Title Dreamweaver
Fandom Supernatural
Category Gen
Rating R/Adult/Non-Explicit
Pairing(s) None
Words 97,831
Timeline Season 2, Directly Following Nightshifter (2×12)
On-Screen Attempted Non-Con and Off-Screen Non-Con (Not involving Dean) Mentioned
Gen, Mental Hospital, Season 2, Language, Medical Procedures
Dean, Sam, OMCs
Summary After Nightshifter, instead of making it out of the bank without a hitch, the guys get caught. Dean is deemed incompetent to stand trial for reasons of insanity and sent to a mental hospital for the criminally insane.

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Friday, Week 1

It was stupid of us to let our guard down only a week after hearing Henriksen’s voice over the bank phone. It was even stupider to walk into a trap.

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