Daddy!Dean and Little!Sam
TW: Daddy!Kink, Blood, wincest.
(No specific age, can read this in any age you’d like)

Sam wasn’t sure what he was doing but he some how managed to bite his lip hard enough to make it bleed. He whined “ouch” and put his finger to his bottom lip.

Dean was sitting across from Sam and looked up from his book, “What did you do?” He asked him with a small smile, he saw the blood forming on his baby brothers bottom lip.

“I bit my lip…and it hurts.” Sam whined, “Daddy, will you kiss it and make it better?” He asked coyly. He could feel his cheeks heating up from embarrassment. He was still to shy to refer to Dean as ‘Daddy’ but Dean likes it, and so does he, he’ll just have to push his shyness away.

“Of course. Come here.” 

Sam got up from his seat and walked over to his older brother, Dean wiped the blood from his lip with his thumb. Sam flinched a bit and Dean shook his head smiling before leaning in and kissing Sam’s boo boo. “Does it feel better now, baby boy?” He asked.

“Yes. Thank you…daddy.” 

“You’re welcome.” Dean hushed before kissing him again. 

Awww, very sweet!

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