My uncle and his wife don’t get along with his daughter and her husband, but my uncle and his wife like to have the grandson at their house, so it’s this stupid dance of my mom/dad/mom’s sister/me going to pick up the kid (he comes EVERY weekend) and dropping him back off without letting my cousin or her husband have contact with her dad and step-mom.

I told my mom to tell my cousin we’re not taking him this weekend because not only can’t I handle the kid alone for a long length of time, but I don’t want my uncle or his wife trying to pick the kid up and getting in a fight with my cousin or her husband when my mom (who is this awesome mediator and problem solver) is out of town.

cut for a lot of venting and whining and I’m-sick-of-all-the-shit type talk

Well last night I made the ridiculously stupid mistake of blabbing with my mom on the phone and suggesting that hey, I’m thinking of picking the kid up anyway if uncle’s wife watches the shop for me while I go because next week kid is off school and we’re going to have him anyway and he’d get to stay with his grandparents two extra days.

After talking for a few minutes, I decided nah, let’s just leave it as is and my mom will get him Monday.

Somehow in the last 12 hours it’s gotten back to my uncle that I was THINKING of doing this and he woke me up with a phone call asking about getting him. When I said I probably wasn’t going to get him (and I’m half awake and confused as to why he knows this anyway) he starts saying he’s going to go down there himself and get him.

Well fuck.

So he tells me he has already contacted my cousin, something I asked my mom to make sure and tell my uncle NOT TO DO while she was gone so nothing got started, but he did anyway, and now my cousin is asking him to come pick up her washer dryer combo that WE GAVE TO HER TWO WEEKS AGO but she hasn’t bothered to put into her trailer and instead it’s sitting outside and the trailer park is now pressuring her to move it but instead of fucking putting it IN THE TRAILER, she and her husband are too lazy and are asking my uncle to come get it, store it at his house, then drop it off again when they’ve gotten off their asses long enough to clear a spot for it in their trailer.

I told my uncle to say no and to stop contacting her, and he starts whining at me about “well, I can get my trailer, pick up the kid AND the washer/dryer, it’s no big deal.” And I’m like STOP NO! Don’t do this right now. Say no to cousin, I’ll pick the kid up, and stop contacting her for the sake of my mental health.

So then he’s texting back to me like “if this is upsetting you and it’s overwhelming, I’ll just go pick kid up.”


Hopefully I made it clear I don’t want him involved. But now I have to go down to the trailer park, which is a long drive, when I’m supposed to be in the shop, deal with my amazingly stupid and fucking annoying cousin who usually says at least 3 things that are so bizarre and stupid and awful that I have to smile and nod and not strangle her (she doesn’t know I hate her and I think she’s an idiot because I’m an adult and suck it up and smile and I’m pleasant to her) and I have to deal with the kid alone in the car, which I haven’t done like ever because he doesn’t ride well and NEVER FUCKING SHUTS UP and…

There are plenty of times I wish I had no family. That we weren’t this close.  That I could just pick up and move someplace else and never look back and I could just have a few friends that didn’t ask me for shit and didn’t stress me out this bad and if they did I could drop them out of my life without a second thought and…

I’m so fucking tired of this shit. Sometimes I hate them so much.

And the whole issue is because my uncle and his wife don’t get along with his daughter and her husband. Like grow the fuck up and be civil for the short amount of time it takes to pick up your grandchild FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR GRANDCHILD (and me) and just… quit being so childish about this for fuck’s sake!

The next stupidest part of this whole thing? My uncle is the type of person who just takes the kid, sets him up in front of the TV/game console, and goes and does his own thing, doesn’t spend time with him. He just doesn’t want the kid with his parents. Like… rEALLY!?!?! REALLY!?!?! His wife will take the kid and do things with him, so that’s cool, but ugh.

Oh, and there’s this other thing too. My cousin doesn’t know I drive alone (I stopped for a while after a psychotic episode I had when she was a teenager and never told her I was independently driving again because she’s a fucking leech and will try to get things out of everybody) and this could potentially open up the door to her asking me for things and trying to get me to do things for them and contacting me by phone, which she hasn’t done in YEARS because I make her go through mom and I’ve NEVER given her money and she doesn’t know I do things for the kid because I don’t want her to know. In fact the KID doesn’t know I do things for him like buy him stuff or pay his way for things. I tell him his grandparents or my mom pay for it just so he doesn’t open his big mouth and tell his parents.

Ugh, I’ll stop whining now. I already got my stomach going, so I need to stop.

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