Part 3: Dinner Plans

Part-Specific Info
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Kevin, Dean
Blowjob, Foodplay, Group Sex, Panic Attack (Mild), Comeplay
Summary It’s the first meal in their new home, and Nick outdoes himself with the great food, including a dessert made especially for Dean.Dean learns a hard lesson in the new rules he has to follow.

Dinner was a celebratory occasion. The first night in their new home, first night as a formed alpha pack was exciting. Nick had made rib eye that had barely touched the grill, new potatoes in garlic butter, and asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.

Dean was very happy to find the chairs were well-cushioned. He didn’t wince as he sat down. Benny got first choice of the steaks, then passed them on. Even though Dean’s was the last on the platter, it was just as big and juicy as the others. Dean had worried Nick might try to pay him back for the punch he’d landed to Nick’s face, but then Dean felt silly for having underestimated him like that. Nick was a good guy, a good alpha.

“Who wants beer?” Kevin asked as he opened the refrigerator. Everyone raised their hand, so he wrapped his arms around the bottles and carried them to the table.

“To the first day of the rest of our lives,” Benny said, holding up his bottle. “To the success of alphas working together to make Palo Alto better for everyone.”

“Here, here!” the guys all agreed, raising their beers and draining them.

There were compliments to the chef, stories traded, and great food eaten. This was what they’d all hoped for. They’d dreamed of it since they were pups. It was finally theirs, and Dean knew they’d make a great pack.

Dean stood and collected the plates, setting them in the sink and running some water over them. Kevin had volunteered to wash tonight, so Dean walked back over to the table.

“Come here, hot stuff,” Gabriel said, looking at Dean.

Dean slowly walked over, no idea what Gabriel wanted. Gabriel gestured under the table, then undid his jeans.

“I’m awfully horny after watching you suck on those beer bottles,” Gabriel drawled.

Dean froze. He was having a good time. Why’d Gabriel have to ruin it and remind him of what he was now? Gabriel waited patiently, letting Dean have time to work it out in his head without forcing the issue or punishing Dean for stalling.

Dean slowly went to his knees, crawling under the table and getting comfortable. He licked the head of Gabe’s cock, making it twitch. The guys started up the conversation again, and a flare of anger erupted in Dean’s chest. They were going to just continue talking like he wasn’t on his knees sucking Gabriel’s cock under the table.

Fine. He could do this. He wrapped his fingers around Gabe’s cock, then sucked it into his mouth, going slow, using his tongue to stimulate the underside of it. Gabriel reached under the table, running his fingers over Dean’s scalp in an affectionate gesture, then cradling Dean’s chin, rubbing his thumb just under Dean’s right ear.

Dean closed his eyes, letting himself imagine Gabe was the only one here. The hand caressing his face helped, because he knew Gabe really liked him, and if things were different, if one of them wasn’t an alpha, he could see the two of them together.

It wasn’t that alphas in a relationship together were unheard of, but it was very uncommon. The personality and instincts of an alpha usually clashed with another. Dean’s parents were a perfect example of two alphas making it work.

His parents had been together for forty-seven years, having met and fallen in love when they were in their mid twenties. They had waited to have pups until they were established alpha primes, but that was a fairly common practice for alphas who knew they were destined for such a position.

Dean’s grandfather, Samuel Campbell, was the alpha prime of Helena, Montana. He and Deanna had been together for over seventy-three years before they’d settled in as alpha primes, then had Mary nine years later.

Gabe shifted in his seat, and Dean nearly chuckled around the cock in his mouth. He knew he was good at sucking cock, that Gabe was having a hard time sitting still, and he also knew Gabe was probably trying to keep a straight face. Dean wished he could see Gabe’s face. It was probably hilarious.

Gabe’s hand moved from Dean’s chin to the back of his neck, gently encouraging Dean to move faster. Dean took the cue, and while being careful not to crack his head on the underside of the table, he started bobbing on Gabriel’s cock. He heard Gabe gasp, then cover it with a cough.

Dean nudged Gabe’s legs further apart, taking his balls in hand and rolling them. Dean tried not to laugh as he heard Gabe lose his train of thought in the middle of a sentence. Gabe moaned, leaning back in his chair and pushing his dick up into Dean’s mouth.

Gabriel was obviously trying hard to stay still. Dean wouldn’t mind if Gabe fucked his mouth, but he didn’t think Gabe would do it in front of the others only because Gabe would want to be careful with him, pay Dean his full attention, and he couldn’t do that with a roomful of men talking about local sightseeing.

Dean pulled on Gabe’s balls a little and he heard a gasp, but Gabriel’s dick twitched in his mouth, telling him Gabe had liked it, so he moved faster, moaning around Gabe’s cock and giving another gentle tug on Gabe’s balls.

“Ah! Dean!” Gabriel yelled as he came down Dean’s throat, hips jerking and fingers scrabbling on Dean’s neck.

Dean swallowed some, but left most of Gabriel’s come in his mouth and crawled out from under the table. He stood up, leaned over, and kissed Gabriel, sharing the taste with him. Gabriel moaned into the kiss, his tongue flicking around in Dean’s mouth, tangling with Dean’s tongue.

“Who wants dessert?” Nick asked, and everyone laughed, including Gabriel, who wrapped his arms around Dean’s waist and pulled him down onto his lap.

“Only if I get to feed it to my lap buddy,” Gabriel said with a grin.

Nick chuckled. “So that’s six spoons and six desserts, one with a double helping,” he said as he stood and went to the kitchen.

“Nick made pie,” Sam said in an obnoxiously loud stage whisper.

Dean groaned. “You’re awesome, Nick!” he yelled toward the kitchen.

“I know!” Nick yelled back. “I’m even more awesome because I made apple so it wouldn’t stain the rug or anyone’s clothes.”

Cas stood up and cleared the beer bottles and set out napkins. When Nick came out of the kitchen with four bowls balanced on his arms, Cas took the bowls so Nick could get the rest. Once everyone was served, Nick and Cas sat down. A loud thump on the table made Dean turn. There was a large can of whipped cream on the table.

“This isn’t for the pie,” Nick drawled.

Dean felt his face flush as everyone cheered. He didn’t like being the focus of that much attention. Gabriel grabbed Dean’s neck and pulled him close.

“We’re going to make you feel so good,” he whispered in Dean’s ear.

Dean moaned, then opened his mouth when Gabe held a spoonful of pie up to his lips. He moaned even louder when the taste of pie filled his mouth. Dean heard everyone else giving compliments to Nick, enthusiastic over the pie.

“Master of pie,” Dean mumbled through a mouthful of pie.

Nick laughed. “I’m glad you like it, pumpkin,” he said without a trace of sarcasm or condescension.

Cas stood up, walked around to Dean’s side of the table, and started pulling Dean’s shirt up. Dean allowed it, holding his arms up. Cas tossed the shirt aside, then undid Dean’s button and zipper on his pants. He crouched down and pulled Dean’s socks off.

“Let’s kick dessert up a notch,” Sam said from behind Dean, startling him because he hadn’t heard Sam move. Sam lifted him, his hands at Dean’s armpits, as Cas grabbed his legs and lifted. Dean’s eyes widened as he was laid out on the dining room table.

He tried to sit up, but Sam put a hand on his chest. “Benny and I said we’d help. Relax and enjoy yourself. See what happens,” he said.

Dean knew he was talking about Dean’s case of blue balls. He wasn’t all that thrilled to be the center of attention on top of the dining room table, about to be eaten like a dessert, but, wait. Why wasn’t he thrilled? He was about to be licked head to toe by six alphas, who would most likely get horny enough to fuck him, and with all the stimulation, he might be able to come. Sam had made it sound like they were going to work at making him come. So yeah, why was he not thrilled?

Sam leaned down and kissed Dean in an upside down kiss. Dean chuckled into the kiss, having never experienced a kiss in that position before. Benny and Cas pulled Dean’s pants down and off, tossing them aside. Nick stood to Dean’s left and held the can of whipped cream upside down, then squirted a line of whipped cream from Dean’s navel to his neck.

Cas spooned some pie from a bowl onto Dean’s left leg as Gabriel did the same on Dean’s right thigh. Nick handed the whipped cream to Kevin, who was standing to Nick’s left, and Kevin made a line of cream from Dean’s left knee to his cock. Kevin handed the can to Benny, who was at Dean’s right shoulder, and Benny made a line of cream from Dean’s wrist to his right upper arm.

Their positions around Dean weren’t by chance. Sam and Benny were in control, and Benny would have the say over any activity, even if it was by subtle verbal cues or body language. Each alpha would defer to the one higher in rank, though they’d known each other long enough that times like these, where they were enjoying themselves, they would move like a well-oiled machine unless someone decided to challenge their position.

Dean knew that even if they all fucked him, it didn’t necessarily have to be in order of rank like when they chose the pieces of meat for dinner, but rather that each alpha approved of and was okay with what the lower ranking alphas were doing.

Times like these showed what a great group of alphas they were. If there was in-fighting and constant challenging of ranks, entertainment would be difficult, and it might even take months for an alpha house to get to the point their group already was. They’d chosen their group well.

Sam leaned back, grabbing his own bowl and swirling his finger in the pie filling. “What are you waiting for?” he asked the group.

Dean moaned loudly as all at once they descended on him, licking and nibbling their way over his skin as Sam shoved two fingers in Dean’s mouth. Dean sucked the pie filling from Sam’s fingers, moaning and licking between his fingers as he writhed on the table.

Everything felt amazing. There were tongues and teeth everywhere, awesome pie filling in his mouth, and he heard nothing but moaning and clothing falling to the floor.

Dean gasped around Sam’s fingers as he felt a slick finger push inside his asshole. He didn’t know who had their fingers in him, and he didn’t even care. More whipped cream was being sprayed on him and more pie was being slathered on his skin as the guys finished in tandem and reapplied.

A second finger was pushed into him. Dean knew it wasn’t lube on the fingers. It felt different. He’d say it was pie filling, but he’d never been fingerfucked with pie filling before, so he wasn’t sure. For all he knew, it was the whipped cream.

His legs were pulled up, and Dean looked down to see Cas kneeling on the table, naked and erect. He pushed Dean’s legs out and up, Kevin taking Dean’s left leg and Gabriel taking Dean’s right leg. Cas’ fingers shoved into Dean again just as Nick bit his left nipple.

“Ah!” Dean yelped, his back arching. “Oh, yeah, fuck, yeah!” Dean moaned as Cas found his prostate.

He’d forgotten that he didn’t like his rank. He’d forgotten that any of these men could order him around and he’d have to obey them. He’d forgotten Benny had spanked him for touching his cock just two hours ago. All he remembered, all that he thought about was the pleasure the six alphas were giving him.

He reached for his cock, but a hand caught him by the wrist. Dean looked up to see Benny grinning down at him, pinning his wrist to the table. Dean grinned back at him sheepishly. Dean didn’t know if Nick had seen that little interaction and was trying to keep Dean from getting into trouble or he just wanted to join in, but Nick mirrored Benny, pinning Dean’s left wrist to the table.

Sam took his fingers out of Dean’s mouth and scooped up more pie filling. Dean opened his mouth, waiting for more. Sam chuckled and pushed his fingers back in. Dean moaned around the fingers again, then nearly bit Sam’s fingers when Cas pushed his cock into Dean’s hole. Dean was getting stimulation from so many sources, he hadn’t even noticed when Cas pulled his fingers out.

Cas started up a hard and fast pace, and when Kevin and Gabriel pulled Dean’s legs further apart and up toward his chest, Cas shifted his position on the table, searching out Dean’s prostate. Cas’ cock managed to catch his prostate every once in a while, making Dean squirm and fight his instinct, which was screaming at him to fuck something.

Dean yelped around the fingers in his mouth as cold cream was sprayed on his hot cock. He was about to complain when a tongue started licking the cream off. It wasn’t nearly as much stimulation as Dean wanted, but he knew Kevin was bending the rules. No one stopped him, and Dean relaxed into it, letting the little kitten licks drive him wild.

Sam pulled his fingers out of Dean’s mouth, then climbed onto the table, his knees above Dean’s head on either side. Sam smacked Dean’s face with his cock, and Dean flinched, not expecting it. He looked up at Sam with a scowl, ready to smack Sam’s leg when he realized he was being held down, his brother was now his alpha, and the thought burned through his entire body.

“Open up,” Sam said, whacking Dean’s lips with his cock, his balls dragging over Dean’s forehead.

A sharp pain in his right nipple had him yelping and Sam slipped his thumb in Dean’s mouth, pushing between his teeth on the left side of his mouth to keep Dean from closing his mouth, then Sam shoved his cock in. Dean realized the sharp pain had been a bit from Benny. Dean growled, making Sam moan with the stimulation.

It was an awkward position. Only the head of Sam’s cock was slipping in and out of his mouth, and Sam’s hand and balls were dragging over Dean’s face, his nose, and his hair. Dean felt panic rise up in him. His oxygen wasn’t cut off, but he was being held down by six men, and while a lot of the things they were doing felt good, Sam had been the one to make him realize he was trapped and at their mercy.

His breathing sped up, and he felt like he wasn’t getting enough air. He wriggled on the table, but everyone had him pinned well, and Cas was still fucking him. He started to whine, his stomach caving in with the effort of panting.

Sam’s cock was gone from his mouth, but the thumb stayed where it was. Benny leaned down until his face was hovering inches from Dean’s nose.

“Breathe,” Benny said.

“I can’t,” Dean said around Sam’s thumb, his eyes wide, then yelped when Gabriel smacked his right ass cheek.

“Everything’s all right, sweetheart,” Gabe said. “Listen to Benny and breathe.”

Dean realized Cas wasn’t fucking him anymore, but he still had his cock inside Dean. Dean looked up at all the concerned faces.

“Let me up,” Dean said, though the words were hard to recognize because of the thumb in his mouth.

“Nope,” Benny said, and Dean’s chest burned with anger. “You’re gonna calm down, relax, and let us take care of you like we all said we’d do.”

Dean let out a howl of frustration, thrashing about, but not really getting anywhere. “Please!” he begged, his body sagging against the table as he gave up on the idea of fighting his way free.

Kevin licked the tip of his cock, making Dean gasp, his eyes finding Kevin’s. Kevin grinned up at him. “So you don’t wanna come?” he asked innocently.

A squeak came out of Dean’s mouth. He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing his breathing to regulate. Kevin knew him too well. It was the perfect thing to say. Or maybe Kevin was just a healthy alpha male and knew what Dean wanted.

“Sorry,” Dean said. He looked back up at Benny. “I wanna come. Sorry,” he said as clearly as he could.

“Good boy,” Benny said, smiling down at Dean and filling Dean with the warmth of approval.

Cas started fucking him again, Nick sprayed more cream over Dean’s belly, Gabriel teased Dean’s balls with his fingers, Kevin sucked on Dean’s toes, which were covered in cream, Benny went back to sucking and licking at Dean’s nipples, and Sam pushed the end of his cock back in Dean’s mouth.

Dean grunted as Cas picked up speed, then moaned around Sam’s cock as Cas came inside him, growling and scratching at Dean’s thighs. Cas switched places with Gabriel, who shoved his cock in Dean’s hole as soon as he was in position.

He knew Sam wasn’t in a good position to get himself off on Dean’s mouth, but if that’s what Sam wanted to do, Dean didn’t really have a say in the matter, so he flicked his tongue over Sam’s cockhead, finding the slit and wiggling his tongue, feeling a thrill of excitement as Sam gasped.

“I made this pie for him,” Nick grumbled as he held a bowl out to Sam. “He should get to eat more of it.”

Benny chuckled and grabbed Sam’s cock, pulling it out of Dean’s mouth and pushing it into the bowl. Sam looked surprised, which made Dean smile. Benny pushed Sam’s cock back in his mouth and Dean eagerly sucked on it, lifting his head off the table to get as much as he could.

“Oh, fuck!” Sam growled. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Nick chuckled. “All he needs is incentive, right kid?” he asked with a wink.

Dean moaned, sucking hard. Sam yelped and pulled his thumb and then his cock out of Dean’s mouth with an obnoxiously wet sound, grabbing the base of his cock and squeezing. Dean smirked up at him and Sam chuckled.

“That was fucking hot,” Gabriel hissed through his teeth, then fucked into Dean a few more times and came inside Dean, his balls slapping Dean’s ass as he came down from his orgasm.

Gabe pulled out, and Dean wriggled, frowning as he felt come leaking from his asshole. “Ah!” Dean yelped as two fingers pushed into his hole and immediately started massaging his prostate.

Dean looked between his legs to see Sam grinning down at him. Sam had never fingerfucked or milked his prostate before. And he was damn good at it. Dean moaned, his hips jerking and his cock twitching.

“You’ve got three chances left,” Sam said. “Do you think you’ll come on my cock or will it be Nick or Benny?”

Dean frowned. “What about Kevin?” he asked.

Kevin chuckled, pointing down at Dean’s stomach, where there was a drying puddle of come. “Uhm, that thing with the pie and Sam’s cock? Yeah. That was amazingly hot,” he said with a blush to his cheeks.

Dean laughed and Kevin blushed harder. Dean thought it looked adorable, and apparently so did Nick, because he turned and started kissing Kevin’s cheeks, cradling Kevin’s head in his hand and giving the rest of them a show.

Kevin melted into Nick, and something inside Dean that had been worried about the tension between the two of them went away. Nick was holding Kevin like he was precious, and Kevin was eating it all up.

“Ah! Sam! Warn a guy!” Dean yelped as Sam pushed into him. “You’re fucking huge, baby brother!” he said as he used his muscles to push at Sam’s cock, knowing it would help his body adjust to the larger cock.

“Yeah, Sam,” Benny drawled with a grin, “you wrecked his hole, and now it’ll be like throwing a baseball down a hallway for the rest of us.”

All the guys laughed as Sam flipped Benny off. Sam turned to Kevin. “Could you get a pillow for his hips? I wanna see if I can get my big brother off on my huge cock,” he said with a smirk.

Sam and Dean always got a kick out of calling each other brothers when they fucked. They didn’t fool anyone. They didn’t smell like blood relatives, but they loved the reactions they usually got from people.

Kevin took off for the living room as Nick squirted another dollop of cream on Dean’s cock, then made a line of it down to Dean’s balls. “Kevin loves whipped cream,” Nick said with a grin.

Dean grinned back. So it wasn’t a fluke. They really didn’t mind if Kevin paid a little attention to Dean’s cock. It was completely fine with Dean if they all decided to bend the rules.

Benny pushed his cock into the bowl of pie and waved it in Dean’s face. “I wanna try that pretty mouth,” he said.

Dean opened wide, then lifted his head off the table to suck Benny in, making Benny gasp and grab the table with one hand to keep himself steady. Dean felt someone shove a pillow under his hips, then a tongue flicking over his cock, licking up the cream. He moaned around Benny’s cock, sucking hard and trying to get more of Benny’s cock in his mouth.

“Fuck, kid, you, oh, fuck!” Benny said, pulling his cock out. He stood there breathing through it for a moment. “You’re gonna kill me with that mouth,” he said, chuckling and running his fingers through Dean’s hair.

“Oh, fuck!” Dean yelped, the new position his hips were in allowing Sam better access to Dean’s prostate.

Benny leaned down and started sucking and licking at Dean’s neck just under his right ear, and Dean squirmed as Nick did the same thing under Dean’s left ear. Kevin was still licking bits of cream from his cock, Gabriel was at his right hip rolling Dean’s balls, and Cas was kneeling down on the floor, running his fingers over Sam’s cock and Dean’s asshole, tracing where they were connected without getting in Sam’s way.

“You gonna come for me, Dean?” Sam teased, fucking Dean hard and dragging his cock over Dean’s prostate in just the right way.

Dean couldn’t move. All six of them had him completely incapacitated, and all six of them were doing their best to drive him wild with arousal. He fell a little in love with each one of them for doing this for him. They didn’t have to try so hard to get him to come. They were doing it because they cared about him and wanted him to have a good time.

He didn’t know if he could come, but the tension was building in his body. He wanted to fuck. He wanted more stimulation on his cock. He needed it. The little licks Kevin was making on his cock were awesome, but Dean needed more. A little suction, a couple of strokes of his cock by someone’s hand, anything.

“Please!” Dean begged, looking down at his cock, at Kevin’s face, which was smeared with whipped cream, at Kevin’s tongue flicking over Dean’s cock. “I need, fuck. Please! I can’t!” He felt desperate. He wanted to come so badly.

“C’mon, Dean,” Sam said, panting hard as he fucked Dean faster and faster. “Lemme feel your asshole squeezing my cock. C’mon. Come for me. Make me come so hard I see stars because your ass squeezes the jizz right outta me.”

Dean moaned loudly, the sound turning into a whine at the end. Kevin sucked one of Dean’s balls into his mouth, and Dean felt a zing travel up his spine. He’d never heard anyone say a house hole couldn’t have his balls played with, and watching Kevin suck and mouth at him felt like he was getting away with something, like he was being naughty.

He felt his asshole start to spasm before anything else. He felt a pressure, but he couldn’t figure out where he felt it. He heard Sam hiss just as something felt like it hit his groin, like a wave smashing over his entire pelvic area.

It hit him so hard that Dean yelled, and he had no clue if it was words or just a pleasure-filled noise. The smashing wave hit nearly as hard over the rest of his body, his skin feeling hyper sensitive and alive like never before. The pressure was building again, and this time come shot out of his cock, hitting him in the chin and neck multiple times.

The pressure released and he relaxed into the table, quivering and feeling boneless and gasping for air. Dean yelped as Sam pulled out of him, his prostate sensitive to the point that Sam’s cock sent pinpricks through his pelvic area.

“Oh, fuck, stop!” Dean whimpered as Nick’s fingers grazed his left nipple. “Please stop!” he yelled.

Everyone backed off except Benny, and Dean didn’t know if Benny had told them to give Dean room, but right now he didn’t care, he just wanted the space.

“You sensitive, kiddo?” Benny asked, and Dean turned his head to look at him, seeing a big grin on Benny’s face.

Dean whimpered again. “Yeah,” he said, and he didn’t care that he sounded pathetic.

Benny snorted. “You just had yourself a total prostate orgasm,” he said, sounding very impressed. “Did’ya like it?” he asked.

“What the fuck is that?” he heard Nick whisper.

“Awesome,” Dean breathed, a stupid grin on his face.

“I’ve never had one,” Sam said, “but I gave one to a guy in college who said he’d experienced it a few times.”

“Mmm,” Dean moaned, his eyes closing. “I wanna do that again. But not right now,” he said, and he knew his words were slurred.

“Well, fuck,” Kevin said, sounding shocked. “I wanna try it one of these days!”

Dean heard the guys chuckling, but he couldn’t work up the energy to laugh along with them. He was floating. He could feel the slightest shift of air in the room. He could feel the come drying on his stomach, chest, neck, and chin. He could feel the stickiness of the cream and pie filling as it dried on his body.

“Bed,” Dean moaned, opening his eyes and looking up at Benny pleadingly.

Benny chuckled. “I can carry you,” he said with a nod. “Is it okay if I touch you yet?”

Dean snorted. “If it means I get a ride to bed, hell yeah,” he said, and yeah, his words were really slurred that time.

Benny scooped him up off the table, one arm under his knees and the other behind his back. Dean gasped at the sensation of skin on skin, but he rolled his head onto Benny’s shoulder, closing his eyes as Benny carried him to his room.

Sam hurried ahead of them and turned down the bed, fluffing the pillows and turning on the soft lighting of a lamp instead of the harsh overhead lighting. Benny gently laid him on the bed and pulled the blanket up over him.

Dean didn’t care that he was filthy. He probably would care in the morning, but no way in hell did he want to shower with his skin so sensitive and his legs so wobbly.

Benny leaned down and gently kissed Dean’s right temple. “Nick and I came just from watching you,” he said softly.

Dean grinned. “It’s ’cause I’m hot,” he said.

Benny snorted. “Yes, you are.”

Dean’s eyelids drooped, and he caught himself before he drifted off to sleep. “That was awesome. Thanks. Both of you,” he said, grinning up at Benny, then looking over at Sam, who was on the opposite side of his bed.

Benny smiled. “You’re welcome,” he said.

“That was fun,” Sam said, then leaned down and gave Dean a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Goodnight,” he said, then left the two of them alone.

Dean suddenly didn’t want Benny to leave. “Will you sleep with me?” he asked, not caring that it was a request one might hear out of a pup.

Benny let out a horribly put-upon sigh. “I suppose so,” he said with a grin.

Dean smiled and tried to stay awake while Benny slid in beside him and pulled the blanket over them both. Dean snuggled back as Benny wrapped an arm around him from behind. Yeah, he was the little spoon, but it felt great. He fell asleep to the feeling of being safe in Benny’s arms, Benny’s breath against the back of Dean’s neck.

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