Fic Recs: bloodandcream

Because @bendoverandbiteyourgag aka @bloodandcream has aroused me WAY too much, I need to rec her fic. Something for everyone, lots of pairings and kinks, and don’t forget to read warnings 🙂

Quiet and Noise – Destiel+spanking

Earn It – Castiel/Hannah/Meg pegging & BDSM (I still haven’t recovered)

Shuck It – Dean/Cain (the now-famous corn-y fic)

Impulse – Abaddon/Rowena ABO/Soulmates AU

Tossed Salad – Sam/Cain

After Hours – Destiel medical kink

Sugar Sweet – Dean/Donna oral fetish

Bruised – Wincest rough sex

Those are some of my favorites, but there are TONS more, and you can read them on AO3.

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