Friday the 13th

I just had a great time with our tattoo shop’s Friday the 13th Event!

We had people coming in all day long, and none of us got a break the whole day! We had four artists tattooing the whole time and at times we had as many as six people waiting for a tattoo!

They were all small tattoos, since we were doing a 2″x2″ tattoo for $13, so people moved through fairly quickly, but it was cool to have that many people there.

It got busy enough that me and one of the other owners were interviewing the customers to see what they wanted, printing it out, and we’d have everything ready so when one of the artists was done with a client, they could just walk up, take the papers and stencil, and start right up on the next one.

We played horror movies on the shop TV the whole day, brought in cookies, and everybody was very nice and seemed to have a good time.

Our artists were so excited over the turnout that they’ve decided we should do something like this once a month, so we have to come up with an idea for an event every month.

One of the things I suggested was a charity event. Maybe not every month, but I think it would be cool to pick a local charity and send the proceeds to the charity, letting customers know they can donate as much or as little as they want.

We had a car wash a few months back for the niece of one of our tattoo artists. She’s just 5 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia. Everybody was so nice, so helpful, and very generous. The family was having a hard time paying for their travel and food expenses, and the money from the car wash really helped.

The little girl is going through chemotherapy right now, and even though it’s obviously hard on her, she’s doing really well. Every time we get pictures of her, she’s got a big smile on her face, she’s doing activities with the other kids in the hospital or with her brother at home.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I had a really great time at the shop event on Friday the 13th, and I can’t wait until we have another one!

And I’m exhausted, so I’m going to bed now!


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