My New Job

So I have a new job. After nearly 20 years in the same line of work (beginning when I was 14), it’s refreshing and scary at the same time.

I’m now the sole IT person for three small businesses, and the business taking the most of my time right now is a tattoo and supply shop that I’m 1/4 owner of.

By IT person (since it can encompass so many things), I mean that in three small businesses where none of the employees or owners have more than a somewhat passable knowledge of computers and most of whom know nothing about them and/or refuse to even touch them/learn about them, I run/maintain everything electronic, even the televisions and music/sound system.

When I finally realized my childhood dream of being a reclusive writer was a no-go (mental issues and changing meds really, really fuck with creative abilities), I switched gears. And even though I never thought it was more than a hobby, I’ve loved computers and technology in general.

So I could probably say it was my dream job without realizing I could have it as a job. I’m extremely shy, don’t do well in public, have a lot of anxiety, and am absolutely horrible at communication.

Having my previous job situation drop out from under me the way it did kind of kick-started me into needing to do something (I’m not the type of person who can do nothing, and I’d work even if I won millions from a lottery that I don’t play), and the opportunity presented itself at the most perfect time for these three businesses to finally be to the point where they needed tech and right now.

It’s not an easy job. And it’s made harder by the fact that a lot of the employees fight learning, and I suck at communication, but everyone knows I know my way around computers, and they trust me.

The grouchiest employee of the group recently growled at another employee when this other employee offered to have his “buddy” come in to look at the computers. Mr. Grouchy wouldn’t even consider it and just said I had it under control, don’t touch it, don’t mess with it, etc.

It’s totally adorable to me because I’m ridiculously shy, would rather hide in a dark corner and work, and that is contrasted with all the employees who are the opposite of shy — very gruff and big and all those adjectives you’d associate with tattoo artists and their friends.

Not to say they’re mean. They’re all pretty great guys. But to see them all trust me and ask for me and fall all over themselves to at least try a little bit when I try to help them learn something… it’s just cute.

The free (other than tipping) tattoos are a huge bonus, and the guys don’t mind at all (as far as I know).

Now that we have a full-time piercer in the shop, I’m thinking of getting a few more piercings too!


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