Rewritten in the Stars

Title Rewritten in the Stars
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) John/Castiel
Words ?
Timeline Preseries
Mostly this is fluff, but there are some things mentioned about canon deaths (Mary is the most intense) and Dean’s time in Hell.
Time Travel, Kidfic, Fluff
John, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Mary, OCs
Full Prompt
Castiel (any post-apocalypse season) is tired of seeing his boys constantly run down by pain and circumstance. Besides, their choices and Castiel’s own, have had a too-high cost, so using that Free Will, he cuts a deal with Destiny, straps on his angel wings, and travels back in time.

He can’t prevent Mary’s death or anything because otherwise Destiny will be a bitch to him, but what he can do is give them the happiness the Winchesters desperately needed growing up.

So he joins up with John while hiding all along the fact he is an angel (how he manages this is up to you) and helps out with hunts and kids; and by seeing how much he cares for his kids, John falls for this mysterious, pretty man with inexplicable good luck and deep and gravelly voice (and feels really conflicted about this because he doesn’t want to betray Mary, and oh delicious angst).

Then, he sets out to woo Castiel. And it turns out there was another reason Mary fell for John outside of cupid-mojo; John can be actually a great guy when he is not being a revenge-obsessed asshole. And a great dad. So Castiel falls for him.

At some point, he finds out about Castiel. I mean, he’s a perpetual piece of sexy ass? Why doesn’t he age? And all the angst. So much betrayal angst. Where does it go from there is up to you.

Summary John meets an odd guy that he just can’t seem to forget. Cas seems to genuinely care for his kids, and soon John is thinking Cas will make not only a good hunting partner, but a great addition to the Winchester family. Their lives aren’t fairy tales and fluffy kittens, but Cas changes them in ways the boys may never fully understand.

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