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Someone requested a list of daddy!Cas + little!Dean fics. I’ve separated them into categories of non-sexual, non-sexual when little (which means there is a sexual relationship when in “adult” space), non-sexual and sexual elements in the same fic/collection, and physical regression where Dean retains his adult memories or sense of self.

There are various pairings below, so read the tags for each fic.

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Title: Hatchling
Author: SailorChibi aka @tsuki-chibi
Summary: Before God left, He gave
instructions for a new method of creating angels: one that allows an
angel to take a consenting adult human as their child. By feeding them
grace over the course of an unspecified amount of years, the human’s –
now known as a nestling or a hatchling – soul will change enough to be
able to produce a modified form of grace, thereby keeping angels from
dying out.
Notes: This is a WIP, but it’s updated regularly

Title: The Swingset ‘Verse
Author: embalmer56 & princessladybug

The AU (sorda) in which Dean has huge Daddy issues and Cas decides to help Dean through it.

More Beneath the Cut

Title: Nephilim
Author: SLunne aka @maaahksheppard
Summary: The boys have hidden the fact that
they were nephilim all their lives, but when an angel pulls Dean out of
Hell, there’s no hiding it. Instead of an instant smiting, Sam and Dean
find themselves with a whole new extended family, and everyone wants to
meet the newest little angels.
Notes: This was inspired by Hatchling. It’s a WIP and already over 15k.

Title: Little Bit

They call it a declaration when you turn 17, but it’s not really a
choice for most. You identify as a Master, a Sub, a Pet, a Masochist, a
Dom, a Slave…the list goes on. Castiel’s known he was a Caregiver
since he was 15. Now he’s 28 and beginning to think about what having a
family  means for him and his fiance, Sam, when his world collides with
the one and only Dean Winchester.

Notes: This is Sastiel. Abusive!John & mentions of Alastair. This is a WIP, but it’s already at 25k.

Title: Cas’ Little Boy
Author: @lovingsmutandfluff
Fluffy, nonsexual, Destiel age play.
Notes: A short but sweet prompt fill.

Title: Subversion
SailorChibi aka @tsuki-chibi
Furious at Dean for what happened with Gadreel, Sam wants a way to even
the odds a little between them. But between his own misunderstanding and
Dean’s stubbornness, Sam might just have broken his own brother.
Fortunately, he can call on an angel for back up.

Non-Sexual When Little

Title: Baby Dean and His Daddy Cas

Dean has a secret that not even
Sammy knows. All Sam know is that a few days out of every month, Dean
leaves stressed and comes back calm. Castiel starts to find this
suspicious and follows Dean one day. Confusion follows.

Notes: This one includes abusive!John. This is Destiel.

Title: Regress
Author: @lovingsmutandfluff
Written for the prompt, “Dean regresses pretty far and Cas takes super good care of him. Dean always tries to
resist using his diaper when regressing, but eventually gives in and
wets himself.
Notes: Destiel when not little.

Title: That’s What Parents Are For
Author: Anon
For the prompt, “Just looking for something cute and fluffy. Sam and Dean both need to be
littles sometimes (maybe Cas or some angel looks after them?).
A little angsty, but I love the idea of Sam getting to be the big
brother for a while, and I’ve never seen anybody make them both littles
and still make Sam a bit older.

Title: Color of Hope
deadmockingbirds aka @deadmockingbirds1

Being raised by John Winchester wasn’t easy in the first place; only way
to make it worse? Present as omega. After John’s death, Dean is finally
free, physically; the only thing still holding him prisoner is his
mind. As next Alpha in the Winchester line, Dean’s papers go to Sam. Sam
always loved Dean; always wished he could save Dean. But after years of
abuse, there’s only one thing Sam can do to help Dean: Whatever it
takes not to let Dean’s fractured soul slice him to pieces.

Notes: Sastiel with daddy!Cas and daddy!Sam. Abusive!John.

Title: Dinosaurs and Cough Syrup
Author: Me (Mayalaen)
Summary: Written for the prompt:
I really wanna read something cute and fluffy with baby dean
(infantilism) maybe even sick dean? I like either cas or sam as the
‘daddy’ but it can be someone else. I prefer non-sexual, as for the
‘setting’ I don’t prefer one over another, although I did enjoy Mr.
Kitty’s New Friend 🙂 I also like it when a bit of the Adultness shines
through like deans aware of what’s happening but he needs it ya know?

Notes: Cas isn’t on-screen in this fic, but he is one of Dean’s daddies and daddy!Sam and little!Dean talk about that fact.

Both Sexual and Non-Sexual Elements

Title: Love, Love, Love

A collection of infantilism oneshots that you guys have requested and what I have done myself. A winter gift for Into_Oblivion!

Notes: There are a lot of pairings here and also some genfic. Read the tags because it’s not just one story but a collection.

Physically Little + Mentally Adult

Title: A Dad to Make it All Better
SailorChibi aka @tsuki-chibi​​

Summary: The world jumped around them and Dean felt his knees
buckle, but he never hit the motel floor. Castiel caught him and picked
him up, unbothered by the urine, balancing Dean on his hip. Dean
squirmed, restless and uneasy, caught between his mortified older self
and his little headspace. He’d been dangling on the edge all day and now
that Castiel was there he was sliding fast, but it was also sinking in
that he’d just wet himself in front of two people. And not just any two
people, but Sam. He’d wet himself in front of Sam.

Title: The Winchesters Series
Author: deadmockingbirds aka @deadmockingbirds1
Dean gets spiked with a drug that is being used in this world to give
people a second chance at life. Only Dean liked his old life fine, but
after a hunt gone wrong he ends up as the adopted child of the
Winchesters. Problem is, he still has all of his old memories and can’t
quite let go of the fact that he’s twenty-eight and not a toddler. Not
to mention, he wants revenge on whoever did this to him. If only having
Cas and Sam as parents wasn’t so damn wonderful; this whole acid trip
would be easier to figure out.

Notes: This is very different. It’s an AU and an interesting concept I don’t remember reading about before, but this is one of my favorite regression/little!Dean fics EVER! It’s Sastiel and there’s spanking/discipline of little!Dean, but it’s all very loving. Cas and Sam are very loving daddies 🙂

Full Regression (need to include them for cuteness!!!)

Title: Regressed Dean: The Journey Back to Trust

Castiel proposes a daring plan to Sam, to help Dean and ultimately them
all. Regressed Dean. Protective Sammy. Insecure Castiel. An adorable
cast of characters who are challenged in a unique situation.
Notes: Threesome, mpreg, though (if I’m remembering correctly) there’s no sexual aspect regarding Dean when he’s little.

Title: Hedgehog ‘Verse
FaithDaria and PaBurke

Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.

Notes: This is a very cute ‘verse! If you’re confused by LJ at all, follow these links (in order) to read the whole thing.

If anyone has any more fics to add to this, PLEASE DO SO! I’m always on the lookout for more littles fics! Send me an ask or IM me 🙂

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