Month in Review: July 2015

July 2015

Back in June I started playing around with something. I read an article about working as a writer for hire where someone could commission you to write whatever they wanted. It sounded like a challenge to me, so I opened up requests to see if I could do it.

People could request anything, any pairing, any situation, and I’d write it. So far in June and July I’ve posted four of them, and you can read them on Ao3. They include Open Your Eyes, Tips to Make Your Girl Weak in the Knees, Size Doesn’t Matter, and Do As I Say.

littlebookahAt the very end of June I posted Chapter 23 of Alpha House ‘Verse and coming into July I posted Chapter 24 of Alpha House ‘Verse.

July has been a big month for me so far, and I also posted a fic involved Season 7 Sam dealing with Hallucifer issues in Burns Cold. I posted my first femslash fic, Five-Second Rule, and a fun piece involving Sam and some of the SPN ladies called Five Times Sam Was Topped.

Last but not least, I also posted Chapter 2 of Run Trip and Fall. It was a follow-up to the first part requested by someone.

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