Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel – Destiel
Tags: fps, slash, abo au, drugging, desperation, season 7, mental issues
Link: spnkinkmeme

Prompt: Roman Enterprises develops a new drug that makes all omegas extremely
docile, extremely susceptible to alpha commands and willing to any and
all alphas. Just catching the scent of an alpha will have and omega
dripping wet and bent over the second an alpha commands it. They put the
chemical into milk and milk substitutes. As with all Roman Industries
new products it’s highly effective and addictive.

Dean is an omega, Sam is a beta. Before they realize the new threat Dean
is already hooked and affected. After Sam has had to pull Dean into the
car and practically run down omegas to keep his brother from getting
raped a few too many times they go to hide in Rufus’ cabin. Only,
waiting it out doesn’t seem to be an option because the effects aren’t
dissipating. Sam can’t even go out to continue to fight because he can’t
trust Dean alone. With no one else to trust they have to call Castiel,
they only alpha they know, to come look after Dean.

After Dean’s prayer Castiel and Meg arrive (with gifts of honey).
Castiel is still quite crazy but when he understands the severity of the
situation he tries his best to be a good alpha for Dean and help both
of them. Meg sometimes goes out with Sam to help be a hero just to take a
break from Cas and Dean. She dislikes how fixated Cas is yet again on
Dean but comes to realize that if she can get Dean to regress even more
there is no way the omega would dare to interfere or go against her. She
starts leaving Dean little milkshakes while she distracts Cas and Sam.

Dean immediately feels better when Cas is around. They two of them
struggle to remain mentally balanced but there is also an ease to their
dynamic. Dean becomes very patient with Cas when he can’t hold on to his
sanity too well because of stress, he helps calm him and focus and
basks in the alpha’s praise and thanks. He’s worried about how attached
he’s getting to Cas, afraid of how much it will destroy him when this is
over. A few milkshakes in and Dean’s solution is to mate with Cas, he
just has to entice the alpha.

Their mating and the strength of their bond helps balance each other out
and they can get back to saving the world as long as they can continue
to lean on each other.


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