Get a Room

Title Get a Room
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Adult/Explicit/NC-17
Pairing(s) Dean/Castiel
Words 1798
Timeline Any
The sex is mostly consensual, but Dean doesn’t like the fact that Sam’s there, even if all he’s doing is helping break the curse.
Curse, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Voyeurism, Manhandling, Anal Sex, Humor
Dean, Castiel, Sam
Full Prompt
Something where Castiel’s roughly fucking Dean from behind while Dean’s attempting to have a conversation with someone right there. Loadsa humiliation on Dean’s part – he’s definitely not consented to being fucked in front of whoever. Possibilities: – sex curse thing that’s only affected Cas, with Dean trying to tell Sam what happened leading up to it. – Castiel taking Dean in front of other angels because they feel no shame about such things …or as a ‘formal claim’. – Cas honestly just doesn’t give a shit. It can be established relationship or not. Bonus for clothed!Cas/naked!Dean!
Summary Castiel’s been cursed, and Sam can help break the curse, but Dean’s a little busy getting his ass reamed by said cursed angel at the moment.

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