Part 4: A Long Day

Part-Specific Info
Dean doesn’t want Kevin to be the one who prepares him in the morning, so after he refuses and mouths off, Benny spanks him for it. Dean submits to the (non-sexual) enema after that. Kevin also insists on fucking Dean while Dean’s busy. Dean’s not all that happy about being interrupted to blow Nick either. Sam and Nick are a little rough with Kevin during a blowjob/sex.
Dean/Kevin, Dean/Impala, Dean/Nick, Dean/Benny, Sam/Kevin, Sam/Kevin/Nick, Dean/Benny/Gabriel/Castiel
Benny, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Nick, Kevin, Dean
Non-Sexual Enema, Discipline Spanking, Dub-Con Dean/Kevin, Anal Sex, Car Sex, Masturbation, Fingerfucking, Group Sex, Blowjob, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Comeplay,
Summary It’s a long day for the alphas in their new house, and Dean’s having a hard time with the new arrangements. He finds some time to spend working on the Impala, and then the guys all relax after dinner with cheesy horror movies. Please read the warnings!

Dean woke up feeling sticky and disgusting, but also very refreshed. He hadn’t slept that well in months. He heard Benny snoring softly behind him, and he smiled at how adorable Benny was when he slept as he slid out of bed quietly, grabbed a change of clothes, and headed for the bathroom.

Kevin, Nick, and Dean shared a bathroom while the rest of the alphas had their own en-suites. Locks on doors inside an alpha house weren’t all that common, and rarely did alphas close doors because, especially in an alpha house, they were all very comfortable with each other and didn’t really care about privacy. Doors were closed when noise was an issue, mostly to keep from disturbing anyone sleeping, but otherwise doors stayed open.

Dean left the bathroom door open and got in the shower, enjoying the large shower head and the seemingly unending supply of hot water. He cleaned up, but stayed under the spray for quite a while. He felt like a new man when he turned the water off and stepped out. He toweled himself dry, pulled on some black boxer briefs, and gave his hair another good rubbing with the towel to get it dry.

“You ready?” Kevin said from behind Dean.

Dean about jumped out of his skin. “Ah, shit, Kevin, don’t sneak up on a guy!” he complained.

Kevin smirked at him as he walked into the bathroom and opened up the cabinet, pulling out a hose. Dean threw his towel over the towel bar to dry and backed up.

“Dude, you don’t need to do that,” he said, pointing at the hose.

Kevin snorted. “Yeah, I kinda do.”

“No, you really don’t,” Dean insisted, taking the hose from Kevin and shoving it back in the cabinet.

Kevin sighed. “It’s my responsibility to prepare you every day,” he said, his arms crossed over his chest.

“I can prepare myself,” Dean said, grabbing Kevin’s left forearm and dragging him out of the bathroom. “Consider it free time for yourself,” he said as he closed the door on Kevin.

“Dean!” Kevin growled, but didn’t open the door. It wasn’t locked, so he could’ve just opened it and walked right back in.

“You’re not doing it, man, so just give it up,” Dean said as he wiped the bathroom down.

All the guys worked together to keep the house clean and presentable. Wiping down the bathroom after using it made for less work for any single person. Just as Dean tossed the damp rag into the hamper, the door opened and Benny walked in, a scowl on his face.

“Shit,” Dean breathed, backing up against the edge of the tub.

Benny did not look happy. “Care to tell me why you decided Kevin doesn’t need to fulfill his duties around here?” Benny asked. It didn’t matter the guy was in nothing but a T-shirt and boxers, he was still fucking scary when he was fully in alpha mode.

Dean cleared his throat. “Uhm, well, because I can do it myself,” he said, trying to sound confident, sure of himself. He was an alpha, damn it.

House alphas and second alphas were in charge of seeing that things ran smoothly. Each alpha did their own part, but matters like this were usually handled by the top ranks. If Dean had been ready to fight for his right to move up in the ranks, it would be considered a matter between Dean and Kevin, but since Kevin had just yesterday established his dominance, it would’ve been obvious to Benny this was a matter he should get involved in.

Dean had conceded dominance without a physical confrontation with Kevin, so any alpha higher in rank than Kevin would be within their rights to set Dean straight when it came to issues between them, though the house alpha and second usually took care of it.

This protected physically weaker pack members who had valid reasons for their higher positions in the pack. A weaker member of the pack who had valuable skills didn’t need to physically fight for themselves. Their dominance was established and would be respected as long as they were useful and a necessary part of the pack.

Kevin telling Benny or Sam about what Dean had just done was nothing like a pup ratting on a naughty sibling. It was part of what kept the pack strong and cohesive.

Dean could see Kevin standing just outside the bathroom when he looked around Benny. Kevin didn’t look smug. In fact he looked upset. Dean felt a little bad about upsetting Kevin, but Dean didn’t want Kevin to prepare him every day. Or ever. Dean could take care of himself.

“I didn’t ask if you could do it yourself,” Benny said. “I asked why you wouldn’t let Kevin prepare you.”

“Because he’s not fucking doing it,” Dean blurted, then inwardly cringed. That wasn’t going to go over well with Benny.

Benny reached out and grabbed Dean’s left wrist, yanking him closer to him, then bending him forward and wrapping his left arm around Dean’s waist.

“Wait! No! Wait!” Dean yelped as Benny pulled his underwear down. “Fuck, no! Wait!”

Benny didn’t lecture or hesitate. He started spanking hard and fast. Dean grabbed onto the counter top with both hands, already squirming from the pain.

“Benny, c’mon!” Dean said, trying to wriggle his way out of Benny’s grip. “I can do it myself! I don’t, fuck! Ow, fuck! Benny, I, please!”

Benny worked him over, including the tops of his thighs, and Dean went up onto his toes in an attempt to get away.

“Please, Benny! Stop!” Dean yelled, not caring that he was probably waking up any alphas in the house who may have been asleep.

“Kevin has responsibilities around here just the like the rest of us do,” Benny said, starting in with the lecture. “You can’t change things just because you don’t like it.”

“I know! I, fuck, I know!” Dean hissed, his knuckles going white as he gripped the edge of the counter top. “Please, I’m sorry! I, fuck, oh, ow, fuck!” he whimpered, twisting his body away from the swats, but not really getting anywhere.

“This shouldn’t be an issue,” Benny said, laying down even harder swats. “We all work together.”

“Fucking, oh! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll let him do it!” Dean nearly screamed, tears running down his face and more tears blurring his vision. “Stop! Please!”

Benny smacked his ass a few more times, then stopped and turned Dean toward him. Dean knew he must be a mess. His eyes and cheeks always turned red when he cried. His legs felt a little wobbly, but he looked Benny in the eye, not in defiance but out of respect with his head tilted down a little.

“Is this going to be an issue?” Benny asked.

Dean tried to control his breathing, but he was sniffling and panting. “No, alpha. I’m sorry,” he said, his bottom lip quivering.

Benny pulled him in for a hug, rubbing Dean’s back. Dean pushed his face into Benny’s shirt, smelling his alpha and drinking in the comforting embrace. Benny gently pulled away from the hug.

“Good boy,” Benny said, then turned and walked out.

Kevin walked in and pulled the hose back out of the cabinet. Dean grimaced. He’d never had an enema, and now not only was he going to get one every morning, but Kevin was going to do it. Kevin hooked the hose up in the shower and turned the water on.

Dean’s underwear had fallen down around his ankles during the spanking, so he stepped out of them and got into the shower.

“I’m sorry you don’t like this,” Kevin said softly as he gently turned Dean around.

Dean leaned his forehead against the shower tiles. Kevin pushed a lubed finger into his hole, then pulled it out and pushed the end of the hose into him. Dean hissed, trying to keep still.

Kevin rubbed Dean’s back as the water filled him. Dean felt like a jerk for fighting Kevin. Kevin was only doing what he was supposed to be doing. It was a common practice for the one ranking above a house hole to clean and prepare the house hole, but that didn’t mean Dean had to like it.

Kevin turned off the water, then turned Dean around to face him. “I’m going to give you your privacy. Take care of the water, then I want you to come to my room and ask me to prepare you.”

Dean’s chest burned, and he felt his cheeks flush, knew they were even redder than before. Wasn’t it bad enough he had to let Kevin do this? Now he had to go and ask for it? He counted to ten in his head and tried to keep calm.

“Okay,” Dean said, his hands balled into fists.

Kevin nodded, then unhooked the hose, put it in the cabinet, and left Dean alone. Dean growled, but did his business. He finished getting dressed, unsure if Kevin would make him strip again, but feeling the need to have his clothes on even if for a short period of time.

Dean walked slowly to Kevin’s room. Kevin was making his bed, and when Dean walked in he turned toward him.

“Would you please prepare me?” Dean asked, looking at the floor, feeling his cheeks flush. It was a submissive posture, but he also was embarrassed, and looking up at Kevin felt like too much right now.

Kevin smiled at him pleasantly. “Sure. Go ahead and get your jeans and shorts down, then bend over and put your hands on the end of my bed,” he said as he walked over to his chest of drawers.

Dean winced as he pulled his jeans and shorts down. He put his hands on the bed and waited as Kevin got the lube out and slicked up his fingers. Dean flinched when Kevin pushed his fingers into Dean’s hole, his skin sensitized from the enema, but Kevin rested his left hand on Dean’s lower back, keeping him in place.

“All done,” Kevin said, patting his ass gently.

Dean stood up and turned around, pulling his pants and shorts back up and buttoning the jeans. His ass was still burning from the spanking, and even the soft material of his boxer briefs felt like sandpaper.

“Your ass looks really nice all red, but I’d rather you not get that nice ass beat all the time. I don’t enjoy seeing you cry,” Kevin said, wrapping his arms around Dean and squeezing him in a hug.

Dean kissed the side of Kevin’s head. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Kevin pulled back, smiling and giving him a little pat on the ass. “Apology accepted. Let’s move on from here,” he said.

“Okay,” Dean said with a small smile, then left the room.

Dean needed to work on the Impala, which cheered him up, and by the time he was dressed and headed downstairs, he had a smile on his face.

* * *

Dean was in the driveway changing the brake pads on the Impala. It was a beautiful day outside, perfect for getting some work done on the car. He’d already pulled the left rear wheel off, the old brake pads on the cement and the new ones in his hand, when he heard someone walk up behind him and crouch down.

“Dude, I’m so fucking horny,” Kevin said.

Dean froze as Kevin wound his arms around Dean’s middle and started undoing the buttons on his jeans.

“I’m a little busy,” Dean said, feeling irritated. Anyone driving or walking by would soon be able to see him getting fucked, and he’d been busy, damn it.

Sex in public wasn’t unusual, especially around an alpha house, but Dean had never been fucked in public before, and anyone who saw him would immediately know his place in the house.

“You can keep working on the car,” Kevin said, shoving Dean’s pants and underwear down. “I don’t mind.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “That’s very generous of you,” he said under his breath.

Kevin grabbed him by the neck and yanked him back, pulling Dean off balance, making Dean gasp as his arms flailed, falling against Kevin’s chest, his knees spreading as he balanced on his heels and on Kevin.

“The attitude had better stop,” Kevin growled, then he shoved Dean forward and pushed his cock into him.

Dean yelped, dropping the brake pad. It hadn’t hurt. Kevin had prepared him well this morning, making sure he had plenty of lube, but he hadn’t expected Kevin to be rough with him. Kevin fucked him hard and fast, panting on Dean’s back and then biting down and growling as he came.

“Mmm, thanks, man,” Kevin said, smacking Dean’s right ass cheek as he stood up.

Dean pulled his pants and underwear back up, re-fastening the buttons while counting to ten, Kevin’s come leaking out of his ass and making a damp spot on his underwear.

Taking his frustration out on the car wasn’t an option, so he forced himself to calm down and got back to changing the brake pads. But it was a little difficult to do with a hard-on, and he was getting frustrated. He was also getting a little pissy over the fact that getting fucked by Kevin had made him horny. Kevin hadn’t even tried to get Dean off.

His cock was going to get sore from chaffing if he didn’t do something, so Dean finished with the brake pads he was working on, put the tire back on, and got into the car, sliding into the driver’s seat. The other brake pads could wait.

Dean unbuttoned his jeans impatiently, spreading his legs and pulling his cock out. He stroked his cock a couple of times, then thumped his cock down onto the steering wheel. While jerking off inside the house was against the rules, outside the house he was free to do whatever he wanted.

He took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching. A horny guy jerking off in the car was one thing. A horny guy getting himself off by rubbing his cock all over the steering wheel was a different matter altogether.

Dean chuckled as he remembered Sam catching him when Dean was nineteen and he had been humping the backseat, moaning like a porn star. Dean had freaked out, yelled at Sam to get back in the house while Dean’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

Dean’s jaw had dropped when Sam had stayed right where he was, and instead had pulled out his own cock and jerked off while watching Dean, nodding at him to start humping again.

Dean had recovered quickly, having already been close to coming when Sam interrupted him, and when Dean came, using his shirt instead of the leather of the seats to catch his load, Sam had groaned and come all over the cement floor of the garage.

So Dean wasn’t worried about Sam catching him, but he didn’t know how the other alphas in the house would react to it. Teasing would kill the mood, so he slid down in the seat, resting his head against the back of the seat, giving himself a great view of not only what he was about to do to the steering wheel, but he’d also be able to see anyone walking around outside.

Dean moaned, rubbing his shaft along the smooth surface of the steering wheel, then slapping his cock down on the wheel again. He was too horny to take is time, so he used both hands, wrapping his fingers around his cock and the steering wheel like he would if he was jerking off two cocks at once.

He started thrusting, squeezing a little tighter the closer he got to coming so that he could really feel the bumps and contours of the steering wheel. The car rocked beneath him with his thrusts, and the smell of leather seats and the oil he used on the interior of the car turned him on even more.

“Mmm, yeah, fuck,” Dean moaned, panting and thrusting faster. “Gonna make me come, oh, yeah, oh, fuck!” he hissed as he cupped one hand over the end of his cock to catch the jizz, still thrusting and rubbing his cock over the steering wheel.

Dean squeezed the last bit of jizz from his cock, then licked most of it off his hand, smearing the rest over the steering wheel. He’d clean it off later, but it felt great to mark his territory this way, to smell himself on her, a clear warning to anyone else that this car was his.

He leaned forward, grunting with the effort because he was feeling lethargic and sated, and licked at the steering wheel. He always kept his baby clean enough that all he could taste was himself and the subtle metallic tang of the wheel.

Dean shoved his cock back into his pants and buttoned up, feeling much better and ready to finish working on the brake pads. He felt refreshed, the irritation and bad mood he’d been in had vanished, and he had a small smile on his face as he worked on his baby.

By the time he was done, his jeans and hands were greasy. He grabbed a rag and cleaned off the steering wheel, careful to not touch anything else because of all the grease. He cleaned up and put his tools away, closing the garage door and heading inside to wash and change.

* * *

“Dean!” Nick yelled from the kitchen as Dean walked by the archway.

“Yeah?” Dean asked, backing up and stopping in the archway.

“C’mere,” he said, gesturing to the floor in front of him.

Dean hesitated a moment, but when Nick raised an eyebrow, Dean walked up to Nick. “Yeah?”

“I’d really like a blowjob,” Nick said.

Dean blinked at him. “I need to change and wash up,” he said, holding up his hands to show Nick the grease.

Nick shrugged. “Don’t use your hands,” he said as he unzipped and pulled his cock out. “Get down on your knees.”

Dean knew his cheeks flushed with anger, but he slowly lowered himself to his knees, his hands balled into fists. He reminded himself it wouldn’t be a good idea to punch Nick in the balls, but he really, really wanted to.

“Open your mouth, sweetheart,” Nick said, then guided his cock into Dean’s mouth. “I wanna fuck your face, so keep your teeth out of the way and your throat relaxed,” he said as he grabbed onto Dean’s head with his hands and fucked Dean’s face.

Dean choked a little, and Nick slowed down. It was obvious Nick didn’t want to hurt him, so Dean figured he should be happy about that. Dean was good at sucking cock, but if you didn’t overly like who was shoving their cock down your throat, it didn’t bode well for your ability to keep from choking on that person’s cock.

When Nick came, Dean sucked him down, coughing a little at the strong taste after Nick pulled out and wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Nick asked, crouching down and patting Dean on the back.

Dean nodded, coughing a few more times, his eyes watering. Nick looked concerned, watching him carefully.

“I’m okay,” Dean said, his voice scratchy.

Nick gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Thank you. I needed that,” he said, then stood up and went back to cutting up the vegetables.

Of course Nick had to be sorta nice about it, had to be concerned. Dean grit his teeth and forced himself to stay calm, somehow managing to keep from growling as he stood up and headed for the upstairs bathroom.

* * *

The guys all crashed on the couches and chairs in the living room after dinner. They’d talked while they ate, but mostly they were all tired from a long day. Dean had flopped down in between Benny and Gabe, all of them having kicked off their shoes and left them strewn about the floor.

Sam turned the TV on, turning it to an old horror movie just to have something on. None of them were in the mood to try hard with following a story line, and they didn’t give a shit about cheering for a sports team, so horror would do.

Benny leaned over, letting his right side smash into Dean’s left. He turned his head to whisper in Dean’s ear. “You can say no, but I’d kinda like to play with your hole, see if I can get you to come, all lazy and sprawled out on the couch with me.”

Dean shivered. Benny had the ability to make anything sound dirty and hot, but when the man was talking about sex, his voice was enough to make nearly anyone drool.

Benny chuckled. “Gotta say yes or no, sweetheart,” he drawled. “A shiver can go either way. I might just hand you a blanket.”

Dean smiled. “Okay,” he said, unbuttoning his jeans.

“Hand me those pillows, would you, Gabe?” Benny asked, then took the pillows and positioned them to his left between his leg and the arm of the couch.

Dean was about to wriggle out of his jeans when Benny grabbed his left arm and pulled him over his lap. Dean squeaked, hoping no one else heard him. He chuckled as Benny and Gabe arranged his body, making him comfortable with his head on the pillows, his midsection on Benny’s lap, and his legs spread out with his calves and feet on Gabe’s lap.

Gabe pulled his jeans and underwear off, tossing them on the floor, then started lightly trailing his fingers over Dean’s legs. He used enough pressure that it didn’t tickle, but rather was a pleasant and calming touch.

Benny put his left hand on Dean’s back, not holding him down, but it felt more like a reassuring and grounding touch. He reached between Dean’s legs and arranged his cock and balls, letting them fall between Benny’s legs, the rough texture of Benny’s jeans giving him a little stimulation.

Dean moaned as Benny kneaded his ass cheeks. He noticed Kevin was watching them instead of the movie, but instead of getting pissed or embarrassed, Dean just moved his head a little so he could watch the TV, ignoring Kevin.

Benny took his time, massaging Dean’s ass, then gently trailing his fingers down Dean’s crack. It was a teasing touch, but it wasn’t annoying. Benny ran his fingers down either side of Dean’s hole, then tapped directly on his hole, making Dean gasp and squirm.

Dean heard the top of a bottle of lube click open, then he whined and flinched as someone, most likely Gabe, drizzled some down his crack, letting it run over his hole and Benny’s fingers.

“I’ll warm you up soon,” Benny said, teasing Dean with the tip of his finger, pushing just the tip into Dean’s hole over and over again.

Dean spread his legs more as he felt Gabriel start playing with his balls. He heard someone jerking off. In fact, he heard more than one of the others in the room jerking off. Dean didn’t care what they were doing. This felt awesome. And if he thought about the others too much, he’d get self-conscious and lose his hard-on.

Benny still wasn’t in a hurry, his right hand mostly resting on Dean’s ass cheeks with just one finger playing with Dean’s hole. Dean had figured Benny would just get right down to it and drive him crazy playing with his prostate. But even Gabe’s hand felt like a casual touch, like they were settled in for the night to just lazily play with him.

Dean settled in. The movie was stupid, totally inaccurate, but Dean didn’t give a shit. It was gory and easy to follow, and his two couch buddies were focused on making him feel good.

The fifth, or possibly sixth, teenager died a horrible death before Benny pushed his finger in a little further, twisting as he went, but then resuming the lazy motions he had been using for a while now, going that much deeper, but no faster.

Dean couldn’t believe how comfortable he was. He had a warm body beneath him, someone who loved him and had a secure hand on his back, who was giving him gentle stimulation to his asshole. He had another person who loved him gently rolling his balls with one hand, the other hand resting on his right ankle.

He wondered if this was how omegas felt when their alpha was holding them. For all he knew, this was how omegas felt when any alpha held them, treated them right. It didn’t sit totally right, something in him was railing against the idea of being taken care of, but there was another part of him that was enjoying it.

Dean moaned as Gabe started up a gentle massage of the area between his asshole and balls. Benny must’ve taken it as his cue to go even deeper, adding a little pressure to Dean’s prostate from the inside. Dean’s cock was hard, but it wasn’t painfully so. He tried out a downward thrust, gasping as his cock rubbed on the rough jeans.

The credits rolled on the movie, but no one changed the channel. Another horror movie started up, this one even cheesier than the first. The sounds of the other alphas in the room faded into the background, or maybe they weren’t jerking off with as much enthusiasm as they had at the start, knowing they would chafe their dicks if they kept it up as long as Benny appeared to be ready for.

Dean reached down with his right hand, wrapping his fingers around Benny’s left ankle. It must’ve meant something to Benny, because Benny’s left thumb caressed his back. Dean liked the feeling of connection, feeling intimate on a level that the finger in his asshole couldn’t.

He squirmed more, thrusting a couple times as Benny added a second finger, pushing in deep and using just the right amount of pressure on Dean’s prostate as Gabe pushed harder from the other side.

Dean saw Kevin moving, crawling over to Sam, and as Dean turned his head a little, he saw that Sam was motioning him over, his cock already out. Kevin obeyed, and Sam turned in the chair enough so that Dean could watch, giving him a profile of the two of them. Dean knew Sam had done it on purpose. Sam had a big cock, and when they’d done threesomes in the past, Dean had admitted to getting a huge kick out of watching Sam facefuck whoever they were playing with.

Sam put his hand on the back of Kevin’s head and pushed him down, making Kevin choke on his cock. Sam held him down for a few seconds, and Dean felt his own cock twitch as Kevin fought to keep his throat relaxed for Sam. When Sam finally let go, Kevin came off Sam’s cock coughing and catching his breath, but went right back to Sam’s cock as soon as he got himself under control.

Dean saw more movement out of the corner of his eye, Nick crawling over to Kevin, completely naked and erect, a tube of lube in his left hand. Dean groaned as Nick shoved two lubed fingers into Kevin. Kevin spread his legs wider to accommodate, but Dean noticed the wince from the quick stretch of two fingers in his asshole.

Nick didn’t waste time. He quickly prepared Kevin, then jacked his cock with his messy fingers to lube himself up, then pushed into Kevin. Kevin held still as Nick fucked into him, obviously concentrating on relaxing and letting Nick in.

Kevin quickly got back to his job of blowing Sam, and Nick helped by grabbing a handful of Kevin’s hair and shoving him down onto Sam’s cock, making him choke every few times his head bobbed.

Dean would’ve felt bad for Kevin yesterday if Nick had been a little rough with him, but he wasn’t fucking Kevin any harder than Kevin had fucked Dean in the driveway, and if Kevin could dish it out, Dean was damn sure Kevin should be able to take it.

“You like choking on cock?” Sam asked with a grin, and Dean knew it was more for his benefit than Kevin or Sam. Dean loved dirty talk.

Kevin moaned an ‘uh-huh’ as he bobbed. Dean gasped as Benny shook his fingers inside Dean. He’d never felt anything like it, and it felt awesome. His hips twitched along with his cock.

“What do you think, Dean?” Sam asked. “Should I come on his face and see how much jizz I can get in his hair?” he drawled, looking at Dean.

Dean moaned, his fingers digging into Benny’s ankle, probably leaving bruises. Gabe pulled on his balls just enough to make it enjoyable.

“Or maybe I should come down his throat,” Sam said, eyes locked on Dean’s. “Hold his head down so that he can’t breathe. He likes breathplay, so he’ll get a kick out of it,” he said with a shrug. “I’ll shove his head down all the way, cut off his air until he’s close to passing out, and then I’ll come down his throat.”

Dean started up a rhythmic twitch of his hips, getting rough stimulation on his dick. He looked to his right and saw Cas sitting in the middle of the living room, legs spread, completely naked and stroking his cock, watching Dean’s face with an intensity uniquely Cas.

“His throat’ll be raw,” Sam said, and Dean looked back over at Sam. “His eyes’ll be watering, and he’ll be coughing on my huge load, his lips full and red, his hair all fucked up as he gasps and shakes,” Sam said with a grin. “And he’ll be so jealous, because all the rest of us get to watch Benny and Gabe play with your sweet little asshole, your big balls, and Kevin will be left out. My cock the only thing he can pay attention to.”

Dean groaned, unable to decide if he wanted to watch Sam and Kevin or Cas, so he ended up bouncing back and forth like he was watching a tennis match. Nick hissed, fucking Kevin harder and making it more difficult for Kevin to blow Sam.

Nick growled, grabbing Kevin’s shoulders so he could fuck him harder, the sound of skin against skin loud in the room.

“Where do you want Nick to come, Dean?” Sam asked.

“Oh, fuck,” Nick growled, obviously excited by the idea of Dean deciding, and he turned to look at Dean.

“In his ass,” Dean said, his voice wrecked like he’d been screaming for an hour. “Come in his ass so I can watch your load leaking out of him when you pull your cock out.”

“Fuck!” Nick yelled, coming hard, fucking Kevin so hard Sam had to hold Kevin’s head to keep him from faceplanting onto Sam’s crotch.

Nick’s fucked into him a few more times, then shoved all the way in, holding there for a while and groaning. “Hold it in, kid,” he said as he slowly pulled his cock out.

Once he was free, Nick grabbed Kevin’s legs, manhandling his lower body and legs by lifting him up and turning his ass toward Dean. Kevin made some kind of surprised noise, muffled by Sam’s cock as he took hold of Sam’s thighs to balance himself.

Sam chuckled, trying to help Kevin, but obviously getting a kick out of what Nick was doing. Nick let go of Kevin’s left leg and wrapped his right arm around Kevin’s middle, holding Kevin’s left leg up and out with his left hand so Dean had a perfect view of Kevin’s asshole.

“Push,” Nick ordered, and Kevin did.

Nick’s jizz oozed out of Kevin’s asshole, more of it coming out than Dean had anticipated, and it was fucking hot. Nick managed to save the carpet by catching it in his hand, and then he rubbed it all over Kevin’s thighs.

Dean growled. “Oh, fuck, that’s, fuck! F-fucking hot!” he hissed as he fucked Benny’s thighs.

“Oh, yeah, oh,” Gabe moaned, and Dean felt Gabe coming all over his right foot.

He hadn’t even noticed Gabe had picked up his leg and yanked it over so he could come all over it, and when Dean realized what Gabe had done, he groaned long and loud.

“So what’ll it be, Dean?” Sam asked. “Where do I get to come?”

“Fuck, oh,” Dean moaned. “Oh, Sam, c-come all over his face. Fuck. I wanna see it dripping off his chin.”

Sam used his grip on Kevin’s hair to pull Kevin off his cock as Nick lowered Kevin’s legs to the carpet again. Sam gave his cock another couple of strokes, then growled, pointing his cock at Kevin’s face and coming all over him, the jizz hitting him between his closed eyes, another shot hitting his right cheek, a third and fourth hitting his closed lips.

Dean watched as Sam’s jizz ran down Kevin’s face, dripping down off his chin just like Dean had requested and falling to Sam’s shirt. Dean felt something poking into his left side, and he realized Benny had pulled his own cock out and was fucking Dean’s side.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck, Sam, that was so fucking hot, fuck, oh, Benny!” Dean yelped as he came, Benny fingerfucking him through his orgasm, Gabriel tugging on his balls, adding just a hint of pain to his orgasm, making it last longer.

Dean shivered and gasped as he came down, watching Cas come all over his own chest, his eyes still locked on Dean’s, his teeth bared as he growled and shook.

As soon as Dean’s brain started to come back online, Dean tensed. “Fuck,” he said, reaching back with his left hand and grabbing for Benny’s left arm. “I’m sorry! Fuck! I’m, Benny, I’m sorry!” he said as he flopped about, not really getting anywhere and most likely looking like a beached whale, turning his head to the left and trying to look up at Benny.

Benny chuckled. “Did you come without a cock in ya?” he asked, and Dean tried to scramble off Benny’s lap, but Benny just held onto him. “Oops,” Benny said with a grin that Dean could now see because he’d managed to turn onto his right side, which was a little painful because Benny’s legs were now holding Dean up by his ribcage and side.

“Huh?” Dean said, his face screwed up in confusion.

Benny shrugged. “Said oops.”

“Wait,” Dean said, shaking his head. “Am I in trouble?”

“For an accident?” Benny asked, that adorable grin still tugging at his lips. “That would be awful mean of me to punish you for an accident, sweetheart.”

Dean grinned back at Benny, the tension leaving his body. “Awesome,” he said, then used more spastic movements to get himself to his knees on the floor between Benny’s legs. “You’re awesome,” he said as he leaned in, grabbing Benny’s shirt and pulling him closer to kiss him.

Benny let Dean control the kiss, caressing Dean’s neck with his hands as Dean licked at Benny’s lips, then nibbled on his bottom lip.

Gabe huffed. “We’re going to need a weekly carpet and upholstery cleaning if we keep this up,” he said, sounding half asleep already.

Cas grunted. “I’ll order an industrial cleaning machine tomorrow. A weekly cleaning by professionals would break our budget, and I can easily use the machine when needed.”

Kevin used his shirt to wipe at his face. “Why don’t we just ditch the carpet, get a drain in the middle of the floor, and install a hose?”

Sam barked out a laugh. “Do you and Dean really want to kneel on a cement floor?” he asked.

“Do I get a vote?” Dean asked, having broken the kiss and flopped down onto Benny’s chest.

Benny snorted. “This doesn’t go up for vote. The answer is no. We’re not ruining anyone’s knees,” he said, sounding tired but sated.

“Fine,” Dean grumbled into Benny’s shirt. “I don’t get to vote on that, but I’m gonna vote for going to bed now.”

“Seconded,” Gabe groaned.

“Thirded,” Sam said.

“Fourth-ded,” Nick said with a grin.

Cas pulled himself to his feet by grabbing onto the coffee table and hauling himself up. “It’s fourthed,” he said, directing a scowl at Nick.

Dean couldn’t help it. He giggled, which started everyone else laughing minus Cas, who was looking around at them all like he had no clue why they were laughing.

Nick stood up, grabbing Cas by the elbow and leading him toward the stairs. “You’re adorable, Cas,” he said.

“I’m not adorable,” Cas said, and Dean could imagine the sour look on Cas’ face.

Nick chuckled again. “Yeah, you’re totally adorable,” he said as they made their way up the stairs.

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