Part 5: Benched

Part-Specific Info
A “breeding bench” is used, and though Dean agrees to it, he thinks he has to do it, and he has a panic attack while on it. Kevin takes advantage of the situation by taunting Dean.
Dean/Cas, Dean/Nick, Sam/Dean, Dean/Kevin
Dean, Meg
Breeding Bench, Dub-Con, Anal Sex, Bondage, Panic Attack, Crying, Fear, Erotic Spanking, Rimming, Comeplay
Summary Dean gets strapped to a breeding bench. He’s not thrilled about the idea. Please read the warnings.

The next morning, after Kevin had cleaned and prepared Dean, he led Dean to the breeding bench that had been set up in the living room. Dean froze.

Kevin huffed. “C’mon, the guys asked for it,” Kevin says.

Dean looked down at the bench, his stomach clenching. It was the perfect height for someone to walk up and fuck the person strapped to it. Dean would be strapped down. Anybody could do anything they wanted to him. He knew the guys wouldn’t hurt him, but he’d be a hole, doing nothing but waiting around to be fucked. He doubted he’d be able to get himself off like this.

He felt his cheeks flush. What if someone came into the house? This was the living room. Anybody could see him. What if the visitor wanted to fuck him? They weren’t allowed to, but he’d be dependent on the other alphas in the house to enforce that.

“Are you refusing?” Kevin asked, a mild threat in his tone of voice.

Dean shook his head. He knew Kevin would tell Benny, then he’d get his ass beat and get strapped into the bench anyway, only then he would have a red ass, visible to all the alphas in the house and anyone who came into the house.

He kneeled on the bench, stretching out over it and resting his elbows on the padded arm rests. His ass was higher than his head, and his legs were spread wide enough for the guys to have unrestricted access, but not so wide as to make him uncomfortable in the position.

He felt a flare of panic race through him as Kevin put the straps in place. There was a strap at each of his wrists, his upper back just below his shoulder blades, his waist, his thighs, and his ankles. He let his cheek rest on the padding under his chin, turning his head and getting comfortable. It was made to keep him from straining his neck. Dean flinched as Kevin pushed two lubed fingers in him.

“Chill out,” Kevin said. “I’m just lubing you up so the guys don’t have to.”

Dean squeezed his eyes shut. He hadn’t fixed the garbage disposal yet. It was on his list for the day, but it would have to wait. Not that he was really looking forward to fixing it, but it was his job, and now he had to wait around to get fucked. Repeatedly.

“How long do I have to stay here?” he asked, trying to keep the growl out of his voice, but failing.

“Until we’re done,” Kevin said, then smacked his right ass cheek.

Dean growled, tensing in the restraints, but Kevin just walked away. Dean had no idea why Kevin hadn’t fucked him. He tried to settle, but he felt like he was on display, which he was. He felt vulnerable, which he totally was.

He was getting pissed, and that would lead to getting himself in trouble, which would lead to a red ass, which would lead to much embarrassment, because there would be no way to hide a bright red ass now.

If the bench would’ve been more uncomfortable, Dean could’ve complained up a storm. But the stupid thing was actually comfortable. There were no hard spots, no hard edges to catch him or rub him raw. Everything was padded and felt as if it was made for him.

Dean heard a gasp behind him, then felt a hand caressing his right ass cheek. He knew it was Cas, could tell from the way he smelled and the fact that he hadn’t said anything to Dean yet. He felt a kiss on his tailbone and forced himself to keep quiet, to not growl. Cas didn’t deserve an attitude from Dean just because Dean didn’t feel like being tied down on the breeding bench.

“Can I fuck you, Dean?” Cas asked, his voice deep with arousal.

“Have at it, Cas,” Dean said.

Cas pushed his cock into Dean, slow and gentle, and Dean relaxed into it. If he was going to be strapped to this thing, he was going to have to just hold on and shut up. Cas didn’t say anything, just started fucking him, and Dean felt a little annoyed at that. He was being used as a hole.

Dean grunted as Cas reached under him and played with his balls, then gave them a little tug before letting go and fucking Dean harder, coming inside him and letting out a satisfied sigh. Cas gave his ass a soft pat and left him alone, his asshole leaking.

“Oh, fuck, that looks even more awesome than I’d imagined,” Nick groaned from the archway into the kitchen.

Dean cringed. He didn’t want to know what he looked like all tied down to the bench, his asshole leaking. And Nick wouldn’t be the one to let him out when he was done with him. He might be able to talk someone else into letting him out, but not Nick.

“I think I’ll fuck that ass,” Nick said, and Dean heard him unzipping as he walked toward Dean. “You look all wet and ripe for the taking there, pumpkin,” he said as he ran his fingers over Dean’s back.

“You’re gonna have to do all the work this time,” Dean grumbled, then yelped and squirmed in his bindings when Nick smacked his ass hard enough to leave a handprint behind.

“Too bad you’re not gagged,” Nick said. “We should have one somewhere around here. If not, we’ll get one.”

“I don’t need a gag,” Dean snarled, and this time he managed to only let out a grunt when Nick smacked his other ass cheek even harder than the first.

“Keep it up and I’ll order a ring gag,” Nick said, raking his nails over the skin he’d just smacked.

Dean hissed, trying to pull himself away from Nick’s hand, but not able to move at all. “You like the way I suck your dick too much to use a ring gag on me.”

Nick huffed. “Yeah, I do,” he groaned. “You’ve got skills,” he said as he pushed his cock into Dean’s hole.

Dean tried to arched his back, but the straps at his waist and under his shoulder blades kept him from moving. He forced himself to relax, trying to spread his legs before remembering his legs and ankles were tied to the bench.

“Do you use some kind of cream or do exercises?” Nick asked.

“Huh? Why?” Dean asked, wincing as Nick sped up.

“Your asshole is still tight even after taking it up the ass all these times since we got to the house,” Nick said, sounding impressed.

Dean felt a flare of anger, felt his chest burning. He clenched his hands into fists and growled. “Is that what you tell everybody so they think you have a huge cock when really you have a-ow!” Dean yelped as a huge hand smacked his ass.

He knew that hand, and it wasn’t Nick’s. He squeezed his eyes shut, wishing he could kick out at Nick to get him to stop fucking him while Sam chastised him.

“Is that how you speak to your fellow alpha?” Sam said in a low voice, his breath ghosting over Dean’s ear.

Dean gasped as Nick hit his prostate, and Dean knew it was on purpose. “No,” he said, trying not to sound petulant.

He really wished Nick would stop fucking him so he could concentrate on showing Sam he was sorry, that he really did know how to speak to the other alphas. All of them.

“This had better not be how you speak to the other alphas in this house when Benny and I aren’t around,” Sam said, a little bit of a growl in his voice.

Nick chuckled. “Dean saves the snarky comments for me,” Nick said, his tone light.

Dean cringed, turning his face into the padding as he whimpered. He heard Sam huff and knew that last comment from Nick had done it. He was in trouble.

“C’mon, Sam,” Nick said, pausing his movements inside Dean. “He’s learning his place. It would be hard for any of us to be in his position. He hasn’t outright defied me or told me off. He just needs some time to adjust.”

Dean knew Nick didn’t have it out for him. Nick loved him, cared for him. Nick rubbed him the wrong way, but he always had. It was nothing new. He and Nick had never gotten into a physical confrontation, but Dean had thrown plenty of sarcastic comments at him. To hear Nick try and get Dean out of trouble made something in Dean’s chest ache in a good way.

“I know my brother better than that,” Sam said. “He’s pushing you to see how much he can get away with. And as much as I love him, he needs a firm hand. He won’t stop pushing unless you stop him.”

“Is that true, kid?” Nick asked, sounding almost hurt.

Dean felt like shit. Nick wasn’t a bad guy. He’d never hurt Dean. He’d even gone out of his way to be nice to Dean, making him foods he knew Dean would like, the awesome pie they all ate off him the night they moved in, and he hadn’t been rough with Dean when it came to sex other than the fight for dominance the first day, which was to be expected because of the situation and Dean felt it didn’t count.

“I asked you a question,” Nick said, sounding more stern than Dean had ever heard him.

In fact, Dean doesn’t remember ever hearing Nick sound authoritative and all that much like an alpha. Dean hadn’t thought about it before, but even though he knew Nick was an alpha, he’d never seen him posture or act like one so blatantly beside the dominance display the first day they were in the house.

Dean yelped as Nick smacked Dean’s thigh. “No! Yes! Fuck!” Dean blurted. “I mean yes, it’s true,” he said, pulling on the restraints, but again getting nowhere.

Nick sighed. “Okay, Sam, I got this,” he said.

Sam didn’t question him. Dean heard his brother walk out of the room, leaving the two of them alone. Dean shivered. He had no idea what Nick was going to do. He didn’t think Nick was going to beat the shit out of him, but he knew Nick couldn’t let this go.

Nick started fucking him again, setting up a rhythm that wasn’t all that fast or slow, but was steady. “I’m sorry, Dean,” Nick said.

“Uhm, huh?” Dean asked, completely confused.

Nick changed his position, hitting Dean’s prostate again. “I knew this was going to be hard on you, being lowest in the ranks. I knew you assumed you’d be either house alpha or second. I was trying to make it easier on you by not really pushing to enforce my dominance over you other than when we figured out ranks. You’re a good guy, I like you, and I think you being a part of our alpha house is going to make us all stronger, make our house better than it ever could be without you.”

“Nick, I –,” Dean started.

“I’m not done,” Nick barked, and Dean shut his mouth. “In trying to make things easier on you, I did you a disservice. You need your alphas to take their place and show you yours.”

“I’m sorry,” Dean blurted.

“It’s not your fault. You’re acting true to your nature, doing what any other alpha would do in your situation,” Nick said. “I’m the one that’s sorry. I’ll do what I should’ve been doing all along.”

Dean’s stomach churned. What the fuck had he done? Was Nick going to be an asshole to him? He had no idea what Nick thought being an alpha included. Benny and Sam would never allow him to be abusive, but Nick had been so nice to him, and now that he realized that could change, it scared him.

“Nick, I’m sorry,” Dean said as he started pulling on the restraints again. He started panting, suddenly panicking and feeling trapped. “Nick, don’t! Please! Please don’t!” he said, trying to look back at Nick, but not able to because of the position he was in.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Nick said, running his hands over Dean’s sides in a calming gesture. “Calm down. What do you think I’m going to do to you? Hey, c’mon. Calm down.”

Dean felt his eyes burn and a few tears dropped down onto the padding. He might be overreacting, but he couldn’t stop. He was held down. Nick could do anything he wanted to him. He couldn’t defend himself. He heard himself whimpering, but he didn’t care whether it sounded pathetic or not.

Dean nearly choked on a scream as suddenly Nick’s face was in his line of vision. Dean flinched hard, but Nick just smiled at him, saying something Dean couldn’t understand because he was too busy freaking out. He felt Nick’s fingers combing through his hair, and he realized Nick didn’t look pissed, so Dean tried to calm himself down.

Nick waited him out, his fingers gentle on Dean’s scalp, his face relaxed, a gentle smile on his lips, and Dean finally started to hear the words he was saying.

“… calm. I wouldn’t hurt you unless it was a spanking for discipline. I’m not going to turn into a monster,” Nick said, then he must have seen the change in Dean, that Dean had calmed a little. “Are you back with me yet?”

Dean nodded shakily, no longer pulling at the restraints, though his breathing was still a bit heavy. Nick wiped away some of his tears.

Nick huffed out a little laugh. “I only meant that I was going to crack down a bit on that mouth of yours and see that you show a little respect. It may mean some discipline, but are you really that terrified of me that you have a panic attack over the idea of me laying down the law?”

Dean let out a huff. “I don’t know what you’re going to do. Out of all the guys, you’re the one I’ve spent the least amount of time with growing up. Well, beside Kevin because he only moved here over a year ago. I don’t know you all that well. Before we came here, you grated on my nerves with some of the things you did and said, but I still liked you, still thought you’d make a good alpha, though now that I’m thinking back on it, you’ve never really asserted yourself around me, so I don’t know exactly what I saw in you that made me think you’d be a good alpha other than you seemed like a good guy, like you cared.”

“I am, and I do,” Nick said with a smirk.

Dean chuckled, then sniffled, his head congested and full. “I didn’t freak out just now because I was terrified of you in particular. It just hit me that I was tied down and defenseless and you said you were ready to show me who was the boss, and I had no idea what you meant by that.”

“Ah, okay, gotcha,” Nick said, nodding.

“I’m sorry I’ve treated you the way I have,” Dean said. “I know you’ve been making things I like, that awesome pie being one of them, and I really do appreciate it.”

“Like I said, it’s my fault you’ve not been able to get a read on me. I wasn’t acting the way an alpha should in a house with nothing but alphas,” Nick said. “I think possibly the reason you saw something in me that made you think I’d be a good alpha even though you haven’t seen me display all that much is because I only assert myself when it’s required. I have no problem displaying and posturing, I just don’t see the need to do it all the time,” he said with a shrug.

“And, ah, yeah,” Dean said with a wince. “That right there is why you’re an alpha, and why I know you’re going to make a great part of this alpha house. It’s what I saw in you. Alphas who are so confident and comfortable in their role that they don’t need to constantly force the issue don’t get as much attention, but they’re the ones that come through when you really need them.”

Nick smiled. “That’s a wonderful compliment,” he said.

“And I’m the kind of asshole who takes advantage of that and makes a fool of himself,” Dean said, rolling his eyes.

Nick shook his head. “You’re the kind of alpha who wants to be shown their place, see evidence of why everyone else deserves their place. It’s part of how your father raised you. It’s not a bad thing. There needs to be alphas like you or no one would bother to show their true make-up. Our styles don’t mesh so well, but that doesn’t invalidate either one of us.”

“And you make awesome pie,” Dean said with a grin.

Nick laughed. “I’m glad you like my pie,” he said, ruffling Dean’s hair.

Dean’s smile died as he remembered his situation again. “I’m kinda having a hard time with this,” he whispered.

Nick kissed his forehead. “We all know. It’s going to take time for you to adjust. Just try to keep from getting in trouble. I don’t think you’d like it if I had to spank you,” Nick said with a grin.

“I don’t suppose you’d let me up, would you?” Dean asked hopefully as Nick stood.

Nick snorted. “No,” he said as he walked around behind Dean.

Dean heard Nick stroking himself, probably trying to get his erection back, which Dean had most likely killed for a few minutes.

“Can you let me up when you’re done?” Dean asked.

“I can, but I’m not going to,” Nick replied as he pushed his cock in.

“C’mon, Nick. I’m gonna cramp up here,” Dean whined.

“Are you cramping?” Nick asked. “Are you in pain?”

Dean sighed. “No,” he growled.

“Then nope,” Nick said, and started fucking Dean hard and fast.

Dean held on for the ride, wincing as Nick grabbed onto his sides and fucked him even harder. Nick grunted and moaned as he came deep inside Dean.

“Kevin!” Nick yelled.

“Coming,” Kevin yelled from upstairs.

Nick tucked himself away and zipped up. “I’m making cheeseburgers and steak fries for dinner.”

“Oh, you’re awesome,” Dean said, nearly drooling.

Nick snorted. “Enjoy the clean-up job you’re about to get,” he said, then patted Dean on the back as he walked away.

“Huh?” Dean said after Nick as he heard Kevin walk in, then drop to his knees behind Dean. “Mmm, oh!” Dean moaned as Kevin licked into him, sucking and biting at his asshole. This is what Nick had meant. “Oh, fuck, yeah!”

Dean tried to hump the padding on the bench, but he couldn’t get any friction on his dick. The stupid bench was probably designed that way. Dean growled, wanting more stimulation, something to touch his cock. Kevin finished with long, broad licks up Dean’s crack, then walked away.

“Ah, fuck, wait! Kevin!” Dean yelled.

Kevin didn’t come back. Dean growled and just barely managed to keep from biting at the padding his head was resting on.


Dean squirmed as Sam pulled out, the come running down his thighs. “Can I get outta this yet?” he asked.

Sam snorted. “Has everybody had a chance to fuck you yet?” he asked, his words a little slurred from arousal.

Dean smirked. Sam always got languid and sleepy after a good fuck. “Kevin hasn’t fucked me, but everyone else has. In fact Cas has fucked me twice.”

“Then I suppose you’d better ask Kevin really, really nicely if he’ll let you out,” Sam said.

“Sam!” Dean growled. “C’mon! Let me up! Please!”

“I’d work on the nice part of that begging before you ask Kevin,” Sam said, then smacked Dean’s ass before leaving.

“Sam! Come back and let me up!” Dean yelled, then growled, dropping his forehead down onto the padding.

“You’re ready to get out?” Kevin asked.

Dean flinched. He hadn’t heard Kevin come in. “C’mon, let me out. Please, Kevin,” he asked, trying for polite.

“Soon,” Kevin said, then licked Dean’s left inner thigh.

“Mmm,” Dean moaned. It felt so dirty to have Kevin clean up all the dripping come, and it was making him hard. His cock had gotten hard so many times over the last couple hours that he worried it might might never forgive him.

Kevin cleaned both his thighs thoroughly before licking over his hole, spreading his cheeks wide and wriggling his tongue over the rim.

Dean hissed, his fingers digging into the padding. “Hey, could you maybe give my prostate a little stimulation here?” he asked, barely managing to keep himself from demanding.

Kevin shoved his tongue inside Dean, nibbling at his hole, then sucking. Dean moaned, his cock fully hard and aching. Kevin’s mouth was gone all too soon and his dick shoved into Dean’s hole.

“Aww, c’mon, man!” Dean whined. “You’re too short to, fuck, I, fuck, I’m sorry,” he apologized quickly, hoping Kevin wouldn’t be pissed.

Kevin snorted. “I can hit your prostate if I want. This is me not hitting your prostate because you’ve been a whiny little bitch to me about the breeding bench,” he said.

Dean growled as Kevin fucked him without actually touching him anywhere else, just his cock sliding in and out, not even the stimulation Dean got from the other guys when they fucked him hard enough to smack their pelvis into Dean’s ass cheeks.

Kevin fucked him a little faster, panting and moaning. “I’m so horny it’s not going to take me long to come. I’ve watched everybody else fuck you, cleaned you up each time, and now I get to come in your messy hole.”

Dean squirmed. He knew it wouldn’t do him any good. Over the last few hours he hadn’t been able to get his cock any sort of friction, and the only thing he could’ve hoped for would’ve been one of the guys hitting his prostate enough to make him come. Now he realized he should’ve behaved for Kevin. Kevin would’ve probably at least tried to get him to come if Dean hadn’t been a whiny bitch.

Kevin groaned, slowing down and coming inside Dean. Dean had never been with a guy who had actually slowed down as he was getting close to coming, but Kevin did. Dean didn’t know if it was just the way his body worked or if Kevin had a freaky control over his body that should be envied.

“All right, you’re a free man,” Kevin said, pulling out and starting to unbuckle all the straps.

Dean let out a sigh of relief. He couldn’t wait to get up and stretch. “Finally,” he grumbled.

“Whoa,” Kevin said, holding Dean down with a hand on his upper back. “Don’t get up quickly. You’ve been strapped down too long to just get up and be on your way.”

“I’m fine,” Dean snarled, getting his feet on the floor and pushing himself up with his hands.

Unfortunately, Kevin tried to help, so he ended up underneath Dean when Dean’s legs wouldn’t hold him up. They hit the floor hard, their limbs tangled and a whoosh of air coming out of Kevin.

“Uhm, sorry,” Dean said, grimacing and trying to roll off Kevin.

In a flurry of movement, Kevin was out from under him, had turned Dean onto his back, and was straddling his waist, growling and grabbing Dean’s neck.

“The not listening thing isn’t funny. I’m getting tired of it,” Kevin snarled. “I’m not warning you again. Next time you’ll find out why my grandmother gave me her wooden hairbrush as a housewarming gift,” he said, climbing off Dean, leaving Dean lying on his back while he started cleaning up the breeding bench.

“I’m sorry,” Dean said again, sitting up and getting his bearings.

Dean knew Kevin’s grandmother was part of the Vancouver, Canada Alpha Prime House. She was a very strict woman who upheld traditional values and practices. Dean shook his head. It figured she would give Kevin a gift to help keep the house hole in line.

Dean got to his knees slowly, then stood up as Kevin finished cleaning the breeding bench. He made his way upstairs and took a long, hot shower, letting his muscles relax. He felt better after the shower and changed into sleep pants and a T-shirt. The breeding bench hadn’t been uncomfortable, but after being tied down for so long, Dean wanted to wear whatever he felt like wearing, so that’s what he did.

He sat down in the middle of his bed, his legs crossed and the papers from a package the house received earlier in the day spread over on the blanket. He needed to review them all before sending them back.

“Hey,” Benny said from the doorway.

“Hey,” Dean said, giving Benny a smile.

“Mind if I come in?” Benny asked.

“Have a seat,” Dean said, clearing some papers at the end of the bed to his right.

Benny sat down, glancing at the papers, but Dean knew Benny wasn’t really looking them over so much as calming Dean in his own way before discussing something. Benny always had a calming presence to Dean, and any other times they’d had little talks about things, Benny had done this. Dean hid a smile, waiting for Benny to start.

“I know you’re havin’ a hard time with submitting,” Benny said, his voice kind and gentle.

“I’ll live,” Dean said with a shrug.

“I know ya will,” Benny said with a grin. “Never doubted you could fight your way through a situation.”

Dean snorted. “I’m sure you’d like it if I fought a little less,” he said.

“Nope,” Benny said as he shook his head.

“You’re telling me you like it when I give everybody a hard time?” Dean asked, one eyebrow raised.

Benny huffed out a laugh. “I saw what happened down there when Kevin told ya to take it easy getting’ up. And while I’d rather you focused your efforts in a direction that didn’t get your hide tanned, that fire in you, that part of you that pushes and tests, I’d never want you to lose that.”

Dean snorted. “You like my ass bright red.”

Benny shook his head. “No, I really don’t,” he said, and Dean could see he really meant it. “What I like is that you keep people on their toes. And even if you ignore it sometimes, you’re a good judge of character.”

Dean chuckled. “Mom always said I was a good judge of character,” he said with a shrug.

“You are,” Benny said, and Dean saw an almost fierce look in Benny’s eyes, like he truly believed Dean had that good instinct about people. “And I want you to know that even if we just established ranks, if you wanna fight for a different rank, you don’t have to settle.”

“I didn’t settle,” Dean said. “Kevin threatened, I backed down. Are you saying you want me to push all of you?” he asked with a frown on his face.

“I’m tellin’ you that I’m correcting your behavior with the punishments because you’re rebellin’ against your rank, but I’m not forcing you to be someone you’re not, I’m not forcing you to keep that rank, and we’re not here to make all the decisions for each other,” Benny said.

“Okay,” Dean said with a small nod.

Benny leaned in closer, his voice quieter, more intense. “Remember that you’re a good judge of character. If you’re rebellin’ against Kevin’s authority this much, maybe you should think about why that is.”

Dean blinked at Benny. He didn’t know what to say, but Benny just gave him a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder as he stood up and left Dean alone with his papers.

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