replied to your post “if this site implodes”

Just tell me where to go. I was late to the tumblr game…and never did much beyond the original fanfiction.net (fuck I’m old ��) and of course AO3. What other sites are there similar to tumblr?

From what I’ve seen

AO3 is the fan-friendly version of FF.net
Dreamwidth is the fan-friendly version of LiveJournal
Pillowfort is the fan-friendly version of Tumblr.

Pillowfort is down for maintenance at the moment, but they’re scrambling because they know people are jumping ship from Tumblr. Only problem is they’re not really ready for the load. They’re still doling out passes slowly and allowing people to pay for accounts with a small donation, which means people who have no money can’t sign up at the moment.

Maybe they’ll rework their account process because of the Tumblr issue.

Whatever happens, I’m very easy to find everywhere on the net because I always use this handle.

If you’re the type of person who uses different handles on different sites, keep in mind that I suck at remembering stuff like that, so just remind me who you are if you find me and I’m all clueless as to who you are 🙂

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