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I didn’t actually get to watch it from.beginning to end until a few years ago but I loooooove it. I’d seen episodes out of order back when it was airing. I’m always so delighted to find someone else that loves it though because it seems like nobody remembers it exists

@intotheruins and @ellendd are both Farscape fans too 🙂

HELLO HI YES I FUCKING LOVE FARSCAPE! Although Netflix is evil and took the show down, so I haven’t been able to watch s4 yet.

@mayalaen, @maliciouslycreative, @ellendd what do you guys ship?

You’ll be totally surprised at this one, but John/Scorpio is my favorite just for all the torture and angst and mindfucking.

I also really like Aeryn/Chiana just because I love that mix of serious and by the book type of person with a carefree almost pain in the ass character who frustrates the serious person 😀

But I’m not stuck on any one ship, as usual. I’ll read any ship.

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