Part 24: Day of Orders

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Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Dean, Sarah, Charlie
New tags include pegging, nipple clamps, and dirty dancing, chastity/cock cages, and cock warming.
Summary Back in Chapter 20, Gabe and Cas said they’d set aside a day for Dean to follow orders from everyone in the house. Dean doesn’t know it’s today.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Gabe said softly.

Dean felt light kisses being placed on his chest and he smiled, stretching and then wrapping his arms around his mate, still not ready to open his eyes for the day yet. “Hey,” he replied, his voice morning-deep.

“After Charlie prepares you, she’s going to give you some instructions,” Gabe said.

Dean could hear the smile in Gabe’s voice, feel the excitement practically radiating from him. “Okay,” he said, blinking up at Gabe.

“I want you to do everything she tells you,” Gabe said, his eyebrows waggling.

Dean grinned. “I usually do. She gets a little pouty face if I don’t.”

“Then,” Gabe drawled, “you’re going to do everything everybody else tells you to do all day.”

Dean’s cock twitched and the rest of him was suddenly fully awake. “Really?” he asked, excitement growing in his stomach like it was something physical.

Gabe nodded. “You don’t have any appointments today and the rest of us have moved things around so at least one of us will be here with you all day.”

Dean lifted his head up enough to kiss the corner of Gabe’s mouth. “You guys are awesome,” he said with a grin.

Gabe chuckled. “Let’s see if you still feel that way tonight,” he said, then climbed off the bed.

Charlie walked in, smacking Gabe on the ass as she walked by. Gabe chuckled, then turned and walked out of the bedroom.

“Because of the rules for today,” Charlie said as she crossed her arms over her chest, “you don’t get to decide what happens this morning.”

Dean nodded. “That’s okay,” he said as he sat up. “I’m sure Gabe and Cas told you, and I’m sure you can feel it from me, but I’m totally on board with this.”

“Oh, I know,” Charlie said with a nod. Then she stage-whispered, “I was going for demanding and sexy.”

Dean chuckled. “Well, then, be my guest,” he said, grinning up at her.

“Oh, okay,” Charlie said, then pulled the blanket off Dean. “C’mon,” she said, holding her hand out for him.

He took her hand and let her lead him into the bathroom, where she stood him in front of the toilet, then reached around from behind him to hold his cock for him. Dean felt himself blush a little, but if this was what Charlie wanted to do, then he wouldn’t fight her.

“It’s gonna take me a minute,” Dean said, trying to relax. “The last time I had to have someone aim for me was when I was thirteen and had both my hands wrapped in bandages.”

“Aww,” Charlie cooed. “What happened?”

“I got a bad case of road rash from falling off a skateboard,” Dean said, then sighed as his bladder finally decided it was okay Charlie was holding his cock.

“Ouch,” Charlie said, and Dean could tell she was cringing as she thought about his poor hands.

“Yeah, but Sam helped,” Dean said. “He felt really bad about it. We’d found a couple of skateboards by a dumpster behind the school, and I let him use the one that looked newer and nicer. The wheels on mine locked up, and Sam convinced himself it was his fault.”

Charlie shook his cock, then led him over to the shower stall with a hand on his shoulder. “Did he wait on you hand and foot?” she asked.

Dean chuckled. “Yeah. Both me and dad tried to tell him it wasn’t his fault, but he insisted on doing everything for me.”

Charlie turned the water on and got the temperature just right. “Okay, turn around, hands on the wall, stick that adorable little ass out, and arch your back.”

Dean grinned as he followed her instructions, his cheeks heating up even more as he heard Charlie let out an appreciative groan when he finally got in position.

“It’s a good thing you wear clothes most of the time,” Charlie mumbled as she caressed his ass. “We’d never get anything done if you walked around naked.”

Dean’s cock twitched and he spread his legs a little wider, wiggling his ass. He heard Charlie groan again and he grinned.

“I forgot to ask,” Charlie said, sounding distracted. “Is it okay if I bite as long as I don’t leave lasting marks?”

Dean’s cock twitched again and he let his forehead rest against the cool tiles. “Yeah, you can bite. I didn’t even think to ask if you and Sarah-ah!” he yelped as Charlie bit down on his left ass cheek.

Once she was finished, she licked at the sore skin, then pushed two lubed fingers into his ass. “Sarah and I don’t mind if you guys bite us.”

“I’ll make a mental note of that,” Dean said with a grin.

Charlie pulled her fingers out of Dean’s ass, then pushed the tube in gently and started filling him. “You have to ask us for anything you need today. If you want food, you have to ask. If you have to piss, ask.”

Dean felt a thrill of excitement run through his body. He’d known for a long time he liked taking orders when it was for fun reasons, but before Gabe and Cas, he’d never considered or fantasized about making a whole day of it or letting more than just his sexual partner or his mates give the orders. Now he had to ask for everything. He was dependent on the rest of his housemates, and they could tell him to do anything.

“When you’re done with your enema,” Charlie continued, “we’re going to have a race.”

Dean winced as his stomach cramped a little. It was much better than when he first started getting enemas. He’d gotten used to it, but sometimes his stomach would give little twinges of pain while they were doing this.

“You’re going to eat me out,” Charlie said, and Dean could hear the grin in her voice, “and if you can come before I do, then yay for you. If I come first, you have to wait until later.”

Dean groaned as she pulled the hose out of him. He didn’t know if he could come first. When he was eating someone out or giving a blowjob, the thing that usually got to him was how much fun his partner was having, and his partner’s orgasm was a pretty big indication of how much they liked what he was doing.

Charlie patted his ass. “Okay, take care of the water while I get our clothes for the day,” she said, then left him alone.

Dean did as he was told, then got back into the shower when he was done, waiting for Charlie. She came back in with a smile on her face.

“Such a good boy for waiting,” she drawled. “You deserve a little help because you were so good for me.”

“Yeah?” he asked with a grin.

“Uh-huh,” she said, pushing him against the tiles, then grabbing him by the hair and pulling him down for a kiss.

Dean moaned into the kiss, her lips soft, tasting of her strawberry-flavored lip gloss. She stroked his cock with her right hand while she held his head in position with her left hand. Dean had been with some women who liked rough sex, and he’d been with plenty of alpha females over the years, but the way Charlie was so casually positioning him, holding him right where she wanted him, the way she was owning him with her demeanor and tone of voice was something he’d never experienced before. And as she pulled back, looking him in the eye almost like she was challenging him, he wondered if anyone would be able to tell she was a beta if they saw her like this.

“Get on your knees, handsome,” she said with a smirk.

Dean did as he was told, but waited there on his knees for her to tell him when he could start. She smiled and nodded in approval.

“Such a good boy,” she said as she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head to the side roughly. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Yeah, like that. Now I want you to keep it stiff while I use it like a toy.”

Dean’s cock twitched so hard he whimpered. She pulled him closer by his hair, then pushed him between her legs, using his hair to guide his tongue.

“You’d better start playing with your cock or I’m gonna win,” she said, a teasing tone to her voice.

Dean grabbed his cock in his right hand and started stroking fast. Charlie pushed his forehead against her lower stomach, making him lick her clit, then she undulated against his face, moaning as his tongue stimulated her.

“I’m pretty close to coming already,” Charlie warned. “Are you gonna win? Or do I have to take you downstairs with a little pout on those pretty lips?”

Dean shivered, having never felt so far under the command of a woman before. It was intoxicating. Unfortunately, it was also distracting. He was enjoying it so much he kept forgetting to stroke himself.

She pushed him down further, his tongue pushing into her hole and letting him taste her slick. He moaned, losing himself in her.

“Keep strokin’ that cock,” Charlie barked, making Dean flinch.

Charlie lifted her leg, putting her left foot on the shower bench, then thrust herself against his face over and over, letting his tongue fuck her hole.

“I’m gonna come first,” she sing-songed. “And you keep forgetting to stroke your cock.”

Dean wanted to apologize, say he’d try harder, but she was using his face, so he just kept his tongue out. She pulled him away from her pussy and looked down at him.

“Since you can’t remember to stroke your cock, spread your legs and hump my leg,” she said, shifting so her back was against the tiles, supporting and giving Dean room to straddle her right foot. “Maybe I should make you my puppy today.”

Dean almost choked on his gasp, then blushed at his own reaction to her words. He squeezed his eyes shut, embarrassed.

“Do you wanna be my puppy?” Charlie asked, her voice softer than it was before.

Dean opened his eyes, looking up at her. He opened his mouth to say he’d be whatever she wanted him to be, but she stopped him by pulling his hair harder and shaking her head.

“No, puppies don’t talk,” she said with a grin. “Puppies wag their tails when they’re happy to see their master.”

Dean’s jaw dropped, and he felt the blush all the way down to his chest. He gazed up at her, unsure if she was serious.

“Go on,” she said, nodding. “Wag that little puppy tail.”

Dean lifted his ass off his heels and did a quick wiggle, sure that his face was bright red.

“My puppy’s not happy to see me?” Charlie asked with a pout. “I’m very happy to see my puppy. He always makes me feel so good. Don’t you, puppy?”

Dean nodded even though she still had a good grip on his hair, but he didn’t say anything. He was a puppy. He couldn’t speak.

Charlie grinned. “Good. Then I wanna see how happy my puppy is before I let him lick my pussy.”

Dean shivered, his cock throbbing. He thought the embarrassment would kill his erection, but Charlie was so obviously enjoying herself, and it was a huge turn-on. She hadn’t made it awkward, and she’d pushed on ahead without letting Dean think about it. He wiggled his ass, a better attempt than the last time, and as Charlie smiled down at him, he wiggled even more, then let his mouth fall open and panted at her like a happy puppy.

“There’s my good puppy,” Charlie cooed as she let go of his hair, petting him instead. “He’s such a good boy.”

Dean could feel his cock wagging along with his movements, so hard it hurt and leaking onto the tile floor of the shower.

“Is my puppy ready to make me feel good yet?” she asked, and Dean panted loudly, wagging his ass even more and nodding. “Okay, puppy. Lick me until I come, but don’t forget to hump my leg.”

Dean nodded and leaned in, focusing on Charlie’s clit now that she was so aroused and sensitive. He wrapped his hands around her thighs and humped her leg, his cock sliding against her leg, then bumping into it, making him frustrated, but in a good way.

Charlie relaxed against the shower tiles and let Dean pleasure her, breathy moans coming from her. She gasped, then let out a loud moan. She was close to coming, and Dean didn’t even care anymore if he came first.

“Oh, my puppy is such a good boy,” Charlie said, then let out a high-pitched squeak as he sucked on her clit. “Oh, yeah, yeah,” she groaned, her voice trembling.

Charlie’s legs were shaking, her hips gently thrusting against his face, and the sounds coming from her took him even higher with arousal.

“Mmm, such a good boy,” Charlie moaned. “I wonder if Gabe and Cas know what a good puppy I have. I’ll have to take you downstairs on all fours so they can see what a well-trained puppy I have.”

Dean groaned as she pushed the scene into his head, and that was all he needed. He humped her leg faster as he started coming, moaning and whimpering into her pussy as he continued sucking and licking at her the whole time.

As his hips slowed, Charlie let out a gasp, then her body shook hard. “Oh, Dean! Dean! Oh! Such a good puppy! Oh, my good puppy!” she growled as she came.

Dean gently licked at her and pulled back before she became too sensitive to enjoy it. He sat on his haunches, gazing up at her. She looked beautiful. Her head was leaning back against the tiles, her mouth was open as she panted, and her eyes were closed. Her body was still shivering with aftershocks, and she was playing with her nipples and breasts, cupping them and running her fingers over them.

She finally opened her eyes and looked down at him with a grin. “I know even though it got you off, you’re not ready to go downstairs acting like a puppy. We’ll save it for another time, okay?”

Dean breathed a sigh of relief, then chuckled. “Thanks. It did look really hot, and I know the guys wouldn’t be assholes about it, but yeah, another time.”

Charlie nodded. “Now it’s time to clean up. It’s your turn to start,” she said as she handed him the soap.


Charlie had dressed him in some lacy, red panties before she’d gone downstairs. There wasn’t much to the panties, and because of the cut, the lower part of his ass cheeks weren’t covered by any material. There was enough room for his cock because it was flaccid, enough room for his balls, but if he got hard his cock would spill out over the top, which wasn’t even high enough to reach the top of his flaccid shaft.

She’d told him to wait upstairs while she did something downstairs, so he was standing in the middle of his bedroom, watching Gabe get dressed for the day.

“Okay,” Gabe said after he buttoned up his jeans, “we’re gonna have a quick talk before we start the day.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Is this the part where you tell me how hot I look in these…?” he started to tease, but when he saw the look on Gabe’s face, he stopped. “Oh, this is the serious talk.”

“Yeah,” Gabe said, nodding. “Even though you’ve agreed to this, you can stop it at any time.”

“I know,” Dean said. “I trust you guys. All of you. Well,” he said with a grimace, “everybody except Crowley.”

“I’ve already talked to both Nick and Crowley,” Gabe said. “Nick decided you don’t have the option to allow Crowley to give you orders.”

Dean frowned. “Not that I want him to, but why does he get to say that?”

“Because Nick loves you and is very protective of you,” Gabe said. “Crowley has a temper, you don’t know each other very well, and it was Nick’s decision because Crowley is already claiming he’s Nick’s.”

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, Crowley told me he goes after what he wants, and he really wants Nick, so I can see him saying that.”

“Beyond Crowley,” Gabe continued, “you’re going to have safewords.”

“Gabe,” Dean said, sighing.

“No,” Gabe said, holding his hands out. “This isn’t something I’m willing to back down on.”

“I just said I trust you guys,” Dean said. “You guys won’t hurt me or do anything you know I really don’t like.”

“Yellow is a warning and lets us know when you want us to slow down or take it easy,” Gabe said, ignoring Dean’s protests. “Red is full stop, you’re done, and get you out of whatever situation you’re in immediately.”

“Gabe,” Dean said as he walked up to his mate and wrapped his arms around his middle, “you don’t need to worry about this. I’m not under some kind of spell or magics, everybody here has my best interests at heart, and all of you know me really well. Sarah would probably be the one who knows the least about me, but she’s got Charlie to help her out, which I don’t think she’ll need because Sarah’s pretty observant.”

Gabe wrapped his arms around Dean, his right hand straying to Dean’s left ass cheek and squeezing. “You’re my mate and our carus,” he said, face more serious than Dean had ever seen, “and as your mate, I’m insisting on this, even if it means I gotta throw you over my knee and spank the stubborn right out of you. Understood?”

Dean shrugged, still not really convinced, but going along with it. “If you really think it’s that big of a deal, then okay.”

Gabe let go of Dean, pushing his arms away. “I’ll be right back. Stay here.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean grumbled, but did as he was told. Gabe was back fairly quickly.

“You have no idea what all our kinks are,” Gabe said. “We’re going to be using you, telling you what to do all day long, and even though you’re going to have fun too, I want this to be a safe and fun experience for you. Have you ever seen one of these?”

Dean frowned as Gabe held up a shiny metal instrument. As soon as he realized what it was, he squirmed. “Ah, yeah,” he said, blushing a little.

“It may be cliche,” Gabe said, “but I’ve got a medical kink. Are you ready to be strapped to a table while I push this speculum into your asshole, in plain view of anybody who wants to see?”

Dean eyed the speculum, his asshole clenching. He finally nodded. “I’d do it for you. You wouldn’t hurt me. I know you wouldn’t. Even though medical shit creeps me the fuck out, if you like it and it’s not gonna do me any harm, then it’s okay with me. Really.”

Gabe shook his head, chuckling. “You’re so fuckin’ stubborn.”

“Or,” Dean drawled, “I don’t mind a little discomfort when all of us get off on it in the end anyway. If you hadn’t noticed, I really fuckin’ love sex. I’d do almost anything if somebody else was getting off on it because it gets me off, especially when I love that person.”

Gabe smirked. “And if Crowley walked in and wanted to push his fingers in?”

Dean flinched. Actually fucking flinched at the mental image that conjured. “Fine,” he said, almost snarling. “Yellow for warning, red for stop when Crowley wants to deep fingerfuck my asshole while I’ve got a speculum all up in there.”

Gabe wrapped his arms around Dean again and kissed his cheek. “I’m not trying to piss you off or treat you like you’re made of glass. I just want to make sure we all have a good time. Think of what a relief it would be to the rest of us to know that, if you really didn’t like something, you’d say so.”

“Okay,” Dean said, nodding.

“Thank you, baby,” Gabe said, then gave him another peck on the cheek.

“So…,” Dean said, nose wrinkling, “medical kink?”

Gabe laughed. “Yeah. Go figure, huh?”


Charlie directed him to the wall opposite the front door in the living room, then turned him until he was facing the front door.

“Any time anyone’s finished with you today,” she said, “you’ll come back here to wait for instructions from someone else. Kinda like your home base. While you’re here, the only time you can speak is if you need something, otherwise you’ll keep quiet until someone comes to get you. They get to decide if you can talk or not while they’re playing with you.”

Dean grinned. “Any hints on what anybody has planned?”

Charlie chuckled. “Nope,” she said, then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving him alone in the living room.

Dean didn’t have long to wait. Benny sauntered toward him just seconds after Charlie left, then grinned as he pulled a long chain out of his pocket.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean breathed, eyeing the nipple clamps at each end of the chain.

“Pinch your nipples,” Benny said as he held up the clamps for Dean to see. “Make ’em stiff for me.”

Dean did, his eyes still on the clamps. Even though he knew it was going to hurt, his cock was getting hard just from the tone of Benny’s voice, and when Dean looked at him, he saw just how turned on Benny was.

“Hold still,” Benny said, then pinched the tip of Dean’s left nipple between his thumb and index finger, pulling the nipple out from Dean’s body a little, then placed the clamp and let go. “You can make any noises you want and you can say anything you want while I’m havin’ my way with ya.”

“Ah! Fuck,” Dean growled, hands clenching into fists at his sides.

Benny grinned as he attached the other clamp, Dean hissing from the pain. “So pretty,” Benny said softly.

Dean felt his cheeks flush at the compliment, then he leaned in as Benny kissed him so softly that it didn’t fully distract him from the pain in his nipples. It always drove Dean crazy when Benny would use two extremes on him, pain or intensity along with such gentleness.

And as Benny pulled on the chain, making Dean whimper into the kiss, Dean felt a part of himself shut down. He didn’t notice what it was at first, but the more he let Benny control the kiss, the more the biting pain from the clamps made him shiver, he realized he was letting go of himself, letting everything he worried about, everything he felt responsible for go.

He thought about Meg. About how she’d told him she liked letting go when she was stressed, giving over control. She said it felt like a warm and safe place, where nothing could really hurt her, even if everyone around her was causing pain because she trusted them, knew they were doing it for her, and she knew they wouldn’t ever damage her. He’d experienced that when Sarah had tortured his cock and balls, but now that he’d experienced it before, now that he knew he could handle it, he was able to relax into it.

So Dean let himself fall even deeper into it, remembering that today was a day he followed orders and nothing else. He had no responsibilities but to do what his housemates said, and they all cared for him, they all loved him, and even though he was following their orders and fulfilling their kinks, they were thinking of him.

It was the ultimate turn-on for Dean. He was pleasuring his partners by obeying their every word with nothing to get in the way, including his own head, and they appreciated it all. He couldn’t ask for more.

Benny kissed his cheek, licked his way to Dean’s neck, then nibbled at him. Dean gazed at the far wall, not paying attention to anything but what he was feeling. Benny was murmuring something into his skin as he kissed him, but Dean couldn’t even tell what he was saying.

Dean’s breathing regulated, and he felt Benny kissing his shoulders, but he didn’t flinch as Benny pulled the chain between the clamps again. He may have whimpered, but he couldn’t even be sure.

Benny’s fingers were trailing over his back with a gentleness that nearly made Dean cry. It was tenderness. It was love in every touch.

Dean felt Benny pull the panties down below his ass cheeks, and then Benny’s arms were wrapping around him from behind. And even though he could tell Benny was slowly fucking the crease between his ass cheeks, Dean didn’t move, didn’t speak, and he floated on a high of whatever Benny was doing to him.

“Such a good boy,” Benny whispered in Dean’s ear, then rubbed his nose through Dean’s hair, scenting him.

Dean winced as Benny wrapped a hand around his cock, so sensitized the touch felt electric. As Benny stroked him, still fucking the crease of his ass, Dean leaned back against Benny, reaching back to get a grip on Benny’s clothes just to feel more attached to him.

“You gonna come for me?” Benny asked softly, his voice making Dean shiver. “Yeah, you’re gonna come for me,” he drawled, and Dean swore he could feel it in his bones. “You’re gonna come when I tell you to. And you’re gonna be a good boy and do exactly as I say. Aren’t ya?”

“Yes, sir,” Dean whispered.

“Good boy,” Benny said, then kissed Dean’s neck.

Dean was close to coming, but he almost didn’t want to come. It felt so good to let Benny do whatever he wanted, to let Benny use him, and he wanted it to last forever.

“You’re gettin’ close,” Benny sing-songed, stroking him faster.

Dean whimpered, trying to keep his eyes open, trying to stay standing even though all he wanted to do was drop himself on Benny and let him do everything.

“There we go,” Benny said. “Your cock’s so hard it’s gotta be throbbin’ by now. You wanna come yet?”

Dean nodded shakily. “Yes, sir. Please.”

“Please, what?”

Dean whimpered again. “Please let me come. Please!”

Benny moaned in his ear. “Such a good boy. All right, then, come for me,” he said and bit down on Dean’s neck.

Dean gasped and fucked up into Benny’s hand, suddenly feeling as though he couldn’t catch his breath. He was so close to the edge he could taste it, and just as he let go, Benny yanked the chain between the clamps, pulling them off. Dean screamed, his back arching even as he continued fucking Benny’s fist, and he screamed louder as Benny reached up and started playing with his left nipple with his free hand.

He was a mass of sensation. Pain and pleasure in overwhelming intensity. He knew he was falling, but he didn’t care. His legs had given out, but all he could do was shake apart as he fell back. He stared at the ceiling, shivering as Benny stroked him through the last of it.

Dean heard someone chuckling, and considering there was a rumbling coming through his back, it had to be Benny. “What’s so funny?” he asked, fairly certain Benny could understand the slurred speech.

“That was so fuckin’ hot that I came when you fell on me,” Benny said, nearly giggling into Dean’s neck.

Dean snorted. “You deserved me falling on you. That fuckin’ hurt,” he grumbled. “Did you have to pull my nipples right off my chest?”

Benny huffed out a laugh. “Your nipples are fine, ya big baby.”

“Ah!” Dean yelped as Benny pinched his left nipple. “Still sore, you asshole!”

“Maybe you should get off’a me and then I won’t be able to pinch your poor little nipples,” Benny teased.

Dean flailed a bit and managed to roll off Benny. He got to his knees and inspected his nipples, which were red and swollen, but they weren’t bleeding. “Ouch,” he complained with a frown.

Benny grinned up at him, not an ounce of sympathy in his expression. “You loved it. Quit your complainin’.”

“Is that an order?” Dean asked with a smirk.

Benny shook his head. “No. You can complain if you want to. In fact, you can whine to everybody about how mean I am if you want.”

Dean chuckled. “As soon as I tell them I had an awesome orgasm because of it, they’ll stop feeling sorry for me.”

Benny shrugged. “So don’t tell ’em that part. Maybe you’ll get babied for a while.”

“Yeah,” Dean said, rolling his eyes, “’cause you know I love that.”

Benny chuckled as he got to his knees, then stood up. He offered Dean a hand and helped him up as well. “You wouldn’t like suckin’ on a pacifier?” he asked with a leer, making it sound so much more dirty than it would’ve normally.

Dean snorted. “I’ll make you suffer for a very long time if you even consider putting me in a diaper.”

Benny laughed and smacked Dean on the ass. “But you’d look so cute in a diaper!”

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head.

Gabe walked up to them with a pair of pink panties in his right hand. “I think he’d look much cuter in these,” he said, dangling them in Dean’s face.

Dean took the panties from Gabe, shivering as the silky fabric caressed his fingers. There were little black bows printed all over the pink silk, black lace trim, and a little black bow at the center of the waistline trim.

“Put ’em on,” Gabe said with a grin.

Dean did as he was told, taking off his red lace panties, then pulling the new ones on, his legs still shaky, though he was able to do it without falling on his face. His cock twitched as he pulled the panties into place, and he whimpered as Gabe ran his fingers the outside of the panties, the material going into his crease a little, revealing the lower part of his ass cheeks just like the red ones had.

“Beautiful,” Gabe breathed, running his hands over Dean’s ass.

“Damn,” Benny said, shaking his head as he stood back and took it all in.

“All right,” Gabe said, taking a step back. “Turn around, hands on the wall, spread your legs, and stick out your ass.”

Dean did as he was told, adding a little wiggle as he smirked over his shoulder at Gabe.

“Stay in that position until the next person comes along and gives you new instructions,” Gabe said, then walked away.

“Dude!” Dean complained, then rolled his eyes when Gabe let out an evil chuckle.

Benny followed Gabe, and the two of them went upstairs, leaving Dean alone. Dean stayed in position, wondering how long he’d be there, waiting.

It didn’t take long. He sensed Sam before anything else. He looked over his shoulder and saw Sam eyeing him up, palming his crotch as he leaned against the banister. Dean did another little wiggle, smirking when he heard Sam suck in a breath.

“That’s just too tempting,” Sam said, shaking his head. He walked over to the coffee table, picked up the remote, and turned on the TV.

Dean frowned. He knew better than to say anything. He’d been told to keep quiet unless someone said otherwise, but he kinda felt like slapping Sam upside the head for watching TV instead of doing something to him.

“The first song I find, I want you to start dancing for me,” Sam said as he brought up the menu for the music channels.

Dean felt his face heat up. Sam had only gotten him to do this a few times over the years, and they’d always been alone, no chance of anybody else walking in.

~I broke apart my insides, help me, I’ve got no soul to sell

Dean cringed as Sam turned the volume up some. He didn’t move, just squeezed his eyes shut.

“C’mon, Dean,” Sam said as he came up behind Dean. “You’re so fuckin’ hot when you dance for me.”

Dean tried to forget about the fact that he was in the living room, that anyone could walk in.

Sam snorted. “Anybody else sees you, they’re gonna be falling all over themselves to get a good seat for the show. Why do you think I promised a week of nightly blowjobs the last time I asked you to dance?”

Dean chuckled. “Asshole,” he said, shaking his head.

“No talking,” Sam said as he stepped back a few feet, and Dean could tell Sam was smirking. “You can sing along to the music if you want though.”

Dean started with a squat, going down slow and coming back up with his ass pushed out.

“Fuck yeah,” Sam said, the sound of his zipper coming down easily heard over the music.

Dean looked over his shoulder at Sam again, then bit his lip as he shook his ass. Sam groaned, pulling his cock out and stroking it as he watched Dean’s ass jiggle.

The chorus started again and Dean turned around, letting his back hit the wall as he wiggled his hips, then hooked his thumbs under the panties, pulling them down just enough that his cock almost fell out, then pulling them up again. He was getting hard, the look on Sam’s face making him more bold.

Dean turned around, sticking his ass out and running his right index finger over the crack of his ass, nearly giving himself a wedgie with the panties. Sam hissed, then let out a low groan as Dean dropped to his knees and thrust his hips back and forth in time with the music, arms over his head as he spread his legs.

He turned again, facing Sam, letting his back fall against the wall again, then thrust his hips forward, knees spread wide as he fucked the air, keeping eye contact with Sam.

It seemed as if Sam’s legs were going to give out from under him, and Dean smirked when Sam finally sat down on the coffee table, cock still in his right hand as he stroked himself.

The song was almost over, so Dean did a slow crawl toward Sam, keeping his movements in time with the music before coming to a stop between Sam’s legs and sticking his tongue out, mouth open in a silent offer to Sam.

“Oh, fuck, Dean,” Sam said, breathing heavily. He wrapped the fingers of his left hand around the edge of the coffee table to balance himself as he leaned back a bit and spread his legs.

Sam stroked his cock faster, whimpering as Dean wriggled his tongue, just waiting.

“Mmm-oh, Dean, yeah,” Sam moaned as he aimed, hissing through his clenched teeth as he shot his load on Dean’s tongue, some of it dripping down onto Dean’s chin, some hitting his cheek, and one glob landing on the end of Dean’s nose.

Sam chuckled, then leaned down and started licking Dean’s face clean. Dean waited until Sam was nibbling at his lips, then he lunged forward, shoving his tongue into Sam’s mouth, sharing the taste as he cupped Sam’s face and held him right where he wanted him. Sam moaned into the kiss, and when Dean finally pulled away, Sam smiled down at him, eyes half-lidded, a very sated and sexy look, if Dean had anything to say about it.

“Thank you,” Sam said.

Dean let his hands trail down Sam’s chest, pinching a nipple on the way before he tucked Sam’s cock back into his boxers.

“It’s kinda strange not hearing you run your mouth,” Sam said. “I kinda liked it.”

Dean scowled at him.

“You didn’t complain at all about me makin’ you dance,” Sam said. “Is that what I gotta do? Gag you so I can get you to dance for me without giving me a hard time?”

Dean reached up and pinched Sam’s left nipple. Much harder than he had before. But Sam laughed at the rough treatment.

“Okay,” Sam said as he grabbed the remote control and shut the TV off. “I want you to get back over to your spot,” he said as he gestured to the place he’d found Dean when he’d come downstairs. “Stay on your knees, put your chest to the floor, and spread your ass with your hands.”

Dean’s jaw dropped, but he managed to keep from speaking.

“Leave the panties on,” Sam said, giving Dean a gentle nudge in the direction he wanted him to go.

Dean scowled at him, but did as he was told, his face heating up again as he got into position.

“That’s fuckin’ hot, Dean,” Sam said. “I can just barely see your hole through that almost sheer material. I bet somebody could just pull those little panties outta the way and fuck your hole without you ever having to change position.”

Sam walked up to him, gave him a pat on his ass, then put something on his back near his tailbone. It was cold, but not all that big.

“Lube for whoever finds you,” Sam said, then left him alone.

Dean was hard, but not so hard it hurt, the humiliation of dancing for Sam enough to keep it from getting too painful even though it was hot to see Sam so turned on.

But after only a few minutes of staying in the position Sam had ordered him into, Dean’s cock was beginning to ache. He kept thinking about what Sam had said. That he could just barely see Dean’s hole. That somebody could just move aside the panties and push right into him.

He wondered if he should use the lube on himself, open himself up in case somebody wanted to do just that. But he decided to just stay in position, an offering on display.

Dean had no idea how long he waited, but it couldn’t have been more than just a couple minutes. His thighs were a little sore from the position, his arms shaking just a bit from the strain of holding his ass cheeks open, but nothing even bad enough to complain about.

“Well, don’t you look pretty like that,” Sarah said.

Dean could hear her getting down on the floor behind him. He moaned as she gently scratched her nails down his back and sides, just enough to hurt, but not enough to make him pull away.

“Just waiting for somebody to come along,” she said as she took the lube from his back and opened it, “open up this tight little hole,” she said as she pulled the panties to the side, ” and fuck it,” she said as she pushed a lubed finger into him.

Dean gasped, flinching a little because he hadn’t expected her to just push on in. It didn’t hurt, only surprised him.

“I want you to make any noises you want and say anything you want while I’m playing with you,” Sarah said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said.

“Mmm, such a polite boy,” she said, finding his prostate and pushing down in one rough swipe.

“Ah!” Dean yelped, forcing himself to stay still even though he hadn’t expected her to push so hard.

His cock was leaking, balls aching as he closed his eyes. Dean liked sex, that was no secret. But there was something about a woman, an alpha at that, using him roughly, taking what she wanted that really turned him on.

Dean wondered if that was a pattern with him. He loved the contrast of Benny, the fierceness coupled with almost painful gentleness. He loved the way Sam would bite and shove while at the same time showering Dean with affection and love. With women he loved their soft curves and gentle touches, their long hair tickling his skin as they moved, but they could be demanding and almost dangerous when they were aggressive. And Dean loved it all.

Sarah pushed in a second finger, then swiped hard over his prostate again. Dean whimpered, his thighs shaking as he forced himself to keep still.

The odd feeling was familiar, the sudden panic he’d felt the first time someone played with his prostate. The worry that he’d piss himself had receded, but it still didn’t stop him from clenching his teeth and concentrating on keeping control of his bladder every time it happened.

“Feel good?” Sarah asked as she pushed in a third finger.

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said, voice cracking.

He let out a long whine as Sarah focused on his prostate, rubbing over it, pushing down until he thought he might explode, then backing off.

The pressure started again, and he worked at breathing through it. He didn’t know if he was allowed to come, but the desire to follow instructions, the high of doing exactly what he knew she wanted was enough to make him try.

“Please!” Dean hissed into the carpet. “S-Sarah, please!”

“What is it, Dean?” she asked, innocence in her tone of voice, as if she had no idea what she was doing to him.

“Can I come?” he asked. “Please, can I come?”

“I’d really rather you not,” Sarah said, voice light and carefree, as if he’d asked whether or not he could open a window instead of blow his load all over the carpet.

Dean started up a breathing exercise, using it to calm himself. It wasn’t really working, but he didn’t know what else to do. Sarah pulled her fingers out, and Dean almost sobbed in relief.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean groaned as he felt something bigger than Sarah’s fingers pushing into him. And it wasn’t until she bottomed out, her hips against his ass that he realized she was wearing a strap-on. “Oh, fuck!” he whined, his cock almost throbbing as he imagined exactly what she looked like kneeling behind him.

“You can let go now,” she said, tapping the fingers of his right hand. “Relax so you don’t strain your neck.

He let go of his ass cheeks and put his hands palm down on the carpet to either side of his head, the mild strain in his neck from holding the position a dull ache, but certainly not enough to make his cock even remotely soft.

He wondered if she was wearing anything else besides the strap-on. He was pretty sure he felt the skin of her hips and lower belly as she started up an almost painfully slow rhythm, but was she wearing a bra? Did she have one of her cute little baby doll shirts on? Had she decided to just walk downstairs completely naked save the strap-on?

Or maybe she’d just worn some socks. Was she in boots? Dean hadn’t paid attention to the sound of her footfalls when she’d walked in, so he just wasn’t sure if she had anything on her feet.

Dean really wanted to know, and he suddenly remembered she’d given him permission to talk. “What are you wearing?” he asked, then gasped as she rotated her hips, the thick dildo moving inside him.

Sarah chuckled. “A spaghetti strap tank top. It’s fitting and kinda short, so you can see my belly button. It’s gray and soft and worn out because I’ve had it a long time, so you can almost see through it.”

Dean bit his lip, thankful for the lack of stimulation to his prostate as he filled in the mental picture of Sarah behind him. “What else?”

“Just this,” Sarah said as she snapped her hips forward, the dildo filling him again.

“Mmm, yeah. S’fuckin’ hot,” Dean said.

“You want me to take my top off?” she asked.

Dean winced, the question unexpected and making his cock twitch in his panties. He didn’t care that he couldn’t see her. To know that she would take off her top just because he asked her to, well, it was fucking hot.

“Can you just pull it up?” Dean asked. “Pull it up until it’s bunched up over your breasts?”

Sarah kept fucking him, but he heard her moving, heard the breathy little moan. “My nipples are a little sensitive today,” she said. “Feels nice get the material away from them.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Dean said.

“You’re being such a polite boy today,” Sarah said, then Dean felt her lips on his back.

He moaned as her breasts dragged across his back while she gently kissed the skin between his shoulder blades.

“Have you been hard very long?” she asked.

“Benny let me come a little while ago,” Dean said. “But then Sam made me get into this position and it got me going again. So I’ve been pretty hard since he left.”

“Okay, c’mon,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him up.

He groaned as his muscles complained about the change in position, but then she was fucking him faster, her left arm holding him around his middle and her right hand wrapped around his cock, stroking in time with her thrusts. She kissed between his shoulder blades again, then nuzzled his skin with her nose, scenting him.

“So what kind of strap-on is it?” Dean asked. “Are you getting anything outta this other than the fun of turning me on so hard my dick is throbbing?”

Sarah chuckled. “There’s a harness, but it’s also got an attachment that’s inside me right now.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Dean said. “Can you come like this?”

“From fucking you?” she asked. “Yeah, and I’m planning on it.”

Dean moaned, not only because of her words but because she was going faster, fucking him harder while her right hand became tighter around his cock, the lube easing the way so she just felt wet and warm around him.

“Charlie can get a bit demanding in bed,” Sarah said. “And when I fuck her ass, she wants me to come first, so I’ve had plenty of practice with this thing.”

Dean hissed, imagining what the two of them looked like, the determined expression on Charlie’s face as she insisted Sarah come first, her nostrils flaring until she got her way.

“I want you to come first,” Sarah said. “I want to hear the noises you make when you come. Those breathy little moans.”

“I’m pretty close,” Dean said, closing his eyes as he pushed back to meet her thrusts, then forward as he fucked her fist.

“You close too, Charlie?” Sarah asked.

“Almost there,” Charlie said.

Dean whimpered, not having realized she was in the room. He placed her as being on the couch from the direction her voice came from, and now that he knew she was there, he could smell her. He’d assumed her scent was coming from Sarah, but now the smell of her arousal was too strong to dismiss as being left over on Sarah.

“C-can I ask what she’s wearing?” Dean asked, so close to coming his teeth were clenched.

“Charlie?” Sarah said. “She’s not wearing anything.”

“Fuck,” Dean said, grunting as Sarah’s fist got even tighter.

“She’s got her cute little ass on the cushions,” Sarah said. “And she’s using two fingers of her right hand to play with her clit while she runs her left hand over her breasts and stomach.”

“You guys look so fuckin’ hot,” Charlie said, her voice low.

Sarah pressed up against him, her tits smashed against his back as she moved her hips, fucking him hard. The nails of her left hand were digging into the skin of his stomach, and then she was biting his back, growling softly as she fucked him so hard he almost fell forward.

“Sarah!” Dean yelled, panting through clenched teeth as he came.

She growled again, but instead of biting, she rested her forehead against his back, whimpering and gasping as she came. She pulled out of him, Dean wincing at the sensation of being left open, and then she was grabbing him by the neck, pulling him closer.

“Turn around,” she said, then let go of him.

He did as he was told, then moaned as he watched her spreading his load on her right breast, having caught most of it in her hand when he came.

“Lick it off,” Sarah said.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He leaned down, sucking and licking at her skin, gently swiping his tongue over her nipple as he cleaned every bit of his come off her he could find.

“Those panties are a wreck,” Sarah said, hooking her finger under the elastic and pulling before letting it snap back against Dean’s skin. “Take them off, then crawl over to the couch and get my mate off.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said, quickly getting the panties off before crawling to Charlie.

“Hey!” Charlie said, chuckling as he grabbed her legs and yanked her ass to the edge of the cushion, spreading her wide for him. “Mmm, yeah,” she moaned as Dean licked and sucked her clit, head tilting back against the couch as she closed her eyes.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, Mommy,” Charlie replied.

Dean almost choked, catching himself before he did something really unsexy against Charlie’s skin. He’d never heard them roleplaying before, but he knew they were into it.

“Mommy always gets me the best presents,” Charlie said.

Dean moved down, gently licking into her a few times before moving back up to her clit and sucking hard enough that she let out a long moan, shoving her pussy against his face as she came. He backed away once she was done, chuckling at the very sated look on her face.

“Since you got your panties all messy,” Sarah said, “put these on.”

Dean took the sheer black boyshorts from Sarah and stood up, pulling the panties up and into place, his cock and balls fitting into that style of panties much better than the others.

“You were in that position for a while,” Sarah said, gesturing toward where they’d just fucked. “So I think you deserve a little time relaxing on the couch. Get comfortable.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said, then sat down on the far end of the couch Charlie was on.

“I need a shower,” Sarah said as she looked down at Charlie. “Wanna join me?”

“Yeah!” Charlie said, jumping off the couch much faster than should’ve been allowable after coming so hard.

Dean decided not to complain about how Sarah and Charlie always seemed so energized by orgasms.

“See ya,” Charlie said, both girls waving at him as they left.

Dean waved back, then relaxed on the couch, wondering who would come along next. He dozed off a few times, happy to have the rest between housemates.

“Hello, Dean,” Cas said as he walked in from the kitchen.

Dean smiled, keeping his mouth shut in case Cas didn’t want him to speak. Cas walked up to the couch and held out his hand, showing Dean what looked like a really horrible torture device. Dean whimpered, using his best pouty face on Cas.

Cas chuckled. “It’s just a chastity device. You’ll only wear it for a little while.”

Dean stood up, still trying to get Cas to change his mind, really working the pout, but Cas just crouched in front of him, pulling the boyshorts down just enough to get the cock cage on him before locking it up. Cas put the boyshorts back into place, then took Dean by the hand and led him over to the wall he’d spent a lot of time in front of all day.

“Stand at ease,” Cas said, facing Dean toward the front door about a foot from the wall. “If anyone lets you speak, you can ask them for the key,” he said as he set the key on the coffee table. “But you’re not allowed to do it yourself.”

Dean nodded, a warmth in his chest as Cas smiled his approval. Dean expected Cas to come and play with him, but Cas just walked back into the kitchen. Dean sighed, a little relieved that he was getting a chance to recover after what everyone had done with him so far.

He couldn’t remember ever having so much fun in one day. They were all having a great time, and even the things he hadn’t gotten a huge kick out of were fun because his housemates were enjoying it.

“Oh, fucking Hell,” Crowley groaned.

Dean flinched, his eyes widening as his heart rate speeding up. He didn’t know Crowley was in the house. Before he could properly freak out, Nick was standing in front of him, holding his face in his hands and keeping Dean’s attention on him.

“Calm down, pumpkin,” Nick said softly, then kissed him on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around Dean’s midsection and smiled kindly at him. “I thought you knew he’d be here today. I’m sorry.”

Dean blinked at Nick for a moment before nodding, a sign to Nick that he was okay. He realized Nick was blocking Crowley’s view, and it warmed him to know Nick was looking out for him.

Nick put his lips to Dean’s left ear. “I can make him leave if you want, but don’t you think it’d be fun to let him stay? He’s not allowed to touch anybody but me today. He can only watch, can’t give you any orders, and I told him he’d get his ass beat if he even thought about teasing you. What do you say? Feel like making him squirm?”

Dean huffed out a laugh, then nodded.

“Okay, then I’m going to give you a special order,” Nick said. “If you want me to do anything to him, just wink at me, then I’ll let you whisper it in my ear. As long as I’m okay with your request, I’ll do it to him. Sound like fun to you?”

Dean nodded again, his cock twitching.

“Gives you a bit of a level playing field, don’t’cha think?” Nick asked as he pulled back, smiling at Dean.

Dean grinned as he nodded.

“Okay, I like to be able to hear you,” Nick said. “Whenever you’re with me, feel free to say anything and make any noises you want to.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said.

“Good boy,” Nick said, palming Dean’s balls and imprisoned cock through the panties. “Aww, were you a bad boy? Or was this for bein’ a good boy?” he asked, smirking as he hefted the cock cage.

“Cas put it on,” Dean said. “He’s into chastity. But he said I was allowed to ask anybody who comes in here to unlock it.”

“So you gonna ask me?” Nick said.

“The key is on the coffee table,” Dean said, nodding in that direction.

Nick snorted. “That’s your best attempt at begging me to take it off?” he said with a smile.

Dean frowned. “I didn’t think I had to beg.”

“Well, you kinda fucked that one up,” Nick said, shrugging.

“No, wait,” Dean said. “Please unlock me,” he said, smiling sweetly.

Nick chuckled. “Nope. Not yet,” he said as he lifted Dean’s cock and balls out of the boyshorts, letting the elastic catch up under Dean’s balls.

“Please?” Dean said, trying again.

“I had an interesting conversation with Benny last night,” Nick said, tone of voice conversational as he got to his knees

“Ooh, a cock cage,” Crowley said, moaning as he eyed Dean’s crotch.

“You wanna wear one too?” Dean snarled at Crowley.

“As long as you don’t make me leave,” Crowley said with a smirk, “I’ll put on a matching pair of panties if you want. We can be twinsies.”

Dean’s froze for a moment, and then he let out a bark of laughter. He was about to lay a snarky response on Crowley, but instead he yelped, looking down at Nick with wide eyes, who was smiling up at him as if he hadn’t just tugged on Dean’s balls hard enough to make Dean yelp.

“You weren’t paying attention to me,” Nick said, shrugging.

Dean snorted. “Well, you’ve got my full attention now.”

“Okay,” Nick said with a nod. “As I said, I had an interesting conversation with Benny last night.”

“Yeah?” Dean said. “What about?”

“He said that, even though you’re not a big fan of it yourself, which I already knew,” Nick said, looking Dean in the eye, “you get a pretty big kick out of giving cock and ball torture.”

“Yeah,” Dean said, nodding. “When somebody’s into it, I’m all for that.”

“Well, you already know who can be damn good at it,” Nick said, smirking.

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, I got up close and personal with Sarah’s skills,” he said with a smirk.

“Well,” Nick drawled, “guess who’s a big fan of receiving cock and ball torture.”

“I’m thinkin’ it’s not you,” Dean said, but when Nick tilted his head in Crowley’s direction, Dean looked up to see that Crowley was practically beaming, a big grin on his face. “Really?” Dean said, one eyebrow cocked up.

“Yup,” Nick said. “Just thought that was something you might want to be aware of,” he said, then pushed the tip of his tongue into the slit running up the length of the cock cage.

“Oh, c’mon!” Dean whined. “That’s just mean.”

“I wanted to play a little bit,” Nick said with a chuckle. “If your dick even gets close to touching the end of the cage, I’ll stop.”

Nick turned his head and pushed his nose into the crease between Dean’s leg and balls, scenting him before playfully biting Dean’s leg.

“I’m getting hard,” Dean said, hands hovering over Nick’s head. He really wanted to yank Nick away from his crotch even though he knew Nick wouldn’t hurt him.

“Yeah, but you’ve got a lot of room to go,” Nick said, holding Dean’s cage-encased cock so Dean could see that the end of his dick hadn’t really gotten all that much closer to the end of the cage.

“You realize dicks get fatter, not just longer, right?” Dean asked. “Aww, c’mon!” he whined as Nick sucked one of his balls into his mouth.

Nick pulled back, letting go of Dean with a wet sound. “You’re so fun to play with. The noises you make,” he said, shaking his head. “Has anybody ever told you your sex noises sound an awful lot like your elbow-deep-in-pie noises?”

Dean felt his face flush. He looked up at Crowley to see if the man was enjoying this a little too much, but Crowley’s eyes were on Nick. It surprised Dean a just a bit, in a good way. He recognized that look in Crowley’s eyes. Crowley was already head over heels in love.

“Okay, I’ve tortured you enough,” Nick said as he turned and grabbed the key off the coffee table. “Fergus, would you go into the kitchen and get the blue plastic container out of the fridge, please?”

“Fergus?” Dean said at the same time Crowley said, “Sure,” and headed for the kitchen.

“We’re trying it out,” Nick said as he unlocked the cage. “He hates his first name, but it seems so impersonal calling him Crowley in the bedroom.”

Dean let out a sigh of relief as Nick slid his cock out of the cage. Nick tucked his cock and balls back into the boyshorts, then took Dean by the hand and led him to the couch.

“I suppose there are worse names out there,” Dean said.

“I think it’s kinda cute,” Nick said as he sat down on the couch, then pulled Dean down on top of him, Dean’s back to Nick’s front as his legs fell to either side of Nick’s left leg.

Crowley walked back in with the blue container and handed it to Nick. “Thank you,” Nick said, then patted the couch cushion to his right with his free hand. Crowley didn’t hesitate to sit next to him.

Nick opened the container and set it on Crowley’s lap. Dean’s stomach growled as he saw the treats inside. He didn’t know what they were, but it was obvious Nick had made them, so they had to be good.

“Relax,” Nick said to Dean as he patted Dean’s tummy with his left hand and pulled out one of the treats with his right hand. “I had some leftover dough from the pizza the other night, so I made cold-cut pizza bites.”

“What the Hell is that?” Crowley said, frowning as he held one of the treats up.

Nick chuckled. “Pizza crust with a little bit of honey mustard dressing, then on top there’s ham, cheese, bacon, and pepperoni.”

Dean groaned, really hoping he could have some of them. It was an odd combination, but he’d like everything else Nick had ever made him, so why would this be any different?

“Open up,” Nick said as he held one of the little discs up to Dean’s lips.

Dean took a bite, about half of the pizza disc, and chewed. “Oh, that’s so fuckin’ good,” he moaned.

“Eh, why not,” Crowley said, shrugging and taking a bite of his own.

“Well?” Nick said.

“They’re delicious,” Crowley said, as if he’d known all along and had only been teasing Nick.

“Good,” Nick said, then popped the other half of the pizza disc into his mouth.

Crowley grabbed the remote control and turned the TV on, then brought up the movie menu.

“Fergus and I were going to watch a movie,” Nick said.

“Something bloody and disgusting,” Crowley said, then chuckled as Nick groaned.

Dean settled in, happy to just relax while Nick fed him and the movie played. It was nice. When the food was gone and the container set on the coffee table, Dean expected Nick to either tell him to go back over to his home base position or do something with him, but Nick just sat there, fingers gently grazing Dean’s stomach.

The movie finished, and Crowley took the container to the kitchen. Dean wriggled on Nick’s lap.

“Isn’t your leg falling asleep yet?” Dean asked.

“No,” Nick said.

“Did you want me to do anything?”

“No,” Nick said again.

Dean snorted. “You know you can tell me to do anything you want today, right?”

“I thought I had,” Nick said. “I just wanted to hold you.”

“Oh,” Dean said, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

“And touch you,” Nick said, wrapping both arms around Dean’s middle and giving him a squeeze. “And kiss you,” he said as he kissed Dean’s shoulder, then turned and kissed Dean’s neck.

Dean was thoroughly enjoying himself when Crowley walked back in, a plate balanced on his right hand.

“Do I get some too?” Crowley asked. “Or is this all for Dean?”

Nick chuckled. “You can have some too. But I’d like to feed both of you, so do you mind stretching out on the couch and putting your head on my thigh?”

Crowley rolled his eyes, but did as Nick asked, his head resting on Nick’s free thigh, his hair tickling Dean’s leg. Crowley set the plate on his own chest and opened his mouth, ready for a treat.

Nick picked up one of the treats and put it in Crowley’s mouth, moaning as Crowley sucked on his fingers before letting go.

“Oh, these are delicious,” Crowley said, closing his eyes.

“Open up,” Nick said as he held one up to Dean’s lips.

Dean opened his mouth, letting Nick place the tiny pastry drizzled in chocolate on his tongue. It was flaky and light and the chocolate added just the right amount of weight to it. And then Dean started chewing, the little pasty bursting open with gooey vanilla cream inside.

“Oh, Nick,” Dean moaned. “You’ve outdone yourself.”

Nick chuckled, then leaned in and kissed the corner of Dean’s lips before putting another tiny pastry in his mouth.

“You realize you’ve spoiled us for anyone else’s cooking, right?” Dean said.

“Tell me about it,” Crowley said with a snort. “I fired my chef at the office. He can’t compete with the lunches Nick packs for me.”

Dean grinned, imagining Crowley walking into his office building carrying a sack lunch.

“I’m thinking of firing my home chef too,” Crowley said. “She keeps making food, then putting it in the fridge for me because I’m too busy eating everything Nick gives me.”

“You should tell her to take it home for her kids,” Nick suggested.

“Why not just fire her?” Crowley said around Nick’s fingers.

“Because she’s put up with you for ten years now,” Nick said. “You’re a hard man to work for.”

“I make people earn their paychecks,” Crowley said. “Nothing wrong with that. I pay them well, and anyone who works for me gets free healthcare through the same facilities I use.”

“Really?” Dean said, impressed. Crowley used some of the best doctors, the best offices. If he provided that to his employees instead of only covering them for clinic visits once a year, Dean figured he didn’t really know Crowley all that well yet.

“I take care of my employees,” Crowley said. “I’ve always run my business that way. If someone doesn’t pull their own weight, they’re out, but anyone who tries hard, who cares about what they’re doing for me, I take care of them. It’s something my parents did, my grandparents as well.”

Dean munched on his third tiny pastry while Nick nibbled on his right earlobe, then licked around the shell of his ear. It was nice not to feel an urgency, a strong desire to get off and instead just relax and enjoy the attention.

“Are your folks around Palo Alto?” Dean asked.

“No,” Crowley said. “They’re in Florida, retired and throwing quote unquote bridge parties every weekend. Which really just means they’re having giant orgies.”

Dean let out a bark of laughter. “Sounds like fun.”

Crowley snorted. “I suppose, unless you’re their son and you really thought it was a bridge party, so you headed down there for a surprise visit.”

“Oh, damn,” Dean said, chuckling.

“Mum laughed it off,” Crowley said. “But I really didn’t need to know she likes heavy bondage.”

Dean and Nick couldn’t hold back the laughter, but when Crowley pouted at him, Nick pushed another pastry into his mouth, which must’ve eased the pain, and soon enough Crowley was happily munching on his treats again.

“I should probably stop feeding you,” Nick said, patting Dean’s tummy with his left hand. “If I stuff you, you’ll be uncomfortable following any orders from the rest of the house.”

“Aww,” Dean whined.

Nick patted his belly again. “Don’t worry, pumpkin. I’ll save some for you in the fridge. I’ll feed them to you tonight after everyone’s done ordering you around and you’re too tired to feed yourself.”

Dean grinned. “Okay, I can live with that.”

“Good boy,” Nick said. “Now head on over to your spot again. I want you to get comfortable on your knees for a little while.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said as he sat up. He turned around and gave Nick a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for lunch. And the dessert.”

“You’re welcome,” Nick said, smiling up at him.

Crowley stood up and held a hand out for Nick. “Would you like to accompany me to the two o’clock appointment I have?”

Nick let Crowley help him up. “You want me at a business meeting?” he asked, face screwed up in confusion.

“Yes,” Crowley said, nodding. “Mostly because I want to introduce you to my father.”

“Oh,” Nick said, eyes widening, the look on his face so adorable that Dean wanted to hug him.

“He flew in this morning,” Crowley said. “One of his old contacts wanted to make sure I wasn’t fucking up the company even though I’ve been running it single-handedly for a decade,” he said, rolling his eyes, then turning to Dean. “Dad’s a beta, mum’s an alpha. Twenty years ago Dad put this man in his place, earning us a multi-million dollar account.”

“I find it hard to believe your dad’s coming to make you appear competent,” Dean said, shaking his head. “You do that all on your own.”

“Oh, he’s not coming for that,” Crowley said with a snort. “He’s coming to watch the show. He’s always loved watching me work. And if I get to introduce Nick at the same time, that’s a bonus.”

Dean chuckled, not only because Crowley seemed as if he was excited to go tear this guy a new one, but also because Nick was looking down at Crowley with something like puppy love in his eyes.

“You guys have fun,” Dean said.

Nick nodded. “You too. I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

“Ta,” Crowley said, almost dragging Nick out the front door with him.

Dean couldn’t help grinning. They were adorable together, and it was refreshing to see Nick healing from Kevin, moving on, and enjoying someone’s company. He looked toward the stairs as Gabe came down, Cas right behind him.

“Hey, baby,” Gabe said as he walked up to Dean and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Dean didn’t say anything, wasn’t allowed to, but he did moan into the kiss when Cas wrapped his arms around Dean’s middle and held him close for a kiss that had Dean closing his eyes and melting against Cas.

“You can speak,” Cas said after he pulled away.

“Thanks,” Dean said.

“C’mon over here with me,” Gabe said, taking Dean by the hand and heading for the couch. “I’m gonna spank you.”

Dean came to a stop. “Wait! Why?!” he said, eyes wide. “What did I do?”

Gabe turned around, chuckling. “I’d make it an order to get your ass over to the couch, but the look on your face is just too cute. Calm down. It’s the fun kind of spanking. I wanna get my hands on your ass.”

“Oh,” Dean said, letting Gabe guide him to the couch. Gabe sat down, then slowly pulled the boyshorts down Dean’s long legs, kissing his left thigh before grabbing hold of him and pulling Dean down to sit on his lap.

“Lean forward,” Gabe said. “Get your knees up onto the cushion on either side of mine, then put your forearms on the coffee table. Get comfortable because you’re gonna be here for a while. I wanna show both you and Cas how awesome this can be.”

Dean squirmed, then moved a bit awkwardly until he got into the position Gabe wanted him in. It wasn’t until he settled down, staring at the coffee table underneath him that he realized just how vulnerable and exposed he felt.

His ass was completely spread for Gabe, his dick and balls hanging there right over Gabe’s lap. Gabe had quite a view, and he could easily play with anything he wanted to.

Cas sat down on the edge of the couch cushion to Gabe’s right, close enough that he could see everything. Dean looked over his shoulder at the both of them, then chuckled. The intense expression on Cas’ face warmed him just as much as it turned him on.

“Comfy?” Gabe asked.

Dean wondered just how red his face was, if it was spread to his ears and neck. “Kinda,” he said.

“Let’s see if we can’t make you more comfy, then,” Gabe said.

Dean closed his eyes as Gabe massaged his taint, most likely with his thumb. It felt good, and it was just enough of a distraction that Dean got over himself. He was on display, wide open for anybody to see, but he didn’t really have anything to hide anyway, and everyone respected him, no matter what.

The thumb massaging his taint must’ve had some lube on it because it was sliding around easily, and just as easily it slipped into his hole and pulled down. Dean winced at the sensation, but then a hand came down on his ass, right in the center, knocking against Gabe’s thumb.

“Oh!” Dean moaned, cock twitching as the vibration went through his prostate.

Dean heard Gabe chuckle behind him, but then another smack came down, and Dean didn’t give a shit, letting out a loud moan. He put his forehead down on the table, wanting to spread his legs wider, wanting Gabe to give him more.

“Feel good?” Gabe asked.

“Yeah,” Dean said, surprised by how breathy his voice was. “Ah!” he yelped as Gabe smacked him harder, hand coming down right in the middle of his ass again.

Dean bit his lower lip as Gabe smacked his right cheek five times, then his left cheek, the blows not really all that hard, but each blow sent shock waves to his asshole, to his prostate, and the pressure of Gabe’s thumb pressing down on his asshole only increased the sensation.

Gabe wiggled his thumb back and forth, making Dean squirm, then smacked him again, dead center.

“Ah, fuck, Gabe,” Dean whimpered, fingernails digging into the table.

“What, sweetheart?” Gabe asked, cocky tone to his voice. “Did you want me to stop?”

Dean chuckled, but it turned into a gasp as Gabe pulled his thumb out and pushed two fingers in, finding his prostate and rubbing hard.

“Gabe! Oh, fuck,” Dean hissed, trying hard to stay still, but failing as his hips jerked and his thighs shook, toes curling.

“Did you change your mind on spanking?” Gabe asked.

“Y-yes,” Dean said, panting. “Yeah, it’s fuckin’ awesome.

“So do you want me to stop?” Gabe asked. “Or would you like to come?”

“Wanna come,” Dean said. “Fuck!” he yelped as Gabe smacked him hard, pushing down on his prostate at the same time.

“Do you think you can come without me touchin’ your cock?” Gabe asked.

“I think so,” Dean said, aborted thrusts making him squirm over Gabe’s lap.

“I dunno,” Gabe said. “You’re gonna get the carpet dirty. Cas probably doesn’t feel like cleaning your mess up today.”

“I don’t…,” Cas started, and Dean could picture in his mind the glare Gabe must have turned on Cas to get him to shut up.

If Dean hadn’t been so turned on, he would’ve laughed, because he just knew Cas had that little confused and wounded expression on his face, and he also knew Gabe was leaning over and giving Cas a quick kiss as part apology, part ‘stop giving me that sad face.’

“You wanna try?” Gabe said, and Dean was confused until Cas said, “Yes!”

Dean smiled as he felt Cas’ hand caressing his right ass cheek. He gave it a squeeze, then a little tap.

“He’s pretty turned on,” Gabe said. “You can hit him pretty hard and it’ll still feel good.”

“Okay,” Cas said, then brought his hand down harder. Dean let out a moan, and it must’ve been just what Cas needed to hear, because the next smack was harder and right over top of Gabe’s fingers.

“Ah! Cas!” Dean said, voice loud, but he really didn’t give a fuck. “Keep going. Please! Do it again!”

He heard Cas moving on the couch, getting closer, then Dean let out a hiss as Cas started up a rhythm, slapping the left side, then the right, over and over.

“Yeah,” Gabe said, “keep it steady and firm. He should be able to come like that.”

“Mmm-oh,” Dean moaned, back arching as the vibrations did awesome things to his hole and prostate. “I can come, right? Please tell me I can come!”

“Come whenever you want to, baby,” Gabe said.

Dean whimpered as Gabe started playing with his balls, holding them in one hand while the fingers of his other hand worked on his prostate from both inside and outside his ass. The sensations were quickly pushing him over the edge, and soon he was crying out, pushing back into the blows and pushing himself up off Gabe’s legs and the table, back arching as he came all over the carpet.

As his cock was still jerking, Gabe pulled his fingers out and soon Dean was being pulled back, an arm around his middle.

“Ah!” Dean yelped as he fell back onto Gabe’s cock.

“Ride me,” Gabe said. “Put your hands on my knees and ride me.”

Dean was barely coherent after his orgasm, but he did as he was told, the muscles in his thighs not really cooperating. Then Gabe was pulling him back and forth, hands on his hips and just moving him, using Dean like a sex toy.

“Cas, sit down on the table,” Gabe said as he put his feet down on the carpet, holding Dean back by a hand on his chest. “Take your cock out, scoot back.”

Dean had no idea what Gabe had in mind, but he knew it would be good. Cas’ face was flushed with arousal, eyes dark, and he winced as he pulled his cock out of his jeans and boxers.

“Lean forward,” Gabe said, gently pushing Dean. “Use his thighs to steady yourself and suck him.”

Dean groaned, the position odd, but at the same time really fucking exciting. He put his forearms on Cas’ thighs, grateful once again that the designers had given them such a big coffee table because Cas was able to lean back, his arms behind him and his hands gripping the far edge so he could watch Dean but still lean back enough that Dean would have the room he needed.

Gabe held onto Dean’s hips and continued using him like a sex toy, pulling him back, pushing him forward on his cock.

“C’mon,” Gabe said. “Suck him. Get him off.”

Dean opened wide and sank down on Cas’ cock. It was a good thing Cas was so hard because Dean couldn’t really use his hands, and he wasn’t bobbing so much as just hanging on for the ride, the way Gabe was pushing and pulling hopefully giving Cas some pleasure. And if the moans from Cas were any indication, it was more than enough.

“This has gotta be one of my favorite positions,” Gabe said. “Watching your ass taking my cock, your hole stretching around me, your ass all red from the two of us spankin’ you. And I can see Cas gettin’ all wrecked. He’s beautiful, Dean. His lips are parted, tongue poking out just a little, and he doesn’t even care that I’m talking about him. He’s so fuckin’ turned on that he’s got this dreamy look on his face.”

Dean couldn’t look up at Cas, and he was getting a kick out of the description from Gabe. The position they were in, the most Dean could see was Cas stomach, the lower part of his shirt. But Gabe was painting a pretty awesome picture in his head.

“He’s bitin’ his lip,” Gabe said, panting. “Looks so fuckin’ hot. You gonna come down Dean’s throat, baby?”

“Yeah,” Cas said, voice cracking.

“Make him gag on it while I fill his ass,” Gabe said.

If Dean hadn’t just come, he would’ve blown his load all over again. His mates sounded so wasted, so fucking turned on that Dean wished he had a better refractory time.

“Gonna come,” Cas whimpered.

Dean moaned around Cas’ cock, closing his eyes as Cas thrust against his face. He was being very careful, but it was a turn on to know that Cas was excited enough to slur his words and fuck Dean’s face and whimper his way through an orgasm that really did have Dean gagging.

“Oh, fuck, you guys are so fuckin’ hot,” Gabe hissed, thrusting up into Dean as much as he could given their positions, yanking Dean around on his cock. “Ah! Oh, fuck!”

Dean’s cock was fully hard, not really having softened all that much after he’d come, and his mates spilling into him made his cock throb.

“C’mere,” Gabe said, pulling Dean back.

“Ah!” Dean yelped as he fell back again, Gabe’s cock going deeper inside him, the strain on his thighs painful as Gabe wrapped his arms around him and Dean let his head fall back on Gabe’s shoulder.

It was going to hurt later, but Dean didn’t give a fuck. His knees spread from the position, toes cramping, thighs straining, but Gabe wasn’t letting go, and in fact he wrapped his right hand around Dean’s cock and started stroking him fast.

“Gabe!” Dean whined, shivering on Gabe because he just couldn’t do anything else. It felt like too much. His cock was still sensitive, but after just a few strokes it started to feel amazing, especially after Gabe’s cock kept shifting inside of him because of the way Gabe was squirming beneath him.

Dean closed his eyes, letting Gabe do whatever he wanted. Everything felt tight, right on the edge, that line of good pain versus bad pain, and when Gabe squeezed his cock harder, stroking fast, Dean cried out yet again, coming so hard that anyone who heard him would’ve thought Gabe was killing him.

He panted, his body a mass of tingling pleasure. He felt his mates repositioning him, and soon they were massaging his thighs and feet, stretching him out between the two of them. He was boneless against them, his breathing finally regulating as he opened his eyes and grinned at Cas.

“That w’s’awesome,” Dean said. “Spankin’ is officially a new kink’a mine.”

Gabe chuckled beneath him. “Good, because I plan on doing that at least a few more times. After you’ve recovered, of course.”

Cas leaned down at kissed Dean’s knee, still massaging his calves. “I’m adding it to my list of kinks.”

“Aww,” Gabe drawled, “but you had it laminated and everything.”

Dean chuckled as Cas frowned. “It’s not a physical list,” Cas said.

Dean giggled. He couldn’t help it. He loved when Cas got irritated over shit like that.

“I found it under his pillow,” Gabe stage-whispered.

“No, you didn’t,” Cas said, brow furrowing.

“Yeah, I did,” Gabe insisted. “I found it last week. I forgot to tease you about number four.”

Cas was curious. It was obvious by the expression on his face, but he was also a little irritated. “What’s number four?” he asked, almost as if he was mad at himself for letting Gabe goad him.

“Saran wrap!” Gabe said, as if he was shocked Cas had forgotten number four on this laminated card that didn’t exist.

Cas’ frown deepened, and he tilted his head to the side. “Saran wrap doesn’t arouse me.”

Dean’s shoulders shook as he laughed, covering his mouth with a hand. Cas was easy to get, at least for a short period of time. But Gabe had the ability to keep it going for so long that Dean wondered just what Cas was thinking when he fell for Gabe’s teasing.

“You must’ve read it wrong,” Cas said, and Dean grinned, realizing Cas had caught on, or maybe he had known Gabe was teasing the whole time. “It wasn’t my list of kinks. It was the steps I plan to use when disposing of your body.”

“Ooh, burn!” Dean said, laughing as Gabe sputtered behind him before finally giving in and laughing.

Cas smirked at the both of them, proud of himself. “And you’re dripping on the carpet. Your hole’s loose.”

“Tighten it up, Winchester,” Gabe said, patting Dean on the thigh. “Charlie!” he yelled.

“Coming!” Charlie said from somewhere upstairs. “Yeah?” she said as she came down the stairs in just a towel, hair wet.

Gabe grabbed a hold of Dean’s legs and pulled them apart and up, spreading him wide. Dean felt himself blush as more of Gabe’s jizz leaked out of his hole.

“Dean got all messy,” Gabe said, chuckling.

Cas moved out of the way as Charlie got to her knees in front of Dean and Gabe. “Now Cas is gonna have to clean the carpet. Naughty boys,” she teased.

“Oh,” Dean whimpered, squirming as she licked his hole, pushing her tongue in, sucking.

“Are you sensitive, baby?” Gabe asked.

“Ah!” Dean yelped as she used her tongue to fuck his hole before licking around and cleaning up. “Fuck, yeah, I’m sensitive.”

Charlie used the corner of her towel to gently wipe away her spit. “All clean.”

“Thank you, Charlie,” Gabe said.

“No problem,” she said as she headed for the stairs again.

“I’m sore,” Dean complained, pouting as he hoped for a little sympathy.

“Aww,” Gabe said. “I think I’ve got something for that in the infirmary.”

Dean felt a little flutter in his stomach. He didn’t know if Gabe wanted to play with him more in there, but he tried to keep his cool. It wasn’t as if medical stuff just plain terrified him, but it wasn’t his favorite. And some of the instruments were scary.

“Cas, would you please get the blue tube out of the third drawer down in my rolling cabinet?” Gabe asked.

“The metal cabinet?” Cas asked as he stood up and tucked his cock back into his jeans.

“That’s the one.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” Cas said.

“I want you to lean over the coffee table,” Gabe said. “I’d like to take a look at your ass.”

“I’m fine,” Dean said. “I’m sore, but there’s no sharp pain.”

“Okay, then we’ll just go into the infirmary so I can take a look,” Gabe said. “C’mon, get up,” he said as he patted Dean’s leg.

Cas came back into the living room holding the tube in one hand, puzzled expression on his face because he’d heard Gabe’s order.

Dean didn’t want to refuse an order. That was the whole point of the day, and really he knew it was a kink of Gabe’s. But that fucking speculum. He really didn’t want it in his ass. Any other time it wouldn’t have been something he’d ask for, but he would’ve done it for Gabe. But his hole was sore enough that he just didn’t feel like it.

“The first order doesn’t sound so bad now, does it,” Gabe said, not really asking him a question.

“Sorry,” Dean said as he slid off Gabe’s lap onto the floor.

“Nothin’ to be sorry for,” Gabe said. “You’ve been really good all day, doing everything asked of you, even things you were uncomfortable with.”

Dean draped himself over the coffee table, spreading his legs and lifting his ass a bit so Gabe could get a good look. “You know what everybody did?” he asked.

Cas got to his knees on the far side of the coffee table, leaning over and wiping Dean’s face down with a damp washcloth. Dean hadn’t even seen it in his hands.

“We’re your mates,” Cas said. “We’re protective of you even though we know everyone here would sooner hurt themselves than do any sort of damage to you.”

“Did you watch?” Dean asked, smirking at Cas.

Cas actually fucking blushed. “I liked the dance you did for Sam.”

Dean chuckled as Gabe let out a groan. “Fuckin’ hot,” Gabe mumbled.

“Yeah?” Dean asked. “You want me to give you guys a private performance?”

“You’d do that?” Cas asked, eyes wide.

“For you guys, yeah,” Dean said, nodding.

Cas gave him a small smile, an expression on his face that said he knew just how much Dean didn’t really like dancing, an expression that said he was touched Dean would do it for them.

“Cold!” Dean whined as Gabe pushed some of the ointment into his hole.

“It’ll warm up,” Gabe said, gently spreading it inside Dean and around the rim. “I’m calling it quits for your asshole today. Everybody can still give you orders, but your hole is off limits for a rest.”

“You wore out my asshole,” Dean said, smirking.

“And don’t you forget it,” Gabe said, patting his right ass cheek.

“Is he okay?” Cas asked, concerned.

“No tears or abrasions,” Gabe said. “He’s just swollen and used. I wanna give it a rest.”

“If anyone else comes to you and we’re not around,” Cas said sternly, “tell them it’s off limits. Disregard the order to not speak until given permission.”

“Okay,” Dean said, his chest tight as he looked up at his mate. His mate who was concerned enough that he most likely wanted to stand guard by Dean’s side until the night was over.

“Get back to your spot over there,” Gabe said, then kissed his shoulder. “Get into whatever position you want.”

“Yes, sir,” Dean said, crawling over to the wall and sitting down, leaning back against the wall.

Cas was just about to say something when the front door opened and Nick walked in with Crowley close behind.

“How’d it go?” Dean asked, assuming it was okay to talk since Gabe and Cas weren’t technically done with him yet.

“It was beautiful,” Nick said, practically glowing. “I’ve never seen anybody put in their place so quickly before.”

Crowley was smirking, looking very pleased with himself. “Nick found out why dad loves watching me work.”

“You could just see the disdain on the man’s face,” Nick said. “And within less than twenty seconds that expression was replaced by shock, then this look of awe.”

“Well, I went easy on him,” Crowley said smugly. “I still wanted to keep him as a client, and I did.”

“Congratulations,” Dean said, smiling.

“Thank you,” Crowley said, giving Dean a little bow.

“Let’s get everybody in here,” Nick said. “We need to celebrate by crashing on the sofas and eating until we’re too full to get up.”

“I like that plan,” Gabe said, patting his stomach.

“I saved enough dessert for all of us, but Dean gets first pick,” Nick said.

“He’s been such a good boy today,” Sarah said from the stairway, “I’d say he gets whatever he wants.”

“That was impressive, dude,” Sam said, clomping down the stairs with Charlie close behind, dressed and smiling.

“I’ll get the food,” Nick said. “Everybody get comfortable.”

“I’ll help,” Cas said.

Dean accepted Sam’s hand, then let his brother help him up. “I think Benny’s in the garage,” Dean said.

“I’ll get him,” Sam said, then headed for the garage.

Soon everyone was on the couches and chairs. Dean was sitting on Benny’s lap with Nick and Crowley to his right. Gabe, Sarah, and Sam were sprawled out on the other couch, and Cas had Charlie on his lap in one of the overstuffed chairs.

“Somebody pick!” Sarah finally said after they’d been searching through the movie menu for almost fifteen minutes.

“You pick, Dean,” Sam said.

“Hellraiser,” Dean said, seeing it in the list.

“Yes! Hellraiser!” Crowley cheered.

Benny kissed the side of Dean’s head before feeding him more bite-sized mini-burgers dipped in ketchup.

“Did you have fun today?” Benny asked as the movie started.

“Yeah,” Dean said. “I don’t think I’d wanna do that every day or even every week, but I’d like to do it again.”

“Was there anything you didn’t like?” Benny asked.

“There were things that I wouldn’t normally choose,” Dean admitted, “but I can’t even say I didn’t like them. Everybody had fun, so yeah, I gotta say overall I liked everything.”

“Good,” Benny said. “And everybody got one-on-one time with you?”

Dean thought about it for a moment. “Well Cas and Gabe kinda played with me at the same time. But now that I think about it, they were doing something Gabe wanted, so Cas didn’t really get a turn.”

Cas turned to him, a twinkle in his eye. “The day isn’t over yet.”

Benny chuckled. “There. Now you’ve got after-dinner plans.”

Dean smiled. He had no idea what Cas had planned, but he was already excited to find out. He ended up nearly falling asleep by the time the movie was over, stuffed full of good food and surrounded by his loved ones. And Crowley.

He took Cas’ hand when he and Gabe declared it was bedtime, letting them guide him to their bed and down onto the soft, clean sheets. He made a token complaint about how disgusting he was and that he’d stink up the sheets, but they just shushed him and spread him out in the middle of the bed.

Cas crawled between his spread legs. “Gabe and I are going to touch you. If you stay still, I’ll suck you until you come and fall asleep. But every time you move, I’m going to stop.”

Dean grinned. “I think I can do that.”

“Comfy?” Gabe asked.

“Yup,” Dean said, wiggling a little.

Gabe leaned down and kissed his cheek, then trailed soft kisses down his chin, over his neck, shoulder, and down his arm while Cas settled in, spreading out on his belly and sucking Dean so slowly that Dean let out a chuckle.

“This is torture, isn’t it,” he said.

“This is what I wanted to do with you,” Cas said, pulling off of Dean’s cock long enough to speak.

“You planned this all day?” Dean asked.

Before Cas could respond, Gabe spoke up. “He’s had it planned since the day we decided to do this.”

“He has good ideas,” Dean said.

“Yeah, I suppose we’ll keep him around,” Gabe teased before kissing around Dean’s right nipple.

Dean flinched when Gabe flicked his tongue over the nipple. “Aww, man,” Dean whined when Cas stopped sucking him, pulling off to kiss his inner thigh. “I barely moved.”

“No moving,” Cas said. “In fact I may tighten the rules and consider your mouth one of the things that can’t move.”

“Okay, okay,” Dean said. “I’ll stay still.”

“Good boy,” Cas said before sucking him back into his mouth.

Dean almost shivered at the compliment. He loved being praised, especially by his mates, especially for obeying them.

He wouldn’t want to live like this on a daily basis, obeying every single thing all day long. But he hadn’t been lying when Benny asked if he’d enjoyed himself. Being able to let go, letting someone else make the decisions and blindly following because he trusted that person to take care of him, to make him feel good, well, it was amazing.

Meg had told him it could be like this, and he decided he needed to get her a really cool present as a thank you. Maybe he’d take her out for ice cream. Meg loved ice cream. She deserved it. He wouldn’t have been able to allow himself this as easily without everything she’d told him.

And he probably shouldn’t have been thinking about Meg when his mates were so focused on giving him pleasure, so he opened his eyes and watched as Gabe placed the lightest of kisses across his belly and chest, Cas still sucking, head bobbing so slowly that Dean wondered if his mate’s jaw was going to be killing him in the morning.

Cas’ fingers were caressing his skin, anywhere he could reach, slowly and sensually. Gabe shifted on the bed, apparently making it his mission to kiss every inch of Dean he had access to.

If it weren’t for the arousal he was feeling because of Cas’ amazing mouth, he’d have fallen asleep. It felt so good. He felt taken care of. He felt content. He felt loved. He felt worthy, which was something he didn’t think he’d be able to feel with his mates. No one could’ve ever told him he was worthy. It was only his mates showing him by their actions. And Dean was falling so deep, so hard that it scared him at times.

But mostly he loved it. The intimacy. The unhurried and casual way they could be with each other. The way they respected him. The way they treated him as an equal rather than someone they wanted to force into a role to suit their biologically alpha personalities. The way they took care of the house alongside him, fought with him. The way they cared for the others in the house, not because Dean did, but because they really did love everyone in the house.

Cas’ head moved faster the longer Dean went without moving, so Dean focused hard on staying still. It seemed to go on forever, and he was in a dreamy state of low-key arousal, of pleasure for what may have been hours before Cas sucked him harder, head bobbing fast enough that Dean thought he might be able to get off.

“Come whenever you want to, baby,” Gabe said softly before returning to kissing every inch of Dean’s body.

Just as Dean was about to come, Gabe kissed his lips, shoving his tongue in and practically devouring Dean with an intensity to match what Cas was doing to his cock.

Dean came, moaning into Gabe’s mouth, hands fisted in the sheets, and his toes curling as he tried to stay still. But Cas didn’t let go of him after he came. He wasn’t actively sucking or bobbing, but rather just letting Dean’s cock rest on his tongue, inside his mouth.

“Go to sleep,” Gabe said as he curled up next to Dean.

Dean smirked at him. “With my dick in his mouth?” he asked.

Gabe kissed the end of his nose. “It’s part of his plan, so you’d better do it,” he said with a grin.

“Mmm’kay,” Dean said, eyelids already falling.

Dean’s cock felt warm and wet, his body like it had melted into the bed, and he felt the weight of Cas’ arms on his legs, the puffs of air coming from Cas’ nose on his belly, and the not-too-ticklish feeling of Gabe’s fingers tracing patterns on his chest. He fell asleep with his cock in his mate’s mouth and Gabe snoring on his shoulder.

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