My biggest mistake for my @spncoldesthits fic was writing chapters 5 through 8 before chapters 2 through 4. Never do that.

Yes, time for some sincere navel gazing: my biggest mistake this round was (a) writing a fic (b) posting it © letting all you guys know about it …

I have had so many trolling comments this month @fancythingsandgossamerwings was like LITERALLY TRYING TO PICK UP SOMEONE in the comments. Like get a room.

Also, I had some non-trolling I suspect sincere comments because rather than being put off by a WIP some readers thought a comment will lead to more writing … (I never thought of that *sigh*)

Also, totally huge mistake was writing in the rules “no underage please” which really is just inviting @bendoverandbiteyourgag to write a fic with tags so horrific I could not even open it.

Also, another mistake was reading @soupernabturel’s Folsom Prison Pastel because now I am trapped in a WIP and I NEED more of it and I’m considering flying down to Melbourne to beg for more goddamnit.

Also, mistake gazillionth, getting caught up on reading all the fics so that I am so so behind on promo wars but I will get there, don’t worry.

And I miss @prettymessedupsituation and the way she yells during @spncoldesthits

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