i keep waiting for the schizophrenia acceptance posts




not to be a big whiny baby or anything but i never see them 🙁

No month dedicated to acceptance or awareness or visibility. We get an awareness day officially, but I never see anything reblogged on May 24th.

I don’t see posts where headcanons or canon schiz characters are represented. I don’t see cute/quirky bulleted posts about how schiz characters would do this or that.

And whenever schizophrenia is mentioned, it’s usually about how some awful character is probably schiz or some lunatic who mowed down a bunch of people turns out to be a schiz.

I know it’s not a “light” mental illness, but we’re out there and have really shitty representation when we do get it.

When it’s mentioned, people shy away or change the subject.

I see all these other mental, physical, sexual orientation, and gender issues getting recognition more and more, which is totally awesome and I don’t want that to stop, but schizophrenia still hasn’t come out of the dark shadows.

And do you have any idea how funny/cute/adorable hallucinations can be when they’re not viewed like the scourge of evil?

Seriously, the guys at the shop have fun with it, and I love it. They like to say, “Maya sees all. Even the stuff that isn’t there.” They tell me when something isn’t real, and we all have a laugh about it.

Can you imagine Cas, for example, asking barista!Dean if he’s seen the balloons in the sky and Dean looks out the window and says, “There are no balloons in the sky today, sir.”

This happens a few more times with things, and Dean catches on, and he thinks Cas is really cute, but Cas is oblivious because schiz people really suck at picking up on this and we suck at flirting, so Dean basically tries going overboard to flirt with Cas, but still Cas is clueless.

Until Sam suggests just saying “HEY I LIKE YOU LET’S DATE!” and Cas is totally surprised and Dean takes him to see a real balloon show.

This can be cute like other mental illnesses or issues. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

I adore clueless Cas and i adore Dean adoring Cas even more because of his quirks. Have some fluffy schiz!Cas destiel because i love you and I love these dorks and because representation is cool <3

Title: Days With You

Rating: Mature

Words: 3000

Tags: Fluff, schiz!Cas, model! Dean, ace!Sam, Modern AU

Dean’s flirted his way into bars, clubs, and even the backstage of a gig. He’s flirted his way into people’s pants and their beds. He takes great pride in being able to flirt into—or out of—any situation he damn well wants. Which is why he’s almost tragically offended when he moves into a new apartment and despite his absolute best efforts he can’t win more than a smile from his devastatingly handsome neighbour.

“Have you tried just asking him out?”

“Sam you literally could not be more useless. Ask him out. Are you insane?”

“Well what’s the worst that could happen?”

They’re sitting in the poky lounge room and Sam is offering life-ruining ideas under the guise of helpful advice.

“He could say no, for one.”

“But he might say yes.”

“Sam you’re not listening. He might say no.”

Sam sips his organic pharmy-shwarmy tea and shrugs. “Well at least then you’ll know.”

“That’s hardly any help.”

“You can’t just sit around moping after him on the off chance he doesn’t wanna bang you, too.”

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I read. I squeed. I read again. I squeed some more. And then I read it again because it’s just that cute and that spot-on.

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