Part 7: He Likes You

Part-Specific Info
Castiel, Gabriel, Dean
Threesome, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, D/s, Rimming, Fingerfucking
Summary Gabe decides it’s time Cas learns how to make Dean come on his cock.

Dean washed his hands in the bathroom with the soap they’d stocked just for him because it was great at cleaning off grease, then he went into his room and changed his shirt. He’d been working on setting up the new barbecue they’d received as a gift from one of their new neighbors.

He’d blown Nick in the kitchen again after Nick had asked him to. Nick had been working on dinner, making something that smelled so good that it made Dean drool. Nick didn’t mind. It made the blowjob even messier.

“Mmm, somebody got a blowjob,” Gabriel said as they passed each other in the hallway.

Gabriel turned and followed Dean for a few feet, then grabbed him by the arm and turned him around. Dean was about to ask what Gabriel wanted when Gabriel yanked him close and kissed him, licking at his lips and shoving his tongue into Dean’s mouth, his arms wrapping around Dean. Dean melted into the kiss.

Gabriel moaned, licking inside Dean’s mouth and grinding his crotch against Dean’s leg. “I watched you blow Nick,” he said as he pulled away from the kiss.

Dean felt himself blush. He hated that he was acting like a virginal pup. He hadn’t been a virgin for years, but he’d also never been the focus of so much sexual attention at once.

“I wanna fuck you,” Gabriel said, pushing Dean back toward his room. “Can I fuck you, Dean?” he asked.

Dean snorted. “Like you have to ask,” he said bitterly.

“Hey,” Gabriel barked, grabbing Dean’s chin and forcing him to look at Gabriel. “Is anybody hurting you?” he asked, his face hard and his body tense.

“Beside getting my ass beat?” Dean snarled. He didn’t know why he was being an asshole. He liked Gabriel.

“I’m not kidding about this, kid,” Gabriel said sternly. “Is anybody hurting you?”

Dean forced himself to stay still. “No,” Dean said softly, his eyes burning. He felt stupid for getting emotional over this. Especially since just yesterday Meg had talked with him about standing up for himself, reminding him of all the things he really did know.

“Come here,” Gabriel said, taking him by the wrist and dragging him into Gabriel’s room, then closing the door. “Talk to me,” he said.

Gabriel took gentle hold of Dean’s upper arms, more of a calming touch than anything like holding him in place. Dean didn’t say anything. Now that Gabriel was here, giving him his full attention, Dean felt ridiculous and petty.

“I know you were expecting to be house alpha or second,” Gabriel said. “So talk to me. Tell me what’s going on inside your head.”

“Pretty much that. I’m not even third or fourth. I’m the fucking house cunt,” Dean grumbled, looking over Gabriel’s shoulder at the wall. It was very rare for members of an alpha house to call the house hole a house cunt. It was used as an insult in disreputable houses, but those were few and far between.

“Look at me, please,” Gabe said, waited for Dean to look him in the eye, then continued. “We all decided we wanted to run our house like your parents ran their house. If someone is calling you the house cunt and –,” he started, but was cut off by Dean.

“Nobody has said it but me,” Dean said, shaking his head. “Nobody is hurting me beside the ass beatings. In fact everyone is being really fucking nice about fucking me anytime they want,” he grumbled.

“You knew that was a possibility,” Gabriel said.

“Yeah, but not a probability,” Dean said with a scowl.

“You thought it was going to be Kevin,” Gabriel said instead of asked, nodding when Dean nodded. “Is anyone treating you different than you would’ve treated Kevin?”

Dean sighed. “No,” he lied. He wouldn’t have treated Kevin the way Kevin had been treating him.

“Because you know I’d kick the ass of anyone here who hurt you, right?” Gabriel said. Dean nodded. “I don’t even care if it’s Benny or Sam. If they disrespect you, if they hurt you, you know I can get nasty, and I won’t hesitate to get them thrown out and make sure they’re never accepted to an alpha house again.”

“I know,” Dean whispered, his throat feeling tight. He knew Gabriel liked him, loved him even, but Gabriel was so full of conviction about this issue that it warmed Dean.

“And don’t think I’ll come down on you for having a hard time accepting your place,” Gabriel said. “We’re all in this together. We all love each other, care for each other. We all have our roles in the house. We all pull together. If you’re having a hard time with this, talk to me. It’s not going to change your situation, but we’re here for each other. I’m here for you,” he said with a small smile, squeezing Dean’s arms a little.

“Thanks,” Dean said, giving Gabriel a bit of a smile.

Gabriel kissed the corner of Dean’s mouth, then smirked at him. “Is the worst part not being allowed to touch yourself?” he asked.

Dean snorted. “I fucking hate it. Before the other night I’d never come without some kind of stimulation to my cock. Don’t get me wrong. The other night was awesome, but you guys are all gonna be fucking me whenever you get horny, and I get horny pretty often myself, but I don’t think I’m gonna get to come all that often.”

“It’ll happen with time,” Gabriel said. “Do you really think alpha houses all over the world just happened to have lowest ranking alphas that were able to come untouched?”

“I didn’t really think about it,” Dean said with a wince. It sounded pretty uncaring that he’d never thought about it.

“You’re probably too young to remember, but when Chuck moved into his alpha house and ranked lowest, it was four months before he was able to come untouched,” Gabriel said with a wince.

“Holy fucking shit,” Dean breathed.

“Yeah,” Gabriel said with a huff of laughter.

“I didn’t know Chuck very well,” Dean said, shaking his head. “Does he actually get to come all that often?”

“Yeah,” Gabriel said, nodding. “It didn’t happen overnight, but Chuck and the rest of the alphas in the house worked together, and he’s pretty happy now because he comes nearly every time he’s fucked.”

“How?” Dean asked, feeling excitement blossom in him, hope for the first time since he realized his new lot in life. Sure they’d made him come over the last few days, but what if that was a fluke?

“You have to relax and stop worrying about it so much. Focus on the sex instead of your cock,” Gabriel said. “I know Benny told you he would work with you. We all will. We’re not assholes. We’ll learn how to hit that sweet spot inside you just right, how to stimulate your mind and your emotions, and we’ll work it out.”

Gabe seemed so confident. Dean wasn’t entirely sold, but Gabriel didn’t seem to have a doubt. Gabe was a doctor, their healer. He knew about this stuff. And if Gabe seemed confident, that had to be a good thing.

“And, hey, if anybody can get you to come, it would be me, right?” Gabriel asked with a cocky smirk.

Dean laughed. “You really should work on building your self-confidence,” he said with a grin.

“I think making you come all over yourself will help in building my self-confidence,” Gabriel said, then shoved Dean backward, making him fall onto the bed, his arms pinwheeling and a chuckle bubbling out of him.

Gabriel started pulling his own clothes off, an intense look on his face that was going straight to Dean’s cock. Dean reached for the button on his jeans, but Gabriel stopped him.

“Ah-ah,” he said. “I get to unwrap you.”

Dean raised an eyebrow, but let go of his button. He crawled back on the bed and flopped down in the middle. Gabriel was down to his socks, which he pulled off and tossed on top of the rest of his clothes, then crawled onto the bed.

“I didn’t mean you get to lie back and just take it all,” Gabe said with a grin, rubbing over Dean’s crotch as if he was accidentally brushing it on his way to Dean’s button.

Dean snorted. “I thought you were gonna use you’re awesome skills to give me an orgasm. Now I have to work for it?” he asked, smirking up at Gabriel.

“You do realize I know every place on your body that’s ticklish, right?” Gabe asked, popping Dean’s buttons open.

“I don’t think you know every one of them. Cas is the only one who knows all of them,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Maybe I should have him teach me,” Gabe said. “Would you like to teach me, Cas?” he asked, turning toward the bathroom doorway.

Dean sat up, looking toward the bathroom, but didn’t see anything. Gabriel sighed, rolling his eyes, and Dean frowned, looking at Gabriel as if he was going to explain what the hell he was talking about.

“Cas, get your ass out here and on the bed,” Gabe said, sounding exasperated.

Cas stepped into the doorway, eyes wide. “I apologize. I was stocking your bathroom with towels when I heard the two of you come in. I should’ve announced my presence.”

Gabriel snorted. “Quit apologizing and get over here. Let’s have some fun,” he said over his shoulder, then leaned down and whispered in Dean’s ear, “He likes you. A lot.”

Dean’s eyes widened. He and Cas had been friends for years, they’d fucked each other and had threesomes with random betas and omegas, they’d had a great time with each other, but he hadn’t thought it was anything more for Cas. He’d actually never contemplated anything more between them himself.

Gabriel’s words had slapped Dean in the face. When Dean looked over at Cas, he could see his friend standing there, but he could also see something else in his eyes, something Dean hadn’t paid attention to before, but now that he knew Cas felt something for him, he could see a kind of hunger, an earnestness, and if Dean were the romantic sort, which he was, but don’t tell anyone, he’d say Cas looked a little head over heels for him.

Dean wondered if he looked as gobsmacked as he felt, but Cas just walked up to the edge of the bed and looked to Gabriel, as if Gabriel would tell him what to do next. Which was totally adorable in Dean’s opinion because Cas ranked higher than Gabe.

Gabriel grabbed Cas’ wrist and yanked him closer. “Dean would like to practice coming untouched,” he said with a grin. “I think we should help him out with that. It’ll take a lot of practice, but you’d be up to that, right?”

Cas nodded, eyes wide and a small smile spreading on his lips. Gabriel yanked on Cas’ wrist again, and this time Cas got with the program, crawling onto the bed and sitting down on his heels.

“Two of you are way too dressed for the occasion,” Gabriel said.

Cas looked down at himself. “Oh,” he said, and Dean nearly chuckled at how cute Cas sounded. Cas climbed back off the bed and stripped quickly and efficiently.

Dean and Gabe shared a look between them, one that said ‘he’s adorable when he’s all businesslike.’ Cas, in a very hasty and un-Cas-like way, kicked his clothes to the side and climbed back onto the bed, sitting on his heels and waiting for Gabriel.

“Shall we unwrap our present?” Gabriel asked, grinning at Cas.

Gabriel didn’t wait for a reply, just turned and shoved Dean, making him flop onto his back, his head hitting the pillow.

Dean snorted. “You really know how to make it special and romantic,” he snarked.

“Nah,” Gabe said, flapping his hand at Cas. “Cas is the one who’s all sweet and romantic,” he said, then winked at Dean.

Dean looked up at Cas, noticing that Cas hadn’t joined in yet. “You weren’t shy before. Are you waiting for your turn with me?” he asked with a bit of a drawl to his words.

“Oh, uhm, no,” Cas said, looking a little lost.

“Get his shirt off,” Gabe said in an obnoxiously loud stage whisper.

Cas’ eyes widened. “Oh, yes, I’ll get his shirt off,” he said, reaching up and unbuttoning Dean’s shirt.

Gabriel already had the buttons undone on Dean’s pants and was working on Dean’s boots and socks, tossing the boots across the room, sending the socks flying somewhere off behind him. Dean sat up a little to help Cas with getting his button down shirt and undershirt off. He flopped onto his back again once the shirts were off when Gabe grabbed his pants and underwear and yanked them off.

“Mmm, much better,” Gabriel said, appreciatively checking out Dean’s body. “He looks good enough to eat, huh, Cas?” he asked, nudging Cas with his elbow.

Cas nodded, staring at Dean’s body and appearing too enthralled to pay much attention to Gabe. Gabriel winked at Dean and mouthed ‘told you.’

“So, Cassy, what should we do to him first?” Gabe asked, and it looked as if he was having a great time watching Cas get flustered over Dean.

Dean didn’t know why Cas was acting like this. Well, other than the obvious. They’d fucked plenty of times. They’d showered together. Hell, they’d had naked tickling matches, which no one will ever speak of and those involved have been sworn to secrecy because of reasons. Why would Cas suddenly act as if he’d never seen Dean naked before? Dean looked up at Gabe, giving him a look that said ‘What the fuck is up with Cas?’

Gabriel rolled his eyes and elbowed Cas again. “Dean would probably like to be kissed, don’t you think, Cas?” he asked loudly.

Dean’s stomach clenched. They’d never kissed before. It had never been more than friends fucking, friends with benefits. Cas’ eyes widened and he looked Dean in the eye. Dean smiled at him, hoping it would calm Cas down a little or maybe just show him that Dean was on board with anything Cas wanted, which he was.

Cas leaned down so slowly that Dean nearly grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down, and when their lips touched, Dean reached up and cradled Cas’ face, letting Cas control the kiss, but there was no way Dean was going to lie back and not participate.

Cas moaned as Dean turned his head a little and deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue against Cas’ lips. Cas let him in, and Dean took his time, tickling the roof of Cas’ mouth, then brushing over the tip of Cas’ tongue in light, playful touches.

Dean pushed his tongue in further, sweeping across Cas’ tongue, trying not to smile into the kiss as Cas gasped through his nose. Dean pulled his tongue back out, licking across Cas’ lips on the way, and then nibbled at Cas’ bottom lip. When they pulled apart, Cas panted through his mouth, his eyes wide, a hungry look on his face.

“Mmm,” Gabriel moaned. “That was fucking hot,” he said.

Dean had forgotten Gabriel was there. He felt a little bad about it, but damn that had been hot. Why had he never kissed Cas before? He’d need to do that more often. Cas smiled down at him, using his index finger to tickle Dean’s right thigh in a touch that sent shivers through Dean. His cock was already half hard.

“All right,” Gabe said, rubbing his hands together. “Cas here has never learned the nuances of making someone come on just his cock.”

Dean chuckled and Cas scowled at Gabe. Dean tried not to laugh, but it was so cute that another chuckle came out of him.

“So,” Gabe drawled, “I’m gonna do you two a favor and make sure Cas doesn’t leave this room until he’s an expert,” he said, grinning at Cas.

“I’m all for Cas learning how to give me orgasms,” Dean said, nudging Cas’ leg with his right knee.

Cas blushed, and Dean’s heart practically melted. Now that he was seeing Cas as someone who was interested in him, he could see that Cas had probably been suffering from a little crush on Dean for a long time.

“C’mon, Cassy, this is going to be fun,” Gabe said with a smirk. Cas blushed even harder. “Okay, so the rules of the game are that you can’t touch his cock and he can’t touch his cock, but that leaves a whole hell of a lot open to play with,” he said, waggling his eyebrows and nudging Cas again with his elbow.

Cas grinned a little, and by the look on Gabe’s face, Dean knew Gabriel was congratulating himself on getting Cas to loosen up a little.

“The rules say nothing about touching his balls,” Gabe said as he reached out and grabbed Dean’s balls.

Dean didn’t flinch, but it had surprised him, so a squeak came out of his mouth, making him grimace. Gabriel gave him a look that said ‘I heard that,’ and Dean rolled his eyes.

“You know how fun balls can be, right Cas?” Gabe asked, then turned to Dean and said, “Cas likes having his balls sucked.”

Dean felt a little bad for Cas. Any more blushing and Cas’ face might just explode. Gabe leaned down and licked Dean’s sac, making Dean moan.

Gabe turned to Cas as if to say ‘see, told you’ and let go of Dean’s balls. “Another thing the rules don’t say anything about is his prostate,” Gabriel said. “And as we found out the other night, Dean’s got the ability to have a total prostate orgasm, and those fuckers are amazing.”

“Hell yeah!” Dean blurted.

Cas chuckled, obviously relaxing even more with Dean’s enthusiasm. “I’d like to learn how to make him come like he did the other night,” Cas said, looking at Gabriel.

“I’m pretty confident you can learn how,” Gabe said. “You’ve gotta involve all his senses, his emotions, and his intellect,” he said, then snorted. “Well, as much intellect as Dean can retain when he’s horny and panting and begging,” he said with a smirk.

Cas grinned. “I don’t think I have to worry about his intellect,” he said, looking at Dean with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, ha-ha,” Dean said. “You all underestimate me, and one of these days you’re all going to be sorry,” he said with a smile, pointing at Cas.

Cas snorted. “Lisa told me she cheated off your papers in school, and I’ve seen enough of you to know that someone who underestimates your intelligence would be very sorry they did so.”

Dean’s eyes widened and the smile fell from his face. Sure, Sam and Benny knew he wasn’t as dumb as some people liked to accuse Dean of being when they joked, but Dean hadn’t thought Cas had noticed.

Dean huffed out a laugh. “I wasn’t smart enough to figure out Lisa was cheating off my papers,” he said with a grin.

Cas grinned. “Only because you were too busy trying to look down her shirt.”

“Damn it!” Dean said, chuckling. “I should’ve known she wore those shirts to distract me!”

Gabriel and Cas laughed. “And that would be why Cas said he didn’t have to worry about your intellect. It’s way too easy to distract you and keep you from thinking about much of anything.”

“Asshole,” Dean grumbled playfully.

“Speaking of which,” Gabriel said, “Cas really, really likes licking them.”

It took Dean a moment for that to sink in, and when it did, he moaned, his head falling back on the pillow. “Dude, you never told me you liked rimming,” he said as he looked up at Cas.

“You never told me you liked being rimmed,” Cas said, and Dean saw Cas’ cock twitch in his peripheral vision.

“Hey,” Gabe said, “can you can come from being rimmed?”

“I’d love to try,” Dean said with a grin.

Gabe snorted. “Okay, well, that’ll be part of your future plans. Cas is already an expert at rimming, but I’m here to teach him other ways of making you come all over yourself.”

“Well, let’s get to it,” Dean said. “You keep promising orgasm practice, but I haven’t even come once yet.”

Gabe smacked Cas’ arm to get his attention. “Grab the lube out of the bedside table drawer, would you?”

Cas reached into the drawer, pulled out a huge bottle of lube, and handed it to Gabriel. “That’s rather large,” Cas commented.

Gabe drizzled some lube onto his fingers. “I always keep myself well-stocked on lube.” He handed the tube to Cas. “Get your fingers slick.”

Cas did as he was told, and Dean was so busy watching Cas lube up his fingers that he gasped when Gabriel pushed two fingers into his asshole.

“Pay attention,” Gabe said under his breath, a smirk on his face. Dean flipped him off. “Hmm, I think I’ll have to spank you for that,” Gabe said, looking entirely too excited over the prospect of spanking Dean.

Dean frowned. “That won’t help me have orgasms. I don’t like getting spanked.”

Gabe snorted. “I’ll bet you’d enjoy one of my spankings,” he said, waggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t think so,” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Fine, I’ll spank your adorable ass some other time,” he said with a sigh.

Dean moaned, arching his back as Gabriel massaged his prostate. “Mmm, yeah,” he said as he grabbed handfuls of the sheets to keep from grabbing his cock.

Gabriel pulled his fingers out. “Okay, Cas, find his prostate and use his body language and the noises coming out of his mouth to guide you.”

Cas nearly shoved Gabriel out of the way, getting between Dean’s legs as Gabe crawled to Dean’s left and sat down on his heels.

Cas pushed in two slick fingers and found Dean’s prostate quickly, pushing and rubbing. Dean spread his legs more, ready to have some fun. Cas pushed hard and Dean hissed. Cas froze, looking up at Gabriel.

“Start off slow,” Gabe said, “not quite as rough at first.”

Cas’ face took on a look of determination, and Dean grinned at how intense it was. The grin was wiped off his face when Cas used both fingers to do something that felt like a wave over his prostate.

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean moaned.

“Use your thumb to massage between his balls and his asshole,” Gabriel said.

“Oh, fuck, that’s awesome!” Dean growled, writhing on the bed as Cas did what Gabe had told him to do.

Gabriel chuckled. “You’re massaging his prostate from both sides, and the more excited he gets, the more pressure you can use, but for right now just listen to him and see how much you can make his cock drool.”

Cas concentrated on his task, and Dean was getting a kick out of watching Cas’ face, so intent on what he was doing. Of course it was hard to pay that much attention to Cas when Cas was a very quick study and Dean was about ready to come already.

“Stop,” Gabe said, and Dean groaned as Cas immediately froze.

“Why?” Dean whined quite pathetically. It was completely acceptable to be pathetic when someone was close to coming and gets interrupted.

“You’re good at that,” Gabe said with a grin. “He was close, but the rules are he’s gotta come on your cock, not your fingers.”

“Change the fucking rules like Benny did,” Dean growled.

“Watch it, kid,” Gabe said, warning Dean about his tone, about being demanding. “There are reasons for the rules, and you know it.”

Dean huffed. “Yeah, but those reasons probably suck,” he complained.

Cas’ eyes widened. “You don’t know the reasons?” he asked.

Dean shrugged. “No. They were the rules. I figured there had to be good reasons, so I never questioned it.”

Gabe chuckled. “You question things all the time,” he said.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I know, but I just never thought about this particular one.”

Gabriel gave him a look that said ‘you’re cute when you’re a dork’ as he snorted. “It’s to remind you and everyone else of your place, to remind an alpha to be submissive in a house full of alphas who outrank him.”

Dean’s jaw dropped and he huffed. “Well, fuck that! I fucking remember all the fucking time!” he said, anger burning in his chest. “We can ditch that rule right now.”

Gabriel raised one eyebrow, the smile dropping from his lips. “Really? Because it sure doesn’t sound like you’re being submissive.”

Dean spluttered for a moment, then growled. “I’m being a hell of a lot more submissive than I fucking want to be,” Dean snarled, keeping eye contact with Gabe. It was a challenge, and Dean knew better, but apparently his dick was using more his blood than his brain, because he’d said it anyway.

Cas leaned down, grabbing Dean’s neck with his left hand and yanking his head off the pillow, the fingers of his right hand pinching just a little too hard on either side of his prostate, making Dean hiss.

“If we had any doubts about this rule, you managed to reaffirm the necessity of it by your behavior just now,” Cas growled.

Dean immediately looked down, breaking eye contact with Cas and showing his submission, not fighting and instead relaxing in Cas’ grip even though the pinching of his prostate was uncomfortable.

Cas let go of Dean’s neck and eased the pressure on his prostate. Dean squeezed his eyes shut, forcibly calming himself. He opened them again when Cas started massaging his prostate.

Dean gasped. “I’m sorry, Cas,” he said.

Cas’ face softened and a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “I know you are, but I also know you’ll work at behaving now so we can have some fun,” he said.

Dean huffed out a laugh. “Yeah, I would like to come sometime today.”

Cas’ smile grew bigger. “I’d like that.”

“Awesome,” Gabriel said as he grabbed a pillow. “Help me lift him,” he said, taking hold of Dean’s left leg and lifting.

Cas got with the program and lifted Dean’s right leg, the both of them lifting his ass off the bed so Gabe could shove a pillow beneath his hips, and then they both dropped him back down.

“This tilts his hips,” Gabe said, pointing at Dean’s asshole. “When you fuck him, it’ll be much easier to stimulate his prostate.”

Cas slicked up his cock, looking eager as he shuffled closer in between Dean’s legs. He stopped, turning to Gabe for more instruction as if he’d never fucked a guy before.

“I’ll play around with him too,” Gabe said. “But just don’t forget to stimulate more than just his prostate. Talk to him, touch him, react to him touching you, lick him, kiss him, change up your thrusts to make it more interesting like you did when we fucked Lisa,” he said.

“Dude!” Dean gasped. “You guys doubled-teamed Lisa?” he asked, eyes wide.

Cas blushed as Gabe said, “We sure did.”

“Awesome!” Dean said.

“He also likes dirty talk,” Gabe said, looking at Cas.

Cas’ eyes widened. “I’m not good at that,” he said.

Gabe snorted. “Just throw some in there. Try a little. You’d be surprised how easy it is once you get rolling,” he said.

Cas didn’t look convinced, but he dropped the subject, then sat there looking like he wasn’t sure what to do next.

“You wanna fuck me?” Dean asked with a grin.

“Oh, yes!” Cas said, then lined himself up and started a slow slide into Dean.

Dean groaned. “Oh, yeah,” he said, spreading his legs wider.

Gabe stretched out on the bed to Dean’s left, reaching over Dean’s body with his left hand and using his fingers to stimulate the area between Dean’s balls and asshole, keeping his hand flat so he didn’t bother Cas, and used his thumb to play with Dean’s balls.

“Mmm, yeah, Cas, move,” Dean groaned.

He gasped as Cas started, fucking him slowly as he leaned over, resting his left hand on the bed to hold himself up as he pinched Dean’s left nipple with the fingers of his right hand. Cas mouthed at one side of Dean’s neck as Gabe licked at sucked at the other side.

“Love the taste of your skin,” Cas mumbled into Dean’s neck.

Dean’s back arched as Cas bit down on his neck, his toes curling into the sheets. Dean reached up and ran his fingers through Cas’ thick hair, yanking on handfuls of it and making Cas growl into Dean’s neck.

“Shift down a little,” Gabe said. “Try and get your dick pointed up a little more so that you’re fucking up into him so you put pressure on his prostate.”

Dean felt Cas shuffle around a little, then Dean let out a long moan as Cas’ cock did exactly what Gabriel had said it would do. What Cas lacked in experience, he made up for in his ability to learn quickly and his enthusiasm.

“I like when you make noise for me,” Cas whispered into Dean’s ear.

Dean gasped, his cock jerking as he realized Cas was trying for dirty talk. Cas was right. He wasn’t awesome at it, but Cas was trying, and it thrilled Dean even more than if Cas had been great at dirty talk and it had just started spilling from his mouth.

“I like fucking you,” Cas said, then nibbled Dean’s earlobe. “Your body responds for me more than when anyone else fucks you,” he said softly, licking at Dean’s jawline.

Dean felt his chest tighten with emotion. He’d never noticed his body responding more to Cas, but now that he thought about it, it was true. Cas had always been able to get him hard and leaking at just the mention of having some fun.

He pulled Cas’ face toward him, kissing him deeply and putting as much of himself into the kiss as he could, letting Cas know by touch that he was right, that Dean really did respond to Cas.

Gabe didn’t stop playing with Dean, but he was more of a background sensation, and Dean felt a little bad. He broke the kiss with Cas, and Cas went back to licking at his neck.

Dean looked over at Gabe. “Sorry,” he said softly, hoping Gabe would know what he meant.

“For enjoying yourself?” Gabe asked, though the smirk on his face said he knew exactly what Dean meant.

Dean snorted and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that’s exactly why I apologized,” he said sarcastically.

Gabe kissed the corner of Dean’s mouth. “You two have some catching up to do, and that’s okay. You and I have been able to connect over the years, and I really like being with you, so I’m not gonna be skipping out on the two of you. I’m just letting you two catch up and get with the program now that you two aren’t blindly groping at each other.”

Dean smiled at him. “So I get the both of you?” he asked playfully.

Cas stopped nibbling at him and looked up, sharing a significant glance with Gabe. “If you’ll have us,” Cas said.

Dean’s eyes widened. The look on their faces said this meant more than a casual offer for some threesome fun. Cas stopped fucking Dean, bottomed out in Dean as Gabriel stopped playing with Dean’s balls and prostate. They were giving him a moment to let it all sink in.

His chest felt tight, his stomach clenched, and he felt an odd mix of panic and excitement work its way through his body.

“Breathe, kid,” Gabe said.

Dean gasped in a breath, then chuckled at himself for being such a dork. He looked each of them in the eye, back and forth, taking in the sincere looks on their faces, the way their eyes had darkened with not only arousal, but also with hope.

“I, um,” Dean said stupidly. “How the fuck do we do this?” he blurted.

Gabe smiled, a huge smile that lit up his face as he chuckled. “You think we’re the first people to ever get together after setting up house?”

Dean snorted. “No,” he said as he shook his head. “But with my position in the house, well, I just don’t know how that works. Meg never had a long-term relationship in our house.”

“We take our time,” Cas said with confidence.

“We see how this works,” Gabe said. “We see how we work, if we really want to do this, and we go from there,” he said with a shrug.

Dean snorted. “We’re all alphas. We’re going to get possessive.”

Gabe nodded. “Yeah, but we’re also adults. We can control ourselves. Nothing’s concrete yet. And the other house alphas will respect our decisions if and when we decide to tell them. You know they will.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah. Okay.”

“You don’t know if you want this,” Gabe said without any bitterness. “But we don’t have to tell anyone until we’re more sure about it. It’s our relationship. Our decisions.”

Dean smiled. “Yeah,” he said with a nod. “Okay.”

“Awesome,” Gabe said, leaning over to kiss Dean.

It wasn’t a long or overly deep kiss, but it felt like a confirmation of sorts, a casual shaking of hands at the start of something new, something special. Cas licked from Dean’s jawline to Gabriel’s, and as Gabriel pulled away from his kiss with Dean, he kissed Cas, and Cas moaned into the kiss as he started fucking Dean again.

Gabe resumed massaging Dean’s perineum, and between the flood of emotions and the stimulation, Dean was already close to coming. Dean wriggled his hand behind Gabe, wrapping his arm around Gabe’s neck and pulling him closer, his right hand still on Cas’ neck as he pulled his two alphas toward him, licking Cas’ lips, then turning and biting at Gabe’s jawline.

Cas fucked him harder, and Gabe took the opportunity to apply more pressure to Dean’s perineum. Dean moaned and gasped, his nails digging into both Gabe and Cas, and both men growled, leaning down to bite at Dean’s neck and shoulders.

Gabriel fucked Dean’s side, thrusting his cock over Dean’s skin as he growled and bit at Dean. Gabe grunted, a sound Dean knew meant he was very close to coming, and he bit down harder, growling and thrusting against Dean as he came, his left hand in Cas’ hair, fingers brushing Dean’s.

Suddenly Cas’ fingers were shoving into Dean’s mouth, and Dean groaned, his eyes closing as he recognized Gabe’s scent, Gabe’s jizz on Cas’ fingers. Cas gasped as Dean sucked hard on his fingers, and Cas fucked Dean harder, the bed squeaking with the snapping of his hips against Dean.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean mumbled around Cas’ fingers.

“You gonna come for us, Dean?” Gabe drawled into Dean’s left ear.

That was it, all it took for Dean to come, mumbling around Cas’ fingers and his hips jerking, his fingers digging into Gabe and Cas’ shoulders as he writhed beneath Cas.

The clenching of Dean’s asshole must’ve set Cas off, because he growled and came seconds later, losing his rhythm as he sucked on Gabe’s bottom lip. Cas let his head drop down onto Dean’s chest once his hips stopped jerking.

“Well,” Dean said, his voice scratchy, “that was a hell of a trial run.”

Gabe snorted, his breath ghosting across Dean’s neck as he laid his head down on Dean’s shoulder. Cas gently pulled out of Dean, sliding off to Dean’s right side, but still leaving his right leg over Dean’s left leg. Gabe wriggled around a little and soon there was a blanket being thrown over them all.

“Did I pass?” Cas mumbled.

Gabe chuckled, nearly asleep already. “Definitely an A plus on your first attempt at making Dean come on your cock, man,” he said.

Cas hummed into Dean’s skin, then almost instantly started softly snoring. Dean and Gabe followed suit soon after.

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