Part 9: A Grain of Salt

Part-Specific Info
Kevin gets angry at Dean and orders him to kneel in salt. Sam stops him, but Kevin is still furious and gives Sam a hard time, so Sam spanks him.
Dean/Nick, Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Kevin, Dean/Kevin, Benny/Sam/Castiel/Gabriel/Kevin/Dean
Cockwarming, Blowjob, Voyeurism, Anal Sex, Dirty Talk, Cruelty, D/s
Summary The guys have some more fun on the couches. Kevin gets a lesson of his own.

“Dean!” Nick yelled from the living room.

Dean rolled his eyes as he tightened up the coupling on the downstairs bathroom shower head. He left his tools strewn all over the counter and wiped his hands off on his jeans.

“Yeah?” he said as he walked into the living room.

Nick was sitting on the couch, the television on, his jeans undone, and his cock out. “I need a cock warmer,” he said, pointing at said cock.

“Keeping it in your pants would probably do the trick,” Dean said. “Or I can turn the heat on. Is it too cold in here?” he asked with a grin.

“Very funny,” Nick said with a smirk. “Now come over here.”

“I’m not finished with the bathroom,” Dean said, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb.

“It’ll wait,” Nick said with a shrug. When he still didn’t move, Nick sat forward. “Do you need incentive?” he asked, a bit of a growl to his voice.

Dean sighed as he walked over to the couch, kneeling down between Nick’s legs. Nick shook his head, and Dean looked up at him with a confused look on his face.

“Not your mouth. Though your mouth is pretty amazing,” Nick said, making a twirling motion with his index finger.

Dean felt his chest burn with anger. He stood, keeping his anger in check, and unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them and his underwear down.

“Not all the way,” Nick said. “Pull them down just enough to sit on my cock. Say, maybe about mid thigh.”

Dean grit his teeth. He could do this without punching Nick in the face. Really. Dean left his jeans and underwear at the mid thigh level and turned around. He spread his legs and squatted enough to grab Nick’s cock, then positioned it while he used Nick’s left thigh to hold himself up with his left hand.

He lowered himself onto Nick’s cock, glad that Nick was letting him take his time. As soon as Nick’s cock bottomed out, Nick wrapped his arms around Dean’s chest and pulled him back. Dean rested his head back on Nick’s left shoulder, letting his legs relax to either side of Nick’s legs.

Nick moaned. “That’s much better,” he said, then turned and kissed Dean’s right cheek. “You comfortable?”

Dean snorted. “Yeah, I love sitting on a cock to watch TV,” he said sarcastically. He actually was rather comfortable. Nick had made sure of it.

Nick rubbed his chest, then gave him a little pat on the belly. “Good,” he said, turning back to his television show.

Dean had assumed once he was fully seated, Nick would’ve done something to get himself off, but Nick was just sitting there. Dean’s chest burned again. He really was just a cock warmer. He hoped Nick wasn’t going to watch TV for a long time.

“Game’s on!” Nick shouted.

Dean flinched hard, gasping as he was awakened by the bellowing. “Fuck,” Dean breathed.

“Sorry, pumpkin,” Nick said, patting Dean’s belly. “I didn’t realize you’d fallen asleep.”

Sam walked in, Benny trailing behind him. “All right!” Sam said, flopping down at the other end of the couch.

Benny took the overstuffed chair to Dean’s left, and Dean felt his cheeks flush. Everyone was ignoring him. Dean didn’t know if he was grateful they weren’t making mention of the fact he was warming Nick’s cock or if he was pissed that he had been ignored.

Gabriel walked in and smiled at Dean, then looked at Nick. “Do you need me to check on dinner?” he asked.

Nick groaned. “Damn, my little cock warmer felt so good I forgot I needed to finish dinner.”

Dean looked down at the floor in front of Gabriel. He knew this wasn’t unusual behavior. He’d seen Meg do the same thing on more than one occasion. He’d never imagined he’d be warming a cock in his own alpha house.

“I can take care of dinner if you want,” Gabe said.

“Nah, I’ll get it,” Nick said, patting Dean’s leg. “Hop up, pumpkin.”

“My turn,” Sam said as he grinned at Dean.

Dean winced as he pulled himself off Nick with an obnoxious squelching sound. His hole was a little sore from falling asleep with a cock inside him for so long.

“I didn’t clean up the bathroom yet,” Dean said, feeling ridiculous with his pants and underwear around his thighs.

“It’ll still be there after the game,” Sam said, unzipping and pulling his cock out.

“Sam,” Dean said softly, giving Sam a look that said ‘at least give my asshole a break for a while.’

Sam raised one eyebrow, and Dean knew that meant ‘get your ass over here or it’s gonna get spanked.’ He and his brother had excellent communication skills even when they weren’t speaking, which meant less embarrassment for Dean because no one else in the room had to actually hear the threat.

Dean shuffled over and lowered himself, Sam grabbing his hips and helping him go slowly until he was fully seated. Dean wiggled around a little, adjusting to the size of Sam’s cock.

“Are you too sore?” Sam whispered, his lips grazing Dean’s cheek.

Dean’s chest tightened. If he answered yes, Sam would let him go. He knew it. But he wasn’t too sore. Sure, he was a little sore, but he could handle it.

Dean shook his head. “No, I’m okay,” he said, leaning back against Sam.

Sam turned his head, his lips brushing against Dean’s left ear. “You could’ve lied to me just now.”

Dean snorted. “I should’ve,” he grunted.

Sam kissed Dean’s left temple. “I believe good behavior should be rewarded.”

Dean rearranged his legs so they fell comfortably on either side of Sam’s. “So you’re gonna let me go?” he asked, even though he knew the answer.

Sam huffed. “No, but I’ll make you come tonight,” he said.

Dean moaned. “You give awesome rewards,” he said.

Sam chuckled. “Yeah, well, you’re my big brother. I have to spoil you.”

“Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?” Dean asked with a frown.

“Nope,” Sam replied. “I’m an awesome alpha, so it’s this way because I say it’s this way.”

“I guess I can’t complain if it means I get to come, huh?” Dean asked, his stomach growling as some wonderful smells drifted out of the kitchen.

“You’d better not complain,” Sam said, shifting his hips just enough to get some friction going, pushing up into Dean a little, then pulling out.

It wasn’t much movement, but Sam’s cock was big enough to add pressure to his prostate, and the position was perfect for Sam’s cock to drag over his prostate. Dean moaned, squirming on Sam’s lap.

“Kevin,” Sam said, “come suck on Dean’s balls.”

Dean moaned even louder as Kevin crawled away from his spot on the floor by Gabriel’s feet, making his way between their legs, then licking Dean’s balls with just the tip of his tongue.

“Is he good at that?” Sam asked, and Dean could tell Sam was smiling.

“Fuck, yeah,” Dean groaned, watching Kevin’s grin, his tongue tickling and poking at Dean’s balls.

Dean’s cock had been almost completely hard when Kevin came over, and now that his balls were getting some attention, his cock was stiff and drooling against his T-shirt.

Sam reached down and slid his finger through the precome at the tip of Dean’s cock. Dean hissed, his hips jerking at just that small amount of stimulation.

“Someone’s getting sensitive already,” Sam sing-songed.

Dean snorted. “Someone hasn’t been able to use his cock as much as he used to and he’s horn-mph,” he said, Sam’s finger shoving in his mouth, effectively putting an end to his complaining.

“That’s my good boy,” Sam said, and Dean had never heard Sam say it like that before.

As they were growing up, Sam had teased him, played with him, fought with him, and roughhoused, but Dean doesn’t remember Sam ever saying those words like that to him before. They were soft, sincere, and Dean felt a flutter of something in his chest that was anything but anger. Sam said the words like an alpha caring for his pack members.

Dean was stunned, though he really shouldn’t have been. He knew Sam would make an excellent alpha. He’d known it since he’d held Sam in his arms when Sam was only six months old, a baby who no longer had a mother and father, a baby who needed him, needed Dean’s parents.

Sam had smelled like an alpha, but it was more than that. Dean had a feeling about Sam, and his parents had shared that feeling. Sam may have acted selfish at times, but deep down he was a good man, a caring man, and Dean had never doubted that Sam would run an alpha house when he grew up.

Dean also never doubted he’d be there for Sam, would share a house with Sam. They already had what they’d dreamed about since they were little, what they’d talked about late at night when the lights were off and they held their flashlights, making shadow puppets on the ceiling.

He always knew he’d take care of Sam, had accepted that responsibility when he was only four years old, and he wondered if part of the reason he was having such a hard time with his new position didn’t have something to do with that. It made his eyes burn, but not enough to cry.

“Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, guys,” Nick said, sauntering back into the living room. He looked over the situation on the couch and grinned. “Do you think we can get him to come before dinner?”

Kevin sat back on his heels, Dean’s balls popping out of his mouth with a wet noise. “I don’t know how to make him come. I’ve gotta take some lessons or something. Anybody else want a shot at him?” Kevin asked.

“Pussy,” Sam whispered into Dean’s ear.

Dean snorted, and Kevin gave him an odd look, but Dean just shrugged. He was glad Kevin didn’t want to help. He had a feeling Gabe or Cas would take over, and he’d much rather it was one of them anyway.

Gabriel slid off the overstuffed chair he was lounging in. “I’ll take that challenge,” he said, crawling over to the spot Kevin had vacated.

“He likes his nipples played with,” Benny said, muting the television and turning in his chair to watch the fun.

Cas gasped. “I can help,” he blurted loudly, as if someone was going to fight him for it and he had to say it before anyone else.

Dean chuckled as Cas nearly scrambled across the room and landed on the couch knees first, bouncing a little with the momentum. Cas leaned down and licked Dean’s left nipple through his T-shirt, looking up at Dean with a dark look that went straight to Dean’s dick. Dean’s back arched as he felt Sam’s hand slide up under his T-shirt, his fingers pinching Dean’s right nipple.

“Mmm, yeah,” Dean moaned.

Nick took his own cock out of his pants and started to stroke it, standing by the couch and watching closely as Gabriel nosed at Dean’s balls. Gabe tried to go lower, only to be frustrated by Dean’s pants and underwear. He growled, pulling Dean’s boots and socks off, then getting Dean’s pants and underwear off, shoving them to the side.

“Oh, fuck!” Dean yelled as Gabe pushed Dean’s legs apart roughly, shoving his face behind Dean’s balls, and licking with broad, strong swipes over his perineum and around his asshole, his tongue catching Sam’s cock as well. “Gabe, fuck, yeah!”

Dean yelped as Cas bit his nipple. He turned to Cas and saw a very jealous look on Cas’ face, an intense look in his eyes as he mouthed at Dean’s nipple. Dean grinned and Cas blushed, having been caught being all possessive, but Cas didn’t stop licking and sucking at Dean through his shirt.

He knew Cas wasn’t being possessive because Gabe was touching him. It was because Sam was, and because everyone else in the room was watching. Dean had warned them they’d all become possessive of each other, but Cas was already backing off. They hadn’t announced anything to anyone yet, and Dean knew Cas was keeping himself calm now that Dean had caught him.

Kevin moaned, and Dean looked toward the sound just in time to see Kevin sitting on Benny’s cock, sliding down slowly, turned toward Dean so both he and Benny could watch what was happening to Dean.

Dean whined as Kevin started stroking his own cock, riding Benny’s cock completely naked. Dean hadn’t even noticed Kevin undressing, but he had been rather occupied by what Gabe and Cas had been doing to him.

Sam licked the shell of Dean’s right ear. “Everybody wants to see you come. See how they’re watching you? You’re so fucking hot they all want inside your ass, but I’ve got my cock in you, big brother,” Sam whispered into Dean’s ear.

Dean felt his cheeks flush. If he were more aroused, closer to coming, he might not have cared that he was the center of attention, but Sam had to go and remind him. Sure, Sam was great at dirty talk, but why couldn’t he pick other things to say?

“Ah, Gabe,” Dean hissed as Gabriel used his teeth on Dean’s perineum, gently scraping along the skin. It felt dangerous, raw, and it pushed Dean closer to coming.

Cas growled, grabbing Dean’s chin and kissing him hard, biting at his lips and licking into his mouth. It was a possessive kiss, and Dean wanted more of it. He moaned into Cas’ mouth, their teeth hitting a few times as Sam’s movements became more forceful.

With Dean’s weight on top of him, it was nowhere near what Sam would’ve been able to do had he been in a different position, but it was intense, and with Gabriel using his tongue and teeth on his perineum, Dean was getting stimulation to his prostate from both sides.

Dean yelped into Cas’ mouth as Gabriel growled, sending vibrations through his skin and making him squirm on Sam’s lap. Dean was too far gone to be thinking rationally, so when he reached for his cock, he was frustrated when someone grabbed his wrists.

He tried to see who it was, but Cas was practically mauling his face, sucking on his tongue and moaning into his mouth. Apparently Cas wasn’t as calm with his possessiveness as Dean thought he was.

Dean heard Kevin growling and yelling, his voice a mix of breathy and deep that meant Kevin was coming. He heard Benny’s muffled growl, and Dean’s cock twitched hard, because he knew Benny was coming while biting Kevin. He’d know that sound anywhere.

He felt a hand on his balls, but he was getting so much stimulation, was so lost in everything that he couldn’t even tell who’s hand it was, who’s hands were holding his wrists, who was pinching his nipples. Gabe hadn’t stopped mouthing at his perineum, and it was driving him crazy with need.

Cas was humping the couch cushions, and Dean gasped as Cas bit his lip hard enough to bleed. Cas growled and grunted his way through his own orgasm, biting down Dean’s jaw, his neck, and finally biting down hard on his shoulder.

“Cas!” Dean screamed as he came, his asshole clenching around Sam, Sam growling in his ear, his cock twitching inside Dean.

Dean was panting, his head lolling on Sam’s left shoulder. Gabriel looked up at him with a grin from between his legs.

Nick snorted. “Cas’ll be cleaning the carpet and couch tomorrow,” he said with a grin.

“Hah,” Dean barked. “Nick wet the carpet. Bad dog,” he said playfully, grinning at Nick when Nick chuckled.

“He’s not the only one,” Benny grunted.

“Ah, yeah,” Kevin said, sprawled out on Benny, “I made a mess of the carpet over here.”

Gabriel sighed. “Yep, me too,” he said as he looked down at the carpet between his legs.

Nick tucked himself back into his pants. “So should I just bring the food in here so we can all be lazy and comfortable on the couches?” he asked.

“Awesome idea,” Sam said. “And we also need some cleanup.”

“I got it,” Kevin said, slithering off Benny and dragging himself to the couch.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean groaned as Kevin licked around the end of his cock and cleaned Dean’s shirt the best he could with just his tongue. Both Dean and Cas had made a mess of Dean’s shirt.

Gabriel crawled up onto the couch to the right, his cock still hanging out of his pants. Kevin got between Dean’s legs once Gabe was out of the way and licked around Dean’s asshole.

Dean hissed, flinching at the sensation. Sam grabbed Dean’s legs and pulled them up and out to the sides, giving Kevin more room. Dean was too wasted to care what it looked like as Sam’s cock slid out and Kevin sucked and licked at Dean’s hole, his hips jerking a little as his overly sensitive asshole was cleaned by Kevin’s tongue.

Nick walked back into the room with a huge platter of food and set it down on the coffee table. The guys all made positive and appreciative noises that were muted and without much effort behind them. Everyone was too relaxed and sated, but they still were happy to get some food.

When Kevin finished cleaning Dean, Sam pushed Dean off to Sam’s left to sit on the couch. Dean took his plate when Nick handed it to him, Benny turned the television back on, and the guys enjoyed a quiet and delicious dinner on the couches.


The next day Dean was adding salt to the water treatment system for the house when Kevin stepped into the garage. Dean could tell it was Kevin by the scent. He walked up behind Dean, reached his hands around him, and started undoing the buttons on Dean’s jeans.

“Dude, I’m almost done,” Dean said, bending over to pick up the second bag of salt. “Gimme a sec.”

Kevin growled, grabbing a corner of the bag and pulling just enough to unbalance the load in Dean’s hands and the bag of salt went down to the cement, breaking open and spilling salt out onto the garage floor.

“Every fucking time!” Kevin hissed as he reached up and grabbed Dean by the back of the neck, squeezing hard enough to make Dean wince. “Every fucking time I order you to do things, I get an attitude.”

Dean held still, not fighting, but not showing submission either. He could tell Kevin was pissed, but Dean was irritated, and he didn’t feel like dealing with Kevin.

“Get on your knees,” Kevin growled. Dean sighed, but did as he was told. “No,” Kevin barked. “Kneel in the salt,” he said, pointing at the spilled mess.

“What?” Dean asked, looking up at Kevin, a confused look on his face.

“You’re defying me every time I do anything with you,” Kevin said. “I don’t know why, but it needs to stop. Kneeling in the salt while I fuck your ass should help you remember to keep your attitude in check.”

Kevin was serious. Dean’s eyes widened. He knew he’d been an asshole to Kevin, rebelling just like Benny had said, but this seemed a little on the cruel side. But Kevin looked pissed, and Dean knew he’d pushed Kevin to this.

Dean crawled into the salt and spread his legs, grimacing at the feeling of the salt against his skin, because even though it didn’t really hurt yet, he knew it would soon, and if Kevin fucked him hard, his skin would be sliding over the cement and salt.

“That’s enough,” Sam said from the doorway. “Get up, Dean,” he said as he walked up behind Kevin.

Dean stood up, brushing the salt off his knees. By the time he was done, standing up straight again, he saw Kevin staring Sam down. Which looked hilarious because of the size difference, but Kevin wasn’t backing down.

Sam wasn’t posturing, didn’t look furious, but Dean knew his brother well enough to know Sam was at least irritated even if he was keeping himself under control. Sam turned to Dean, ignoring Kevin for the moment to address Dean. Dean’s eyes widened as Kevin’s face turned red with rage. Sam was a confident enough alpha that he’d brushed off Kevin’s posturing, and Kevin wasn’t happy about it.

Sam gave Dean a tight smile. “Would you mind cleaning this up while I have a talk with Kevin?” he asked as he gestured to the salt on the floor.

“No problem,” Dean said, then hid a smile behind his hand as Sam grabbed Kevin by the neck and dragged him to the other side of he garage.

Dean wanted to watch, but Sam had asked him to clean up. He’d have to be content with just hearing what was going on and catching glimpses.

“If Dean isn’t obeying you or he’s giving you a hard time,” Sam said, voice controlled, “then you handle it in a patient and loving way or you bring the matter to me or Benny.”

Dean picked up the bag of salt, careful to not let more fall out, and dumped the rest of the bag into the water treatment system.

“He’s pushing me,” Kevin said. “He’s been pushing me from day one. I was showing him his place.”

“Making Dean kneel in a pile of salt while you fuck him on a cement floor isn’t showing him his place,” Sam said, and Dean was impressed with the calm in Sam’s voice. “What you were about to do was cruel.”

“Every time I tell him to do something, he fights it,” Kevin said, a growl in his voice.

“If you can’t handle it, you bring it to me or Benny,” Sam repeated patiently. “You don’t torture him.”

“Am I supposed to run to the two of you fifty times a day?” Kevin hissed.

“Has Dean fought you on the enemas again?” Sam asked.

“No,” Kevin growled.

“Because Benny took care of it when you asked him to,” Sam said.

Dean grabbed a broom and dustpan, sweeping up the rest of the salt and catching a glimpse of Kevin’s red face, his teeth bared.

“What you were about to do is unacceptable,” Sam said. “And unless you’re ready to fight your way up in the ranks, the posturing had better stop.”

Dean didn’t want to miss anything, and once he was finished cleaning he wouldn’t have a reason to be there, so he cleaned up as slow as possible.

“My posturing,” Kevin growled, and Dean could just hear the quotation marks around the word, “is because you’re getting in the middle of something that’s not your business. This is between me and your brother,”

Sam grabbed Kevin by the front of his shirt, lifting him off the ground until Kevin’s nose was an inch away from Sam’s nose, and Sam let out a roar that was deep enough give Dean chills.

Kevin went limp, his head falling to the side in submission, which looked kind of ridiculous because Sam was still holding Kevin up by the front of Kevin’s shirt. Dean froze, his eyes wide as he watched without bothering to hide the fact he had a ringside seat to the show.

“I’m sorry, alpha,” Kevin said, his voice soft and submissive, and Sam set him back down on the ground. “I let Dean push me, allowed myself to get upset, and I apologize.”

Dean held his breath as Sam reached down and undid the buttons on Kevin’s jeans. Kevin didn’t fight him, just let Sam push his jeans and underwear down to his ankles.

“Alpha, please,” Kevin said, sounding scared, but from where Dean was standing, he couldn’t see Kevin’s face. “I’m sorry.”

Sam still didn’t look pissed. He had established his dominance over Kevin without ever letting it get to him. Dean remembered to breathe again, a smile on his face that was getting bigger. He was so proud of Sam.

He’d always known his baby brother was going to be an awesome alpha, and this proved it. He’d kept his cool even with Kevin nearly throwing a temper tantrum right in front of him after Kevin had been ready to hurt Dean. Dean didn’t even bother to try and wipe the smile off his face.

Sam’s movements were unhurried and sure. He bent Kevin forward, wrapping his left arm around Kevin’s midsection and holding tight.

“Alpha! Please!” Kevin said, his voice raising, panic in his tone of voice. “I’m sorry!”

“Loving discipline,” Sam said. “That’s what we all agreed on. It’s what I’m going to be using on you now even though you didn’t have the decency to use it on Dean.”

Sam started spanking Kevin, the sound loud in the garage. The smile fell from Dean’s face a little. Though he didn’t like what Kevin had done to him, it was still upsetting when a member of the pack had to be disciplined.

Even so, Dean’s chest felt like it might burst. He was so proud of Sam. He could be beating the shit out of Kevin, but instead he was doing just as he said he would do and practicing loving discipline.

Kevin tried to reach around behind himself to cover his ass, but the position Sam had him in prevented it. Kevin whined, squirming in Sam’s grip.

“Sam! I’m sorry!” Kevin yelped, his ass turning dark pink quickly as Sam’s hand just kept going. “Ow! Fuck! Sam, please!”

Kevin pulled his legs up off the ground, and Sam must’ve been ready for it, because it didn’t unbalance him and topple the two of them to the ground. Kevin kicked out, obviously not aiming for Sam, but a reaction to the pain.

“Sam!” Kevin screamed, sounding close to tears. “I said I was sorry! I just wanted him to listen to me! I’m sorry!”

Dean suddenly realized he didn’t feel bad for Kevin. He was upset over the necessity of discipline in his house, but after what Kevin said, Dean normally would’ve felt bad. After all, he’d been the one to continually push Kevin. But something in Dean was seeing it as deserved on Kevin’s part and not something to feel guilty about.

He felt like he’d been punched in the gut. He thought about what Benny had said to him when they were talking on Dean’s bed. Benny had told Dean to think about why he was rebelling against Kevin. Benny hadn’t been the first one to tell Dean he was a good judge of character, and now that he felt no guilt for something that normally would’ve made him feel guilty, it made things click.

It wasn’t Kevin ordering him to kneel in the salt. It wasn’t Kevin being rough with him. It wasn’t the way Kevin had spoken to him since they’d established ranks. It was the fact that deep down Dean didn’t feel remorse for pushing Kevin. That meant instincts were at play, gut feeling.

Sam slowed to a stop, setting Kevin back down and pulling his underwear and jeans up for him. Kevin was sobbing, trying to catch his breath. Sam used his shirt sleeve to wipe Kevin’s face, then pulled him in for a hug. Kevin stiffened in the embrace, but Sam just held him.

When he let go a few moments later, Kevin turned and left, slamming the garage door behind him. Sam looked over at Dean with a frown.

“I’m concerned,” Sam said. “And I know you are too.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah,” he said.

“Let’s see if Kevin works it out, tries to change,” Sam said. “Watch him. I’ll talk to Benny, but I know he’s already got a close eye on him.”

Dean sighed. “I figured he did.”

“If you think we should take action now, I’m behind you,” Sam said. “But I’d like to at least give him a chance.”

“I’m okay with that,” Dean said with a nod.

“Okay,” Sam said, then walked up to Dean and hugged him.

“I’m proud of you, baby brother,” Dean said into Sam’s neck. “You didn’t let him get to you.”

Sam chuckled as he pulled out of the hug. “It wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be.”

Dean beamed up at Sam. “That’s because you’re an awesome alpha.”

Sam blushed. “That’s how I felt. It’s our house, and I was taking care of a problem in our house. Dealing with Kevin was like dealing with you or Jo. You may frustrate me, but I’d never in my right mind lose complete control on you.”

“But admit it,” Dean said with a grin. “Jo was harder to deal with than me, right?”

Sam snorted. “Yes. And Jo was better than you at sneaking around behind her parents’ backs to avoid the wooden spoon that Ellen likes to borrow from Missouri and Anna. If Bobby and Ellen ever find out half the shit Jo did, they’d pull her out of college for a week-long visit with Missouri’s spoon.”

“And she’d deserve it,” Dean said with a huff.

“She would,” Sam said with a nod, then his smile faded away. “Are you okay?”

“You don’t have to take care of me, Sammy,” Dean said.

“I’m not asking because you’re a wilting flower,” Sam said, rolling his eyes. “I’m asking because I love you, you jerk,” he said, then punched Dean in the arm.

“I’m good,” Dean said with a nod.

“Good,” Sam said as he turned and headed for the door. “Now you can finish your painfully slow clean-up job,” he said over his shoulder.

“Hey, I got distracted. There were things going on,” he said, chuckling as he heard Sam snort before the door closed.

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