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So, because we all have awesome fics that tend to get forgotten in the ephemeral culture of tumblr, I have proposed: self-promo sunday. This is this week’s entry from me!

Premise: Tell me about your awesome fics that you wrote last month or years ago. Tell me why I should read them. Tag them with ‘self-promo sunday’ and I will reblog them – or, if I have time, read and rec them. And please, everybody else who wants to, do the same with everybody else’s fics! Because this is one thing we lost when moving from LJ to tumblr: the cultural habit of remembering great fics, rather than just responding to fics of the moment.

The one important thing: Tell us what you love about this fic.

To start off with, one I re-read today because someone commented on it. And my reaction was… wow, this is a good fic, but it is way better as a stand-alone than in the verse I tagged it with.

The reason I put/imagined it in that verse is simply because it was the first major fic/verse I had written, and I was caught on the idea of Team Free Love, and imagined so many possible scenarios for how that verse could pan out. This was one that got written – but I don’t think it’s one that really works with the themes of In His Image itself. 

However, it is a fic that stands beautifully on its own, provided that you imagine: the events of season 5 happened, except with Gabriel taking more of a stand, coming back from the dead, and getting together with Sam. And then, in the years following, Destiel and Sabriel turned into Team Free Love. And then, four years later…


“What is it, Cas?  Tell me that. What happened to Sam?”

Castiel hesitated, a moment too long. “I don’t know.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed. “The hell you don’t.”

“I’m not sure, Dean.” Castiel placed a hand flat against his chest, warm and firm. “But you can’t be there. Sam is responding to your agitation. As is Gabriel. As am I.”

“Fuck you, Cas,” Dean spat out, bitter and desperate, tears tracking down his face. “He’s my brother.”

“He is ours too, Dean.” He is our brother. Castiel grabbed for Dean’s head, cradled his face between his hands, fierce and protective, and did not let him pull back. “Dean. I must go to him. Gabriel cannot do this alone.”

Dean punched him. Castiel let it break his skin, and fled.


Cast thy bread upon the waters

Word count: 12k
Originally published: February 2012
Pairings: Team Free Love, with subsets of Sabriel and Destiel
Rating: Teen
Tags / Warnings: Case fic (sort of), they visit Australia, angel!Sam, family negotiations
What you love about this fic: In re-reading this, I found myself really enjoying a) a few of the descriptors and b) the relationship between Dean and Gabriel. Sam is always going to be the tense point between them, and this is the ultimate test of their relationship. It’s not resolved easily, and it won’t be simple even after this fic ends, but they both want to make it work and know how to do it, after four years together, and that’s obvious. And they do care. Mostly I love how they’ve all four of them come up with different ways to care about each other. And the dialogue. Sometimes going back to your earlier work can actually be inspiring, who knew?
Summary: The One In Which Sam Was Secretly Always An Archangel. Four years after stopping the (season 5) Apocalypse, their little family faces perhaps its most serious challenge yet when Sam remembers the angel he was a hundred years ago. Naturally, this involves caramel-and-salt popcorn, not-all-my-other-brothers-are-dicks drinking challenges, and scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
Extract: “Hey, are the sheep poisonous?” Dean’s tone suggested that he could forgive any country summer Christmases if it offered him something as interesting as poison sheep.

This is from one of my favorite ‘verses ever. If you like this, read the rest!

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