger burning in his chest when he realized they didn’t look deterred by his ranting. “And then you tell me about Bobby breaking his leg? No offense, Bobby, but I didn’t fucking break my leg! My incompetence nearly destroyed an entire city.”

Ellen cleared her throat. “You about done with your temper tantrum?” she asked.

Dean turned to her, furious. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” he yelled.

“I’m asking,” Ellen drawled, obviously giving him a pass on the outburst, “if you’re done throwing a temper tantrum so that we can discuss this.”

“That wasn’t a fucking temper tantrum,” Dean said, wiping his eyes on his shirt sleeve again. “I’m telling you how much I suck at my job so all of you can stop me before I do any more damage.”

“Gabe,” Ellen said, turning to look at him.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabe said, his voice shaky.

Dean looked at his mate, his breath catching in his chest as he realized Gabe had been crying again, tears running down his mate’s cheeks.

“You’ve got white magics,” Ellen said. “You discovered them when you all were dealing with Alastair.”

“Yes ma’am,” Gabe said, wiping at his face with his free hand.

“So you’re a healer,” Ellen said, “you’ve got white magics, and you failed to see there was a level ten black magics warlock playing you all for fools.”

“Ellen,” Dean growled, a warning tone to his voice. She ignored him, focusing on Gabe.

“No, ma’am,” Gabe said. “I didn’t see it. Even after my magics were released, I didn’t know what the feeling was. I didn’t know why everything suddenly felt as if it was buzzing, scratching at my head.”

“So you came into your magics,” Ellen said, “having no idea what Alastair was up to, and even after you gained some of the rudimentary powers of white magics, a level which hasn’t even yet been determined, you still didn’t know what it was you were feeling?”

“All right!” Dean yelled. “I get it! I get that I couldn’t have felt him. I get that he was fucking with our heads. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that I was no help at all when everything went down, and that I couldn’t stop him from fucking claiming me!”

“Everyone played their part,” Mary said, the look in her eyes fierce in a way that was usually reserved for only the most important issues. “Every single one of you worked together to stop a level ten warlock from taking over the city. Do you know who usually handles level ten warlocks and sorceresses? Primes. Primes are sent out as a unit, all of them working together, sometimes with level tens inside that unit, and usually with at least level eights, healers, and empaths.”

“You’ve been in this house for a little more than a month,” Ellen said, shaking her head and letting out a huff. “You’re all getting to know one another, forming stronger bonds, becoming a unit that, in our opinion, will one day be a Prime Unit. None of you were at a level ten until Sam’s magics fully developed, and this was your first take-down as a unit. Whether you want to admit it or not, that’s fucking impressive.”

“And if you want to spout off about how weak you are,” Bobby said, nearly spitting the words out, “that you just fuckin’ let Alastair claim you, then we’re going to do an experiment. Sam’s a level ten, if not higher, but Cas and Gabe have white magics. They know him not only from growin’ up around each other, but you’ve all been bonding under the same roof. Let’s bring him in here and he’ll hold down one of them with his powers. Now, because they know him fairly well and they’ve both got white magics, they’ll have the best chance of fighting him off. Shall we bring him in and try it out? So we can see how fuckin’ weak you are and how they deserve to be here, but you don’t? Because I think you know full well that Cas and Gabe are good at what they do, they deserve to be here, and they’ll fight for this city with everything they got.”

Dean didn’t want to believe it. He was fighting it hard, but Bobby was right. As much as it hurt to hear the words, Bobby was right.

“You’re not perfect,” Mary said. “Nobody here is. And by ourselves, we can only do so much. That’s why alpha houses aren’t run by individuals. We form our own tightly-knit pack, each lending our own strengths to the unit. What I lack in abilities, my weaknesses, someone else excels at. It doesn’t mean I’m lesser than them or incompetent. It means we need each other, and we all have a place in our unit.”

“You didn’t hesitate to let Charlie and us use you,” Cas said, his own eyes red-rimmed. “You trusted us, and between you, Benny, and Nick, our magics were able to defeat Alastair. We couldn’t have done that with someone who wasn’t completely open to us, yet the three of you didn’t hesitate, didn’t shut us out, you weren’t scared of us, and you didn’t back down.”

Gabe huffed. “I don’t wanna hear about how some guy off the street could’ve done what you did. There’s no fucking way they would’ve trusted us or left themselves wide open to use like that. It wouldn’t have worked. We could feel it. In all three of you.”

“And that claiming bite?” Cas said, voice rough, the pain obviously still raw. “I know you better than that. You would never have let him take that from us. Never. Which is why Gabe and I renounced it and claimed you for ourselves. We didn’t hesitate for a second. We didn’t second guess ourselves or you. If you can’t see that, if you can’t accept that, then we don’t deserve your claims over us. We don’t deserve your bites.”

Dean forgot to breathe for a moment. He blinked at Cas, his chest aching so badly that he let out a noise of distress when he finally did start breathing again. Gabe squeezed Dean’s hand so hard it hurt, but Dean didn’t try to pull away.

“You’re mine,” Dean growled. “Both of you are mine.”

“Why?” Cas said, shrugging casually.

It was a challenge, and Dean was ready to accept it. “Because I fucking love you. Because as soon as I get my fucking ceremony, I’m claiming both of you. I’m wearing your claims, and I refuse to renounce either one of them,” Dean hissed in Cas’ face.

Cas smiled. “There’s the guy I fell in love with,” he said.

Dean felt as if he’d been punched in the chest. But it was good. It was what he’d needed. He pulled his hands away from his mates’ hands, then wrapped an arm around each of his mates’ necks, yanking them close.

“Mine,” he growled. “You already promised I’m the only one who can have you. No take-backs.”

Gabe chuckled against Dean’s neck. “Love you,” he said, voice muffled by Dean’s skin.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean said, teasing them. “I suppose I love you guys too.”

“Dean?” Mary said, gently breaking into their hug-it-out session.

“Yeah, Mom?” Dean said, giving her his full attention.

“I want to ask you about something,” Mary said. “Something that has come up a number of times, and I want you to think about it before you answer me.”

Dean frowned, no idea what she was getting into and a little nervous that she was being so serious. “Okay,” he said, nodding.

“Do you really think you’re carus by default?” Mary asked. “Because you couldn’t fight your way into a ‘better rank’?” she said, using air quotes.

Dean huffed. “I don’t see how anybody could see it any differently,” he said, shrugging it off.

Mary’s expression hardened just a little. “I’ve seen you fight. I’m one of the ones who taught you to fight. So do you really expect me to believe that you couldn’t win in a fight against every single member of this house?” Mary asked, and it was obvious by the tone of her voice that she didn’t believe that even for a second.

Dean’s chest burned with anger. “You think I wanted to get my ass kicked?”

“Did you fight Benny?” Mary asked.

“No,” he said, “By the time we got inside, Benny was already taking the lead, and I figured he would make a great first.”

“What about Sam?” she asked.

“No,” Dean said, still not quite sure what his mom was trying to get at. “Sam wanted second.”

“So you didn’t want to be second either?” Mary asked.

Dean shook his head. “I didn’t say that. It just worked out that way because they wanted those roles and I didn’t fight them for it.”

“How about Cas?” Mary said, glancing at Dean’s mate.

Dean winced. “I didn’t want to hurt him. He wanted third enough that he was fighting pretty hard, and I would’ve had to hurt him a lot to take that rank.”

Mary’s lips thinned, a sure sign she was trying to hold back a smile. “What about the rest of them?”

Dean shrugged. “Gabe kinda just held me down, and I was getting tired by the time Nick jumped in. Kevin used his skills to get his position.”

“So they all fought you,” Mary said. “They all knew the rank they wanted and fought for it.”

“Yeah,” Dean said, nodding.

“And when was the last time you put your own desires ahead of someone else’s?” Mary asked. “Someone that you love?”

“What does that have to do with this?” Dean asked, getting frustrated.

“Just think about it and answer the question,” Mary said, patient with him.

Dean let out a noise of disgust. “So, what, you’re saying every carus out there, they all got their rank because they didn’t give a shit about themselves? No, that’s not pathetic at all!” he said, words dripping with sarcasm.

“I’m saying that carus is a hard role,” Mary said. “It takes a lot out of a person, and what they have to do is very selfless. You’re out there every day dealing with other people’s problems, and if you put yourself ahead of others, you’d be doing a really shitty job of carus.”

“Well then why don’t they just open alpha houses with an announcement,” Dean said, nearly spitting out the words. “Hey, whoever’s the biggest pushover gets the job of carus!”

“Okay,” Mary said, holding up her hands in a gesture to settle him down. “Let’s go at it this way. What did you get Sam for his eighth birthday?”

“That red bike he wanted,” Dean said, more confused than ever. What the Hell did a bike have to do with this?

“That one you’d been saving up for?” Mary asked. “The one you’d wanted for yourself?”

Dean’s eyes widened. “How’d you know about that?”

Mary smiled. “Sam was about the only one in the house who didn’t know that.”

Dean shrugged self-consciously. “It was just a bike. And he really wanted it. It was no big deal.”

“It was to Sam,” Mary said, her head tilted to the side and that look on her face she always seemed to have when she was proud of her boys. “You’ve always been Sam’s hero. You still are.”

Dean scoffed. “Yeah, you mean that big guy who’s now blowing the lid off all the tests they can pull together to see what level of orange magics he’s at now?”

Mary shook her head. “You’re his big brother. You’re the one who looked out for him when he grew up, who looks out for him now. You’re the one who faced down a level ten black magics warlock when you didn’t have a trace of magics to call your own to save Sam. You’d do anything for him.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I would,” he said, looking her in the eye.

“That right there?” Mary said. “That’s what makes you a good carus. Not that you were too weak to fight, but because you were strong enough not to.”

Dean felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. He flinched as Gabe squeezed his hand, having forgotten his mates were sitting with him.

“You still think we planned those ranks,” Gabe said. “We did talk about you over the years, about how you’d fight to the death for any one of us, but it was never behind your back. Hell, you agreed with us. I was as surprised as you were when one after the other, you let us win. I haven’t been on as many hunts with you as Benny has, but you left yourself open, you weren’t as fierce with any of us, including Nick, as I know you can be. And that struck me as odd, but it wasn’t until Kevin threatened his skills against you that I realized you’d done it again. You’d demonstrated right there in the living room exactly why you were the best one suited for carus.”

“Kevin was an asshole,” Cas snarled.

Dean snorted, surprised by the outburst enough that it broke him out of his stupor. “Yeah, he was.”

“But you knew we needed his skills,” Cas said. “You could’ve had him down on the floor within two seconds, but you didn’t even try. You gave him that rank because you knew he wanted it and that the house needed his skills.”

“We’ve talked about this before,” Mary said. “When all of us Primes were here that night we said ranking just kind of falls into place, everything works out how it should, and that’s why we still use dominance displays even though we’re not out in the wild anymore. All of you excel at your roles, not because you stumbled your way into them, but because that’s where you were meant to be.”

“Can you imagine Benny,” Gabe said as he leaned against Dean’s side, smirking, “listening to a banker whine about how their chairs aren’t ergonomically correct?”

Dean snorted, remembering how he’d told that very experience at the dinner table not very long after they’d moved into the house, about how he’d dealt with it. He chuckled, shaking his head. “No. I see what you’re saying. I guess I just didn’t want to think about it that way, but you’re right.”

Mary took a cleansing breath, then moved to the edge of her seat, turning to Ellen. “Would you and Bobby mind finishing your review of the medical records? I’d like you to make sure Charlie is handling the heightened emotions in the house, which is why I’d like both of you to tackle this one.”

“Don’t separate them,” Gabe said.

“Separate who?” Mary asked, brow furrowing.

“Sarah and Charlie,” Gabe said. “Charlie’s doing well with everyone else’s emotions, but she’s having a hard time dealing with her own feelings over what happened to Dean, and Sarah is feeling extra protective, so she gets agitated when they’re apart.”

Dean’s stomach clenched. He had no idea Charlie was having a hard time. Or Sarah, for that matter. He figured everyone in the house was still reeling from the events, but he hadn’t noticed Charlie and Sarah sticking extra close to each other. Knowing Charlie, she’d been putting on a brave face for him, taking care of him. And Sarah hadn’t said a word to him about it, hadn’t been bitter toward him. It warmed his heart even as it made him a little sick with worry over them.

“So if you want to talk to Charlie,” Gabe said, “make sure you invite Sarah too.”

“Will do,” Bobby said as he stood up.

“Thanks, Gabe,” Ellen said as she gave him a small smile.

Soon they were gone, and Mary stood up as well. “Will you please come with me?” she said as she headed for the door.

Dean, Cas, and Gabe followed her down the hallway to the downstairs bathroom. Cas looked to Dean, frowning in confusion as Mary wet a washcloth, then turned to Dean.

“C’mere, baby,” Mary said, her demeanor changing slightly.

Dean knew what was happening. It was no longer his Prime standing before him, but now it was his mom. She obviously felt the need to take care of her puppy, and Dean wouldn’t refuse her, no matter how old he was.

She wiped his face down with gentle touches, then reached up and wrapped a hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down so she could kiss is forehead. “I’m proud of you,” she said softly before pulling back, a small smile on her face.

Dean smiled back. “Thanks, Mom,” he said.

She turned to Cas next, and the expression on his face nearly made Dean laugh out loud. This was it. She’d already accepted them as her puppies, not just her son’s housemates or alphas in their alpha house. And she was personally taking the lead in cleaning her new sons of their tear tracks after they’d been through the rough session in the office.

Dean’s smile grew as Mary cleaned Cas’ face, then pulled him close so she could kiss his forehead. Cas’ breathing was ragged, and Dean wondered if his mom would have to clean Cas up all over again if he started to cry.

“I’m proud of all of my puppies,” Mary said as she turned to Gabe and repeated the process one last time.

Gabe let out a laugh that sounded in part nervous, but also very much relieved. It was a big step, and he wasn’t taking it lightly. Dean’s bites weren’t even on his mates yet, but Mary had made up her mind, that much was evident.

“Thanks, Mom,” Gabe said as she pulled away from him.

Mary let out a chuckle as Gabe lurched forward, wrapping his arms around her. She ran her hands over his back, letting him hug her as long as he wanted.

“C’mon,” Mary said, looking at two of her other puppies over Gabe’s shoulder.

Cas was moving before Dean was, and soon all four of them were wrapped around each other.

“I hope you realize,” Mary said, “that John’s going to be very grumpy until he gets to personally welcome you two to the family.”

“Ellen can handle Dad if he gets outta hand,” Dean said. “That look she gives him can settle him down in less time than it takes for Missouri to grab her spoon.”

They all chuckled, and Dean closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth and comfort of his mates and his mom. He needed it after the last few weeks.


The Primes had left earlier that day, before dinner was ready because Mary had to catch an early flight the next morning. Nick, Sarah, and Charlie were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.

Dean was in the living room, reading through a report he’d been sent on a local lumber yard, the soil samples and other inspections having failed. He knew he had a long day ahead of him, especially after reading about how high the toxin levels were.


Dean looked up from his papers to see Sam standing in the middle of the living room. “Yeah?”

“Are you busy?” Sam asked, an odd tone to his voice.

Dean knew his brother well enough to realize something was upsetting him. “Nothing that can’t wait,” he said as he set the papers on the coffee table and scooted to the edge of the couch cushion. “What’s up?”

Sam looked down at the floor, obviously not too happy about what he was about to say. “I need to do something,” he said as he finally met Dean’s eyes once again.

“Okay,” Dean said.

“You don’t have to say yes,” Sam said. “But after talking with Bobby…,” he trailed off.

Dean nodded. “Bobby’s gonna check up on you? Make sure you’ve done whatever it is you need to do?”

Sam winced. “He said I should just tell you, that you can handle it, and I’m the one who’s making it awkward.”

Dean huffed out a laugh. “Okay, then what is it?”

Sam took a cleansing breath, rubbing his hands on his jeans, which was a sure sign his hands were sweaty and he was nervous. Dean frowned. Sam was never this awkward with him. They’d always been able to tell each other everything. Dean stood up and walked up to Sam, wrapping a hand around each of Sam’s elbows.

“C’mon,” Dean said, teasing tone to his voice. “It can’t be that bad.”

Sam let out a nervous chuckle, his body relaxing a little. “The mark,” he started, the expression on his face souring as if it hurt to say it. “I need to read it.”

Dean smiled at Sam. It was a request he’d heard plenty of times throughout his life. Sam had magics before he could even speak, which meant he had to find some way of letting Dean know what he needed or wanted when it came to things he couldn’t really understand yet.

Sam loved books, loved being read to, and Dean knew the only thing Sam had been able to liken scanning a person to was reading a book. Sam was asking if he could do a deep scan of Dean, and Dean knew it was because of the black magics in Alastair.

They’d always been close enough that Sam would reach out with his magics and gently read Dean, casually throughout the day and often enough Dean didn’t even really notice unless he thought about it. But since they’d moved into the alpha house, their lives had been hectic. The only other time they’d experienced a distance between them was when Sam had gone to college, and every time Sam would come home for a break, he’d go straight to Dean. It was like a security blanket. Not just for Sam, but also for Dean.

“It’s okay, Sammy,” Dean said, nodding. “I’m working my way through this, but it’s not anything you have to tip-toe around, all right?”

Sam nodded, his eyes welling up with tears. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I just really need to know you’re okay, that it’s gone. Not that I don’t trust Charlie, but…-”

“It’s okay,” Dean interrupted, then took Sam’s wrists, placing Sam’s hands palm down against his own chest. “I’m not made of glass.”

Sam let out a huff of air that almost sounded like a sob, hands already moving to the top button of Dean’s shirt, fingers shaky as he hurried to unbutton the shirt.

“Take your time,” Dean said, putting his hands over Sam’s hands.

The frantic movements stilled, and Sam let out a chuckle, his cheeks tinged pink with embarrassment. “Yeah, I-I really should’ve said something sooner. I think Bobby was ready to strangle me,” he said with a smile.

Dean chuckled, dropping his hands to his sides, pleased when Sam slowly resumed unbuttoning the shirt.

“Whatever you need,” Dean said, sobering as Sam pushed the shirt off his shoulders, the material bunching up at his wrists because Sam hadn’t undone the cuffs.

Sam ran his hands over Dean’s chest, the skin-on-skin contact something Sam had always craved. Dean had missed it. And now that he could feel the gentle tingling washing over his shoulders and chest, he realized Sam had been holding back for a while.

Barely-there touches tickled his stomach before Sam was undoing Dean’s belt, eyes locked with Dean’s and looking for any sign that what he was doing wasn’t okay. Sam pushed his fingers between the fabric of Dean’s boxers and his skin, then moved them downward, not so much taking Dean’s clothes off as touching Dean everywhere, the clothes falling to his ankles almost like an afterthought.

Hands moved over his hips, then around to his ass cheeks, all the while Sam keeping that eye contact. Dean could feel the tingling over most of his body from Sam’s magics, but it wasn’t in his head yet. Sam was only grazing him with it, and he couldn’t figure out why until Sam turned him around and dropped to his knees.

Sam let out a relieved chuckle, his hands gentle but firm on Dean’s hips, holding him in place. “I can’t tell just by looking at it that it’s anything but Cas and Gabe’s claims,” he said, voice rough with emotion.

Dean gasped as suddenly Sam was inside him, in his head and everywhere. It felt different, and it took Dean a moment to realize it was because Sam’s magics were immensely more powerful now.

He’d always described it in his own head as tasting Sam because Dean had no reference for what it was, having no magics of his own, no trace of empathic abilities. And Sam tasted stronger.

It was like the difference between eating a piece of cake with a little bit of strawberry-flavored icing compared to biting into a big, juicy, delicious strawberry. It was pure Sam, unfiltered or watered down, and if Dean thought he’d felt overwhelmed with Sam’s magics before, it was nothing compared to this.

And yet it wasn’t upsetting or bad. He wrapped himself in the feeling, letting Sam go wherever he wanted, not hiding a thing from him.

Dean grinned as he felt Sam’s lips on his left ass cheek. Gentle kisses that suggested Sam wasn’t in any hurry to get through with this. Sam hadn’t always been turned on by sinking so deep into Dean with his magics, but sex was a strengthening of that connection, a powerful magic all on its own.

And Sam liked sex too.

Dean looked toward the stairs as he felt Sam’s fingers wander to the claiming bites on his left leg. Claiming bites were something intimate, and while it wasn’t taboo to touch bites that weren’t his own, it wasn’t something most alphas focused on. Touching another’s claiming bite without intent was one thing, but caressing it, licking it, or nibbling at it was something only done with explicit permission. Using teeth on someone else’s claiming bite was considered a challenge.

But Sam’s only intent was to relieve his own fears. Dean knew it, not only because he knew his brother so well, but also because Sam was so deep inside him that he could feel it.

Dean kept an eye on the stairs only because it might come as a shock to Cas or Gabe if they walked in on it.

Sam’s finger brushed over the bites almost reverently, and Dean felt the heavy buzz of Sam scanning him deeply, looking for any trace that Dean had been affected by the black magics, most of the buzzing concentrated on the claiming bites.

Dean didn’t try to stop Sam, and soon enough Sam backed off until there was only a gentle tingling throughout Dean’s body, Sam’s lips nipping at his ass cheeks in a playful way now that he was satisfied his big brother wasn’t tarnished by all that evil.

“Ah, Sam,” Dean hissed as Sam pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked his hole. Dean’s eyes fell closed and he spread his legs a little more as Sam teased him with his tongue.

Dean rested his hands on Sam’s, glad that Sam still had a good hold on his hips because the tongue in his ass was making him weak in the knees. The clothing bunched around his ankles and wrists made him feel even more exposed than if he’d been naked.

Just as Dean was about to demand Sam get him off, Sam stopped. “Dude!” Dean complained, shoving his ass back toward Sam.

Sam chuckled as he stood up, turning Dean around. “I just want to be inside you for a while. That okay?” Sam asked.

“You mean you wanna fuck me?” Dean asked. “Because I’m all for that,” he said with a grin as he poked Sam in the stomach with his erection.

Sam shook his head, chuckling again. “No, I just wanna sit on the couch, my cock in your ass while you finish your paperwork.”

“Aww, man,” Dean whined. “You really expect me to lose my hard-on anytime soon after what you just did to my ass?”

Sam worked the buttons on Dean’s cuffs open, then let the shirt drop to the floor before pulling Dean over to the couch. He sat down, left Dean standing with one hand on Dean’s hip while he used the other to find the lube in the drawer of the side table.

“No,” Sam said. “I don’t expect that at all.”

Dean groaned, realizing just what his brother wanted to do. “You’d better use lube on my dick this time. I was sore two days from the chafing after the last time you did this.”

“Big baby,” Sam teased, then shoved two lubed fingers into Dean’s hole. He took the time to work Dean’s prostate some before adding a third finger.

Dean gasped as Sam used his magics to send a wave of buzzing pleasure through his asshole and prostate. “Fuck, they really should teach that move to students at the center.”

Sam chuckled, obviously pleased with himself. “It’s much easier to focus it now.”

“Ah!” Dean yelped as the same buzzing he’d felt in his asshole traveled up the length of his dick from the inside. He looked down at his cock almost expecting to see sparks coming out the tip. “Dude, that was awesome!”

Sam pulled him back, guiding him so he didn’t fall. “Benny’s been letting me experiment.”

“Ah, fuck, Sam!” he said through clenched teeth as Sam lowered him onto his cock, a good burn as his body stretched to fit around Sam.

“I edged Benny for five hours last night,” Sam said, smug tone to his voice. “Just using my magics.”

“Fuck,” Dean breathed, relaxing against Sam, his ankles still bound by the slacks and boxers.

If he wouldn’t have been so turned on, he would’ve felt ridiculous sitting on Sam in shoes, socks, and what little remained of his clothes tangled around his ankles.

“Finish your paperwork,” Sam said, holding the stack of papers in front of Dean’s face.

“I’m not gonna get anything done like this,” Dean said, ignoring the papers. “Ow!” he yelped, flinching away from the stinging pain on his left outer thigh.

“Every time you stop working on your papers,” Sam said, then smacked Dean’s thigh again. “I’m gonna give you some incentive.”

“All right, all right,” Dean grumbled as he took the papers from Sam.

Dean had almost been finished when Sam had interrupted him earlier, so he just held the papers up, not bothering to look them over anymore. He hissed as he felt Sam’s hand wrap around his cock, stroking at a lazy pace. And then he felt Sam reach around and pinch his right nipple even as the fingers of Sam’s other hand gently scratched his scalp.

“What the fuck?” Dean said after realizing there were more hands on him than there should have been.

Sam chuckled as Dean looked down at his cock and watched, mesmerized as orange haze surrounded his dick, nothing but Sam’s magics jerking him off. The hand at scalp was gone, then Dean yelped as Sam smacked his left thigh.

“I’m reading!” Dean said, holding the papers up again and trying to ignore the fact that his brother had learned some awesome new skills.

Dean let out a whine as another vibration worked its way through the inside of his cock, the sensation mixing with the nearly invisible fingers jacking him from the outside.

“Sam, I can’t fuckin’ concentrate like this,” Dean said, whimpering when Sam smacked his leg again. “C’mon, it feels too fuckin’ good!”

“You can multitask,” Sam said.

“Sam!” Dean yelled as fingers started playing with his prostate from both the inside and outside, none of which were Sam’s physical fingers. “Sam, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna fuckin’ come if you don’t knock it off.”

“You don’t wanna come?” Sam asked, obviously smirking by the tone of his voice.

“I really fuckin’ do,” Dean said through clenched teeth.

“Then you’d better finish reading over your report.”

“Sick, twisted, sadistic son of a bitch,” Dean grumbled as he tried to focus on the papers.

Sam laughed. “Benny said that exact same thing last night,” he said, pleased with himself.

“Mmngaaa, Sam!” Dean cried out as he got closer to the edge. “Gonna come!”

“You’d better not,” Sam said. “I’ll flip you over and spank your ass ’til it’s bright red if you come before you finish that report.”

The commanding tone to Sam’s voice only turned Dean on more. Dean held the papers up, using both hands because he was too shaky to read them, one hand not steadying the papers nearly enough. He realized he was on the second-to-last page and quickly flipped to the next page, letting out a triumphant “yes!” when he saw there were only closing remarks on the page.

“Okay!” Dean said. “I read it! The-ah! The f-fuckin’ soil’s being sent out for m-ah! More testing. I read it! Oh, fuck!” he yelled as everything intensified.

It was more than he could take. The phantom fingers on his cock were jerking him off just the way he liked, the zing running up and down the inside of his cock was moving in time with the phantom fingers, and the phantom fingers in his ass were pushing down on his prostate just hard enough.

“Sam!” Dean growled as he came.

The papers fell to the floor as he watched his cock twitching, his jizz caught by Sam’s physical palm cupped over the end of his dick.

“Ah, fuck, Sam, stop!” Dean yelled as the stimulation continued well after he’d come. “Sam! F-fuck, please!”

It wasn’t the first time Sam had done this. Dean knew it turned Sam on and even got him off, and he really didn’t mind, but he couldn’t stop himself from screaming, begging Sam to stop. It was a really fucking intense feeling, but after all was said and done, Dean got a kick out of Sam’s enjoyment.

He tried to pull the phantom fingers away from his cock, but then something was holding his arms against his chest, something that felt like steel bands around him.

“Sammy!” Dean screamed so loudly that there was a good chance at least one other housemate would come running. “Please, Sam! Stop, ah-please! It-no! Sam!”

Dean flailed around on Sam’s lap, not really getting away, and after what seemed like an eternity, Sam grunted, his cock jerking as he came inside Dean. All at once the stimulation stopped, and Dean went boneless on top of Sam, panting as he closed his eyes, letting his head fall back onto Sam’s shoulder. He grinned as Sam rubbed the jizz onto his stomach, marking Dean with his own scent.

“I gagged Benny,” Sam said, his words a little slurred. “That’s why you didn’t hear him screaming and begging me to stop.”

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, and I’ll bet you a million bucks he’s gonna beg you to do it all over again another time.”

Sam snorted. “He already did. This morning.”

Dean grinned. “I’m surprised nobody came down here to see what all the screaming was about.”

“Charlie realized what was going on when I started undressing you,” Sam said. “She made sure we’d have some privacy.”

“Can she be any more awesome?” Dean asked.

Sam chuckled. “Make sure you get her off nice and hard tomorrow morning as a thank you.”

“Oh, I will,” Dean said, nodding.

“Do you need me to carry you upstairs?” Sam asked.

“Nah, I’m okay,” Dean said.

“So fuckin’ stubborn,” Sam said, then stood up and tossed Dean over his shoulder as if he weighed nothing.

“Dude!” Dean yelped, half pissed and half impressed by the manhandling. “You shouldn’t be allowed to use your magics for throwing me around.”

Sam laughed as he made his way up the stairs. “You liked it,” he said.

“No, I didn’t,” Dean said, pinching Sam’s ass. “Put me down.”

“Okay,” Sam said as he dropped Dean onto his bed, Gabe and Cas laughing as they were bounced by the movement of the bed. “He’s all yours, guys.”

“Thanks for hand-delivering my mate,” Gabe said, waving at Sam.

“G’night,” Sam said, then walked out of the room.

“I gotta hear all the details,” Gabe said. “I don’t know what he did to you, but it sounded awesome.”

Dean snorted. “Fine. But only if you clean me up first.”

He wasn’t even done speaking before Cas and Gabe were turning him over and licking him clean, Dean laughing as they both worked as a team.


It had been a long day, and Dean had just finished entering all the boring details of a complaint being filed against the lumber yard when Cas walked into the office, a grin on his face. Dean did a double take. It wasn’t often Cas grinned. Dean closed out his files, then stood up to greet his mate.

“Hey, baby,” Dean said, hugging Cas.

Cas was practically vibrating with excitement. “Hi, Dean,” he said, kissing Dean on the neck, then pulling back, gripping Dean’s upper arms so tightly Dean wondered if he’d have bruises later.

“What’s up?” Dean asked. He was working hard at keeping a straight face. An excited Cas was something that always made Dean chuckle because it was just so adorable. Cas insisted he wasn’t adorable. Dean disagreed, and it was enough that Gabe fully agreed with Dean about the adorableness.

“I’ve spent the day making plans for our claiming ceremony,” Cas said, so thrilled that he squeezed Dean’s arms even tighter.

Dean smiled. “Should we get Gabe in here so we can both hear what you’ve got planned?” he asked, feeling almost as excited as Cas appeared to be.

Cas shook his head. “No, Gabe is talking to your parents,” he said.

Dean frowned. “Why’s he doing that?”

“Because we needed to make sure they could come on the date Gabe and I are working toward,” Cas said.

Dean’s eyes widened. He was thrilled, yes, but the idea of a date for the claiming ceremony made everything sound so final, and even though he knew this was what he wanted, it was still a big thing.

“How soon?” he asked, carefully schooling his features and keeping the tone of his voice at a reasonable level. He didn’t want Cas to think he was backing out.

“Three weeks from Saturday,” Cas said.

Dean’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. He knew he looked like an idiot, but really, nothing was coming out of his stupid mouth. And his throat felt tight.

Cas leaned forward and gave Dean a peck on the cheek. “And Gabe said I was to give you a blowjob if your face did that thing it’s doing right now,” he said, then dropped to his knees.

Dean recovered about the time Cas pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. “Oh, you’re so fucking good at that,” Dean breathed.

Cas grinned around Dean’s rapidly-enlarging cock, then pulled Dean’s jeans and underwear down to his knees so he could play with his balls.

“Aww,” Gabe said from the doorway, startling Dean, “he got the look on his face.”

“Mmm, but I’m not freaking out,” Dean said, leaning back onto the desk. “I swear.”

Gabe walked over to them, then leaned against the desk to Dean’s right. “I know, sweetheart. And I know a claiming ceremony is a big step. I knew it would hit you hard, so I figured you could use a blowjob to chill out.”

Dean reached out and cupped the back of Cas’ head with his left hand. “I wanna do this,” he said, looking Cas in the eye, but talking to the both of them.

“We know,” Gabe said with a nod. “That’s why we gotta distract you with sex so you don’t freak out, jump in your car, go tearing down the highway, then kick yourself for fucking up a relationship with two really awesome guys.”

Dean chuckled. “You guys are awesome,” he said, his hips thrusting gently against Cas’ face.

Gabe grabbed Dean’s face with both hands and licked at his lips, making Dean moan, relaxing even more. Or maybe it was that thing Cas was doing with his tongue that made him moan. Dean leaned into the kiss, opening his mouth when Gabe pushed his tongue in.

Dean was already close to coming, and he couldn’t believe how both of these men could excite him so much, how they could push him over the edge so fast it was like he was a teenager again. Dean came with a muffled shout into Gabe’s mouth, but Gabe didn’t stop kissing him, so Dean just let him.

By the time Gabe pulled away, Cas had Dean’s clothes fixed and he was presentable again other than the look on his face, which Dean was sure would give him away if anyone were to walk into the room.

“Are you done freaking out?” Cas asked as he stood up, a bit of a smug look on his face.

Dean chuckled. “I’m not freaking out. That blowjob was a really great bonus, but I swear I’m okay with everything.”

“Sure you are, baby,” Gabe said in a patronizing tone, a grin on his face.

“So can my parents make it?” Dean asked, changing the subject instead of trying to deny a freakout.

“Yup,” Gabe said. “All the primes are coming.”

“And Nick is in the kitchen preparing a menu,” Cas said.

“Awesome,” Dean said, smiling so much his face hurt.

“Are you gonna call our parents mom and dad too?” Gabe asked.

Dean chuckled. “Would your dad let me?” he asked Gabe.

Gabe laughed, throwing his head back, then wrapping his arms around Dean. “My dad thinks you’re awesome. He forgave you for the exploding pie in the fridge years ago.”

“That’s what he said after he beat my ass and made me clean the fridge, but he still gives me funny looks when he sees me,” Dean said with a scowl.

“That’s because he thinks you look adorable when you’re trying to suck up to him,” Gabe said with a snort. “Do you wanna know what my dad said when I told him about the claiming ceremony?”

“I don’t know. Do I?” he asked, wincing.

Gabe pulled back and looked Dean in the eye. “He said he’s very proud of all of us, that he couldn’t have asked for better mates for his son, and that he’s bringing the dessert for the ceremony.”

Dean snorted. “Pie?”

Gabe grinned. “Yup,” he said with a nod.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Your parents are coming too, right, Cas?” he asked.

“Yes, but they won’t be bringing pie,” Cas said.

“Again, do I want to know?” Dean asked.

Cas chuckled, shaking his head. “Mom was already talking about the sash she’s going to make. Food is unimportant to her.”

Dean’s chest tightened. “Oh, I didn’t even think about the sash. It probably would’ve taken a few weeks to get one custom made for a threesome claiming.”

“You don’t mind that she’s making it?” Cas asked, concerned.

Dean shook his head. “I’m honored to have a homemade ceremony sash to tie around my mates. Grandma Dee made Mom and Dad’s sash, and they still have it hanging in their room.”

“I think it’s romantic,” Gabe said. “Buying one from some random seamstress doesn’t give the sash any meaning beyond the fact it represents our union. Your mom’s going to make a beautiful sash, putting all her love into it, and I’d be proud to wear it.”

Cas smiled. “Okay, I’ll tell her.”

“You didn’t say yes yet?” Dean asked, then sighed dramatically when Cas shook his head no. “Call her right now!”

“Yes, Dean,” Cas said, a fond smile on his face as he walked out of the office.

“Any time,” Gabe drawled as he wrapped his arms around Dean and pulled him close, “you feel that itch under your skin, any time you get that urge to take a long drive, I want you to say something. To me or Cas.”

“I’m fine, Gabe,” Dean insisted.

“Yeah, I know,” Gabe said with a nod. “But I just want you to know that you won’t hurt our feelings any by telling us you’re feeling anxious. And you get lots of blowjobs out of the deal, so don’t complain.”

Dean huffed out a laugh. “Is this a reward system? I come to you guys before I freak the fuck out and I get a blowjob like a cookie?”

“You get blowjobs,” Gabe said as he cupped Dean’s face, smooshing his cheeks together, “because your mates know exactly how to calm you down. We’re planning on keeping you sated and happy for the next three weeks.”

“I guess I can’t complain,” Dean said, his words distorted by the fact that his lips were pushed out, giving him duck lips.

Gabe chuckled, then leaned in and kissed him, his grip on Dean’s face going soft as he held his mate. He finally pulled away. “You ready for tomorrow?”

Dean sighed, leaning on Gabe even more. “Sam and Sarah helped me with the statement. Now that our parents have all been told about the claiming ceremony, there’s nothing stopping me from telling the city about what Alastair did.”

“You doing okay with it?” Gabe asked, prodding more.

Dean nodded. “I’m not excited about it, but I’m looking forward to getting it over with. You and Cas ready?”

“We’re by your side any time you want us there,” Gabe said with a smile.

Dean smirked. “I think I need another blowjob now that the press release is on my mind.” He was only half teasing.

Gabe laughed. “Okay,” he said with a nod, then reached between them to open Dean’s slacks again. “Blowjobs on demand.”

Dean grinned. “This is awesome!”

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