Supernatural RPF/RPS

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There are warnings and kink spoiler lists in the header section for each of my fics.

Cruel Complication · | · LJ · | · AO3 · | · SPNKink-Meme
Jensen/Misha, Misha/JPS, etc. · | · NC-17/Adult · | · 8500 Words

Summary: Fill for an anonymous prompt. Misha is a well-known TV star in an abusive relationship. Jensen is the makeup artist who has to cover up the many cuts and bruises that Misha’s boyfriend gives him. No matter how bad it gets, Misha always comes in with a smile. Until one day he doesn’t. Finish the story how you’d like, I like surprises. It’s up to the author if they want to add in scenes of Misha’s abusive boyfriend (rough sex, the beatings, etc).

Good Morning · | · LJ · | · AO3 · | · SPNKink-Meme
John/Dean · | · NC-17/Adult · | · 2000 Words

Summary: Fill for an anonymous prompt. Jared is at his horniest first thing in the morning. Jensen has a habit of sleeping in, but Jared is sure to wake him up anyway. Unfortunately he doesn’t like to wait until after Jensen has had his first morning piss. He’s not exactly into watersports but he does like the panic Jensen goes through to get away. He tries to get Jared off as quick as possible. Jared just wants to fuck Jensen with a full bladder because Jensen can’t seem to get hard but he isn’t soft either.

Intrinsic · | · LJ · | · AO3 · | · SPN-KinkMeme
Jared/Jensen, Jeff/Jensen, Chris Kane/Jensen · | · NC-17/Adult · | · 4600 Words

Summary: Fill for an anonymous prompt. Mafia!AU. The Padalecki family employes a man who is feared by all for his skills in getting people to talk, but not many people realize how he became the man he is today. Jared tells Jensen’s story to someone.

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