Geeky Flailing

I’m not going to get into my new job at the moment, but I’ll post in the future about it.

I just wanted to post because I’m geekishly flailing. Because I’ve got 6 computers sitting on my very large, L-shaped, cockpit desk at home. SIX! And I’m being a geek about how fun it is.

I’ve got a netbook (which I’m using for the music/sound system at the shop — my new job), my laptop (which I spent more money on than my desktop PC), my desktop PC with dual monitor setup, and three other computers and monitors I’m setting up for the shop.

I even took pictures of the computers all over the desk. I’m not going to post them, as it’s probably exciting to only me and maybe someone else very, very geeky.

I also recently ordered myself a 16gb USB 3.0 flash drive. I’ve never had a 3.0 before, and now I have a computer that has 3.0 and a flash drive that has 3.0. I love it!! I’m not letting anyone touch it 😀


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