Part 8: The Moore Residence

Part-Specific Info
An underage (16) Amy goes into her first heat. Dean helps by calling her boyfriend, Adam (also 16). Dean has NO interaction with the girl other than talking to her. Adam/Amy is not explicit and their relationship is established and consensual.
Explicit: Dean/Cas – Non-Explicit: Jess/Ruby, Adam/Amy
Dean, Ruby, Amy, Adam, Cas
Heat, Rough Sex, Car Sex, Anal Sex, Dirty Talk
Summary Dean stops at Ruby’s house to pick up some plans for another dispute, but while he’s there, Ruby’s 16-year-old little sister Amy goes into heat for the first time. Please read the warnings.

Dean knocked on the front door of the Moore residence. He’d been asked to pick up some plans for renovation on one of the local parks, where there was yet another dispute.

The front door opened and a blonde answered the door. Dean hadn’t seen her since grade school, but she was easy to recognize.

“Ruby Moore,” Dean said with a smile. “You’ve grown into a beautiful woman.”

Ruby smiled back. “Why thank you!” she said, holding the door open for them. “You didn’t turn out so bad yourself,” she said, obviously checking him out.

Dean grinned. She’d always been a flirt, but she’d also been very close with Jessica Moore as a kid, and even in grade school it had been obvious the beta was going to be mated with Jess when they came of age.

He could smell both women in the house, the smell of an alpha that he knew came from Jess and the milder scent of a beta from Ruby, but he also could smell something else that made his cock twitch. He wasn’t paying too much attention, so he didn’t bother to place the smell, figuring the idea of two hot women fucking each other on every surface of this house was what got his cock excited.

“Here are the plans,” Ruby said as she grabbed a manila envelope off the kitchen table. “My company tried to work things out, and I apologize for not being able to resolve this. This really isn’t something you guys should be bothered with.”

“Not a problem,” Dean said as he took the envelope from her. “That’s what we’re here for. I appreciate that you tried to work it out, but it’s our job to step in when things can’t be resolved.”

“Ruby,” came a small voice from somewhere down the hallway.

A girl walked out into the kitchen who couldn’t have been more than sixteen, and even if she hadn’t been sweating, her clothes nearly soaked through, holding her hands over her crotch like it ached so much she was about to cry, Dean could smell she was an omega in heat.

“It hurts,” the girl said with a sob.

“Oh my god, Amy, get in your room, quick!” Ruby barked, her eyes wide as she stepped between Amy and Dean.

“It’s okay, Ruby,” Dean said, holding his hands out to the side. “I’m an adult alpha, totally in control. I’m not going to hurt her,” he said.

Ruby turned to look at him, suspicion and fear in her eyes. “Please, my sister is just a kid.” she begged.

“I won’t hurt Amy,” Dean said, enunciating his words, confident and using a tone of voice that alphas the world over were capable of using when they needed to comfort a beta or omega.

Dean remembered that Ruby’s parents had died a few years back. Ruby and Jess had adopted Amy, which gave Ruby not only a very strong connection to Amy as her sister, but also a fierce mothering instinct coupled with the fact that Ruby was a beta and her sister was an omega.

He knew Ruby was only this upset because she was protecting her sister, not because she mistrusted Dean that much. Alphas and betas’ protective instincts kicked in when an omega was in distress, and Dean knew how to handle both Ruby and Amy.

Ruby looked as if she was about to bite, so Dean took a slow step toward her, gently resting a hand on her forearm. “I swear I won’t hurt her. I wouldn’t have been assigned to an alpha house if I couldn’t control myself around an omega in heat,” he assured her.

Her shoulders dropped a little, and Dean gave her a small smile. Betas weren’t as easy as omegas when it came to calming them with words, especially when they were protecting an omega they loved. So the fact that Dean had managed to put her at least a little at ease was a win.

“Ruby, it hurts,” Amy said, starting to cry as she went to her knees.

Dean stayed where he was, keeping his distance so as to not upset Ruby. “Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, Amy?” he asked, looking at the girl.

Amy nodded. “Yeah, his name is Adam,” she said with a sniffle, sounding so young, so upset that it was difficult to stay where he was and not run over and comfort her.

“Have you and Adam ever had sex?” he asked gently.

“Yeah,” she said with a slight nod, looking up at him like he had all the answers, just like any omega in distress would when an alpha was helping. “I can’t remember how to call him,” she said as she held her cell phone out to him.

Ruby tensed, but Dean didn’t move. He looked Ruby in the eye. “Can you get her phone for me?” he asked, knowing it would make Ruby feel better for Dean to keep his distance, even if she did mostly trust him.

She nodded, walking over and taking the phone from her sister and handing it to Dean. She returned to her sister’s side, crouching down and brushing Amy’s hair out of her face.

“It’s going to be okay, sweetheart,” Ruby said softly, her sister’s heat not affecting her at all because of their shared bloodline.

“I’m sorry,” Amy said.

“Oh, there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Ruby said, giving her sister a kiss on the forehead. “It’s your first heat. My baby sister is growing up,” she said with a proud tone to her voice. Amy gave her a shy smile.

Dean thumbed through the phone, quickly finding Adam’s number in Amy’s favorites. The picture associated with his number was of Adam and Amy smooshed together into a small photo booth, looking happy and carefree, young and very in love. He hit send and waited.

“Hey, baby,” Adam answered, sounding excited to hear from his girlfriend.

“Adam? My name is Dean and I’m a friend of Amy’s,” he said, projecting calm so he didn’t alarm Adam any more than necessary.

“Is she okay?” he asked anxiously.

“Yeah, she’ll be totally fine once you come over to help her through her first heat,” Dean said with a smile.

Adam gasped. “Oh god. Oh. Oh, is she, oh!” he spluttered, and Dean heard something crash to the floor, then some shuffling. “I’m on my way. I’m getting in my car right now,” he said, sounding out of breath.

“Take your time. Don’t get in an accident on the way here,” Dean said with a chuckle.

“I won’t,” he said, and Dean heard the car door close, the car start. “Don’t hurt her,” he said, a strong and clear command, giving away the fact he was an alpha, though there was desperation in his tone of voice.

“I’m not going to hurt her, Adam,” Dean promised. “You don’t have anything to worry about. I’ll watch over her until you get here. Ruby is here with her, and nothing’s gonna happen to Amy on my watch.”

“Th-thank you,” he said, sounding relieved. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything. I just, I, well, my sister was raped during her first heat by an alpha who said he couldn’t help himself.”

Dean sighed. “I promise you I’m nothing like that asshole. And if it helps ease your mind at all, I’m one of the alphas at the new Palo Alto Alpha House,” he said, knowing that alpha houses were well-respected and trusted.

“Wait, you said your name was Dean? You’re Dean Winchester?” Adam asked, an excited tone to his voice.

“That’s me,” Dean said.

“Oh, thank god,” he said with a nervous chuckle. “Thank you, sir. I know you’ll take care of her,” Adam said with complete confidence, and also not a small amount of authority, a warning in his tone that he expected the best from Dean. It was the kind of thing only an alpha would imply.

Dean chuckled. “Yes, I will. It’s just me and Ruby here watching over your sister,” he said, preparing Adam for what he would find at the house.

Since Adam was an alpha, walking into a house where his mate was in heat and there was a stranger, even if he knew who Dean was by name, would be jarring, so Dean wanted him as prepared as possible.

“Amy says that the two of you have had sex before,” Dean said.

“Yes, more than once,” Adam answered, most likely knowing where Dean was headed. “We have condoms that I’ll definitely be using and I’ll take very good care of her. I love her very much, sir.”

“You’re a good man, Adam,” Dean said with a smile, then hit end on the phone.

That was all he needed to hear. Dean was confident Adam would take care of her. Some alpha teenagers had trouble controlling themselves around omegas in heat, but with his answers, Adam showed that he wasn’t one of those alphas.

Dean heard the car pull up out front and he walked to the front door, opening it wide as Adam hurried in, quickly assessing the situation by looking over Dean, sizing him up, seeing there wasn’t a threat, and heading for Amy. Ruby stepped out of the way, getting her hands off Amy as soon as Adam stepped into the house.

“Adam,” Amy whimpered, tears running down her face. “It hurts,” she said, looking up at her alpha like there was no one else in the room.

“I’m here, kitten,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her cheek, keeping the others in his peripheral vision. Amy melted into his embrace, completely trusting him.

Ruby came to stand by Dean. “He’s the only one that can call her that. He said her eyes look like cat’s eyes, something about the color, and she won’t let anyone else but him call her that.”

Dean chuckled, watching as Adam guided her to her feet, then gently directed her back to her room. Just before he closed the door, he turned around and looked at Ruby.

“May I have permission to take care of Amy in your home?” he asked politely.

He didn’t need to ask. He was an alpha with his mate. A mate in heat. It was out of respect for his mate’s sister, out of respect for Ruby that he asked.

“Yes,” Ruby said with a nod. “You have my permission and Jess’ permission too.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said with a grateful smile, then walked in and closed the door behind him.

Dean was impressed. Though alphas normally looked out for both betas and omegas, the respect he showed Ruby as a beta while his mate was crying in distress hit Dean right in the chest with just what a remarkable alpha Adam was. He’d make a great addition to an alpha house in the future.

“He’s only sixteen,” Ruby said, sounding very proud of him. “I couldn’t have asked for a better mate for my baby sister.”

“He’s a good kid,” Dean said with a nod, then held up the manila envelope. “Thanks for these. I’ll look it over and let you know my decision as soon as possible.”

“Thank you,” Ruby said as she walked them to the door.

“No problem,” he said.

“Nice to see you again, Dean,” she said with a wave.

Dean waved as he walked down the driveway to his car. He waited until his door was closed to press down on his cock. It was painfully hard and he was shivering. Yes, Dean could control himself, but that didn’t mean an omega in heat had no effect on him.

He drove back to his alpha house, careful to concentrate on his driving, one hand on the steering wheel, the other pushing down on his cock. He knew it wouldn’t help to jerk off in the car. He needed more. While he was stopped at a light, he pulled his cell phone out, touching Cas’ picture on his screen.

“Hello,” Cas said on the other end.

“Cas, fuck, I,” Dean breathed into the phone.

“Are you all right?” Cas asked, sounding concerned.

“Cas, I gotta fuck,” Dean groaned, taking his hand off his crotch to drive now that the light had changed. “Please, I, oh, f-fuck! Come out. Come out to the car, I, fuck. Ruby’s little sister went into heat for the first time, I, fucking,” he hissed, his cock throbbing.

“I’ll be outside when you get here,” Cas said, and Dean could hear him rushing through the house.

“Oh, th-thank you, Cas,” Dean breathed into the phone.

“Hang up the phone. Drive safely,” Cas ordered him.

“O-okay,” Dean said, hitting end and dropping the phone onto the seat.

His hands were shaking now that he knew he didn’t have to control himself. He could’ve kept himself in check for hours if it meant keeping Amy safe, but he didn’t have to anymore. Cas was waiting for him, and Cas was going to let him fuck it out of his system. Cas was awesome.

Dean didn’t even bother pulling into the driveway. He ended up screeching to a halt, the back end of the car a few feet further away from the curb than the front of the car. A manic laugh came out of his mouth when he saw that Cas was standing on the sidewalk naked, hard, and with a bottle of lube in one hand as he fingered himself open with the other hand.

“Fuck!” Dean growled, fumbling with the car keys.

Cas opened the back seat, crawled in, dropping the lube in the foot well as he went, then grabbed Dean under his arms, pulling him over the front seat and into the back.

“That was fucking hot,” Dean growled, his mind hazy, but still able to appreciate the move Cas just made by pulling him back there.

Cas didn’t bother getting Dean naked. He just manhandled Dean, most likely knowing Dean would be too far gone to coordinate himself all that well, and managed to get himself sprawled out on the backseat, pulling Dean over top of him and getting Dean’s buttons undone.

“I’m prepared,” Cas said, pulling Dean’s cock out of his pants and spreading his legs. “You may fuck me as hard as you wish.”

“Oh, fuck, Cas,” Dean growled, his hips thrusting before his cock was even inside Cas.

Cas had a good hold on Dean’s cock and directed Dean toward his asshole, lining him up so the next thrust hit home.

“Oh!” Dean yelled, pushing all the way in. “Sorry, Cas, I’m sorry!” Dean gasped, already fucking Cas hard.

“It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me,” Cas said, wrapping his arms around Dean’s neck and pulling him down so they could better smell each other. “Fuck me as hard as you want.”

Dean attacked Cas’ lips, kissing him hard and sucking at his mouth, the taste of another aroused human driving him wild as he fucked Cas hard enough to get the car rocking, Cas’ head hitting the passenger side door with the strength of Dean’s thrusts.

Cas growled into the kiss, shoving his tongue into Dean’s mouth and panting through his nose, the smell of the omega on Dean’s clothes most likely getting Cas a little more excited, though it wouldn’t have the same effect as being in the same room with the girl.

Dean wrapped his right arm around Cas’ midsection and pulled him down, closer to the opposite door so his thrusts wouldn’t smack Cas’ head into the passenger side door anymore. Cas’ legs had less room that way, so he just lifted them and wrapped them around Dean’s waist.

“Harder,” Cas growled, pulling away from Dean’s mouth long enough to give the order, then biting at his jaw. “Fuck me harder.”

“Oh, Cas,” Dean hissed. “Fuck, Cas, yeah, so fucking tight. Love that hole. Wanna be in that hole forever,” he grunted.

Cas used his heels on Dean’s ass to make Dean fuck him even harder. “Make me come on your cock,” he gasped into Dean’s neck. “I want to know what it feels like, why you came so hard on my cock when you weren’t allowed to touch your own cock.”

Dean let out a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. “Have you ever come on just a cock in your ass?” he asked, wincing with the effort of fucking Cas so hard.

“No,” Cas said. “But I’m close to doing so for the first time on your cock.”

“Fuck, Cas, I thought you sucked at dirty talk,” Dean groaned into Cas’ cheek as he rubbed his nose over Cas’ face, smelling Cas.

“Was that dirty talk?” Cas asked, sounding slightly confused, but mostly turned on.

Dean chuckled, deciding to ignore the question. “Yeah, I’ll make you come on my cock,” he said, leaning down on Cas a little more so that Dean’s stomach stimulated Cas’ cock as he fucked him.

“Dean,” Cas groaned, his nails digging into Dean’s neck. “Make me come. Please make me come.”

“Fuck, Cas, c’mon,” he said, fucking Cas so hard he swore the rest of the alphas in the house would hear the car rocking. “Come for me. Wanna feel your tight little asshole squeezing my cock. C’mon.”

“Dean! Oh, Dean! Dean!” Cas yelled, his body tensing, a whining growl coming from his throat as he came, his asshole clenching down on Dean’s cock as he came all over their stomachs.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean said, his voice strained. “Cas!” he growled as he followed Cas, coming deep inside him as he fucked Cas hard enough to send him back across the seat, making Cas’ head smack into the door again.

Dean flopped down onto Cas, panting into his neck. “Sorry about your head,” Dean mumbled.

Cas snorted. “The sex was worth the bump on my head,” he said reaching up and rubbing his head.

“I gave you a bump?” Dean asked, lifting off Cas and grabbing the side of Cas’ head so he could check out the damage.

“It’s okay, Dean,” Cas said with a smile. “I’ll live.”

Dean gently prodded the top of Cas’ head with his fingers. “Cas, I’m sorry,” he said with a wince.

“Dean,” Cas said firmly, pulling Dean’s hands away from his head. “I’m fine. Really,” he said, looking Dean in the eye. “The sex was worth it,” he said with a grin. “Some of the best I’ve ever had.”

Dean smiled. “Okay,” he said, giving Cas a kiss on the corner of his mouth. “Does that mean I get bragging rights? I’m so good in the sack that you’ll risk a knot on the top of your head?”

Cas chuckled. “Yes, you may brag all you want. Especially if you promise to give me another bump on my head in the future,” he said with a grin.

Dean snorted. “Deal.”

“So, is the omega being helped through her first heat?” Cas asked.

Dean fell just a little more in love with Cas. He’d just had some of the best sex of his life, yet he was still concerned about an omega in distress.

“Her very, very awesome boyfriend is helping her,” Dean said, nuzzling Cas’ neck.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Cas said, and Dean figured it was a response to both what he said and what he was doing to Cas’ neck.

“Oh, and if the omega hadn’t been in heat, I still would’ve been horny,” Dean said. “From the smells in that house, Jess and Ruby recently fucked on the kitchen table.”

Cas groaned, his cock twitching between them. “If you wanted to go another round, you have my permission.”

Dean’s cock twitched inside Cas. It wasn’t a very strong twitch, but his cock was making a valiant effort considering how hard he’d just come. Dean attempted a small thrust, making the both of them groan.

“Is your hole too sore?” Dean asked.

“No, but my legs are cramping,” Cas said, sounding frustrated.

Dean chuckled. “Yeah, mine too,” he said. “Maybe we should postpone more fucking until we’ve both managed to get out and stretch a bit.”

Cas’ stomach growled. “And after we’ve had something to eat,” he said.

Dean laughed. “How about I feed you after we share a hot shower instead?” he asked.

“Mmm, I’d like that,” Cas said.

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