Hollandaise Sauce

Title Hollandaise Sauce
Fandom Supernatural
Category Slash
Rating Teen/Not Explicit/PG-13
Pairing(s) Dean/Castiel
Words 1661
Timeline Season 9
Mild Language, Mild Sexual ContentNone
Humor, Prank Wars, Kissing, Foodplay, Men of Letters Bunker, Human Castiel
Dean, Castiel, Sam
Full Prompt
Sam gets Castiel involved in his and Dean’s on going prank war. He convinces Castiel to tell Dean that he is in love with him, or something to that effect. Sam is positive Dean will freak out (not that Dean is homophobic, but he is very straight, and hearing such a confession from a friend is sure to be a shock). Castiel goes along with this, and to Sam’s great surprise Dean is very receptive to Castiel’s “confession” even admitting he feels the same way. This can either be because Dean really is in love with Castiel, or because he knows what Cas and Sam are doing, and wants to get back at Sam. Or perhaps Cas only went along with it because he really IS in love with Dean.
Summary Sam recruits Castiel in a prank war against Dean.

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