Coldest Hits Liveblogging #4


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Romancy Heart by @thayerkerbasy

Balthazar’s insistence on taking things slow had initially come as a surprise, but Crowley was quick to agree that to do otherwise was to squander the gift that was their distraction from eternity.

I love it when i utterly fail to pay attention to tags before walking into fics.

he could only swim in the pool by himself for so long before the sky began to cloud over

Hmmm interesting…

He’d initially started watching it because nothing else was on, but as strange as it was, it was also oddly compelling.

That’s how they get you hooked <insert sam and soap operas gif from 2.17 here>

Leaving aside the pregnancy and the activities leading to it — it seemed like whoever created the show was oddly fascinated with babies

That tree sure is throwing some nice shade over there. Wonder how salty the earth is.

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this afternoon mom and i were talking about what we would do after we killed my father

As you do. You know?

And she’s never mentioned it before, but today she asked, “Can we get a cat? I know we’re going to get a dog, but I want a cat too.”

I had no idea she wanted that. I asked if we could get one of those curly hair cats that doesn’t shed and has less dander so I don’t have trouble with my asthma and she was like SURE!! So we talked about getting a poodle so they both had curly hair 😀

And that’s just the kind of stuff you talk about when you fantasize about what you’ll do after you kill your husband or father because he’s still healthy as a horse and really wearing out his welcome.

Doesn’t everyone sit around joking about shit like this? C’mon!

Coldest Hits Liveblogging #3


First up for this evening is 

Seeping Baby Man: The Friendshiping by @hexmaniacchoco

They pushed against his torso, and he felt a tugging sensation straining the sides of his body. When he looked, he noticed straps holding them to his body.

… as if Sam or Dean have worn a seatbelt *ever*

With his other hand, he proceeded to rub each of their faces until the red was gone.

You uh… got some red on ya…

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