replied to your post “GASP. I didnt know that you watched SG1!!!!!”

!!! Besides CSI Miami, Stargate was like the first actual show I really got into when I was growing up, and one that I wanted to watch on a regular basis (when me and siblings went up to visit my Grandma in Michigan, we actually got to see SG1 faster cause we were by Canada). Daniel Jackson was my favorite character (but then I had a crush on Michael Shanks). I love watching the movie and will do on occasion when I’m not watching Criminal Minds.

I just haven’t been on at the right times to see you post Stargate
content. I always get happy when I find out one of my friends watches

Very cool about seeing episodes early!!

Yeah I watched SG1 from the very beginning and loved it. I missed seeing seasons 8-10 on the nights they first aired (2004-2007 were not good years for me mentally), but have since seen them.

I have always had a hard time picking my favorite character, but geeky!Daniel is definitely awesome and hot. The first slash fic I ever read was Jack/Daniel, and I owe SG1 for bringing me into fandom. I wanted more of the show and stumbled into online fandoms.

I only posted one fic I wrote for SG1, and it was not received well. I didn’t know much about fandom and really should’ve observed more before I posted because it was to the wrong crowd and it actually freaked me out and I didn’t post fic for 10 years after that. But I wrote a TON of fic in those 10 years, including SG1 fic 🙂

I tend to post more SPN and Hannibal stuff here than anything else.

I’m still updating it, but I’ve got a mostly-finished list of my fandoms Here.

BTW I’m also a Criminal Minds fan 😀

Yeah, my brother introduced me and my siblings to it when we a little older (cause when it first came out i was literally 2), but by the time the show ended we would watch it when it aired. God, I was so young back then!! But tiny child Bethany loved that show. Adult Bethany still loves that show. I still remember reacting to episode 200, and the final episode almost made me cry.

I knew from the beginning that Daniel was my favorite character, I just always liked his geekier but BA style (which I think is why I’m so attracted to Sam Winchester now that I think about it..I have a type lol). I was also really big on Sam Carter and Vala, and now that I think about it, I was really attracted to Vala without realizing it. I’m pretty sure she was my pre-sexual awakening for girls (though Lauren Cohen was when I actually realized that I liked girls cause hot damn).

Awww 🙁 That sucks I’m sorry, but I’m glad that you’re here now!!!! Ngl, when I first was starting to get in fandom stuff as I got older, I was tempted to divulge into stuff like Jack/Daniel or Jack/Sam or other ships for SG1, but I was young and inexperienced and a little scared as to what I would find, so I never did. And then I found SPN and we all know how that went.

That I have noticed, but now I’m gonna keep an eye out for when you post SG1 stuff lololol.

Yay! I’m only on S9 so far, but I know most of what happens through S10 cause my family watches it too. I see that you like Firefly and NCIS too. Tell me, did you ever watch a show called Sliders? It had Jerry O’Connell and John Rhys-Davies in it.

Ugh, the final episode wrecked me!!

The huge amount of SG1 and SGA fanfic is totally awesome, and after experiencing SPN fandom for 13 years now, I kinda miss the… intellectual fanfic that came out of Stargate, especially SGA. There were a lot of writers who came up with really good stuff that totally made my geek brain happy, and I miss that in other fandoms. Also the fanfic relationship between Jack and Daniel was really cute. I mean they’re so adorable in canon, and then translating that to relationships? UGH SO CUTE.

There was also a lot of thinking outside the box in that fandom. A lot of SPN fic follows the canon world, even when going AU, but with Stargate people came up with the wildest stuff! And it could easily be explained as “this is a new world with different rules” even when it came to the laws of physics and how people evolved.

I knew of the woman who played Vala before she came to Stargate. I loved Farscape, so when I found out she was going to be on Stargate I was thrilled, and she came through for me, as did Cameron/John from Farscape 😀

I read a lot of Cameron/Daniel fic for a while too. And of course Vala/Sam or Vala/Janet or Vala/Sam/Janet. I also read all the Janet/Daniel I could get my hands on. Teal’c with pretty much anybody!

In the SGA fandom I really like McShep, but teamfic was awesome too. There seemed to be more femslash and poly fic in Stargate too. Huh.

SLIDERS!! I loved that show!! I always forget about it until someone mentions it or I see Jerry O’Connell on something, but yeah, I loved that show!

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